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This snippet from the League of Women Voters’ “Gun Summit” highlights the inanity of the arguments against campus carry. Paul Rooney, assistant vice president of safety at Valencia College, is against campus carry because . . . wait for it . . . his officers are unarmed. Check out the logic (such as it is) from the video above . . .

The campuses themselves are sterile. I look at it as sterile. The firearms aren’t in the library, the cafeterias and classrooms. And if we start getting calls like Brett mentioned earlier about a student seeing a firearm in the waistband and in the backpack I cannot send an unarmed officer to go investigate that call. Nobody would want to do that. You want to respond to call where you know that the subject may be armed, maybe have a concealed carry permit, maybe an illegal gun?

So if someone opens fire on Valencia’s “sterile” campus the campus police have to call the local police. Which makes Rooney’s men what? Non-responders? As Butch asked Sundance, who ARE these guys? And what gives them the right to infringe on Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms?

OK, Butch didn’t ask that. But we are talking about a college that just opened a School of Public Safety – whose of-age students can’t carry on campus. Can the instructors carry? For students’ safety’s sake, let’s hope so. These “sterile” “gun-free zones” are tempting targets for criminals and crazies. Always have been. Always will be.

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  1. It’s easier to say repeat the mantra “There was nothing I can do, it was so horrible” than actually sack-up and DO SOMETHING. Cowards. You aren’t men. The only way to feel good is to slander those who are.

  2. Why the hell would an officer need to respond to somebody who has a gun doing nothing…quietly…right in the middle of the damn library!! I didn’t mean to shout, sorry.

  3. If I make one subtle change to his quote, it shows how safe the kids on his campus really are:

    And if we start getting calls like Brett mentioned earlier about a student seeing AN ARMED BAD GUY I cannot send an unarmed officer to go investigate that call. Nobody would want to do that.

    There it is. They won’t protect you and they won’t let you protect yourself. Typical liberal logic.

    • I saw a laid-back guy that had a gun in his backpack around the library, let’s get him to do it.

  4. Sounds like something out of Paul Blart: Mall Cop. All they can do is observe and report.

    Good grief.

  5. He says it would be “GAME CHANGER” to have patrolmen on the campus “armed”
    Buddy!, I got your “Game changer” hanging.

  6. Academia breeds a special kind of stupid. And I say that as someone whose fondest desire was to be an academic (I gave it up to keep my sanity, such as it is).

    There are a few people who can see past the walls of the ivory tower despite their internment, but only a few — and most of that elite few fear and loathe what they see outside. They’ll go to any length to protect their fragile little thought bubble from the sharp reality outside.

  7. Funny how colleges always seem to have a nice nasty ghetto nearby for robbers, rapists, and murderers to easily stage their attacks from, yet they believe we are all safer trusting the (maybe) 3 actual armed “sworn peace officers” in a quarter mile radius to “protect” muh chilluns.

    • You are so right. I have not yet seen a major college campus that was not surrounded by a high crime area. Every time I go near one of our state colleges, I bounce between condition yellow and orange like a freaking yo-yo.

  8. Thinking back to my college days – you’d have to be full on retarded to arm the “Campus Security/Mall cops). They ALL nannabe Seal Team Six with an AR and a Glock/Glock. WORST reason to arm Barney is because Barney feels “disrespected” and wants to tool up.

    Let the student/non prof adults carry (few profs being stable enough to carry).

    • We had a campus saftey officer who took his job way too seriously and was dressed like the ultimate mall ninja. He wore his vest over his shirt, was covered in molle webbing and gear, and usually “patrolled” (i.e. helping students who were locked out of their rooms) with 2 full size pistols: one in a thigh holster and the other in a chest rig.

      He got fired because, supposedly, he was a person of interest in a murder investigation.

      I would much rather be responsible for my own saftey than have to rely on some member of “mall team six.”

  9. I hope my doctor’s definition of “sterile” isn’t the same as this guy’s… “well, I don’t see any blood on it, it’s probably good.”

    • Have you seen how many people die in hospitals every year? Or how many pick up diseases from the hospital? Actually do yourself a favor. Don’t look it up.

      But do make sure people clean their hands when they come in your room.


  10. So he’s concerned that he can’t send one of his unarmed guards to investigate whether or not a not-well-concealed gun is legal. How on earth is this affected by legalized concealed carry? I suppose it would likely raise the number of reports of seeing someone’s gun, but the number of those which are actually illegal should be exactly the same, since carrying without a permit is illegal now, and would continue to be illegal if concealed carry was authorized. Makes you wonder what their current way of dealing with gun-sightings is.

    This is nonsensical. Not just from a pro-gun point of view, but from a purely logical point of view.

