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Sometimes you read something written in a supposedly mainstream publication and can only shake your head and say, huh? Tom Oleson’s column in the Winnipeg Free Press seems to be the rough equivalent of Larry King’s free-associating ramblings on this side of the border [For my money, nothing says summer like rocky road ice cream!]. But even in an opinion piece, there’s an obligation to get basic facts correct. Or so you’d think…

Really, don’t bother wading through this hot mess of gobbledy-gook. Trying to follow its non-linearity will only make your head hurt. It did mine. But get a load of this observation:

American gun-control laws are positively libertine by Canadian standards. The handguns and automatic weapons, grenade launchers and machine guns that are routinely available to most Americans — U.S. gun laws are mostly state-based with a constitutional right to bear arms override — are either draconianly regulated or simply unavailable in Canada.

I know I don’t need to elaborate how utterly ludicrous this statement is. Not here, anyway. Its factual negligence is more a commentary on the lack of editorial standards of the Free Press than it is an example of one Canuck commentator’s ignorance.

But enough about that. It’s Independence Day weekend and we have a big pyrotechnic display planned. I need to get back to cleaning my grenade launcher. I want to make sure it’s in good shape for Monday.

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  1. Be careful with where you point that grenade launcher. The concussion caused a few FTEs in my side-by-side truck-mounted machine guns last year.

  2. Stopped at Bob’s Gun Shop yesterday, and they were out of both RPGs and 50 cal. incendiary rounds. The wife and kids were disappointed… Next year I am stocking up at the after Christmas sale!

    • I find the after-the-fourth sales are a great way to save some money. You can usually pick up a great machine gun or two for a fraction of the regular price. And you’ll have more money left over for ammo, too!

  3. I retro’d a Toyota pickup and put a .50 BMG in the bed, just like those Somali “Technicals”, my squirrell hunting should have better results this year. I also got a 40mm grenade launcher so if all else fails, I can take down the tree they are running around in. Also looking at a Predator Drone for deer hunting. Man, I Love our ability to buy anything we want here in the USA!

    • Small potatoes..I’ve stocked up on B-57s When Los Alamos was having their once a decade inventory reduction sale.

  4. In Canada, they think they have a “right” to things like health care, so the government provides health care.

    Well, since the US Constitution “grants” me the right to own and carry a firearm, first thing Tuesday morning when the local BATF[RB]E office opens, I’m walking in there and saying “Hey, gimme a gun! I got it commin’ to me.”

  5. Interestingly, there were two comments, both of which pointed out how wrong the article was. Both comments are now gone.


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