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“Alabama candidate Roy Moore said that children were massacred at Sandy Hook Elementary School because Americans have ‘forgotten the law of God,’ according to footage that resurfaced this week,” reports. “Video found by CNN was republished after Moore beat his fellow conservative Luther Strange in the Republican primary to represent the Southern state in the U.S. Senate.” Strangely . . .

the video in question — posted by the wedding and corporate videographers at Atlanta’s Studio 25 productions — has disappeared down the YouTube memory hole. presents this quote as the money shot from the now missing video:

“You wonder why we’re having problems in Newtown, Connecticut? All across our country with killing, stealing, committing adultery,” Moore told the First Baptist Church of Guin in an undated clip. “Because we’ve forgotten the law of God.”

CNN’s online account of Mr. Moore’s remarks — which contains the “video removed by user” YouTube link —  doesn’t contain any reference to Sandy Hook. It offers a different, less inflammatory version of the key part of the now deleted video.

“You wonder why we’re having shootings, and killings here in 2017? Because we’ve asked for it,” Moore said. “We’ve taken God out of everything. We’ve taken prayer out of school, we’ve taken prayer out of council meetings.”

Back at, we learn that Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy Tweeted his disgust at Moore’s [alleged] comment connecting godlessness with the attack on Sandy Hook.

“Here Roy Moore says that the Newtown community is to blame for the Sandy Hook School massacre bc they weren’t following “God’s law.” Sick,” Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy, a Democrat, posted on Twitter.

Moore has not publicly addressed the content of the video. In any case, we know that the responsibility for the Sandy Hook attack rests squarely on the shoulders of one Adam Lanza.

AND the school administrators who ignored and isolated Mr. Lanza, despite incontrovertible evidence that he was deeply disturbed (letting him remain enrolled as a student even though he was never in school).

AND Lanza’s mother, who allowed her son to bunker in her basement for weeks on end without any human contact or supervision (she left his meals at the door). Who took her mentally ill son, an anorexic teenager whose basement lair was plastered with news clippings of mass shootings, to the gun range.

AND Lanza’s father, who cut off all contact with, and thus responsibility for, his son.

Whether or not their action and inaction somehow reflects an inability to “follow God’s law” depends on your belief in God and, if so, what you consider His law to be. Meanwhile, Mr. Moore’s wider point — that shootings and killings show a lack of religiosity — seems innocuous enough. Doesn’t it?

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  1. “Meanwhile, Mr. Moore’s wider point — that shootings and killings show a lack of religiosity — seems innocuous enough. Doesn’t it?”

    You’re kidding, right? It seems to me that the Crusades, and their attendant slaughter and mayhem, were committed in the name of the Christian god (and the opposition in the name of the Muslim God). most of what is going on in Iraq and Syria has an underlying animus of the religious schism between the Shi’ia and the Sunni. All of the wars Israel has fought, from its inception to the current day, are religious wars. Then of course there was the Spanish Inquisition (and similar pogroms across Europe), plus the various wars between the Catholics and the Protestants in Europe and England. I am not too familiar with the various wars in east Persia and India between the Muslims and everybody else, but I seem to recall that when the Muslims invaded India they killed, burned and pillaged everything and everyone that was not Muslim.

    An awful lot of killing is thus attributable directly to “religiosity.”
    Being religious (or not) has nothing to do with mental health. In fact, the two primary issues confronting paranoid schizophrenics are religion and sex.

    Mr. Moore is a clown. And unfortunately, he, if elected, will immediately be identified as the face of the Republican Party, typified as white, racist, homophobic, hypocritical.

    • Just precisely, what does human activity have to do with the validity/invalidity of God’s law? Humans have committed plenty of atrocities in the name of secular law, have they not? Are there no other causes, principles, beliefs, theories, that have not been perverted by humans?

      If a person, any person, tells us that disobedience to law, any law, has consequences we bring upon ourselves for violating those/that law, does that mean the person is incorrect? Has no point to make. Should be ignored, shunned, ridiculed for not having perfect execution of law?

      The wicked always claim virtue because the proponent of absolute standards is also wicked. How perverse.

      Interesting how we have become seduced by the notion that declaring there are no morals is itself a declaration of morality.

      • Just “precisely” where did I suggest that the actions of men have anything to do with the validity/invalidity of “God’s Law”? I didn’t. What I suggested is simply that men have acted in violent ways which they justified as “carrying out the will of God,” i.e., for religious reasons. God–whichever one you choose—has been the excuse men have used to slaughter millions of others. The rest of your comment attempts to strike down a straw man of your own making, and quite frankly, I find it difficult to understand what exactly is your point, so I decline to address it.

        • Wrongo.

          Your statements are clearly designed to dismiss as lunacy (if not downright threatening), the words of a person remarking about the consequences of abandoning God’s law, simply because the speaker is not perfect. In short, anyone who does not perfectly embody the principles identified is not qualified for positions of trust.

