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Regular readers may have noticed that TTAG’s Kirsten Weiss content sank to niente over the last few weeks. That’s because our very own Annie Oakley has been having some “issues” with the Volquartsen rifle sent to her for review (used in this video, details to follow). An even greater time suck: producing, performing, filming and editing her first trick shot video. The electronic fruits of KJW’s two-wheeled ballistic labor are posted exclusively above (for our agreed-upon 24-hour time window). Questions, comments, criticisms? Put ’em below. Rest assured that this is only the first of a weekly Monday series. Meanwhile, Ms. Weiss would appreciate it if you’d click here to put some page views down on her new website. Basically, a star is born. You’re welcome.

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  1. I think there’s a video there, but I’d have to get rid of the intro photo to watch it.

    I believe I’ve found a new desktop background.

    I need a motorcycle.

  2. Shes… shes married, right? Engaged at least, yes?

    Just tell me it straight. No need to sugar coat it. I’m a big boy. I can handle it.

    Cause if not…

    I will find you… and I will wed you.

  3. Okay, video works, but I’m sorry, I fail to see how that’s a trick shot. Shooting balloons off of a motorcycle? Shoot a penny off a motorcycle and you’ll color me impressed… I could shoot balloons all day with my tricked out 10/22

  4. Wow red blooded american males complaining about a pretty girl in a skin tight outfit shooting stuff off a motorcycle… I officially give up on this species and planet… where’s my spaceship?

    • Agreed for sure! Part of me says gosh, you don’t have to be so darn sexy looking to show us all how much fun trick shooting is, but the middle aged devoted married man and father says “just respect the mad skillz yo”.

    • Jay, the comments made by the metro males when we have a woman with skills and looks on this site can be surprising to the old school guys like me. It’s pretty rare these days to encounter an alpha male. More and more in this younger generation I find women that can actually “man up” better and more willingly than their male counterparts.

  5. I’m a bit confused by the website . I’m assuming its meant to be a sort of social online gathering place for.. female shooters? Sharp Shots?

    Having two top level headings is a bit confusing – it took me several minutes to realize the second heading are really tags that posts fall under. Clicking on the top-most heading leads to different page layouts but then on” LIve Fire Love” it leads to a blog format.. within a blog. But this is the same effect as clicking on the second level tags (I.E. filtering for content)

    Work on standardizing the page layouts. Clicking each one leads to different layouts and formats.

    You can delete the “Home” link. If people want to be brought back to the landing, they’ll click on Kristen Joy Weiss at the top of the page.

    Consider integrating the “welcome” page text and graphics into your flash slide show at the landing page.

    “Sharp Shots” – ripe for social media integration. Appeal to women through social media – show the lifestyle of the sharpshot (ie. instagram the hell out of it).

    Consider getting rid of the left hand link widget. It’s causing the page to be visually unbalanced. These links can be integrated into a static link bar at the bottom of the page (i.e. a frame)

    And finally, Keep going! Its getting there!

    • I had often wondered in the past why so many sites still have a “Home” link given the almost universal convention of having a click on the “site name” at the top take you to the home page. It was eventually explained to me that it’s there for accessibility purposes, screen readers and the like.

        • I have no idea. That was just an explanation I got from someone who knows more about web design than me (which wouldn’t take much at all).

  6. It “might” be a trick shot if she hit the balloon the first time. Otherwise, shame on all of us for watching her shoot rather than just watching her.

  7. A few constructive criticisms:
    1. The balloons are too small for the camera angles. On my iPhone I had to watch it 3 times to see the second balloon. I had to watch it on my 21″ desktop to see the shots on the first balloon. If you were to retake it, I would use 3 separate cameras, really big balloons ( >24″), or exploding targets if permitted. A camera man that can follow with a tighter shot would be good too, if it’s safe. (Hint: Body armor is cheaper than ER visit and a D.A.R.K. kit is cheaper than both. JK)

    2. I have no real frame of reference for how hard those shots are to make. My guess is that it’s hard. That said, I would try to do a clean shoot, 1 shot per balloon. Few(er) people will argue that they can do that.

