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Last month, a few Nebraska college professors, bent on burnishing their anti-gun bona fides, decided that the best way to let the NRA’s toxically masculine leadership know how they feel would be to attack the NRA-ILA’s Chris Cox directly. So they splashed fake blood on his house, protested on outside his front door and even tried to damage his wife’s interior design business by creating a fake website.

Protesting on a public sidewalk isn’t illegal and it’ll no doubt be difficult to track down the web site troll. But cops nabbed the “blood” thrower, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln Sociology professor, and charged her with destruction of property. And now she’s been convicted.

Patricia Hill, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln faculty member, was ordered to pay a $500 fine and stay away from lobbyist Chris Cox after she vandalized his home in Alexandria, Va.

The Coxes had already taken measures to keep the hoplophobic harridan away from other locations.

She already had a temporary restraining order that prohibits her from going near Cox’s wife’s business or the NRA offices in Virginia and Washington, D.C.

The court also issued Hill a warrant for an additional vandalism charge regarding a similar incident in October.

Sociology professors probably don’t study the Constitution much, but maybe some time spent reviewing the Bill of Rights would be well spent.

“The motive here is that Mr. Cox works for the NRA; she doesn’t like that. That’s fine. She can exercise her First Amendment right,” Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Maana Parcham said, according to the Washington Post, adding that Hill crossed a line when she decided to vandalize the home.

To no one’s surprise, Hill isn’t taking the conviction lying down.

…Hill plans to appeal the ruling, with her attorney Jon Bourdon saying the security guard could not have identified the professor as the criminal.

“I think the evidence shows that there is certainly reasonable doubt as to who committed this offense,” the attorney said. He suggested in court that the real culprit could be one of the two women who recently protested outside the lobbyist’s home.

We’d be surprised if this is the last we see of this kind of thing.


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      • Hm? Interesting… I was under the impression that appeals needed to be based on rulings by the judge… The old adage of “being innocent is not grounds for appeal” comes to mind.

        • It’s a misdemeanor so it was tried in general district court. You have an automatic right to a new trial in circuit court if you appeal. You are largely correct that an appeal from a court of record (circuit court) has to be based on legal and not factual disputes.

        • Yeah… district courts in a lot of places are a joke. If convicted you can basically throw it out and ‘try again’. This means all the witnesses and the victims have to take off work, school, or whatever and sometimes have to travel back for court.

          It’s a useful defense strategy in small cases. It’s also ridiculous.

        • One of the many reasons why we need to have “loser Pays” at every level of court. Federal, State, municipal, etc.

          We very often are just seeing Lawfare practiced by attorneys now, not Criminal or civil action.

  1. Typical criminal conduct of the “elite”. Well, now she’s on record as a malevolent, violent offender. If she does it again, I can see a felony conviction in her future.

    • In this particular case it is also prompted by the socio-terrorist group Besty Riot. A quick troll through their bio shows both advocacy and example of their handiwork in vandalism, property damage, etc. They have zero issues with destruction of people’s private property as long as it in support of “The Narrative”.

      • OK fine. Find out who these folks are and pay them a visit; personally; at their homes and at their workplaces. Assuming they are employed.

        Time to turn their tactics back on them. Show them how it feels.

    • And she’s a coward also- denying it was her? She should have proudly admitted doing it and claimed she was making a political statement- taken her punishment like a grown-up.

      • Yep, people like her (and ANTIFA) talk about the tradition of civil disobedience, but part of that tradition is knowing in advance the price of breaking the law and willingly paying it to do what you think is right. There can be honor in that, but there is no honor in trying to weasel out of the consequences. Then you reveal yourself to be nothing but an anarchist. And for someone who draws a generous salary and benefits from taxpayer funds, that’s double disgraceful.

        • anarchy if you get back to the original meaning does not mean terror and strife. it means without government rule or government force. in a system that operates by the original meaning of anarchy the local community does all the organizing of everything with the whole community coming together to work together to better the community. this includes in punishment of crimes. Government likes to place itself as the top gang with a monopoly on force hence the 2A giving the people the means to fight back against tyranny by their “elected government”. what these sorts who try to call themselves anarchists are is statists of a different stripe as they still wish for govt but of a sort that gives them what “they” want

      • Its one of those Saul Alinsky’isms. She’s cast herself as the “virtuous one who opposes the system” so she doesn’t need to be held to any standards of “moral conduct”. Her job is to use the rules of the system to destroy the system, and the means justify the end. Lie, cheat, steal, break other people’s stuff, etc…. what ever it takes to provoke an over reaction, so she can eventually re-cast herself as “the victim”. Shes fighting a soft guerilla war, where, even being arrested and convicted, she (and her lawyer) will lie to paint herself as a “victim” of the system. She’s not at war with Criss Cox; she’s at war with the Constitutional system, specifically your 2nd and 1st ammendments.

  2. Typical fascist behavior. Bet she runs with the black shirted antifa also.

    This is why we need guns.

  3. So that’s how our higher educated people act when they disagree with an opposing viewpoint ? She should do some jail time , after all what’s $500 to her. Not a thing !! Try that shit at my home . my pitbull will have you for dinner.

