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National Rifle Association Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer Wayne LaPierre (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)
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President Trump is in Indianapolis today to address a National Rifle Association meeting for the third consecutive year. He tweeted out support for the gun rights organization before he left DC.

As the AP reports,

President Donald Trump says the National Rifle Association is getting stronger, not weaker, and is doing important work vital to making his “Make America Great Again” slogan a reality.

Trump is heading to Indianapolis on Friday to address the nation’s largest gun rights organization, which played a pivotal role in his victory in 2016.

The NRA spent millions of dollars to help elect Trump in 2016 but had a much lower profile during the 2018 midterms. It’s unclear how visible the NRA will be in 2020 after a series of mass shootings that has hardened public sentiment against gun violence.

Trump disagrees with those who say the NRA is getting weaker. He tweets that the NRA is “getting stronger & stronger and doing some really great and important work.”

As has been widely reported, the NRA is facing internal challenges, both financial and organizational. They’re suing their longtime marketing and PR firm, Ackerman McQueen and have been accused by opponents and some in the gun rights community of uncontrolled spending and a lack of institutional control by management and board members.

According to someone we’ve spoken to who’s in a position to know, NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre met with influential board members and fund-raisers last night and was asked for his resignation. The meeting reportedly became heated and LaPierre stormed out. He then responded to the demand with a scathing letter to those involved, refusing to step down.

This won’t be the end of the story. The Bloomberg-controlled anti-gun operation Everytown for Gun Safety has filed a complaint with the IRS challenging the NRA’s tax-exempt status. And the state of New York, where the NRA is chartered, is expected to look into the state’s non-profit status as well.

Agree with the NRA’s various political and gun rights stances or not, the right to keep and bear arms in the US is served and supported by a strong, influential NRA. The kind of turmoil that has beset the organization does nothing to further its members’ interests or those of gun owners in general.

The reality is, if the NRA doesn’t fix these problems internally, they’ll be “fixed” by those outside the organization, and by those who aren’t friends of America’s gun owners. The sooner these problems can be put right, the better for everyone who cares about Second Amendment rights.

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    • And all I gotta say is that it’s about damn time. I’m in my 30s and ad this point I can’t remember a time when the NRA WASN’T tits-on-a-boar-hog useless.

      • I am just a regular rank and file member but I can tell you that in my 25 years of being an NRA member, and following how many victories they have won you need to take a better look. When I first joined there were hardly any states allowing concealed carry, now there are many. The NRA was behind everyone of these and blocking many other legislation through lawsuits and voter turnout. No organization is perfect but I can tell you that behind almost all pro2A victories is the NRA and in blocking anti2A or overturning is the NRA.

        • Careful, Sgt Bill, stating non-FUD facts about the NRA isn’t copacetic with the anti-gunner cuck narratives that political tyros like to parrot to seem ‘edgy’.

        • You should really research the NRA and how they have supported every major anti-2A bill that has ever passed, selling out your rights beginning in 1934. Then join GOA or FPC instead. Wake up.

        • Bill has it right.

          You snowflakes that think the history started the day you grew your 1st short/curley are just morons. WORSE than the FUDDSh. All the whining and none of their cash.

        • Not in my state of Idaho. It took grassroots organizations, namely the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance (ISAA) 4 years of beating the hell out of the legislature before they submitted to what Idahoans wanted and used the NRA (Not Real Activists) non-support as the reason. Eventually, again 4 years later after bludgeoning the legislature and getting a few “Republicans” unelected w/LIBERTY minded TRUE Republicans in their place, the legislature submitted to WE THE PEOPLE and magically turned in support of the actual meaning of the 2nd amendment.

          What did the NTA do then???

          They came out and took credit for it.🤬

          Asjk any Idahoans who was responsible for CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY and they’ll most likely tell you it was all the ISAA and the NRA was NOWHERE to be found!!!

          The NRA due paying members aren’t the problem, other than goose stepping to anything and everything the brass does, it’s the freakin’ leadership (La Pierre and Cox) who are out of touch. I know for a fact it was like this in Wyoming and other states, too.

          Don’t piss down my back and try to convince me it’s raining. Pay closer attention to what’s ACTUALLY happening in your state legislature. I’ll guarantee the NRA is only worried abt fund raising and NOT abt protection of the 2nd amendment!

        • Everything Cyngin says about the struggle in Idaho is also true of PA, except we don’t have as much success to point to. But the story is the same; NRA doesn’t do shit. FOAC, ACSL, the members of PAFOA, and Moon from Kahr arms do it all and if something is successful the NRA shows up for the photo op and takes the credit. Where is NRA on the illegal actions of Pittsburg? Where was NRA in the 2017 state elections when we lost our state supreme court?

          NRA has supported every anti gun and anti free speech law to ever pass. With friends like that who needs enemas.

        • You’re exactly right. We’ve got to keep the NRA and keep it strong. They’re the oldest and best established force protecting our Second Amendment Rights!

      • FAR too many gun owners are ignorant as to NRA’s activities…the good and the bad. And, I assure you…STILL, the good FAR outweighs the bad. The problem is, as with any institution…there’s humans, there’s money, there’s power and the accompanying B.S. that inevitably tags along.

        For those of you who HAVEN’T been noticing or who sit in the cheap seats waiting to troll or listening to the leftist megaphone which masquerades as the mainstream news, NRA continues to be the longest-lived civil rights organization there is…since 1871.

        Do they need some clean-up…you bet? Have they been ” tits-on-a-boar-hog useless?” Hell no…not unless you’ve been asleep or otherwise occupied.

        Especially here in Kalifornia, ground zero for the anti-gun movement, where they are integral part of CRPA’s fight billionaire Bloomberg’s $$ and idiot minions, they’ve been invaluable. Add the couple of hundred thousand NRA instructors, and safety programs, and shooting programs, and, and, and, etc. etc., they continue to be shooting AND the 2A’s best hope.

        Join or die, all you “sit on your hands gun owners” who remain clueless and ineffective. (“Dog of War?” really? …oy.)

      • You are part of the problem.
        If you are not an NRA member, a donor to NRA-IRLA, a donor of Gun Owners of America, etc. and your state and local firearms group YOUR ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.
        Okay, the NRA isn’t perfect.
        I hate paying into the Wayne and Chris Retirement Fund.
        You’d rather have Hillary’s picks on the SCoTUS? Really?
        Those whose complain about the NRA, NRA-ILA, etc. are just looking for an excuse for why they are so cheap.

