LA District Attorney Jackie Lacey. AP Image.
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Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey has been a big supporter of the Black Lives Matter Movement. In June, she decided not to charge any of the ‘peaceful’ protesters who violated the state’s strict assembly and social distancing restrictions in order to protest the death of George Floyd. The cause was too important to uphold the law at the time.

As Lacey told KCAL . . .

“I want to encourage the exchange of ideas and work to establish dialogue between law enforcement and protesters so that we may implement enduring systemic change.”

Yes, well that work and exchange of ideas was a lot less welcome when protesters showed up outside of her house wanting a meeting with the DA. Lacey’s husband, David Lacey, didn’t appreciate BLM protesters assembling outside his front door.

David Lacey LA County District Attorney
Courtesy Melina Abdulluh, Twitter

As we reported back in March when the incident occurred, Mr. Lacey showed the BLM-ers his gun. Repeatedly. One of those who knocked on Lacey’s door captured this footage:

In the aftermath Mr. Lacey appeared to get some special treatment from the local boys in blue . . .

Police didn’t charge David Lacey for threatening the lives of the demonstrators, who said the gun pointed at them – with Mr. Lacey’s finger on the trigger – left them traumatized.

Later in the day yesterday – the day before a contested Democrat primary race for the Los Angeles County District Attorney – incumbent Lacey broke out the tears and apologized in a press conference, saying she and her husband felt “frightened” by the people outside her home.

Now, though, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra has filed charges against Lacey. He’s facing three misdemeanor counts of assault with a firearm for waving his gun at the crowd.

Given what happened to the McCloskeys in St. Louis in a somewhat similar situation — having their firearms confiscated and being charged with felonies — the kid gloves treatment given to the better-connected David Lacey must have been…embarrassing.

And surely politics didn’t come into play at all in the AG’s decision to file charges.

From the Politico:

Some leading politicians, including Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), have rescinded their endorsements of Lacey in recent weeks, with the Black Lives Matter movement gaining momentum this summer after leading demonstrations against the the Minneapolis police killing of George Floyd. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, who endorsed Lacey, has said he is reconsidering his support for her. Gascón also has won the endorsement of Sen. Kamala Harris and Rep. Maxine Waters.

It appears that the powers that be are tossing Jackie Lacey under the bus and getting behind her challenger. Look for plenty of photos and video of her husband brandishing his gun to appear in SoCal between now and election day.


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  1. dems eating their own. Wait for the melt down when The Donald gets his second term. It will be epic.

    When the colleges re-open there will be plenty of open slots all around from where the dupes of the left have been killed or sent to prison. I saw today where an 18 yo in Portland is facing serious federal time for attacking Marshals with a firebomb. Another convicted felon courtesy of the left.

    • JWM,

      Indeed. It did not take long for the left to begin lopping off each other’s heads during the French Revolution.

      The Left here, in the USA, will do the same.

      As far as Trump winning in Nov, I have seen 3 essays this week, reporting that CA,OR, and WA have agreed to execute succession plans. Could be simply disinformation, or, maybe the trigger for an actual revolution.

      Or maybe just journalists needing to publish and attract eyeballs.

      • That breaking away issue was settled in 1865. That is not Lincoln in the oval office. He will not preach healing and reconciliation.

        • Bingo. The rebel states should have sued to secede. Chief Justice Taney (he of Dred Scott infamy, a Marylander, a racist, and a Democrat) might have agreed that they had the right to do so under the Constitution. He was in office until 1864. But the war settled the question that we are one nation, not a bunch of sovereign nations allied in a confederation with a right of withdrawal.

        • South Carolina seceded when President Buchanan was in office. South Carolina became a sovereign nation at that time. President Buchanan could not find any executive power that was allowed to the office to stop this, neither could Congress who he addressed at the time.

          I’ll bottom line it for you..The ONLY thing the NE States and the mad dictator Lincoln were concerned with was tax money through tariffs. No different than today really. Slavery? Lincoln was quite the his own words and actions.

        • If States want to leave – fine let them go.

