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I will admit that I’m a little bit jetlagged. I spent the last couple days flying around and as a result I haven’t been able to post something about how the 2016 TTAG Reader’s choice Awards is coming to a close. My laziness is your benefit! If you haven’t already voted please do — cast your vote by 9 PM Eastern Standard Time TODAY to decide the winner in these extremely tight races!

We invite you to use the system below to enter your vote in the 2016 TTAG Reader’s Choice Awards. You get one vote per IP address. PLEASE only vote for products that came out this year. While great guns like the IWI Tavor, SIG SAUER’s MPX and many others are certainly worthy, they were intro’d in prior years and aren’t eligible.

I’ve populated the system with some of the new products that came out at this year’s SHOT Show and the NRA Annual Meeting this year, but feel free to write in anything I may have missed. You get one vote per category, and once you’ve voted the system will lock you out from doing it again (third party cookies might also need to be enabled in your browser). Your additions will be presented as options to all subsequent voters. Cast your vote before 9 PM Eastern on December 24th — we’ll tell you the results after Christmas. And thanks!

For those having trouble seeing the embedded version below, please CLICK HERE.

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  1. You know, the reason why I never completed this survey is because by the time I got to the ammo question, I could honestly say that I didn’t care, wasn’t going to care, and it wasn’t worth my time to continue.

    So much of what is on your list are guns that excite me about as much as the mid-1970’s excited me in automobiles. If this were a survey of cars, it would ask me to choose the “best” of a Pinto, Vega, Nova, Dart, AMC Pacer and you’d throw in a Trabant just to make the rest of them look good by comparison.

    • So you’d rather waste time and space whining about the choices given to you instead of taking the opportunity to add your own candidates to the categories and influence the voters that follow you, like I did? Don’t be part of the problem, then, become part of the solution.


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