        • It’s not cheap to give your money and time to organizations who actually fight for your rights.

          Hey NRA, the Annual PA Gun Rights rally in Harrisburg is May 6th. Feel free to show up and/or send someone to speak. In case you hadn’t heard it’s been going on every year since 2006.

          FOAC, ACSL, and many PAFOA members will be there. Last year there were more Moon family members than you could count and Mr. Moon spoke (Go Kahr!), so I am sure we could squeeze in the almighty NRA if they deign to bless us with their presence.

    • Golden Parachute . NRA members will be paying Wayne for years to come…. LOL.

      Remember that 1.4 million dollars being paid to Wayne LaPierre? At some point, a clause was added to his employment contract guaranteeing him payment as a speaker and consultant after he retires from NRA, at the full base salary he is being paid as Executive Vice President.

      • Should have:
        1: removed the Board (Executive Committee) members who handed out that contract (Hello Marion).
        2. renewed/rewritten his contract with the anti-NRA/pro-employee poison pills removed and replaced with a ‘we can fire you anytime and cut you a check for a year’s pay’ clause.
        3. Given him a year’s base salary and had security march him to the door.

    • One way or another, Wayne LaPierre will likely be removed. As a non-profit organization, there are rules the NRA must abide by – and it appears that on his watch enough has happened for NY state regulators to step in. They can and likely will take the NRA their hands and either fire LaPierre or jut shut the NRA down. Sure there will be a long legal battle (ironically the NRA will have support from the ACLU) – but even is the NRA wins, we lose. The organization will be focused on survival, not fighting the political battles that are sure to come.

    • The enemies of freedom don’t have to bother with divide and conquer with a-holes like LaPierre running the show.

  1. He is one of the reasons that I no longer give the NRA money. It’s about time they realized what a poor face of the organization that he is. The fact that he won’t honor their request to step down is just reinforcement to what an arrogant tool that he is and why he is part of the NRA’s problem. He reminds me of Sheriff Scott Israel post Parkland.

  2. And there is this. Just where did the NRA get $35m for politicking?

    “Over the past nine months, Giffords complained that NRA the violated the Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA) by illegally coordinating expenditures with the campaigns of at least seven candidates for federal office, including up to $25 million in illegal contribution to now President Donald Trump. Specifically, Giffords stated that the coordinated expenditures are not independent political spending, because they are “as useful to the candidate as cash,” and should be “treated as contributions under federal law, subject to contribution limits, prohibitions, and reporting requirements.” Giffords complained that NRA “has engaged in a complicated scheme to coordinate its spending with those candidates, while taking steps to conceal its coordination.”

    • Our campaign finance laws are (deliberately?) incomprehensible. We are restricted to something like $2700 per candidate, yet bigwigs publicly donate $100 million, and Clinton ended up with $1.2 billion, sorry, I cannot get all exercised about anything claimed in that regard. Abuse of the NRA coffers is of interest, campaign finance laws are not. And brain dead ex-congresswomen are not, either.

      • Well, the Founders may disagree with your position on how important the sanctity and security of our elections are.

        Are there no patriots on this forum concerned about the secret meetings with Russian Government representatives held by the NRA and trumps’s agents like Jeff sessions and Donald Trump Junior?

        Let us now turned to the writings of John Adams:

        “At the turn of the 18th century, a newly elected president of the United States—only the second in the nation’s then-brief history—cautioned the American people about “the danger to our liberties if anything partial or extraneous should infect the purity of our free, fair, virtuous, and independent elections.” In particular, John Adams pointed to threats from abroad, warning that if a changed election outcome “can be obtained by foreign nations by flattery or menaces, by fraud or violence, by terror, intrigue, or venality, the Government may not be the choice of the American people, but of foreign nations. It may be foreign nations who govern us, and not we, the people, who govern ourselves.” Speaking before a joint session of Congress, he thus pleaded with the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives to “[preserve] our Constitution from its natural enemies,” including “the profligacy of corruption, and the pestilence of foreign influence, which is the angel of destruction to elective governments.”

        • I DISTINCTLY REMEMBER a time magazine cover from the 80’s that featured a picture of Boris Yeltsin and inside an article that bragged how the Clintons had gotten him re-elected. Why is it that the Clintons can get away with interfering with a foreign nations election but if they do it to us, which is questionable, it’s practically a declaration of war?

        • We are in worse position than that. It’s being investigated for both sides using foreign countries and agents to skew the 2016 election. So when there’s growing evidence that both sides have been participating in crimes of the sort we’re discussing, it becomes a problem bigger and demanding more of our direct involvement, control and influence.

          But LaPierre is the subject at hand and thanks to people who oppose us (they’ve been uncovering such crimes or alleged crimes just to cover their own culpability but we can’t ignore what they can prove to be true). LaPierre’s most significant effect has been twofold: 1. His dealing with insiders and the ad agency has enriched him and put the NRA in financial jeopardy when they should be way over on the safe side. 2. He’s consistently been a bomb as spokesman for the NRA – so much so that many of us have been scratching our heads over his continued presence.

          Backing the board to get LaPierre out is logically the first step. Then getting the board to clean up the connections with the ad agency and find another to replace them is the second logical step. 2.5 is to have the board return accounting functions to a reliable staff or accounting agency is the third logical step.

          STILL LEAVING US with the twin tasks of wiping the Democratic Party out of politics in the US and then replacing the already execrable insiders in the Republican Party.

          And don’t tell me about how big and impossible all this is. I’m one of those who have known that for a long time. It makes no sense to say such a monumental historic change is ‘too much work for us” when you really mean it’s too much for you.

        • Throughout all the coverage of TTAG’s NRA coverage, this is the first comment I have seen where someone raised the Russia issue.

          I applaud you for noticing the elephant in the room.

          I started reading TTAG years ago because it was willing to lay down concrete facts about gun and society. I have been shocked by how little attention has been given to Maria Butina and the NRA’s coziness with the Russians. This should spark outrage in TTAG’s readership. Many commentators worry about the US Government coming to take their arms but almost no one has mentioned the danger Russia poses by wielding money and misinformation to undermine the very constitution that contains the Bill of Rights.

