According to their new CEO, Taurus is in turnaround. While Mark Kresser upgrades the company’s customer service and build quality, Taurus’s new product intros continue to keep pace with Victoria Secret’s bikini collection. [Editorial note to Mrs. Dumm: I added that link.] The gunmaker just shipped us a 45 ACP 24/7 G2 for testing, with the full kit shown here and a half-dozen dozen-round magazines besides. How will a 28-ounce pistol tame the .45 ACP’s recoil? Which backstrap insert will fit my hands the best? Will the manual safety drive me nuts? Stay tuned, dear readers, for these answers and more…


  1. Looking forward for the review…. I’ve always loved a taurus wheel gun, but the autos… ? Not so much… Let’s see how this one turns out!

  2. I have the same gun in 9mm and I love it. I got it last year at a gun show and I’ve put around 500 rounds through it with zero problems.

  3. Well I sure like my Taurus PT140 Millenium Pro in .40 S&W. (It is almost identical to the 24/7 pictured in the article.) I have put over 1000 rounds through it without any trouble at all. I had one failure to feed and one failure to eject and both were with cheap reload range ammo.

    Unfortunately the sights were somehow wrong from the factory. I ended up sending it back and they returned it in about 5 weeks with correct sights. They even included the target that they used to verify the new sights were proper.

    The U.S. manufacturers should get in the low price market like Taurus. It was literally all I could afford for a first handgun. (I actually couldn’t even afford that.) A couple years later I managed to earn some more cash and picked up a S&W M&P40 which I love. (I had to purchase a pistol made in the U.S.)

    P.S. TTAG admins … a couple of times that I have tried to post a comment, your site displays a message that says something like “You are posting comments too quickly, slow down.” I have no idea what that is about.

  4. A pistol that size should handle the .45 Auto just fine. My Bersa Thunder .45 UC weighs just an ounce less and everyone who’s shot it has been pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to shoot. To me the .45 has always had more of a “push” as opposed to the “snappiness” of other calibers. I’ve always been very happy with my Tauruses (Tauri?). I’m looking forward to the review.

      • It would depend on what the case is: genitive, dative, ablative, and so on.
        Nominative: The Tauri are nice guns.
        Dative: I told RF to point the Tauris somewhere safe.
        Accusative: I threw three Tauros in the dumpster.
        Genitive: The Taurorum grips are nice.
        Ablative: RF was happy because of his TaurIs.
        Vocative: O Tauri, I do enjoy shooting you.

        • Your dative example doesn’t work because it would just be the accusative direct object of the infinitive (to point). You could say, “For Christmas I gave my tauris 200 rounds of ammunition.” Then the dative is used as the indirect object. Isn’t Latin fun?!

        • Yes, Latin is awesome. Seriously, if you have kids make sure they take it. They’ll learn more about English grammar in Latin class than they ever will in English. Plus it’s awesome for vocab and therefore a huge help on SATs.

    • Agree on this. Have this pistol as well as a Glock 21 and they exhibit less of a kick and more of a push. At least compared to my .40 XD

  5. Looks nice in the box. One small peeve I have is that it’s a nice that many manufacturers include a cleaning brush, but why is it the cheapest possible brush? It would look so much better to include a $5 brush instead of the 50 cent one.

    • Customers have already proven that they don’t care about quality details by purchasing tupperware or rubbermaid pistols. Why should the manufacturers bother with accessories which are better than those sold on the kitchen aisle in any supermarket?
      /end tactical tupperware rant

  6. If I picked the short straw to do this review, I promise to name names. 🙂

    On a lighter note, how’s the Caracal treating you?

    • I couldn’t agree more. In fact the qulaity of both the Rock Island Armory and the Taurus PT 1911,especially the stainless I feel is just as good as most other 1911 s costing many hundreds of dollars more. The Taurus certainly made a believer out of me with the features that are stock on all of them as well as the accuracy I’ve experienced on both the RIA and Taurus. We are very much in need of a reasonable priced AR15. As ammo prices for 223 continue to increase that need is even more desirable.The price of all AR15 s have gone up in the last year as well. The Olympic arms A1 model is about the least expensive at $650 to just under $700. Most are around $1000 with any features most of us desire. That puts it out of reach of many people. I know there has to be a way to make a qulaity AR15 for the masses that won’t break the bank. Some company just needs to step up to the plate and do it!Phil

      • On the subject of the Taurus 1911, I own both a Colt Combat Elite and a PT-1911 and in all honesty, aside from price, I don’t see much difference between the two. The Colt has always been for the range and the Taurus is my beater for taking hunting as a sidearm. Both have great triggers (the Colt already had work done when I bought it, Taurus is factory) and both are just as accurate. Slide fit and accuracy for both is comparable. I’m sure there may be Colt fans out there calling bullshit on me but those are the two I have.

        On the subject of AR’s. If Taurus could pull the same combo of features and price on their own AR like they did with the PT-1911 they’d have a winner.