    I’m not a professional, but I’ve done my fair share of video productions. I know how long and how many people it takes to do a 80 second shot. I enjoyed it and look forward to more.

  8. Annie Oakley was a great shot and a chaste woman, sexual titillation was not part of her act, female empowerment does not demand objectification.
    If I would not endorse Miley Cryus’s performance (for obvious reasons) why should I hold up this woman as a female role model and mentor?

    • I would like to add that there Many women who will out-shoot the girl above using TWO handguns while mounted on a galloping horse while showing a lot less skin

    • Just because she’s got a great ass and doesn’t mind if you look at it, doesn’t mean Ms. Weiss is some kind of hussy.

      But Annie Oakley would’ve got all the balloons with only three shots. With iron sights. Riding sidesaddle. Maybe backwards, with a mirror… 🙂

    • Annie Oakley would have been assasinated for showing her ankle, or at least run out of business. I’m glad we live in different times now, where we can respect a woman and appreciate her butt at the same time.

      I don’t understand the appeal of the scantily clad model posing on a muscle car she didn’t build or holding a gun when she doesn’t even know where he hands are supposed to go, but KJW knows what she’s doing, does it well, and can dress any way she wants.

  9. I’ll step right up and admit I haven’t watched the video. Seeing the still at the top of the page was enough.

    As an enthusiast for both firearms and motorcycles, I am appalled.

    No helmet. No gloves. Poorly fitting jacket. Can’t tell 100% but I’m guessing those aren’t real sturdy pants.

    This is the riding equivalent of pulling the trigger to check if the gun’s unloaded. Basically, it’s assuming nothing bad is gonna happen … and it’s a very, very stupid thing to do, especially for one who makes her living with her hands, her eyesight and her brain.

    I’m not even going to get started on the rider – he’s an idiot if he rides like he’s dressed in the still – except to note that it’s absolutely reprehensible to let someone ride behind you “protected” as she is.

    Before you call me a safety nazi – and go ahead – I’ve been in a crash that completely totaled my motorcycle that I walked away from with a mere broken finger bone because I was wearing decent gear. The average asphalt road is about equivalent to 00 grit sandpaper, so even low-speed crashes can wear through thin clothing real fast … and guess what’s under that? Fortunately that’s a scar I don’t have, but some good friends do.

    • As a motorcycle rider of more than 20 years, splitting and driving through more than 100,000 miles of WI and SoCal traffic, and as someone who has investigated fatal motorcycle crashes, I can say this: chill out.

      She’s on a closed private road. The vehicle code regarding helmets probably does not apply, depending on what state she was in. Even if it does, who cares? She’s doing about 20-30 mph (hard to tell from the video). My first crash was doing more than that, and I’m still here writing comments. And I can tell you from personal experience that chicks dig scars.

      Relax and enjoy life some – she’s a beautiful woman shooting a beautiful gun. And it looks like she’s wearing leather. If she doesn’t get your inner enthusiast going than I feel sorry for you. This was a damn cool video, and it clearly took some effort. I’m looking forward to more, and I hereby volunteer to drive for the next stunt once all of this scotch gets properly taken care of. RF has my info.

      Rock on, KJW.

      • Yup. I’ve also been riding for around 40 years. Been shooting a bit longer.
        I appreciated both angles of this video. Both as a rider and someone who has “heard” of other people shoot targets from moving cars and boats.
        Now, moving targets from a moving platform… That’s pure fun.
        Ms. Weiss, thanks to you and TTAG for a fun diversion video from the sometimes too serious side of life.
        That looked like fun.

      • Yes. While I understand anything can happen with….well…anything, it was a controlled environment.
        However, I really do appreciate everyone’s safety comments and concerns.
        Also, thanks for your insight Accur81. [Also I find it interesting no one noted yet that you can’t properly aim rifle optics with a motorcycle helmut on…let alone get your cheek on the gun. This would’ve been much easier with a pistol. Add a helmut and some kevlar, maybe change the bike to a scooter….hmm, but that actually sounds fun too…]

        • Heck, let’s face it. We could slow that scooter down to 5mph and it’d still be fun. Shootings just good times.

