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Law and Order Stars: Ban High Capacity Magazines

Richard Belzer is a funny guy. Well, he was. OK, probably still is. You know; if you were hanging out with him in a bar somewhere. But whatever you do, don’t talk to Dick about gun control. ‘Cause the actor’s got his head up his you-know-what. An insertion facilitated by former NYPD Commissioner and LAPD Chief Bill Bratton. The two actors [sic] have joined the Citizens Crime Commission in calling for a ban on high-capacity ammunition magazines. High-capacity meaning “magazines that allow criminals and the deranged to fire dozens of bullets in mere seconds.” As opposed to citizens having a bit of fun at the range or, God forbid, defending themselves. Belzer joins Law and Order star Vincent “Tilt My Head for Dramatic Effect” D’Onofrio in this ill-conceived, ill-fated campaign.


  1. avatar Rokurota says:

    Will someone please lower that reflector card?!

    1. avatar Coyote Gray says:


      Production value sucked almost as much as the message.

  2. avatar Coyote Gray says:

    Anyway, this isn’t going to get anywhere. Leave it to a comic, now make believe cop, and the commisioner of one of the most criticized law departments in the US to be pushing yet another laughable ban that will do nothing to address violent crimes.

  3. avatar Ralph says:

    Those three are quite the trinity. I might care about what a political cop thinks, but actors? F^cking actors? Actors are here to amuse us. They serve no other purpose.

  4. avatar Tom says:

    Now we’re supposed to restrict our Constitutional right to make cops feel more safe? LEOs do have a job with a higher likelihood of injury or death than most of us. But if the goal is to make LEOs more safe, instead of just revoking the Second Amendment (Belzer, Mikeb, et. al just want a complete ban), how about revoking the Fourth as well? That whole “search and seizure” thing is a real PITA. And don’t even mention warrants. Better yet, let’s put throttle limiters on cars so they can’t go faster than 70 MPH. And limit the gas tanks to 5 gallons. And…

    But no joke, let’s make cops safer by keeping violent criminals in jail longer.

    1. If the goal is to make LEO’s safe, then police officers should be forced to comply with all gun control legislation that civilians have to. If you passed an assault weapons ban, why does the police department still have them? If civilians can’t have more than 10 rounds a magazine, why do officers get 17?

      That way a rookie officer isn’t in danger of having his gun wrestled away from him resulting in a criminal suddenly gaining access to high capacity assault clips.

      1. avatar pro.0s says:

        They should ban “the shoulder thing that goes up” too. ;p

    2. avatar pro.0s says:

      Or make rape/murder/arson etc a capital crime? At least they’re less likely to escape or be set free later on to repeat what landed them in jail in the first place.

  5. avatar Rebecca says:

    Margaret said, and I agree that it’s bullshit, quite frankly. You know what someone gunning for others is going to do with lower-capacity magazines? They’re going to pack more magazines! It takes something like 1-2 seconds to drop an empty and slap a fresh one in and chamber a round and be back in business. I bet that if you practice you’ll be faster.

    The idea of banning high-capacity magazines is just stupid. It’s nickle-and-diming us into getting rid of legal guns entirely.

  6. I disagree with your opening sentence. Well, I did. OK, probably still do. You know; even if we were hanging out with an unfunny comic at a bar somewhere.

  7. avatar racer88 says:

    I’m sure the dealers love these ads… They result in more sales of magazines.

  8. avatar Gabba says:

    when the police go a year of behaving themselves i’ll throw them my support.

  9. avatar TTACer says:

    Why would anyone care what a grown-ass man who earns a living playing “make-believe” thinks about anything?

    1. avatar Totenglocke says:

      This same jackass said a few years back that, since he reads a few newspapers today (I forget the list, but I recall that most, if not all, were ridiculously liberal biased), he knows more about what troops in Afghanistan / Iraq are dealing with than the troops do.

      I’m tempted to use their “contact us” section on their site to point out how idiotic their plan is….

  10. avatar sdog says:

    NYC & LA………barf. it is not suprising that this kind of nonsense is comming out of these urban cesspools

  11. avatar Dave says:

    What do these “actors” carry on the show, semi autos with low capacity mags, 5 shooter revolvers ?
    Only watched the show for couple minutes while surfing.
    Just one more actor whose character carries/uses firearms and isn’t pro gun
    They should all set an example and quit their acting job or refuse to make a movie with firearms

    1. avatar Totenglocke says:

      Ah, but he supports guns (especially ones of superior firepower) for police / military. You have to keep the peasants in line after all…

  12. avatar Gunnutmegger says:

    To my eternal shame, the Belz grew up in Bridgeport, CT.

    I knew his high school gym teacher; the Belz was an obnoxious smartass even then.

  13. avatar JOE MATAFOME says:

    NY and LA have some of the strictest guns law in the country, and they also have the most crime so there stupid laws don’t seem to be working. I hope that Rep. McCarthy runs for President because we need someone like her running our country.

  14. avatar Slick Nick says:

    Makes one heck of a Transition Lenses commercial if you turn off the sound. Other than that, worthless.

  15. avatar Silver says:

    Why do people assume because they’re on TV or write a book or sing well, they know jack about anything or people care what they have to say? If anything, it makes whatever they have to say even more devalued because, by being rich and famous, they’re further disconnected from reality.

  16. avatar Joe says:

    I think any actor thats puts out any political statements they should not be aloud to do any work until after that election is over. I’m so tired of the dipstiks that think they know anything about what there talking about. If you are going to talk about guns you should go to a few gun stores and learn something other than the crap being feed to you.

  17. avatar garynyer says:

    Ahhhhh my favorite, another liberal living and working in nyc, I sincerely wish they would become their own state or go live in England, all the tax money, welfare, and laws are used to appease that cesspit, its literally bleeding upstate dry.

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