          Also know that most counties in Washington, Oregon, and California would choose to leave their State and stay with the Union. Those living in Eastern or rural Western Washington, Oregon, and California are tired of being ruled by coastal city lunatics.

          There is no sense in pretending that this nation is indivisible. It isn’t. The sooner we allow the Northeastern and West coast cities to leave the Union, the better off we will all be.

          Cut out the cancer. It is killing the whole body. Americans and Progressives no longer wish to be one nation. The sooner we all admit it the better. America as we knew it is already gone. I’d rather have a smaller America that is still American than dwell in the Communist skin suit of Amerika.

          It is better that we go the way of Czechoslovakia than that we go the way of Yugoslavia x Rwanda.

      • There is a major naval base in Bremerton, I believe, and Joint Base Lewis/McCord south of Tacoma.

        In Southern Cal you have Miramar, Camp Pendleton, 29 Palms.

        If those three states are planning to secede they have their work cut out for them.

        • Just let them go. San Diego county can choose to stay with the Union. Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, and San Francisco leave. Suddenly California, Oregon, and Washington are red States again.

        • CA won’t secede. Far too many conservatives here who want to save our state, not watch it break off into enemy hands. If CA, OR, and WA were to successfully secede, they’d need a plan for sovereign nationhood. They’ve been fighting a wall on our southern border forever…do they really think they’ll be able to somehow suddenly control a border to the North (Canada), South (Mexico), and East (America)? We’re talking 1500 miles of new “international” border to somehow manage, not to mention the fighting over just how that new border will be gerrymandered, seeing as though dozens of counties will fight to stay with the U.S.A.

      • The secession talk is a fantasy by a few leftist lunatics. Despite it’s claims of being the 5th largest economy in the world the parts of California that want to go cannot survive as an independent entity. They don’t have enough water and power to sustain themselves. Most of the State’s own water is found in the areas that won’t leave.

        Secession is not viable in the modern world for the simple reason the secessionist cannot hold on to areas that don’t want to go. They will seceed from the secession.

        • Good, smaller is always better when it comes to the area a particular government controls. “These United States” were much preferable to “The United States”.

          Secession is a natural right of free men. A shame Lincoln was not smothered in the crib.

        • I’d love to see a secessionist Southern California negotiate its water supply with the foreign country that owns Lake Mead and the Colorado River.

      • The entire west coast can fall into the ocean for all I care. Those three states want to leave the USA, AWESOME! A large number of the people who think that they are important live there. These are the people who are constantly attempting to force the rest of the country to do/live as they say or want. They have the right to live their way just like the rest of the US has a right to live how they prefer (as long as those ways of life affect no one else and are on the individuals’ private property). However, too many in that part of the country truly believe that it is their right to demand that everyone else in this nation adopt their hyper-leftist philosophy. Again, I do not care what they believe or what they say (as long as it only affects them). I draw a serious line in the sand when citiodts on the west coast act like I (and all other Americans) must change our beliefs to match their own “because they know better how everyone should think/act”. Individual freedom on one’s own private property is one of the core beliefs upon which our nation was founded. Bossy self-important loonies mandating how everyone else must think, act, and/or live is an egregious assault on the Constitution and the principles upon which this nation was founded. I sincerely hope that those three states go off and make their own dreamland of a country and leave the rest of the US citizens alone!

    • They do NOT know history and what happened to the likes of Robespierre.

      “The only thing new in the world is the history you don’t know…” Harry Truman

    • Someone skipped a few chapters of the revolution manual. The internal purge is supposed to happen AFTER power is seized, not before.

    • Colleges generally reopen in less than a month. Late August. We restart on the 27th. That’s gonna be interesting. Classes with labs and/or required recitation are gonna be exciting since those who have “feelz” about “safety” just need to say “covid” and attendance is no longer mandatory. *eyeroll*

      There will still be a lot of empty slots because of fear of the virus/another shutdown. Mainly the potential of a shutdown. Paying tuition for in-person classes and taking online classes that should be at least 70% cheaper isn’t on a lot of peoples “to do” list and the universities, particularly state schools could be ordered to shut down by the governor.