          At heart, to believe in the sanctity of 2A implies a broader belief in the whole Bill of RIghts. We’re exercising our 1A rights just be being able to argue and talk online. In other words, there’s a logical reason so many 2A defenders see themselves as patriots. Well, a patriot wants to preserve the nation and it’s ideals. Those ideals are enshrined in the constitution.

          Any actor that seeks to undermine our system of government and disrupt civic discourse is an enemy of that system. They are an atagonist. Putin did a promo-video aired live on state media depicting nuclear attacks on the US.

          The Russians used an, arguably, none too subtle approach to get to conservative US politicians. They wooed an organization seen as a lithmus test for conservatives. One wonders what sort of similar types of operations have been conducted on organizations like Right to Life or Americans for Tax Reforn.

          The point here is that the Wayne Lapierre’s NRA was more than happy to go along with Butina’s suggestions and embrace the Russians. They showed a shred of common sense when they resisted open association but in the end they caved and went along with her suggestions.

          What really gets me is that they take us for patsies and we seem only too willing to abide. Putin is an autocrat and former KGB officer. He thinks and operates like a KGB officer. He surrounds himself with people who are like-minded.

          This is a play book we know. Now, instead of hosting joint-academic conferences to woo US professors or working to fund the Black Panthers or Nuclear Freeze Movement, they use the internet to seed division along with the allure of piles of money collected around their oligarchs.

          Any lobbying group in the US should have strong antibodies to foreign money or ties, particularly when the source is Russia.

          The NRA’s embrace of Russia is a stain on the organization and one they could have easily avoided. But thoughts of money chased away any sense of propriety.

          As a veteran and shooting enthusiast, I think the NRA needs to be taken to task for embracing the Russians. Any Russian is one discussion with a “friendly FSB officer” away from being an agent of the Russian government. Maria Butina was managed from afar by the Russian government to woo the NRA and, through it, gain access to senior Republicans.

          But there is no talk of this on TTAG. There is no outrage in the comments section. This silence alarms me.

          The TTAG poliity focuses on internal threats and forgets that the 2A has an external as well as internal set of benefits. Of course it means that domestic political affairs are bounded by some degree of decorum and it insures against government overeach. But, externally, the 2A means that no outside power would ever seriously consider trying to invade use. Yamamoto famously noted that an invasion would be unwise because there’d be an armed American behind every blade of grass.

          We can debate the merits and appeal of armed militia seizing illegal immigrants but if it happens enough or gets enough air time, it will have a deterrent effect. People deciding whether or not to make the long trek northward and try to sneak into our country may reconsider their decision if they fear being rounded up by groups of private US citizens.

          Bottom line: a domestic lobbying group needs to keep some clear distance from foreign actors lest it be seen as or become a pawn for spreading that actor’s influence within the US. I can support an NRA that responds to Russian advances with a violent allergic reaction. I can’t support an NRA that wants to believe the weak lie of “Russian firearms rights activist” and shows an amoral eagerness to take Russian money.

          The Russians want us to stumble and fail. They want to us to chew ourselves up. We shouldn’t oblige them.

          The US Navy likes to tell it’s people “Don’t Do Stupid S**t.” Seems like the NRA could have used that advice. I hope Wayne gets the boot and looses his sweetheart deal and that the organization as a whole foreswears foreign funding and assistance.

          I hope the NRA remembers it should be promoting 2A rights by getting more people into the shooting sports. I don’t want needless swag or over-paid senior members. I want new recruits representative of the polyglot society we have. I remember a powerful member essay from a few years back about the importance of 2A and CCW for African-Americans living in violent urban areas – e.g. Detroit.

          Protecting minorities, defending the weak (who made us equal again?), and empowering women are strong cards to be able to play in US politics. Succeeding at making the NRA a “bigger tent” would serve to defy the notion that shooters are just old white guys clutching their guns. It also would show the NRA off as a true civil rights organization.

          Seeking more money from supporters when your senior staff are overpaid and ineffective while partnering with America’s enemies is a good way to weaken yourself. This is a path to irrelevance and it ends in history’s wastebasket.

      • Is this what John Adams was speaking of?

        “Law enforcement, congressional, and media investigations over the last two years have revealed that Kremlin-linked actors paid considerable sums of money to support Trump and curry his favor. A Russian organization allegedly controlled by an oligarch close to Putin spent more than $1 million a month just on social media campaigns favoring Trump, according to the special counsel.6 A Russian American energy tycoon—who boasted to a Kremlin official in July 2016 of being “actively involved in Trump’s election campaign”—donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Trump Victory fund.7 And a company affiliated with a sanctioned Russian oligarch paid $1 million to Michael Cohen, then Trump’s personal lawyer, for unspecified services after the election.8 These and other transactions examined throughout the report establish that, during the campaign and presidential transition, Trump had several compromising financial entanglements with actors representing a hostile foreign power.
        Moreover, while Trump vehemently denied business links to Russia during his campaign, the Kremlin knew otherwise.9 Recent filings by the special counsel allege that Trump hoped to make “hundreds of millions of dollars from Russian sources” for a project in Moscow that was advancing “at a time of sustained efforts by the Russian government to interfere with the U.S. presidential election.”10 In his plea agreement, Cohen admits to suggesting that Trump could travel to Russia “once he becomes the nominee after the convention” to drum up support for the project.”

        • Didn’t see any references for your made up bullshit. But then, Trumphaters don’t need anything but their hate to keep them warm, right??

        • Miner if there was any truth to any of what you printed. Mueller would have had a field day with it. BS

  3. “NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre met with influential board members and fund-raisers last night and was asked for his resignation. The meeting reportedly became heated and LaPierre stormed out. He then responded to the demand with a scathing letter to those involved, refusing to step down.”

    Now the board has to take the next step and fire the worthless cork sucker and all of his fellow miscreants,such as Cox,Hammer and route out with a fine tooth come the chaff,top to bottom of the organization.

    Return the NRA to it’s members not those who think as it’s ruling elite.

  4. This sound like progress. LaPierre need to go and without his golden parachute.

    As far as IRS tax-exempt status, about anyone can get that these days; just ask the Satanic Temple. A quick view of their instagram page reveals that they’re just a run of the mill left wing group, pushing for the typical democrat causes and mostly existing to put down Christians.

    • Yes and no. If you’ll recall Lois Lerner, it is MUCH more difficult for conservative groups to obtain that status, pointing how easy it is for liberals doesn’t say much about your attention span.