          By comparing a proclamation of a flawed individual to the worst events in history committed by people doing so “in the name of God”, your intent is to destroy the principle that abandoning God’s law will have dire consequences. In other words, you are attempting to slander all people who believe in God. Otherwise, you would have simply noted that Judge Moore may be one who cannot be trusted with lawmaking because he defied court orders while holding a position of trust.

        • Men who kill and commit mass murder do so for their own reasons and use religion as an excuse or a perverse motivator for their own hatred. And, by the way, atheists Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, etc. have killed many many more millions in the name of their beliefs than have ever been killed by the “religious”.

        • “And, by the way, atheists Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, etc. have killed many many more millions in the name of their beliefs than have ever been killed by the “religious”.”

          Thank you. I was wondering when someone would get down to this indisputable truth.

    • Actually, the Crusades were in response to muslim invasions of Byzantine territory and the murder of European pilgrims to the holy lands. It would be no different than us invading a third world country because they invaded one of our allies and murdered our citizens who happened to be vacationing there. In reality, they had very little to do with God. If you’re going to use history as an argument, you might want to learn history first.

      • Umm, no. Not even close, no. ALL of those wars were fought in the name of Jesus Christ and the Christian God to reclaim the Holy Land from the “Infidel.” Calls were put out by the Popes for Christian soldiers to go invade a land that was not theirs, and where all of those princes and dukes set up little kingdoms of their own, raping and pillaging as they went. All in the name of God. Religion was the basis of the Crusades–it was a religious war between Christians on the one hand and Muslims on the other. In short, it was “religiousity” that was the predicate and the excuse for wanton slaughter. About the only thing you say that is correct is that the Templars–at least initially–went to Palestine to protect Christian pilgrims. The rest came for their own reasons–mostly plunder. Just ask the King of Constantinople. He didn’t trust those Christian knights, and with great qualms allowed them entry into the city. Big mistake. All justified as “moral” by the Church in Rome–which profited mightily from the conflict and the loot. And eventually the Templars were seduced from within, by leaders who forsook their vows, and engaged in war for the purpose of killing as many Muslims as possible and for the greatest gain. That didn’t work out too well.

        • “Invade a land that wasn’t theirs.” Bullshit. The inhabitants at the time stole it from someone, who in turn stole it from someone, and so on, all the way back till the end of the last ice age. Israel is the most fought over land in all of history and only belongs to whoever is strong enough to hold it in the time period they’re in.

        • ” . . . ALL of those wars were fought in the name of Jesus Christ and the Christian God to reclaim the Holy Land from the ‘Infidel.’ . . . ” Wrong. You explanation is reductionist. The Crusades were an element of a much larger geopolitical struggle.

        • @Mark N. — Umm, yes. Pwrserge is actually right on the money, yes. ALL of those wars were, in fact, actually fought nearly 500 years after the Muslims began conquering what was then Christian territory. NOT the other way around. And that’s even after they had all but finished off the Pagans in the Levant and the Arabian Peninsula, of course. All of those calls from the Pope came after the Muslims had already conquered fully two-thirds of the Christian world. NOT the other way around. Soldiers were actually sent there merely to retake the land that was once theirs. Those “Princes” set up “kingdoms” on land soaked with blood that was mostly not spilled by Muslims, but the people that they slaughtered who would not convert — and the Muslims went raping and pillaging as they went. They even burned down the great library at Alexandria. None of what you say is correct, save for the downfall of the Knights Templar.

    • “Wa wa wa! The crusades! Wa wa wa! 900 years ago the Catholic Church blah blah blah!” – every atheist ever. It’s 2017. No one cares anymore.

      • I love how these people have to go back literally 900 years to find an example of Christianity being remotely as bad as modern-day Islam.

    • Mr. Moore may or may not be a clown, but the Crusades were DEFENSIVE wars.

      it appears that pretty much everything you think you know ain’t true.

    • Bahahaha.

      The “crusades”… when was that, 13 millennia ago?

      I only have to go back 13 hours to the last Muslim attack.

  2. Roy Moore is the perfect candidate for Alabama,a state that up until recently outlawed the sale of sex toys. Most likely in any other state he would have not gotten the nomination, much less have a good chance of a general election victory.

    • Yeah but you should see some of the nutzo left wing loonies being elected in the far left portions o the country. Makes this dude look pretty tame.

      • Somehow I’m not persuaded by the “well, he’s a little less crazy than that other crazy guy” argument. I know that you’ve got to be crazy to want the job, but hide it please…Maxine Waters, Roy Moore, etc.

        There should be a Limited Loon Line that regardless of party, you can’t exceed. Kind of like the roller coaster, you must be this tall.

        I know, not in the actual world we live in, but I can dream.

      • I hate the “their crazy is worse than our crazy” argument, because its not. You must be this tall to ride. Loony Limit Line.

        You have to be a bit crazy to want the job, but we can dream.

        • Again, “at least he…” whataboutism is the curse of the modern conservative movement. We should compare people after a good quality model of legislator, saying he’s not as bad as the worst, that’s just sub par. I’d much rather have someone almost as good as the best, who that is…John Thune maybe, I kind of like the mountain west congressional delegation generally.