        • It might be possible with an open – faced or half helmet / red dot / high rise scope to get either a cheek weld. Heck, the military does it with Kevlar open – faced helmets.

    • I hear you. I’ve had my share of accidents protected and unprotected. By the grace of God I was burned by the pipes but not maimed. The protected one, I came through with either no injury or very minor. So I’m here to talk about it.

      Guess how I drive now?

  10. Hmmm.. dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t it seems.

    Anyway nice shooting, puts lawnmower plinking to shame!

  11. Ms Wiess, we love you, please wear a helmet, it would break my heart if you got hurt in a motorcycle accident

    • Egads old boy, grow a pair!

      Putting along on a private road, and she isn’t even piloting the bike. Ain’t nothing gonna happen.

      We used to shoot targets in the woods with pistols. Distinction being we were the ones piloting the bike and shooting offhand as we rolled north of 20 mph. This is an entry-level trick, done at crawl speed, in a controlled environment.

      If it weren’t done by an attractive female, nobody would have paid any attention at all.

      • haha, thanks for sharing your stuff. We are definitely going north of 20mph. I’d rather not say the speed…don’t want to cause another flurry. And try your fun with a scoped rifle while moving. I think you’ll be surprised at what you find, and that its very different than open sights or a pistol. All sounds like a good time though 🙂

      • Like I said, a scoped rifle definitely adds to the degree of difficulty. Below 40 or 50 (which the vid clearly indicates you weren’t exceeding) is still just putting around. Especially as you were a passenger. On a paved road. My friends did harder shots while actually driving MXers in the woods – we knew it was nothing that special.

        Look, I can readily deduce from your highly corporate responses that someone is certainly paying your way – no biggie, I’ve been there managing folks to say such stuff for the masses. Just don’t expect me to buy into it.

        In the world of trick shooting what was on that vid was strictly entry-level, save for the fact that OFWGs will find you ‘hot’ unlike the dozens of 20-sumpthin’ dudes doing the same trick. Nothing wrong with trading on that, just don’t forget what you’re trading on.

        • haha! No one is paying my way. (Sans Lapua who gives me ammo for my COMPETITION shooting). This is my own thing. Although I’m kinda flattered you think I have this huge support system…

          If you are referring to me encouraging others to show their stuff and spread the positive side of the shooting experience…. and trying to respond in kindness to people who certainly need kindness for them to spend such energy to be negative…. as “corporate” well….then what a sad world we live in. You are welcome to have your opinion. You just mentioned your tricks being “20mph”….as fast enough to be impressive. So. Easy to be confused. I am serious though. Please share them here! I’m not exclusive, I’m not trying to be the best, I’m just trying to spread the fun. And you’re right. This is my first video. So it IS entry level…..I’m freshly entering the trick shooting scene after years of intense, high level competition. I just wanna have fun after all that stress!! Don’t worry, this isn’t all I got. But you’re welcome not to watch if my style is not your cup of tea. I have no issue with that.

          (p.s. There are dozens of dudes getting massive attention (way more than me) for shots off golf carts, and lawnmowers. I’m pretty sure you’d get way more attention on a bike. So try it!)

  12. I like the video, the girl and the gun. On the other hand, no eyes, ears or helmet. If she didnt look the way she does i am assuming this would be under Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day.

    • Hard to argue w/ that. Eye pro and A HELMET really should be mandatory. She’s a great ambassador for the sport and for shooting in general, and portraying the image of a responsible — not reckless — person would help. It seems as though she’s becoming more interested in her own good looks, but that’s not an excuse to go w/out helmet on a motorcycle. Sorry, K. You can always do the slow-mo take off helmet and shake out hair scene.

      • I’ve been riding for 35+ years (since I was 10) and a helmet – like a seatbelt – is your personal choice. Period.

        I’ve gone flying W at WFO more times than I can count, not to mention sliding off cliffs and such looking for the elusive 11/10ths. My full-face has saved my skull a dozen times, but that’s not what this is.