      • The Lois Lerner fiasco was due to corrupt, highly partisan administrators. I remember it just fine Larry in TX. You just proved the actual point I was making (life ain’t fair). Try to pay better attention Larry 😉

        • Lerner was just ONE of the admin state POS who daily carry out the mission of the progs of the demtard part. Obumer was just a figurehead. The BS continues within the fed gov’t.

          Get out of the basement “dude”

        • neiowa do you actually have a point? Where did I say there is no longer an administrator problem within the fed govt? All we can do is elect decent people who will appoint decent people who will work on fixing the problem from within. It’s like you trolls are just looking for a reason (even when it doesn’t exist) to attack someone. So who’s in the basement neiowa? Sometimes I go weeks without going into mine.

      • At some point they recieved that status, but they still dont belive religions should be free from paying their share.

    • Maybe you have trust issues with Trump. However anyone may feel about him, I believe he is doing an AMAZING job, especially considering what he has been forced to deal with and I certainly would hope that most rational people would trust what Trump says 1000X over the all the lies that came from Obama and his administration. There is no comparison on that front Raptor Jesus.

    • #OrangeManBad, we get it. Let’s ignore the best economy in generations and the fact that we’re fighting against open communists…

      • @ raptor jesus:

        “Everything out of Trump’s mouth is a lie. You know this before the election, you know this now.”

        I don’t care. Simply don’t care. Tax cuts, high employment for historically low employed minorities, sticking it in the face of Europe/NATO, attacking the border mess, economy that we were told would be stagnate forever cooking at 3% annually, etc. These actions override all the “lying”.

        Imperfect, even terrible, people have long turned out to accomplish good things, despite themselves.

        • Is he a moral person? Maybe not. He certainly hasn’t been one in the past. Is he the greatest president in recent memory? Maybe. Time will tell, but he’s at least the best since Reagan. There’s more to life than just one issue. People here will complain about anything. Between complaining and attacking other commenters, it seems like this is about the most unhappiest group of people around.

        • “There’s more to life than just one issue.”

          Sometimes it is interesting to see “single-issue voters” (pro-gun) have a single sub-issue, (Trump).

        • “You will learn eventually or you will forever be blind like the boomers.”

          So, you are asking me, “Who you gonna believe; me, or your lying eyes?”

    • At the very least the man does not have a foundational understanding of the Constitution or Bill of Rights.Just be cause he was sent to some of the best schools and universities doesn’t guarantee learning,you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.

    • Donald Trump is a Russian asset, with they call “a useful idiot”.

      “Law enforcement, congressional, and media investigations over the last two years have revealed that Kremlin-linked actors paid considerable sums of money to support Trump and curry his favor. A Russian organization allegedly controlled by an oligarch close to Putin spent more than $1 million a month just on social media campaigns favoring Trump, according to the special counsel.6 A Russian American energy tycoon—who boasted to a Kremlin official in July 2016 of being “actively involved in Trump’s election campaign”—donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Trump Victory fund.7 And a company affiliated with a sanctioned Russian oligarch paid $1 million to Michael Cohen, then Trump’s personal lawyer, for unspecified services after the election.8 These and other transactions examined throughout the report establish that, during the campaign and presidential transition, Trump had several compromising financial entanglements with actors representing a hostile foreign power.
      Moreover, while Trump vehemently denied business links to Russia during his campaign, the Kremlin knew otherwise.9 Recent filings by the special counsel allege that Trump hoped to make “hundreds of millions of dollars from Russian sources” for a project in Moscow that was advancing “at a time of sustained efforts by the Russian government to interfere with the U.S. presidential election.”10 In his plea agreement, Cohen admits to suggesting that Trump could travel to Russia “once he becomes the nominee after the convention” to drum up support for the project.”

      • Oh god… the more the Comey Coup bullshit is disproven the more the NPCs latch on. Sorry kiddies, Trump was not working with Russia. Hillary just lost because she couldn’t find Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania on a map.

        • A federal judge sentenced Russian gun rights activist Maria Butina to 18 months in prison Friday after calling her plot to penetrate conservative U.S. political circles without disclosing she was working as a foreign agent for the Kremlin “dangerous” and “a threat to our democracy.”
          Butina, 30, pleaded guilty in December to conspiring with a senior Russian official to access the National Rifle Association and other groups without registering with the U.S. Justice Department from 2015 until she was arrested and detained in July.

        • Because #OrangeManBad… Clearly. He doesn’t like the fact that a lot of very senior Demokkkommies are looking at prison time for an attempted coup based on a conspiracy theory.

        • You forgot to mention that she couldn’t win because of those things…despite colluding to rig the election with Russia, lol. Good god was she ever a terrible candidate. It will be informative as well as amusing to see how well the current crop of DNC idiots fare against Donald; say what you will about them, they all (except perhaps Mrs. Blowjob Harris) are more likable than Hillary was. So it will be interesting to see how competitive the race is against an incumbent Trump without Hillary putting her thumb on the scales in the primary. If it’s even to Romney/Obama levels of competition, that bodes poorly for 2024 & we’ll have to be on our A game, with a serious candidate (not the same as ‘electable/Dems hate him’) and a serious strategy (not the same as ‘burn it all down/make the Dems mad’).

    • trump’s utterances carry very little credence…especially these days…he does seem to be taking us for granted..while supporting legislation that is damaging to our cause….

    • Everything out of Trump’s mouth is a lie.

      Dumb people take Trumps words literally but not seriously.
      Wise people take Trumps words seriously but not literally.

      Trump’s stature keeps growing because he is standing on an ever-increasing ash-heap of dumb people.

  5. N.R.A. is a branch of the BATF.
    Track record proves it.

    The real issue with the VNRA isn’t corruption or not doing enough to push rights. The problem is what the group actively does to violate rights. NFA ’34, GCA ’68, FOPA ’86. Everyone knows those. It shows how long the rot has existed.

      • True, and it’s also true the NRA/Ronnie should have had the balls to not pass it into law because of that. They got the damn bill in front of the president once, they could have done so again the very next day after Rangel’s stunt. But they didn’t give a shit about MG owners then, they don’t give a shit about them now, and now the MG ban has metastasized into a ban on semi-autos. Very good bill; totally worth passing it to get interstate travel laws that are openly flouted by NY/NJ/etc.

