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David E. Daniel (courtesy

We’ve received another leaked document from an administrative official in Texas’ university system looking at the implementation of the state’s recently enacted campus carry law. This time it’s from David E. Daniel, former President of UT-Dallas, now Deputy Chancellor and Chief Operating Officer of the UT System. Daniel’s strangely titled document – A “Strawman” Approach to Exclusion Zones – contains a familiar list of potential “gun-free” zones: patient care areas, child care facilities (for the children), laboratories with dangerous chemicals, etc. And then there are some less “understandable” inclusions. Animal care facilities? And . . .

Recreational Facilities – CHL holders must remove their weapon in order to clothe appropriately for recreational activity and, thus, will not have their weapon in possession most of the time they are using the facility. It is often impractical to retrofit facilities to provide private weapon storage facilities and risky in terms of potential for accidental discharge of weapon in heavily used facilities.

I guess the UT COO doesn’t trust students to store their firearm in . . . wait for it . . . gym lockers. The last statement reflects the commonly-held belief (among antis) that removing a firearm from concealment for storage is like landing a plane in a hurricane. More generally, I reckon the UT jefe is opposed to anyone so much as seeing a gun. Even in an open carry state (after 1/1/16).

The document also recommends expanding the existing ban on firearms at sporting events to include intra- as well as inter-collegiate competitive sporting events including club and intramural sports. Got a gun? No sweat.

Daniels recommends mandatory university-approved “storage lockers” in residential halls and apartments, perhaps requiring biometric safes “so that a misplaced key cannot be used to access the weapon by a non-CHL holder.”

Again, these are still just proposals, regulations that are not yet adopted by the Texas university system. Still, they reveal academics’ antipathy to firearms, and their desire to restrict campus carry as much as possible. For safety’s sake.

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  1. I will be well and truly shocked if this doesn’t require at least one lawsuit to straighten out the gun free zones to be in line with the spirit of the law. Then again, I didn’t think oc was gonna pass at all so maybe I’m wrong this time too.

    • I knew this was going to be the case before the law passed. All you had to do was glance over the language of the bill.

    • Perhaps we missed his memo on disallowing Muslim men from handling chemicals in labs because of their uncontrollable urge to throw acid in the faces of under-clothed females. (sarc) These people disgust me, with their absolute commitment to the infantilization of everyone, everywhere.

  2. Guessing their rationale is “Ok they passed a law that we don’t like. So let’s neuter it to the point where it will be impractical for anyone to actually carry a gun on campus. “

    • That’s just it. The law wasn’t passed until the language/ability to neuter it was added – which effectively means it was compromised into insignificance before it was even law. It means lawsuits are inevitable, be are probably not on firm ground because of the law’s existence. This is why compromise is bullshit. I’d rather see no law at all, and fight for rights, than have a law and have to fight for permission.

  3. “Still, they reveal academics’ antipathy to firearms, and their desire to restrict campus carry as much as possible. For safety’s sake.”

    Exactly, because if a campus is a gun-free zone, nothing could go wrong, evah!

  4. The same thing is happening at UT El Paso. there was a committee formed full of left wing faculty and staff to address where and when not to carry. some emails I have received from the university mention the possible banning of concealed carry in biology/chemistry labs. And surprise surprise half of the university buildings have biology or chemistry labs in them, so in one stroke they will successfully ban guns in half of the campus,then they will probably ban guns at the student union building because they sell beer there, and then the student recreation facilities because that is supposed to be a safe place. Soon concealed carry will be permissible in only 70% of campus

  5. if you have a CCW you should be able to carry anywhere in the state. Federal buildings and banks included.
    The CCW means you are PERMITTED to carry.
    That’s the whole point. You’ve been screened and cleared and a safe person to carry anywhere.
    Upholster it in a bank and still get tackled.. Fine. Fair enough.
    Gun free zones should mean anyone without a permit can’t carry inside. They gotta leave theirs in the car until they get a permit.
    Non gun free zones mean anyone can open carry.

    Can anyone name a single mass shooting that didn’t have that sticker on the door?

    It’s like only us gun nuts can understand or will accept the one thing in common with ALL mass shootings is the gun free zone sticker..
    I don’t ever want my child in a gun free zone without me.
    My 11 year old doesn’t feel safe knowing the only person with a gun in area “x” will be the guy trying to kill her.
    Hell Id feel safer if she even had a rifle.
    My 11 year old daughter can hit 3 1/2″ groups with her .22 cricket at 100yards- iron sights.
    Id take her over shelter in place and hope he runs out of ammo before he gets to us…

    sorry but I don’t trust my or my kids life to some 55-60 year old semi retired unarmed security guard wandering around the entire campus or kicked back at the gate. I should have the right to depend on myself.
    I don’t need or want anyone’s help to get all the legal guns away from me, leaving the only guy with a gun the bad guy..
    Let college students arm themselves.
    Hey. We can watch the rape and robbery numbers decline while we’re at it. Threefer..

    Just at least try it at a major university for a year as a “test model” and make one of those million dollar study’s they are always doing..
    No less than one armed student per classroom excluding the teacher. But teacher has option to be armed as well.
    Id worry about gangs, but the majority of gang members don’t get a college degree until after they are in prison..

    We’ll call my test school
    Thunder Ranch college for the non ballistically challenged..

  6. David E. Daniel needs to be updated on shootings in Oregon which is about as far away from Texas with its lawful campus carry. Why didn’t this dirtbag go to Texas to show how tough he really is? THIS is why people should not be harassed.
    No double standards put DC politicians on Obamacare and SS.Thanks for your support and vote. Pass the word.

  7. >accidental discharge in heavily used facilities
    Okay, in the gym I could totally see this happening:
    >CHL-holding student/faculty member goes to locker room
    >places gun in locker
    >someone breaks into the locker
    >uses stolen gun to mug students or do other illegal stuff
    But other than the gym, or somewhere else where people have to change clothes for stuff (dance center? theater?), it’s complete BS. We’ve had a number of gym locker thefts at my university over the past couple years, with no suspects. A lot of people use low-quality locks or no lock at all. I certainly wouldn’t want to leave any of my firearms in a gym locker.

  8. I’m all for getting rid of “gun free” zones, but there is one compelling reason a lot of business owners, and government agencies may not want to do this, and that is they might be afraid of a lawsuit if somebody gets shot on the premises, and they have a sign that welcome’s “permitted” guns. Just a thought.
    Now if we could pass a law that would prevent them from being sued, that would be a great step in the right direction.

  9. The new law is not good enough (Same as Idaho for enhance holder to mutch opt out zones and no open carry) but better as nothing.

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