        She’s on an obviously private road putting along at kindergarten speeds on the back of a bike, one would have to work really hard to make this a scenario where the absolute worst case was anything more than a scrape.

    • You seriously wear eye and ear protection to shoot a .22 outdoors? The balloons popping are about as loud as the gun.

  13. I’ve got a woman friend that can pick up a 44mag and shoot pins against guys all day long. That’s skill. Wearing tights, showing your azz and riding a bike with a tricked out .22 while shooting big balloons -that’s stuff for the COD crowd…

    I’ll stick with the real women and the real shooters – thanks.

  14. Trick shooting, she has to start somewhere. The camera angle was a little awkward, and I had a hard time seeing the 3 shots until she went to the go-pro angle. I will keep an eye on her channel. It’s good to try different media.

    I would hate to have her pro-shooting career hurt by falling off a motorcycle.

  15. Allow me to play the old fart and point out the total lack of safety gear. Eye, ear, and cranium protection.

    Okay, that said, I liked what I saw. I clicked through.

  16. All the criticisms about camera angles and helmet + eye/ear pro are valid.

    That being said, since it’s her first video, I hope she takes the feedback and makes her second one even better. More pro-gun female YouTubers is a good thing… don’t underestimate the mass appeal of attractive young woman with a gun. Ha!

    • She was shooting Balloons? I’m sorry, I didn’t even notice. I must have been looking at something else.

  17. Ms.Weiss, from the personal opinion of a twenty-five-year-old red blooded American male(which is probably part of the age demographic you were trying to appeal to,) all I can say is: That was the most awesome video I’ve seen all day:)

  18. Helmets are like seatbelts: you should always wear them when you’re not expecting a crash. If you’re in the middle of a closed-road trick shot taping, though, obviously you’re driving more carefully than usual.

    This video also kind of makes me want to put the big loop lever back on my Henry .22 pistol, and go pull a Terminator 2 on some balloons.

    On a side note, I almost feel bad for Kirsten, in that I wonder if it’s hard to be taken seriously sometimes due to her looks. I imagine that a personal lesson in improving my .22 shooting would be a challenge in both firearms as well as focus.

  19. Hey everyone!

    Your concern for my safety is heartwarming. I was wearing ear protection, but pulled it out before addressing you. You’re right though, no eye protection! This probably will send many people in a flurry, but for .22 (and only .22) I don’t wear eye protection. I’m not for or against this. Its just what Olympic-style competition shooters have done throughout history and do across the globe. I’ve had my own concerns about this, and ( even though it greatly affects the level of precision we need) wondered if I NEED to wear safety glasses. Its not like pistol (many who also don’t wear eye), where you’re oftentimes closer to the target. We are rather far away from our target, so ricochet is less of a concern. After asking several gun experts and smiths, they assured me ricochet/damaging backfire/etc are only really a concern for higher calibers/centerfire. Even the CMP doesn’t show eye protection with a rimfire on their official media But, I’d REALLY love some more gunsmiths/experts to weigh in on this. And, gunsmiths, is their higher risk with a semi-auto rimfire rather than a bolt?
    Again, thanks so much for the thoughts

    • With a semi-auto gun there’s also the concern of hot brass hitting you in the eyeball. .22 happens to be very thin-walled and sharp at the front, so it could cut your eye. Add in the wind from however fast you were going on the motorcycle and brass to one of your ‘balls could ruin your day for sure. Or worse than a day, considering how very important your eyesight is to you.

      I have had a sliver of iron stuck in my eye, which I actually picked out on the side of the highway with tweezers using the rear view mirror, and it freaking sucked. The next day the ophthalmologist said I did a great job and got the big piece out, but that I missed a smaller one. He took it out with a dental drill. Yup, that high pitched whine and a tiny drill bit… ON/IN MY EYEBALL. I highly advise you not to get stuff like this in your eyes either. There’s plenty of fashionable eye pro out there that could have looked cool in this vid.