        • Actually, *I* don’t give a shit about MG owners. What I care about is 2A, and infringements thereof. ALL infringements. If a law (federal, state, county, city, whatever) even *MENTIONS* firearms, it is in violation unless it mandates ownership.

      • FOPA is crap and hasn’t done anything to protect gun owners.

        New York, New Jersey, and Maryland harass gun owners passing through and nothing happens to them, one of the important cornerstones of FOPA.

        FOPA says making gun registries are illegal but that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening behind ATF closed doors. How would YOU know since no one has access to the innerworkings of the ATF except the ATF because are so honest and would never lie, right? Then you have the fact it doesn’t stop states from making their own registries of gun owners which increased twofold after it passed. You would be naïve to think that information is kept private. Ask how Maryland police are able to access Florida CCW information while harassing out-of-state drivers?

        Then you have the best part that FOPA was supposed to allow felons the ability to restore their rights of they were found to be in good standing. Guess how much funding has been allocated to that? $0!! Now you better hope you have a clean record and considering everything is a felony nowadays and they are making up new ones how are you going to stay off that list? Don’t tell me by “following the law” when that standard is changed all the time!!

        So no, FOPA is a disaster that has done more harm than good even worse when the only thing enforced by it is no more machine guns for us plebs. Government does a great job enforcing that edict!!

    • Don’t forget that the ILA wasn’t formed until 1975

      Not saying that the NRA-ILA hasn’t stepped on their dick trying to play the long game, but they still are the strongest best advocate for the 2nd Amendment there is. If gun owners abandon them in mass because of missteps or internal f-ups, the leftists will run rampant over the bill of rights. We all just need to be more vocal to them to fix the stuff we think needs fixing, or have them explain to the membership why they do things.

      The fact that the Left media is continually pushing the Lawsuit story just shows how quickly they are going to pounce and create division and try to diminish the organization of 5 million active voters.

      Just remember, the Clinton ban was going to be passed, the NRA couldn’t stop it because of the political climate, but once they realized this, they worked to get an expiration date added to it.

      You can complain that they aren’t strict enough to the actual meaning of the 2nd, but they are playing in the disgusting world of politics with limited funds and a lot of active voters trying to keep the ball inflated and moving the right direction.

      And yes I hate the non-stop phone calls and marketing too.

      • Maybe it is time for a leadership change but that is not a reason to dump the NRA into the trash. Without the efforts of the NRA, you would not be able to own a cap gun today. The NRA is still the most powerful lobby in DC and they still have 5+ million members. If not for the efforts of the NRA, there would be at least a seven day waiting period to buy a firearm. At least we have the instant NICS background check that allows us to purchase firearms immediately. The NRA wrote the NICS check into the Brady Bill. I know because I lobbied against Brady (7 day version) from 1989 to 1993 in DC at the request of the NRA.
        Years of anti-gun brainwashing in our schools starting in kindergarten have influenced many into anti-gun attitudes, and now these brainwashed are making our laws. It will take ALL of us, including the NRA, to combat these liberal morons. Keep the faith!

        • “instant NICS background check that allows us to purchase firearms immediately. The NRA wrote the NICS check into the Brady Bill.” This is an infringement. It is a negative not a positive. Before this you could just go into a store and buy a gun!
          “Shall not be infringed” ring a bell?

  6. We will need some more information. Were the people asking for the resignation simply a group of people (not the entire board) just asking LaPierre to save the NRA trouble by voluntarily resigning? Was it the entire board (or effective majority)? Is there a board meeting scheduled to consider dismissing LaPierre?

    “If you would strike at the King, you must kill him.” (Emerson)

  7. Proof that ole wayne thinks he is more important the NRA. As Rome burns, he cashes his massive chacks and rubs the backs and other places of his hanger-on’s. DISGUSTING! No money from me, till he and his cabal AREGONE GONE GONE.

    • Yes, not a Wayne fan, but if these stories are true, they need to ‘fix’ him and anyone else involved.

      I mean ‘fix’ in the literal term, take them to an animal hospital and have them ‘fixed’

  8. He should have given it to them and offered to help select a successor. We need this like we need Nancy Pelosi as president. Or Bern. Or Kamala.

  9. LaPierre has stayed at least a decade beyond his “sell by” date. It’s odd that he refused to resign when asked. He must really be out of touch. He should have retired honorably a long time ago. It’s sad that there will now have to be an ugly battle to remove him. Membership is going to decline drastically if he isn’t gone soon.

    I urge everyone to send a letter to the Board of Directors asking for his immediate ouster. Here is the email address: [email protected]

    • The board cannot remove him. The members have to do it with force. It’s going to require protests. Unfortunately, that is going to weaken the favored organization to get it done. Then the anti American people are going to come in to try to kill what left. Never the less, it has to be done sooner than later, before it all becomes doomed.

      • Hopefully the GOA can take up some of the slack while the NRA undergoes chemotherapy, and we won’t be left in the lurch too badly. If they truly have 2 million members like they claim, they should have some significant influence as far as voter/donation drives, which is really & truly all the NRA activist efforts amounted to (the “lobbying” stuff LaPierre always brags about is essentially worthless, and the primary excuse used to dump money into Ackermann McQueen)

      • I don’t know why the board cannot remove him, but are you going to tell me the board cannot change his compensation to, say, zero? If not, what is the board for? Bunch of people saying this and that, I can’t get a grip at all. How did LaPierre get INTO that position, and is it written into his contract (or whatever) that he can only be removed by assassination? Is he awake?

  10. “When the chief priests therefore and officers saw him, they cried out, saying, Crucify him, crucify him. Pilate saith unto them, Take ye him, and crucify him: for I find no fault in him.” ….John 19.6
    Be Careful. Just sayin……

      • They call that “interpretation.” It’s the tactic used when they can’t acknowledge reality. You know how they say the 2nd Amendment is for the military/government, that the people are not the militia and regulation means gun control? That’s their wise interpretation of reality.

  11. Look the NRA isn’t perfect. Wayne and Chris aren’t either. But they saved our bacon after sandy hook. And they are on our side.

    The state of NY everytown? These are the fucking enemy and they are trying to hurt the NRA because they did so much for trump in 2016.

    In 2020 we need al hands on deck. Another 4 year term and gun control will be over in the courts in our lifetimes. Technology will make it irrelevant after that.