      And that’s a legit concern in terms of a forced shutdown when it comes to dorm life. The university can’t realistically enforce “social distancing” in such a setting. Then there’s the NCAA part of things. And of course the ubiquitous parties that campus cops are supposed to control/ prevent but realistically can’t and does it even matter considering the dorms thing?

      I will be interested to see how the breakdown works out in terms of what percentage of SJW types choose to return. I know some of the Critical Theory departments are worried about low enrollment this year, which is hardly surprising since they get all the cream puffs to begin with.

      • A lot of parents who pay for that tuition I believe will balk at paying those rates for a truly second-rate ‘education’.

        Even if the eventual vaxx kinda-sorta works (which is how it is now looking), I think (dangerous, I know!) America is so skittish about ‘infections’ now quite a few of the current measures will become normal operating procedures.

        I used to think the city Asians with surgical masks was kinda odd in the past, but now I’m thinking it’s gonna be this way for the next few years, minimum.

        It’s kinda interesting watching how a profound change in how America runs coming about from something relatively unexpected like this…

        • This winter, for those in the southern hemisphere, I have not had a bout of cold or flu. Increased attention to hygiene and social isolation is having some benefits. Shame about the global economy however.

        • Some of the students might balk, too. My daughter is currently enrolled 100% online this fall — she sought those classes on purpose — and also wondering if she wants to bother with college at all right now.

          She’s not really into taking out student loans for the privilege of having a campus-life experience 350 miles from home when said experience is going to amount to a half-empty campus, dining halls that can’t be dined in, classrooms that she won’t be going to class in, professors she’ll never see in person, and parties and clubs she won’t be going to because she’s in a high-risk group and can’t afford to get infected with COVID — plus the threat that the government could shut the whole campus down at any moment anyway.

          And then there’s the irritating fact that we’re paying full on-campus tuition for online courses…

          This isn’t going to be good for the colleges. They bring in a lot of money from housing and dining, and that vaunted “campus experience” they no longer offer pulled in a lot of students that they won’t be getting now.

          It’s a great time for a gap year. Or two, or three.

        • When it comes to “online education” I honestly think people should balk at it, not at this price point but basically at any price point.

          I’ve taught and taken online classes and I find them to be total shit from both perspectives.

          If someone was to ask me about the value of an online course I’d tell them that it begins and ends with the list of reading materials. Get the list, find the books as cheaply as possible, read those books and be done with it. Fuck paying for the class.

          The real value to be found with in-person teaching is the actual interaction between the instructor and the student. Conversations are had that bring up points of interest that simply cannot be found and explored in other venues, such as online. That leads to conversations between students that leads to further questions for the person teaching. Often leading to “Well, no one’s ever asked that before so let’s discuss and maybe even pull out the reference materials and find an answer!”. You simply do not get this from Zoomesque meetings and online postings of videos.

          Such a class also lacks any motivation to do the work. It plays right into the TL;DR tard way of thinking. There’s zero chance that you might skip the readings, get called on in front of people and look like a lazy moron so there’s no real reason to do much more that be lazy, get the study guide and then take the tests/write the papers.

          This is exactly why the University of Phoenix Online wasn’t exactly a degree that commanded respect in the past, because other institutions and prospective employers were not impressed by your degree that literally never required you to put pants on.

        • Never had an online class, myself. Judging by what the daughter experienced in her online spring quarter (perhaps exacerbated by the fact that none of the classes were *planned* as online ones), they were indeed 90% garbage.

          There were only two that were worth a damn:
          – Her French class, in which there was not only a lecture, but also a LOT of talking back and forth *in French* in group video chats where participation was mandatory.
          – And her calculus class, which featured the professor’s hand writing equations on his desk and his voice explaining the operations as he went (which is basically all you get in a physical classroom anyway), plus open Q&A hours and online tutoring.