      My guess is the helmet thing will draw many more comments on YouTube though. I know it would affect your shooting, but it’s a trick shot, right? Holding it sideways like a gangster so the scope is in front of your eye, despite the helmet, is a heck of a trick 😉 …but seriously, if you want to get really nit-picky, there are helmets that are mostly or completely open-faced and wouldn’t affect a cheek weld but would still provide protection for much of your dome.

    • Semi-auto .22’s tend to splatter semi-burnt and unburnt powder everywhere. They’re just filthy. If you’re using ammo that has wax on the bullets (and I’m doubting that a match shootist such as you would bother using that crappy ammo), then there’s additional debris in the form of melted/vaporized wax that can come out of the action as well.

      Semi-auto .22’s are mostly a blow-back action, and as such, the action starts to open as soon as the bullet is leaving the casing. Bullet starts forward, the breech block starts backwards – because unlike the gas-operated, or delayed recoil, etc, it’s a straight action/reaction sort of thing, and what keeps the action closed long enough is a combination of the mass of the bolt or breech block and the recoil spring.

      If you use a higher velocity .22 round, a heavier bullet, lighten the recoil spring – the timing could change and the action could open up a bit earlier. For that reason, you might want to wear eye pro with semi-autos until you get a good idea of what’s happening with a particular semi-auto and a particular ammo combination. Once you verify that the angle of ejection seems OK, and you’re not getting powder in your face, eh, then you can go to town. Doesn’t mean you won’t ever get anything, but the odds are low. If the odds were high, I’d have had issues many times over.

      I’m not going to get on some tall steed and tell you “you MUST wear eye pro” with a .22. Heaven knows I’ve lit off 10’s of thousands of rounds of .22LR (and thousands of .17HMR) in rimfire guns without eye or ear protection (and I’m sure that factors quite well into my current hearing issues). With any bolt action .22, I never gave a lack of eye pro second thought. The low pressures involved, coupled with the small volume of gas, mean that .22’s are some of the most heavily over-built firearms out there. There aren’t even any locking lugs on many bolt action .22’s – the handle is the locking lug. On some semi-auto .22’s, I could feel bits of powder hit my face occasionally.

      • Thanks so much for chiming in. I have one other shot I’ve filmed with a semi-auto rimfire and no eye pro. But I will seriously consider eye protection for semi-auto in the future. As far as my competition bolt action .22….I’m less inclined to add eye pro, considering all the factors. But, this may be really irritating to the general public who doesn’t quite understand. So we’ll see if I sacrifice some accuracy/cheek weld precision with the bolt, just so I don’t have to keep explaining the tested choices of, well, pretty much everyone who shoots competition .22. haha. Ah well. Again, thank you

  20. Cheek weld with a helmet? Not gonna happen. Gun manipulation with gloves? Try it sometime.
    Anytime I saw our folks wear gloves on duty, I made them wear gloves for winter time qualifications. They can seriously effect everything about shooting.

    But for your next vid Mis Weiss, please wear a helmet…

  21. If you practice that reverse lead enough, you can pick crows off of road signs at 70MPH the way we used to in Nevada.

      • 16v. You’re obviously jealous, and it doesn’t look good on you. Stop claiming she’s going slow (she’s going way more than your “I go 20mph” bit) and go show your stuff! There are people getting attention for riding lawnmowers and shooting. And they are MEN. Quit your whining, and go film your stuff and show it to us already!! But if you’re just gonna use a pistol, its not going to be as impressive as a scoped rifle. At least not to people who really shoot. But people who don’t shoot in all kinds of scenarios are unfamiliar with the difficulty of a trick like this. So….maybe you’ll still get the attention you so desperately want, even with your pistol.

      • Jealous of what exactly? BT,DT,GTTS,AIF…

        I’m only bemused when low-information folks are impressed by low-quality tricks.

        Look around, learn something. I’m perfectly fine that a woman did this trick, but I know women who do far better ones. And if some pudgy beer-swillin’ dude did this, nobody would have noticed – because it is no big deal.

