Comparing my shotgun skills to what Kim Rhode does is like comparing the fat ladies in the pool swaying to waterobics to Michael Phelps. But you don’t have to be a crack shot to appreciate what she does. Rhode won Olympic gold back in Atlanta in double trap. When the IOC scrapped that event for women after Athens she figured, what the hell, let’s try skeet . . .

You break orange frisbees in both, so why not? That’s kinda like a high jumper switching to show jumping. “On the first day of skeet competition at last month’s World Cup held at the Olympic venue in London, Rhode missed an unaccustomed three of her first 25 targets in blustery rain and wind, but rallied the next day to take a bronze medal. Last March, she hit 75 of 75 in qualifying to set a world record.”

In London, she’ll be trying to become the first American to medal in and individual sport in five Olympic games. We’ll be watching.


  1. Search ISSF Women Skeet 2012 Tucson on YouTube. They’re amazing to watch. Men as well. Especially when you consider the birds are going much faster in International Skeet than traditional American Skeet. And they start with the butt of the gun at their waist, not mounted. The women shoot just as well as the men but the women are a hell of a lot better looking.

  2. We should be very proud of Kim. She made a big adjustment to excel at ISSF skeet. Women’s Skeet has become extremely competitive over the last decade.

  3. I watched Ms. Rhode shoot with exhibition shooter Tom Knapp and she could pretty much match him shot for shot, which amazed me. What else amazes me is that she is old enough to have been in 5 Olympic games (including this year’s). She still looks like the college kid from 1996.

  4. Skeet and trap at that level is mind bogglingly tough. I’ve never tried it because I know before hand I would suck at it. It takes thousands of shots a month to develop the skills for that/

  5. I have had the pleasure of meeting Kim in person.
    She is a wonderful young lady who represents shooting
    sports in a very positive way.
    She shoots at Prado. I do too. That is all we have in
    Her dad lugs out cases of ammo and puts a few at each of the
    eight stations. Kim doesn’t move from one station to the next
    after a few shots. She drills one station time and time again.
    Her dad also adjusts the springs on the traps to make the
    clays fly faster for international skeet.
    I heard Winchester drops off cases of 12 ga skeet loads at her home.
    I gotta ask her about those empties sometime.

  6. TTAG- How many times are you going to call the NRA out for not censoring racist comments and excluding part of the shooting community, but not censor sexist comments* which exclude a part of the shooting community?

    *see “she can handle my shottie anytime” above, as well as about one comment per post on TTAG

  7. Met her a number of times personally, as she shoots at Oaktree all the time. She’s a crazy good shot. She just needs to let me shoot on her wobble trap field…

  8. I’ve also met her at Oak Tree Gun Club in Newhall, Calif., when she was the guest of honor at the annual Shootout for Scouting trapshooting competition.

    Kim put on an amazing demonstration of her shooting skills, took photos with the participants, and was happy to offer tips to any and all on how to improve their scores.

    A tremendously talented woman, and a class act, too.

    In addition to being a crackshot, I was also impressed by her ability to eject the shells from her over-and-under shotgun, snatch them mid-air, pocket the still-smoking hulls and reload in a flash.

    Very, very cool.

  9. We had the honor of Kim qualifying for the 2008 Olympics on our range. For those who do not know her she is the most down to earth person you will meet. Always gracious with her time and kind to our youth shooters. One fun fact. When Ladies Double Trap was removed after the 2004 Olympics Kim took 2 years off from shooting. When she came back in skeet at her first World Cup she set a new world record. This was three days after traveling to Texas for a national level match. PS if you think you can take her with a rifle think again. She is pretty salty with one of those as well. Have not seen her shoot a pistol yet but wouldn’t bet against her on that either.

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