  4. “Sociology is the scientific study of society, including patterns of social relationships, social interaction, and change. It is a social science that uses various methods of empirical investigation and critical analysis to develop a body of knowledge about social order, acceptance, and change.”
    Vandalism indicates knowledge about social order and acceptance?
    Who’s paying for the attorney to appeal a misdemeanor conviction for vandalism with $500 fine? Hope they appeal until they are broke.

    • I took several sociology classes in college. It’s an absolutely worthless and meaningless subject to study.

    • Scientific …. Yeah. Science is generally a predictive as well as descriptive endeavour. Let me know when they work out psychohistory, otherwise it’s opinion and statistics.

    • Rule 1: Don’t pork crazy.
      Rule 2: If you ignore rule 1, don’t expect to pork the crazy out of crazy.

    • No matter how great the sex might be, it isn’t worth the cost. As one with two psychotic ex-wives, I know what I’m talking about…

  5. Wait a minute, she is part of a group that claims: “Our strategy is to name, blame, and shame apex gun predators and push hard-hitting messaging,” and now she is denying responsibility for it. Some kind of committed activist she is.

    • Much like the Antifa “activists” – they want the street cred for being “hardcore”, but don’t want to actually put the work in. They’ll throw bottles and rocks and Molotov cocktails, but if you watch the videos where citizens stepped in to stop them, the Antifa crowd starts screaming bloody murder for the police to come rescue as soon as one fed up citizen flattens them with a right hook.

      It reminds me of the saying “Everyone wants to be a gangster until its time to do gangster s**t.”

  6. “…Hill plans to appeal the ruling, with her attorney Jon Bourdon saying the security guard could not have identified the professor as the criminal.”

    Lemme guess;

    “I was wearing a black mask when I did it; there’s no way you can prove it was me!”


  7. It’s a good thing for the world that she received no jail time as she would probably spend it writing “Mein Kampf.”

  8. So for our lawyer boys….. could this not be a hate crime?

    Seems like hatred fueled and caused this whole event.

  9. ” Patricia Hill, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln faculty member, was ordered to pay a $500 fine… ”

    And here we have yet another example of the foolishness of the US’ injustice system. Do thousands of dollars worth of damage to someone’s house, and pay a “fine” to the legal system. I see no mention of restitution to the victim(s) of the crime. Only a fee, payable to the State, and another opportunity for the perp to commit more criminal acts.
    This is what one gets from a system, not of laws, but of burrocratic(I spell it like they act) whims.

    • Cox could likely sue her in civil court if he cared to, and the conviction here would be the evidence of her responsibility.

      I’m sure he’d rather just soak the membership for the cost of his new front door than go to that kind of trouble, though.

      If he were savvy (he’s not), he’d post a public poll on the NRA homepage; “Should I use NRA legal funds to destroy this protestor’s entire existence as an example to others?”

      But no, gun owners must be perceived as level-headed, placid, and docile.

  10. I know this sounds “Tin Foil Hat” but I’ve recently discovered that some collage professors are C.I.A. operatives.Chapter 11, The Pigeon Tunnel by John Le Carre’ touches on this. This book was given to me by a college professor whom had worked with the Zapatista’s. He was teaching them in radio communications and land navigation, …. go figure

    • Well, I would have to see the evidence to back up such a claim before I would put any stock in it.

      Having said that, college professors would certainly have the spare time to conduct various activities outside of their actual job duties. Thus, it would be a good fit.

  11. Nothing screams “deep conviction” like making a bold and provocative statement like that and then walking it back and not claiming responsibility for it once there’s consequences. This is typical of the entire gun control movement. It’s all fun and games when you can virtue signal for an audience, but eventually there’s consequences for actions and the crowd thins heavily at the first sign.

    • I’ve always maintained, and I know this may be a bit generalizing, but, anti-gun individuals are cowards and the epitome of hypocrisy. At their core, they are malicious and full of self-hatred. They blame everyone and everything else for their own problems instead of the ones responsible. If that doesn’t scream immaturity and mental instability then I seriously don’t know what does.

  12. Vandalism for political purposes should be punished harsher than a fine.

    The good news is that if she appeals, generally the circuit court is not bound within the limitations of the first one. Sometimes they don’t like having their time wasted, too.

    • I think Chris should dump a large amount of fish emulsion onto her lawn. All is fair in politics and vandalism, right?

  13. A degree in Sociology. If it were not for an “educational institution” she would either be some government bureaucrat or be on welfare and yet she still “teaches” her philosophy about sociology. Wait she may not understand what philosophy means having but a Sociology degree.

  14. Yep, the left has completely lost it. She’s willing to fight a legal battle, probably costing thousands of dollars, over a five hundred dollar fine. I see no logic in this, but then again, logic never was a strong point of the left.

  15. Runs back to the classroom, continuing the destruction of our chlidren’s minds with lefty progressive B.S.
    Parents, PULL your kids out.

  16. The wheels of justice grind excruciatingly slowly towards a just resolution of crime.

    However, this case, the pending prosecutions of many dozens of Antifa terrorists who rioted on the day Trump was sworn in and the pending charging of that California mayor who tipped of the illegals to a planned ICE raid gives one hope.


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