  22. Maybe I am a little late, but guys…BE MEN for pete’s sake. I have never seen a time in America where we have to look for REAL men. Quit your snivelin’ “safetydog says” crybaby, “hey that kid needs a helmet to ride that sit and spin” “chick-i-fied” metrosexual attitudes. Where has all the testosterone gone?

    Kirsten shoots good, looks good at the same time, and all we read is whiners. If you didn’t like it or have nothing to say but complaints don’t watch. If the girl shoots better than you, maybe you need more practice or give up, if the girl is less sensative than you at the same time, turn in your man card.

    The Mylie Cyrus (going down in flames fast, bet her daddy is soooo proud) reference was crass, Wrecking Ball the new Cyrus vid is her naked on a wrecking ball, talk about needing attention.

    • Did you just suggest the next trick shot? Kirsten, any interest in doing a “cover” of nice little Miley’s video in which you ride a swinging wrecking ball while shooting a gun at something? Copying Miley’s wardrobe (or complete lack thereof) is optional, of course, but excuse me for saying that I’d love possibly nothing more in the world than to see that.

      “Wrecking Ball” video: <<< note the solid 1/3 thumbs down on that! Looks like not everyone is a fan of this direction she's taking.

  23. I’m a gun nut and motorcyclist, indeed I don’t even have a car, and even though I’m a stickler for as much quality gear as I can afford (helmet, jacket, gloves, boots, reinforced jeans), I have to concede that entertainment is as much a part of the equation as anything else. And I did indeed enjoy the video. It’s a first effort. With more experience will come refinement. I’d still advise eye protection even with the .22 – sure, it’s a bit of a hassle but you still have only one set of eyes and ears. And trust me, I’m smart enough to take sex appeal into the equation – you wouldn’t lose any.

    Hell, I’ve often daydreamed about left-hand drawing a pistol or wheelgun from a shoulder holster to fire at a target. After all, a steel horse is still a horse 🙂


  24. My only complaint is that a trick shot should be taken in a single shot per target. Three targets, three shots, no more.

  25. Hey, she’s on my bike! Sweet.. Nothing better than a hot chick in leather pants on a sport bike. Giggity..

  26. Perhaps in 87 years, my grandchildren will be telling stories about the great Kirsten Weiss like the way we’re currently revering Annie Oakley. It is unfair of us to expect Ms. Weiss to operate firearms better than we can WHILST promoting every side-agenda we hold dear to our hearts. “Eyeball safety!” “Bulky protection gear!” “A life of celibacy!”

    If we’re really trying to promote gun sports, why are we so critical of people working alongside us? From many comments on here, it sounds like the best way to operate firearms on a motorcycle is to imagine it in your brain from the safety of your basement.

  27. Kristen,

    I just want to tell you how impressed I am with out effortlessly you deflect trolls and negative comments. I know it’s a skill, especially while being a female dealing with a male dominated arena.

    I ride a motorcyle and I enjoyed the video. I think it’s funny that our gun culture can deride others who don’t shoot for being (what we perceive as) spineless or weak, but then in the same breath freak out about going 30 on a private road (while someone else is driving) without a helmet on a bike.

    Heck, in TX folks ride on the highway all the time without a helmet. Everyone’s life is their own.

    So yes, I enjoyed the video. You have a great ass (which you are absolutely aware of or the included shots would not have been included) and you are very good at self promotion. You also happen to have skill with firearms and if your personality is not genuine, you at least are really good at coming across as a really cool chick.

    So anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I love all your comments and videos/posts as what they are: the voice of an emerging professional in an otherwise male-dominated field.

    Keep up the good work, please. You are someone that my female friends and girlfriend can actually relate to.

  28. Hey TTAG Readers, Thanks for the responses so far!
    Just because I was a little frustrated knowing my first attempt was actually all three balloons in one shot each (remember ricochet), but I can’t say that without proof right? So I posted this video to show that. The Gopro Malfunctioned, so I didn’t think it was a good enough clip (balloons are hard to see without Gopro view) to put in the original video. But fun is more important than perfection! So please see the description under this video’s clip on youtube, and ENJOY!

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