          We won’t even talk about how stupid and useless her History of Modern African Art class was. It would’ve been stupid and useless at the best of times (but fills a gen ed slot, and she likes art history), but the professor just mailed it in. Literally. The first assignment was to watch the most painfully boring movie I’ve ever seen (a slice-of-life feminist allegory where everybody in the movie hates the Stunning And Brave protagonist and the audience does too), with not even the excuse of discussing how it related to African art (because it didn’t) — and it was downhill from there. Nobody even saw the professor. Not once.

          So, yeah. Online education is worth what the student puts into it, in large part — but it’s also worth what the educator puts into it, and quite often that’s not much at all. In no way is it worth full-cost tuition.

    • “Wait for the melt down when The Donald gets his second term”

      From your mouth to God’s ears

    • Depends. If it’s the NFAC clowns no defense needed. Given enough time they’ll just shoot themselves first.

    • A friend of mine decided to raise chickens this year. The first eggs showed up this past week. Four of them. He said they cost him $250 each. I hope those hens produce a lot more eggs.

      • We have back yard chickens. before that we had quail. You don’t do it to save money.

        You do it to piss the neighbors off.

  2. I love it when our betters get charged the same, ok lesser, than we do. It always appears there are two sets of rules. I get a kick about the BLM protestor saying it scared him though. They are the ones supposed to instill fear not be afraid. Thugs getting more than they expected. At least they did not go to Biden’s. They would have gotten a shotgun blast through the door.

  3. This is amusing. I’m an ironic way.

    People with guns are bad …. except me.


  4. LOL!! Gascon!?!? That guy got done ruining San Francisco and California (a-la prop 47 and 46) and moved back to L.A.!! I hope they get everything they deserve!! *note*: After Gascon, San Francisco ended up getting a leftist terrorist for a D.A. so it got everything it deserved too. That’s not hyperbole BTW.

    • I still haven’t figured out why those nice young men in their clean white coats haven’t come to take the current SF DA away. “Bat shit crazy” ain’t the half of it.

      • “I still haven’t figured out why those nice young men in their clean white coats haven’t come to take the current SF DA away.”

        Ha, ha!

        Thanks for that 70s flashback!

  5. I find it humorous that different factions of the Liberal democrat party. Are using their separate agendas to defeat each other. The BLM/Antifa movement is out to Defund/Eliminate the Police. Through the use of violence. Which strikes fear into citizens. Who have never owned a firearm. To consider buying or buying one for the first time. While the Gun Grabber faction works to instill fear by claiming firearms are the great Evil and must be Controlled/Eliminated from Society. What once was one of the strongest elements of the Liberal democrat party. Divide and Conquer through Fear. Has become the greatest tool in their defeat. Their own Factions working to eliminate each other. With the use of Fear.

  6. well within his rights as is any American citizen for that matter. Get off means just that. Go away.

  7. He he…cry me a river. Gosh I thought that was a certain octogenarian Cali Dim known for chanting “IMPEACH 45!” incessantly. Or is that a relative of old Maxine?!?😃

    • Suggestions 13. Thou shalt be amused rather than angered by the words and deeds of idiots; for I am thy Noodly Lord and I have created idiots solely for entertainment purposes, Mine first and thine likewise.

  8. That’s why when you have that kind of property and the potential to draw those kind of crowds you absolutely have to have a high powered sprinkling system. A securely fenced yard with large, aggressive, territorial dogs is even better. My current favorites, Ridgebacks, Bouviers Black Russian Terriers and maybe best of all the Beauceron. I’ve worked with them all.

  9. Hey TTAGers –

    While reading that ‘Politico’ link, I saw another link that looked interesting. It has to do with a Florida law that requires convicted felons to pay all their penalties and court costs *before* they can legally vote.

    Here’s the very interesting part – A bunch of Leftist state attorneys have jumped onboard the case, and the argument they are using we can use against them to force them to respect gun rights :

    “Nineteen states and Washington D.C., led by attorneys general in Illinois and Washington, filed a legal brief asking the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta to uphold a May ruling that struck down provisions of a Florida law that restricted the voting rights of former felons. That law required people who have served time for a felony to pay off any court debts before they can register to vote.