    No more being divided by the anti gun nazis. We need to stick together and take care of our own first. Is Wayne a son of a bitch ? Maybe. But if he is he’s OUR son of a bitch.

    • I learned from Asian people the concept/word “disown.” It’s a better route to take than to go down with the ship. Let the fools stand on the beach pointing at the tsunami.

    • Well, too bad Trump pissed all over the people he needs to vote for him so badly. Hope it was worth it (there’s an estimated 1 million bump stock owners; Trump won by around 200,000 votes). It’s gonna look a lot like Rick Scott’s senate campaign, I’m afraid; he’ll squeak out a win that’s way closer than any incumbent should ever see, because a big portion of his base stayed home or refused to fill out that ballot position “for unknowable reasons” even though he went into campaign season with a solid majority.

    • What per se. do you know about future technology that we don’t? Sounds ominous. Oh, well, maybe the alien watchers will show up and make gun control a mute point. Or, maybe the proverbial pew-pew laser gun will be available to all. Until then, I’ll agree Wayne has been in his job too long, but he’s still the best we’ve got and I wouldn’t want him on the OTHER side of the argument. He’s tough as nails and I admire that. I’d keep him.

  12. The NRA should go bankrupt.
    They practically asked Trump to write the bumpstock ban.
    Now that precedent will haunt us the next time a Democrat is elected president.
    We should all join the no compromise Gun Owners of America and let them have the millions of dollars to really fight for gun rights!

    • You mean millions of dollars to line the Pratts pockets. GOA is all about themselves. NRA has been doing this a long time and knows what is going on. GOa and the despicable NAGR is just in it for the bux. If you fools want to go die on bump stock hill, go for it. That fight was over long ago. Don”t like it? Go start your own reality.

      • Yet the GOA is more honest and transparent about their activities whereas the membership of the NRA is neutered, lied to, and can’t do anything to hold their leadership to task considering how much they get away with.

        Who are the corrupt sellouts again? Not the GOA.

        You need to learn what context and what happens in reality means.

  13. Been wanting LaPierre gone since he got his claws into the NRA power structure 28 years ago. He has sucked millions out of the NRA, in 2014 alone his total compensation was $5,110,985. This year it will be close to that, again over $5 million. Remember, it isn’t simply his big fat paycheck it’s also the cost of all his other forms of compensation. That’s a hell of a lot more than $1.4 million in base salary.

    You see, it pays to be the King.

    The sooner that money grubbing P.O.S. is gone from the NRA the better. Along with all those that supported his massive paycheck, insane benefit/retirement package and his golden parachute. I work damned hard for what money I am able to contribute to the NRA and seeing it wasted pisses me off.

    Not surprised he refused to resign. Now those influential board members need to really get to work.

    • I hear the board members get paid very well too. That’s why everyone wants to be a board member although they know they have no power over the direction of the NRA. Board members simply make small decisions on how some parts are to operate, such as the policies for training.

      The NRA is owned by a cabal of charlatans.

      Nothing to see here. Move along…

      • It’s more due to Wayne turning his position as organization manager to “BoD wrangler” and over the years, he has used his ‘bully pulpit’ to ensure that only loyalist shitbags like him make it into office. Case in point, was the rather obvious rigging of the elections last year; Adam Kraut, a household name who was seemingly *everywhere* during the Dallas show rallying votes, and who had run a large membership-drive to add members with voting rights to back him, was somehow narrowly defeated by a geezer nobody with almost zero web presence (he was on BoD briefly like two decades earlier, and that’s the only information there was about him), and who had only garnered two dozen votes against Adam the year earlier.

        He can’t admit it since it obviously doesn’t ingratiate him to the organization he seeks to influence, but that’s the real reason Adam’s not making a strong effort to run for a seat this year (he isn’t refusing to do the job or encouraging others to not vote for him, but it’s also not his priority like it was last year). Hopefully when they announce his defeat again tomorrow to some nameless nobody that has never done anything for gun owners, all hell breaks loose and we finally get the Roadhouse-style bar-brawl I’ve been waiting for, and LaPierre/Hammer/Cox are either escorted out by panicked security, or better yet physically ejected from the premises.

      • Got any EVIDENCE of “board members being paid”? Oh that’s right, you “hear”. Get back to us when you have any PROOF, comrade.

        • I forget the numbers. So I don’t make a definitive statement because I was too lazy to go look it up. You can go look it up. If I remember correctly, Hammer is being paid a very nice sum.

  14. The problem with the LaPierre cabal is managerial. Expenses at the company and the sweetheart deals made between employees and vendors smell of corruption and management at the very least allowed this to continue and may have participated in it.

    It looks like the board has finally taken notice and has hopefully resolved to take action.

  15. As an NRA Life Member and Benefactor, the price of my next donation will be either Wayne LaPierre’s resignation or removal from NRA leadership.

    • Sounds like there’s a growing appetite for it, at least. I’d expect some more bylaw changes before then, though. Sounds like Wayne has decided to crash the plane into the mountain rather than hand over the controls to someone who will take the organization in a new direction.

  16. The controllers of the NRA are purposefully destroying the organization. They are weakening it from within so outside forces can kill it off and claim a major victory. This isn’t happening on accident. This is entirely intentional and coordinated.

  17. The only reason I give anything to the NRA anymore is because it’s a requirement at my range to be a member. Wayne’s greedy self serving ass is a fine reason why I feel pain donating any amount to this group. There are lots of better gun rights groups out there now like NGOA, NGAR, SAF, the list goes on and on.

    • I’m assuming you meant NAGR and mixed the letters up?

      If so, NAGR has never done a thing. Ever. That organization is literally a money making fraud and nothing more. Never once have a heard of them winning a court case, of lobbying, or of doing anything other than having an oppressive fundraising machine to make their execs rich. Total garbage.

      • Like the NRA lately, they also have a nasty habit of tying their gun issues to unrelated shit like tax reform and illegal aliens, which both dilutes the message and makes it harder to defend the organization, even among the like-minded.

  18. LaPierre has become a liability, time for the board to grow a spine and vote him out. There is corruption within the NRA rotting the organization’s soul and sapping its power.

  19. “Agree with the NRA’s various political and gun rights stances or not, the right to keep and bear arms in the US is served and supported by a strong, influential NRA.”

