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Sure, it’s subtle. Subtle like a ball peen over the head. In yet another in a series of temper tantrums by columnists opposed to the advance of gun rights, The Cap Times’s [your progressive voice] Bill Berry keeps the debate elevated. Like drawing a moral equivalence between concealed carry and slave ownership. Or implying the Wisconsin state Senator who sponsored the bill is racist…

Berry’s confounded by the fact that Pam Galloway, a surgeon, would sponsor a bill that would legalize concealed carry.

That would be Pam Galloway, R-Wausau, who was the Senate sponsor for concealed carry. Galloway is a surgeon. Doesn’t anyone else think it’s odd that a surgeon would favor more guns?

Because surgeons save lives, and guns only take them. Right? A surgeon couldn’t possibly care about individual constitutional rights. And it can’t be that she’s noticed that gun crime has fallen as gun ownership and concealed carry have advanced across the country. In 48 other states.

But it wasn’t enough just to impugn her professional ethics or intelligence. Berry had to put a white sheet on her, too.

Of course, Galloway was just upholding the Constitution, which clearly makes carrying arms legal. Owning slaves was also once a constitutional right, which Galloway probably knows since she’s originally from Alabama.

Berry’s bon mot about Nazis being really gun-friendly, too was probably left on the Cap Times editor’s cutting room floor.

Again, when your arguments on the merits fail, demonizing those on the other side of an issue seems to be the next checkbox on the gun-grabbers’ to-do list. Right above trying to scare people into seeing things your way. It’d be laughable if it weren’t so tiresome. Not to mention pathetic.

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  1. A lot of surgeons make good money and have to come and go to various hospitals, some in not so great parts of town, at odd hours; and it’s usually not optional to have to do that, unless the surgeon only does elective work. If anyone is a great example of who has a perfect rationale for carrying, it’s a female surgeon, among many other professions.

    But why let a little reason stand in the way of a professional writer?

  2. By his logic, since he supports gun control and the Nazis supported gun control, does that mean he wants to kill all the Jews, just like Hitler?*

    * Too early to hit Godwin’s law?

  3. Who profits from concealed carry? Maybe she supports concealed carry because she thinks it will generate business for emergency room surgeons.

    //channeling the usual suspects//

  4. I went shooting last month with my friend Steve (who is from the south side of Chicago) at an indoor gun range in Mesa, Arizona. And not just a gun range in Mesa, it’s a gun range in state Senator Russell Pearce’s district, the man who wrote our “controversial” new immigration law.

    So I’m with a black man at a gun range at the epicenter of state-led immigration reform. At the very least, you’d expect that Steve would be the only minority at the range and at the worst, that we’d be treated with open hostility.


    The clerk at the range counter was a Hispanic lady, the range officer was black, there were three black women in front of us and the guy shooting next to us (judging by his accent) recently came to the U.S. from either China or Taiwan. Bottom line, the range was more diverse than any “diversity program” I’ve ever seen.

    Personal protection and the shooting sports aren’t a “redneck” thing, they’re a human thing, and anyone regardless of race, creed or colour is welcome to enjoy them.

    • “Personal protection and the shooting sports aren’t a “redneck” thing, they’re a human thing, and anyone regardless of race, creed or colour is welcome to enjoy them.”

      A bullseye on the first shot. Bravo.

  5. “Owning slaves was also once a constitutional right, which Galloway probably knows since she’s originally from Alabama.”

    That statement isn’t only foolish, it’s wrong. Though the Constitution didn’t abolish slavery (at first) neither did it make slave ownership a “right”. Nowhere in the text of the Constitution will you see anything like “the right of the people to keep and own slaves shall not be infringed” or “Congress shall make no law abridging the right to own slaves”.

    So this guy is a complete moron who has only the barest acquaintance with the Constitution. Which explains why he’s a liberal.

  6. You know, whenever I want to know something about race relations in America, the first person I’d turn to for guidance would be an OFWG libtard from Dairyville. Who wouldn’t?

  7. Most hospitals are in located in the poor sections of town because the real estate is inexpensive. When a doctor trys to get back to their nice car in a bad area they stand a good chance of being mugged.

    • Yes, if memory serves some blogger (I don’t read blogs ofter really), who is medic and gun owner, covered that theme in his posts.
      Upd. Shame on me, Xavierthoughts, that’s the guy. How could I forget…

  8. As a resident of Virginia and a conceal carry permit holder its common knowledge that some of our neighboring states / districts with arcane anti gun / carry laws prohibiting the honest from a legal form of self-defence have much higher crime rates and are generally less safe than our state.
    Just goes to show that an armed society is a polite society.

  9. I’ll do Mr. Berry one better. Every doctor I’ve had in the last decade had to make it through the interview stage, and if they are anti-2A in the slightest, they don’t get the job. If they don’t care or are hostile about my right to survival, why would I trust them with my health?

    TSgt B


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