  11. I’m surprised they don’t have a setup like my college did. The campus PD had a two tiered system to extend its reach.

    You had campus security, who were student employees and armed with mace/pepper spray. Generally, they were there to report suspicious behavior, take basic reports, resolve minor issues. Then you had the police, who were a sworn in law enforcement agency and were appropriately armed. They responded to things that needed police or were beyond he security folks. It worked well for us.

  12. So his “officers” or security, are nothing but report takers. Ya know,
    Clean up on aisle 3…
    Or maybe they are the ones who issue rape whistles and teach classes on how to blow… Never mind.

  13. Translation: our college staff are weak and unarmed and we demand that all students and visitors be equally weak an unarmed.

  14. We can not and by logical extension have no intention of protecting the students. But we also insist they be deprived of the means to protect themselves.

    At least they’re not as hypocritical as the armed police insisting others not be armed….

  15. Were I an unarmed campus security officer, I would be delighted to respond to a report of an armed student: it would almost certainly be someone carrying legally, and responding would give me a chance to find out who I could call on if there were real trouble… since students on campus would be able to respond faster than cops.

  16. I understand where he’s coming from. Right now, he thinks he has a crisp, hygienic little campus where nobody has a firearm, until somebody does, at which point he can’t do anything about it.

    Should someone lawfully carry on campus and a pearl clutcher freak out about it and call campus security, he now has a dilemma: send someone unarmed to investigate a possible armed assailant, or double his budget in advance so his squad is equipped to handle these things. Endanger his officers or spend millions more per year. Dilemma? Try false dilemma.

    Spree shooters have a pretty good record of launching their attacks without interference. Antis like to ridicule us by claiming armed private citizens never disrupt such shootings. That’s a lie, but let’s turn it around. How many spree shootings have been pre-empted by an astute, unarmed observer who happened to glimpse a pistol under a coat or a shotgun in a duffle bag? I can’t think of one, either.

    So these calls this guy expects to get are bogus. Someone calling in a sighting of a gun in a backpack is just calling in a harmless concealed carrier. Had it been an actual spree shooter, the would-be caller would already be dead.

    Just let the lawful carriers carry and quit fantasizing about spree shooters that your little campus cops on bikes aren’t prepared for anyway.

  17. I think that he is relying on the perps with knives, guns or merely ill intentions they execute with their bare hands obeying the word of law presented by his unarmed officers with no real way to present force. I wonder if they have tasers, mag lites or batons even. Probably not.

  18. It’s all never a problem, until there is a problem. Then the problem gets really big, and real.

  19. Are there any pro-gun universities in the United States? I’ve maybe heard of one or two Christian schools that decided to allow concealed carry permit holders to carry on the property. Everywhere else, every institution of higher education bars weapons if they have the authority to do so. But I’m going back to school next year and researching universities, and under just about every profile in the guide book it says “left-leaning students”. I’m not interested in attending a Christian school or small college that doesn’t offer the multiple niche subjects I require. Utah does not allow guns to be banned from public universities. The same may be true of Idaho, Colorado, and Mississippi, but I’m not certain there aren’t exceptions in those states. That’s about as close as I can get to gun culture. I’d still have to act like a closeted gay man in the 1950s when it comes to my opinions about guns. Every large secular university in the country seems to have a left-wing student body, no matter how red the state. Even in the mountain states! Arizona, Wyoming, and Montana provide anti-gun higher education and a hostile environment for those who believe in gun rights. Forget firearms education, you can’t even pursue independent study with no guns allowed on campus. So I’m probably going to have to make the choice about giving up guns while I’m in school or risking my academic career by disobeying school policy and perhaps even the law.

  20. The gun is in the backpack, and they’re all still seeing it?
    Couldn’t we just post these x-ray visionaires at the entrance to theatres and such and fix the Look-At-Me-I’m-Special mass-shooter problem?

  21. There is so so much fail in there. I don’t even know where to begin.

    So another enforced victim zone. At least you don’t have to worry about the campus cops drawing down on your for throwing water balloons. :p

  22. Sadly, Valencia is right down the road from my house. It’s off the beaten path when compared to UCF. Valencia is a small sleepy community college that is more in line with continuing education than a 4 year college like the neighboring mega campus that is the University of Central Florida. I guess they believe that they’re not a target for violent acts and don’t need the armed campus police of UCF. A part of the no gun policy might have to do with Valencia being the 1st recipient of the Aspen Award for excellence at a community college that was touted by Obama at his 2010 White House Summit on Community Colleges. Maybe if Valencia had allowed legally permitted gun owners to carry on campus, the 1st ever Aspen Award for excellence would have gone to some other “properly disarmed” community college.

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