1. Watching a documentary on 9/11 a few years back, they went to one of the facilities that was hand-screening every cubic yard of the debris.

    They showed a basket of misc. items that had been sorted out. What was surprising to me was the pocket change they had found. Nearly every coin was bent, crushed, or mutilated in some way.

    Gave you a bit of perspective on what happened to the people who had those coins in their pockets and purses…

  2. So, basically this is a plain old Kimber 1911 that happened to be stored below TWC. Explain why it’s notable or more valuable than a new Kimber 1911?

  3. Could you update the review by adding his rank? Either as “Staff Sergeant Romesha” or “SSG Romesha”. It is disrespectful to his position and profession achievements to omit. Making the rank of E-6 is notable and placed him in his leadership position. PS: Feel free to omit titles bestowed on marxist elected offiicials


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