    No, exercise of the right is not served and supported by strong NRA. The NRA only supports privileges. As long as the NRA is pretending to speak for those of us who defend the right to keep and bear arms, by supporting and, in some cases, demanding privileges in the place of the exercise of rights, it is undermining efforts to restore the real exercise of the right to keep and bear arms. Besides, resources are finite and, as they say, nothing grows in the shade. As long as the NRA is using up resources of interested parties to support privileges, those resources are not available to other organizations fighting for the actual right. Also, the NRA gets quoted as some sort of authority on the RKBA in court when it is actually supporting government privilege. This is dangerous to liberty. The NRA needs to get off the stage. The NRA does not now, nor has it ever represented me and my unalienable individual right to keep and bear arms.

    I am not the NRA because I understand the difference between a right and a privilege.

  20. I remember when everybody LOVED this guy. At the end of the day, we are all the same…Republicans, Democrats, Socialists, Special Interests, you and me.
    We are all driven by personal greed.
    The mantra of modern man: “Fuck em as long as I got mine”

    • Speak for yourself. We’re all driven by self interest, not necessarily greed. The cat’s out of the bag. There’s a reason people are disgusted by the NRA execs, and it isn’t because they’re just like us.

      • Consider: One man’s personal interest can be greed compared to another; it is all relative. I use it as sort of a generalization but I agree your choice of words is probably more appropriate.
        As I read here I can see how people are frustrated with LaPierre’s tenure. I remember how everybody loved this guy. They probably wouldn’t write these things ten years ago but he is the same person now as he was then. The cat was never in the bag. Isn’t this the guy who never shot a gun until after becoming an NRA executive? He hung around Washington for years trying to get his foot in politics any way he could, finally found a sucker with the NRA. Seems like a typical pattern for men of power throughout history; he has gotten drunk off of his own bath water. Time has proven NOW, that he was always about himself.
        I thought I was being diplomatic including myself as one of his foolish supporters even though I could never stand the man. If everybody here was held to only “speaking for themselves” then it would not be much of an open forum. 98% of what is discussed is he said, she said finger pointing. Do you take offense to not being recognized as being better than anyone else?

        • Nice summary. I do take offense at being called greedy because I’m not. I’m not saying that I’m better than anyone. When I think of greed, I think of furthering yourself at the expense of others. I’m interested in helping myself and my family to a better life, but I don’t have to step on anyone, or take from anyone to do that.

          Speaking of greed. I think that show, American Greed, should do a story about the NRA.

    • “The mantra of modern man: “Fuck em as long as I got mine” ”

      Enlightened self-interest. Who better to do what is best for you, than you?

      Why would we honor “individual freedom/liberty”, while decrying people looking after their own, ignoring others?

      • Who’s to say what is and what is not a Human Right ? Female Genital mutilation in Africa, Asian Binding of feet, Forced Child Marriage, Honor Killing- These are perfectly acceptable in their respective countries. To or not to denounce others for their pursuits ? A slippery slope indeed.

  21. I personally don’t mind Wayne. He brought me to the NRA membership fold. I don’t necessarily blame him for the nonsense concessions (red flag laws, bump stocks etc) since unless I’m mistaken, he doesn’t set policy agenda alone. I DO however object to that salary. It’s obscene. No one on that board should be making more than $100k.

    No, the problem I have is with the NRA members continually electing ppl like Ted Nugent to the board. Cool dude, has never attended a single meeting. We need passionate activists, no passive celebrities

  22. Assume for discussion Wayne is out.

    What should his replacement do different, and how would anyone monitor that?

    • Reasonable wages / benefits for executives. No one should become a millionaire from running a non-profit. Become a CEO in a for profit org if you want that. Disclosure of executive salaries, etc. Disclosure of any remote affiliation with NRA contractors. That would be a good start for a real non-profit.

      • “No one should become a millionaire from running a non-profit.”

        I know many non-profit executives who have become millionaires many time over. Some of them run orgs you never heard of.

        Running a major NFP is no different in its challenges than running a major business, except that business execs can be rewarded with stock/options/etc. Execs with NFPs can’t get stock; they just get paid.

        • Non profits’ assets are limited to a percentage of their operating costs.
          They inflate their operating cost by awarding really big salaries. This allows them a higher asset ratio.

        • Ralph, The difference is the mission statement. People become millionaires from non-profits because they are working the system. Most hospitals are non-profit. So why do they charge $20 for a Tylenol pill? Why do they take over local clinics? Why do they create a regional monopoly with less choice (less competition). They do it because they can. They do it because they grease the right palms and congratulate each other with huge bonuses.

          The mission statements of non-profits is supposed to be to help people, not the executives. Show me millionaires from a non-profit, and I’ll show you the most selfish, greedy assholes around.

  23. After 35 years of annual donations.
    The NRA wont get another nickel from me and hasn’t for the last 2 years.
    When Wayne leaves get kicked out fired. I don’t care how.
    I just want him gone.
    Maybe as a Life Member. When hes gone Id donate again…………maybe.

  24. The NRA won’t get my meager 35bucks again if old Wayne remains. Thanks for leading the charge in 2013. You remind me of slow Joe Biden-all blather…

    • Such vitriol from everyone! Don’t you see the divide and conquer forces working here? Break the NRA from within? We need to keep things together, folks.

  25. I strongly support the RKBA, and usually the NRA……….I subscribe to the American Rifleman, currently but unlikely again! I had questions about LaPierre, his salary, his African trips, and who paid for him his wife and friends. I posed these questions to the NRA via a phone call, no answers and no follow up responses. Also, LaPierres salary……….silence! And now I understand there are huge financial issues with him and the organization…………..Maybe it is time for him to go and let someone else have the reins, even race horses get old. And I still want to know about the financial dealings of the NRA. As a member, I, we, all of us, have a right to know.

  26. Soros apparently is putting a lot of effort into internet operation “Destroy the NRA”. Including having his surrogates (including here) tearing down management. We know these progs hate the NRA and need to destroy the 2nd.

    Same tactics of personal attack as seen in the Trump bash/investigation with “the Russians ate my homework”.

    Trolls – GTFA

  27. If everybody on this forum joined NRA as a life member (like I did) and continued voting every time for the right people, we might get it cleaned up eventually. I realize it could be 10 years but imagine 10 years of it getting slowly better rather than worse.