    New York, New Jersey, California, and Pennsylvania were among the states that joined attorneys general Kwame Raoul of Illinois and Karl Racine of the District of Columbia in the filing.

    “Voting is a right. It is not a privilege only for those who can afford to pay a poll tax,” Raoul said in a written statement. “Pay-to-vote laws are discriminatory and serve mainly to suppress Black and other minority voters. Individuals who have completed their sentences deserve a second chance, which includes having the right to participate in our nation’s democracy.””

    This is the ‘money shot’ again : “Voting is a right. It is not a privilege only for those who can afford to pay a poll tax,”.

    By their logic, charges for carry permits (and FOID cards) are poll taxes, and are therefore, unconstitutional.

    Can we hang them on that?

    • “By their logic, charges for carry permits (and FOID cards) are poll taxes, and are therefore, unconstitutional.

      Can we hang them on that?”

      Only if those signatories win. And then it is a huge hurdle.

      • The logic of their argument fascinates me, I’d love for us to us weaponize it… 🙂

  10. Real question is, what kind of idiot answers the door to some BLM asshole standing on your doorstep instead of flanking them and then manipulating the scene to make it look like you were just doing yard work and happened to come around the front to a bunch of rioters holding weapons. Right now, it would be easier to do that, than what this fucking idiot did. That said, good for him? Yea, good for him! Show that 2A support.

  11. “demonstrators, who said the gun pointed at them – with Mr. Lacey’s finger on the trigger – left them traumatized.”

    Oh, the poor, poor dear little snowflakes are traumatized. That’s so sad. I think they all would really benefit from a cracked ice enema.

  12. Ha,hah,aha,haha,haha,haha,haha,hahaha,haha, cough wheez,ha,haha hah hah. Oh the hypocrisy is killing me. Ohhohahaha,,,Us people ,,,ahahahahahahaha,,, All in this together, bwhahahaha, Guess he showed them. Hahahahahahaha Defund the Pole leece ,,,ohhohaha, Call the Cops, I got dissed, hahaha ,,,That video is Classic

  13. “I’m front of DA Jackie Lacey’s house for that community meeting she promised with the @BLMLA crew. Rang her bell to invite her…”

    In other words- LOOK AT ME, I’m harassing people at their house for twitter points!

    “In the aftermath Mr. Lacey appeared to get some special treatment from the local boys in blue . . . Police didn’t charge David Lacey for threatening the lives of the demonstrators”

    Oh? Any evidence that’s ‘special’ treatment? Or is it the kind of crime that needs investigation and lawyers (prosecutors) to look at it first, get the evidence and decide whether they can win a case? I don’t remember the police arresting the McCloskeys that day. Or is it always special treatment?

    Anyway. Don’t open the door. Normally I would say ‘call the police’ but I have learned that it’s racist to call the police so maybe just hide inside and hope they get bored and go away after everyone has posed for selfies.

  14. This is what happens when you as a black person go along with the thinking of the white socialist progressive Liberals. And most jews and gays go along with this thinking as well. Too many of them are still asleep.
    Yes that’s right I said it.
    From a “run away slave” from the slave state California. Who now lives in the constitutional carry, and former slave state of Kentucky.

    Now its too late for the folks in these blue states. How long are they waiting it get a gun? Any gun? And a carry permit? Not for you. But Rosie O’Donnell can have one.
    She is part of the chosen ones.

  15. Let’s apply the logic of the Left here.

    Are the protesters us, or not us? Is the accused brandisher of firearms us, or not us? Answer: NOT US.

    Therefore, whatever they did is automatically bad and wrong. Fry ’em.

    • To Ing,
      While I agree it is satisfying to see lefties get their karma payback…
      I remind you that all us normal citizens are subject to the same attack by the mob.
      Post one thing wrong online and get doxxed and anyone might see these thugs knocking on their door.

      That was a legitimate use of self defense force and the anti gun DA is going to charge him with a crime.
      These people are letting arsonists and looters go free and charging lawful gun self defenders.
      We all have to oppose this as we could be next

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