  7. i was behind a guy in line at my local gun sop, a guy asked about a Taurus and got laughed at. i’m good with this one.

    • When I bought my first 1911 xx years ago, my friends laughed when I showed them my RIA. I still have the old anvil, and I completely lost the round count after I replaced the recoil spring at 4000 rounds. If Taurus wants to build affordable quality, good for all of us. It’s not so hard and cheap folks like myself are easy to please. Oh and my Taurus 24/7 has about 700 rounds through it already…

    • The salesman probably wanted to sell him a more expensive gun that got him a higher commission. You have to wonder about a gun shop that trash-talks guns that it carries in its inventory. If the guns really sucks so bad, then why carry it?

  8. I don’t get it. Why would people laugh at Taurus? Yeah yeah ok they are trying to turn themselves around. Sure I would love to be able to dump between 900 and 2500 on a nice pistol but to be honest when you are having to pay rent, the ex wife, the daughters cheer leading you pretty much end up with little left over.
    For reports on their new lines they seem to be good overall. I would think people would get more interested in the budget oriented firearms given the economy. It is like cars, we love looking at Ferrari’s but we all drive Toyota’s or something to that effect. Sure you Toyota might not do 220 mph and it sure won’t attract the women, but dies it do the job? Does it have some comfort features that we will all enjoy? What is the quality like? Would the Taurus be a pistol we could feel comfortable either carrying day to day or having in our bed side safe for protection?
    Sure the 45 has enough impact to get that job done but if you can’t hit the side of a barn or it jams every third round then there might be an issue.
    For me personally a step up from this pistol for me you be the S&W MP 45 full frame. I have always like S&W and yeah it is a a couple of hundred more, but it is like the difference between a base model and one with all the bells and whistles..

    • No, a Taurus is not something I would feel comfortable relying on for protection. I’ve seen too many of them fail in horrible ways. Comparing Taurus to Toyota is an insult to Toyota.

      I sympathize with people who can’t afford $900+ for a gun, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessary to put up with dangerously poor quality. Used Glocks can be had for $400. You can get a surplus CZ 83 for under $250. I would even trust a new production Charter revolver, and those come in around $300.

      • I was doing research for reviews on this gun, and most seemed surprised. I am not saying Taurus isn’t having issues, but given recent statements from the company it looks like they are making an effort to change things.

  9. I have a PT145 Pro that I use as a car gun. It has a 3 inch barrel and weighs in at about 22 ounces and holds 10 rounds of .45. It is very accurate at combat distances and is easy to control (I have medium size hands). The only time I have ever had a problem was when it got very dirty (FTE). Overall a great gun for a great price.

  10. I’m looking fwraord to this as I have a 1911 for which I believe the frame and slide was made by Taurus in Brazil for Springfield Inc. It is a stainless Springfield Armory 1911 45 purchased almost twenty years ago before they became Springfield Armory Inc. and I believe it was one of the first from Springfield after they acquired the tooling and stock from the original government owned Springfield Armory, not made from GI parts, at least not all GI parts. (I also have an M1A from 100% GI parts including the walnut stock with selector cut out from that period.) The frame has small engraving stating Brazil F1 aside from the Springfield Armory lettering and crossed cannons logo.I have fired approximately 20,000 rounds (I quit counting and recording around 15,000) of different types of ammo to include commercial from 125 gr. Glazers to 230 gr. hardball and hand loads from 185 gr. to 230 gr. loads in profiles from LSWC to flat nose, truncated and round nose. I’ve not had any problems with factory ammo once past the first 300 to 500 rounds nor with any hand loads if I did my job. Once I understood the necessity of making OAL of hand loads regardless of profile to the same contact point as the 230 gr. hardball it was designed for all is smooth. The only modifications have been sights, trigger, recoil spring rod and grips. Oh, matching recoil spring rating to power are important in some cases. No repairs have been necessary and the barrel is just now turning black although it still shoots better groups than my eyes are capable of. An old Marine, I usually detail strip and clean after every trip to the range and maintain carefully.As a result of I have followed Taurus since that time. I fired and carried USMC issue Beretta M9 9MM and purchased one from the factory in 86 while on the Kennedy. I have fired the Taurus version made from tooling licensed from Beretta and found no difference in function or reliability.So, for this reason I’m interested in this long term test, I’m always interested in another 1911, particularly one with a factory rail. I grew up on the 1911 in 45 and for me it is easy and comfortable to run and I never had any problem qualifying expert or running combat courses, even with the small GI sights. Of course my eyes were sharper then.

  11. I just picked up my Taurus 24/7 G2 Compact 45 today. Got home to the ranch and shot 25 quick rounds just to adjust the sights and get a feel for the pistol. I have owned Glocks, Sigs, Colts, S&W and Bersa. This Taurus to me feels/fits much better than a Glock. It shoots almost as good as a Sig and holds more rounds than a Glock 30. Next week I am going to give it a good breakin with 500 rounds. Pretty respectable shooter so far.

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