  28. Ohh well what ever????

    I told the NRA to FRACK OFF asking me for anymore dues years ago when they abandoned California…I donated locally!

    and for those that say…you should pay for the ‘big dog NRA’ it wins Federally!
    Frag that train of thought…what happens in cali is pointed out and tried federally! its used as an example!

  29. NRA Whistle-Blowers come forward after decades of abuse of the hard earned donations of members living large on the backs of members! Read the options they have below from a legit source.

    Can the NRA Survive with the recent EXPOSURE of Stealing of Members Dollars from the TOP Executives?

    NRA Meeting of Members is Saturday @ 10am the place to use ur voice! Be There! NRA Meeting 2019 INDY!

    The National Rifle Association is in serious trouble, and the NRA Board of Directors has only two options to save America’s biggest civil rights organization.

    Option 1. A majority of the Board circles the wagons in defense of Wayne LaPierre and his pals and tries to weather the storm. (They’ll fail, and the whole ship will sink.)

    Option 2. A majority of the Board fires LaPierre and other executives (or accepts their resignations) and nullifies their contracts, suspends all vendor contracts pending thorough review and renegotiation, and purges culpable members of their own body – demonstrating a commitment to safeguarding NRA assets on behalf of the membership. (Plugging the holes and possibly saving the ship.)

    Support all the gun rights groups as u can!

    The New York AG hates the NRA and will try to destroy it.

    Support the The Firearms Coalition | Ammunition for the grassroots gun rights …

  30. Good Riddance LaPierre u goof ball..u never had a good argument when u were b4 the cameras.. and u sounded like a idiot.

    He will save the NRA members Millions of dollars when he is gone with all of his Gucci lifestyle and staff plus private jets to happy ending spas in Thailand.

    Goodbye 150 million Dollar Annual Expense account for hookers and blow.

    As a Life Member who worked hard for my membership plus donations and could not afford it …but, ate ramen 4 awhile….it saddens me to know all the money they have wasted that could have been much better spent @ the GOA/FPC/SAF < JOIN IF U CAN.

    I knew they spent money on lobbying Congress with hookers and blow but, i thought maybe there was some honesty and accountability……NOT!

    I hope they put someone in there that supports the #2a the way it was intended and stop being anti-gun compromise Kings!

  31. I have been a Life Member of the NRA for nearly 40 years, since the day I turned 18. A few years back I upgraded to Endowment Life. I have worked at the grass roots level to support pro-2A legislation and candidates and fight the anti-2A. I have worked Friends of NRA dinners, recruited new members, in general everything a good member would do. When Wayne and Chris released that execrable call for the BATFE to reevaluate the status of bump stocks that nearly came to an end. I was so angry – one might say ballistically – that I came very, very close to cancelling my membership.

    There is NO COMPROMISE in fighting for the Second Amendment. None. Yet here were NRA’s top two leaders doing just that. I wrote to them, I called them and let my opinion on this travesty be known. What did I get in response? Nada. Not one damned thing. Not a word of response from either of them, or from anyone at the organization. I know that I was but one of millions of members angered by this betrayal but something would have been appreciated, even a form e-mail. To me the total lack of response indicates orders from the top to say nothing.

    It is time for Wayne and Chris to go. I’d bet a good case could be brought against Wayne in particular for breach of contract, in which case he wouldn’t be owed one thin dime. An argument could be made for Chris that he was “just following orders” but there are times when you have to say “no.” Either way, it’s time for the BoD to vote to remove both of them from their offices.

    The Second Amendment has never been in more danger than it is right now, and there is no room for divisiveness in the top offices of our group.

    • Oh, and for the record, I do not own a bump stock, have never owned one, and have absolutely zero desire to ever own one. I personally think they’re a totally useless piece of junk. That said, I strongly believe that anyone who wants to own one should be able to. Just like anyone who feels the need to own a Glock should be able to do so, although for the life of me I can’t understand why they would….

      For those of you who can’t easily recognize sarcasm that last bit about Glocks was just that. I don’t like them, never will, but if you do more power to you.

  32. The NRA has done more to support the 2nd Amendment than ANY organization, along with Gun rights and training. I just hope, by some of these comments, we haven’t let Wolves in Sheep’s clothing sneak into the organization. EVERYONE that enjoys the outdoors and Concealed Carry rights, should support the NRA. Remember, once our rights are gone, we don’t get them back…

    • Rights don’t go anywhere. They are unalienable to the individual. The exercise of those rights might be infringed upon, however. That’s a big difference between a right and a privilege.

      The NRA represents one of the biggest bait-and-switch scams perpetrated on our free society. The NRA advocates government privileges to the detriment of the exercise of actual rights. As far as I’m concerned, the NRA has been, and continues to be, a danger to liberty and the sooner they get off the stage, the better.

    • “EVERYONE that enjoys the outdoors and Concealed Carry rights, should support the NRA.”

      Apparently, even you don’t recognize the unalienable individual right to keep and bear arms. “Concealed Carry rights”… Really? Is that what you think is the exercise of the right? I’ll clue you in; keeping and bearing arms doesn’t specify the manner. It includes, but is not limited to, OPEN carry, CONCEALED carry, and everything in between of handguns, long guns, and others. I don’t support “Concealed Carry rights”. I support the exercise of the unalienable individual right to bear arms. The NRA, and possibly you, do not.

    • “I just hope, by some of these comments, we haven’t let Wolves in Sheep’s clothing sneak into the organization.”

      The wolves are those who support a privilege in place of the exercise of the unalienable individual right to keep and bear arms. The NRA represents the wolves.

  33. Looks like they are trying the fail option #1

    Option 1. A majority of the Board circles the wagons in defense of Wayne LaPierre and his pals and tries to weather the storm. (They’ll fail, and the whole ship will sink.)

    Option 2. A majority of the Board fires LaPierre and other executives (or accepts their resignations) and nullifies their contracts, suspends all vendor contracts pending thorough review and renegotiation, and purges culpable members of their own body demonstrating a commitment to safeguarding NRA assets on behalf of the membership. (Plugging the holes and possibly saving the ship.)

  34. ///Agree with the NRA’s various political and gun rights stances or not, the right to keep and bear arms in the US is served and supported by a strong, influential NRA.///

    Not when they hand our rights over, hand over fist, no. This “you need to support the people who are pissing down your back and telling you it’s raining” shit has to stop, FUDD.


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