          Not saying Luther was good either, Alabama did not have a great set of choices, surely there were better options.

    • Right, just like drunken murderer Teddy Boy Kennedy was the perfect Senator for Massachusetts and child molester Anthony Weiner was the perfect representative for New York City.

  3. Alabama is the only state which Roy Moore has a good chance of winning the general election. It’s the state which outlawed the sale of sex toys until recently. He is a good fit for them.

  4. Another story mixing religion with gun politics.

    Nothing wrong with it IMHO but it is kinda like putting Motley Crue on one side of a hotel room, G.G. Allen on the other side, putting a pile of whiskey and drugs on the bed and letting them go at it.

  5. Gee RF you aren’t blaming the asberger boy’s brother or schoolmates…maybe THEY picked on the lethal little freak😫😫😫😫Really what’s the point? Slow Saturday?!?

    • Ok… asperger’s is a very manageable condition if your family isn’t a bunch of amoral lowlives. The point here is that a single mother and absentee father missed the warning signs of a kid who needed serious help learning to live with his condition and the lack of a strong community structure allowed him to further to slip through the cracks. That’s the entire point. People with properly managed asperger’s are an amazing asset to a community. They tend to be very focused and incredibly intelligent. (140+ IQ is not unusual) A tightly knit community could have turned Lanza’s talents to any of hundreds of positive uses. Instead, the narcissism inherent in modern society due to a lack of a moral core left him floundering and latching on to the first obsession that crossed his mind.

  6. That “less inflammatory” quote… isn’t. At least not to those of us who believe in one of the pillars of the strength of the US; the separation of church and state and freedom of religion including freedom from religion.

    You want to live in a theocracy? Fuck off to Iran.

  7. While he could have articulated it better, a problem in education today -and society in general- is that we spend too much effort on teaching tolerance and intolerance rather than right and wrong, and the result is that it’s made us far more tolerant of what is wrong.

    I don’t care if you chalk it up to God or not, at all, but morality is a hollow and ineffectual concept if it isn’t based on absolutes. I’m fine with our rights being deemed God-given, because it means no mortal being has the authority to argue for taking them away from me.

    • Well doesn’t everybody know how for the past 200+ years and especially the last 50 how the U.S. had gotten more and more religious and conservative and we’re just a hair width away from a theocracy!

  8. The left would love to have a Dem holding the seat, however they were willing to compromise with a pet RINO. Now that their pet lost, the prospect of a real conservative taking the seat scares them to death! You got to know this future Senator will help get lots of pro gun laws passed.

  9. I have to agree with Moore. A lack of faith and healthy fear of the Almighty is a major reason for our current woes. If they believe we end when we die then there is no reason to be decent. If they know they will face a final judgement for their actions they may not act in an evil manner.

  10. Lack of faith and decency might explain a lot of crimes. However, in Lanza’s case, I think it was more likely a lack of sanity.

  11. Well if you think this plays bad in Alabama you can always be the Democrats with a candidate that thinks it’s OK to have a month-9 abortion with the baby halfway out of the canal.

    • Exactly. We should have a detailed discussion about everything liberals believe.

      If you can keep your lunch down.

      Too bad D.C. will marginalize and isolate Judge Moore. There aren’t enough like him there to change things for the better. Not yet.

  12. I’m not exactly super happy with Moore myself, but I think Strange is way worse. You couldn’t really find a better personification of ‘The Swamp’ than that man.

    If this past election should have told us all anything it’s about picking the candidate that sucks the least. Plus it helps that Moore makes leftist a-holes loose their mind. I generally hate open carry shenanigans, but the freak out the left had over him whipping out that revolver at a campaign rally was just comedy gold to me.

  13. So we can allow the Left to talk us down and kneel for whatever reason but one person blames others for not living by the word of God and people lose their minds.
    It’s HIS opinion and if that how he feels you have to respect that just like you have to respect the idiot kneeling. We might not like it but it’s 2017 and we have no choice but to expect it since Hillary LOST.

    • Exactly. It’s like anytime a conservative says something that doesn’t sit well with people it’s like “whoa wait Fuck the entire GOP!!!!” While the MAJORITY of liberals say absolute batshit stuff all the time and it’s just totally ok.

  14. “Christians” and atheists are not the only options, of course. There are hundreds or more different religions on the planet, each with their own view of “god” and life.

    A good number of people are deists instead, accepting a “creator,” but rejecting all man made religion and its dogma. We don’t see any need to blame either “god” or the devil for our choices and actions – or as an excuse to aggress against others. That certainly works best for me. But I have nothing against the religious… as long as they mind their own business.

  15. Adam Lanza’s mother knew when he was a preschooler that he had some personality issues. Professionals recommended that he be acclimated by attending preschool but she didn’t follow through. All of this can be read in the letters between the parents. Adam would tell his mom she walked around the table wrongly. She would do it like he wished. He needed a lot of help. Mom was in denial.

    Giving him access to the guns was the error. She is the cause of the slaughter as he was not of whole mind by the time he was a teenager.


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