Everyone in North Korea is helping to look for 653 missing rounds of ammo. (Korean Central News Agency/Korea News Service via AP)
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North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un has put an entire city under lockdown after 653 bullets went missing during a military withdrawal, it has been claimed.

The dictator’s officials have searched house-to-house in the city of Hyesan, which has a population of around 200,000 people, for the ammunition, two sources told Radio Free Asia.

‘The city… will remain on lockdown until all 653 bullets are found,’ a resident of the northern province of Ryanggang, where Hyesan is located, anonymously told RFA’s Korean Service.

The assault rifle ammunition was discovered missing on March 7, when soldiers with the Korean People’s Army 7th Corps were pulling back from the area surrounding the city, which lies on the border with China.

They had been deployed there in 2020 to enforce the border closure at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

‘They withdrew completely between February 25 and March 10, but an extensive investigation is underway because of a loss of bullets during the evacuation process,’ the Ryanggang resident said. …

‘The Ministry of State Security, the Military Security Command of the Korean People’s Army, and the Ministry of Social Security issued a particularly stern warning against “Plunder, Illegal Possession or Disposal of Weapons, Ammunition and Combat Technology Equipment” as stipulated in the criminal law Article 78,’ the official said.

‘According to that law, a person who illegally possesses or transfers firearms, ammunition, or weapons shall be punished by reform through labour for more than three years,’ he said.

The residents are afraid that if there is no resolution then the authorities will randomly punish someone who might be completely innocent, the official said.

— James Calllery in Kim Jong Un puts entire city under lockdown after soldiers lost 653 bullets – and refuses to lift it until every single one is found

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    • There are pros and cons to everything. A communism pro: it cures obesity outside of top government officials.

      • No different than the 90s Whitehouse rapist’s idea for a photo-op to garner support for his Gun Control. Gather up the news media and some jackbooted thugs and raid a color blind, non-denominational chuch/residence in Waco TX. And after the scheme backfires and Gun Control zealots have murdered men, women and children by fire blame it on the occupants for manually knocking over fuel lamps while the roof and walls of the building buckled from the impact of US Miltary Tanks worse than a San Francisco earthquake, it is highly doubtful a piece of furniture was left standing.

        History and recent history shows us clearly the thirst Gun Control has for blood…your blood.

  1. Don’t give our blue states any more stupid ideas. They come up with enough on their own.

    • Right? They already have a raging hard-on for influenza lockdowns, climate lockdowns, teachers just don’t feel like working lockdowns.

      Now they’ll be all in on “gun violence” lockdowns.

  2. This is, unsurprisingly, similar to the same concepts Joe Biden and all anti-gun want to impose on law abiding American citizens – currently in its infancy here in the U.S. with unwarranted and without cause search and seizure in the form of red-flag laws and with ATF just showing up without warrant or cause trying to coerce entry by threats and intimidation.

    Biden tried to make it a ‘constitutional’ thing with his having his DOJ intervene in the SCOTUS case Caniglia v. Strom (593 U.S. 20-157 – 2021). SCOTUS saw through the pretense of both the police and the DOJ and ruled in favor of Caniglia – basically, denying the government use of the fourth amendment ‘care taking’ exception simply because they ‘think’ or can ‘claim’ a ‘danger or condition they declare’ exists (e.g. Biden wanted to declare gun ownership a ‘public health emergency’). If Caniglia had lost that case, Biden could have declared gun ownership a ‘public health emergency’ and used federal law enforcement and the military to enter homes, by force, without warrant or cause and confiscate guns.

    • There are a lot of people in this country (some are elected officials) who would applaud such a law. Indeed, some States are farther along on this path than others, as evidenced by the shear volume of lawsuits being brought against various State, Local, and Federal attempts to “legally” disarm the public. The question is whether those lawsuits will be successful, or will other means be required to retain what’s left of our freedoms.

      • The strange thing is, these people who want it for guns are ignorant to the fact that once such unconstitutional concepts are implemented for guns it doesn’t apply to guns at all really because the government can then, using that precedent, apply the same unwarranted search and seizure to anything it wishes simply by saying ‘danger’ or ‘security and safety’ or any other of a number of contrived reasons. For example, they don’t like journalists writing about bad things the government does – by golly its posing a threat to ‘security and safety’ of the public because it incites protests against the bad things the government does there fore lets enter a journalist home without legally justified warrant or cause and co0nfiscate his/her computer and arrest them.

        Government was never intended to have this type of power, even with red-flag laws that allow such unwarranted search and seizure because the ‘government entity’ says…

        • “…apply the same…”

          The tyrants are positively breathless when considering the prospects.

    • They’ll be making the “climate crisis” a public health emergency the first chance they get.

      • …the American Medical Association (AMA) today adopted policy during the Annual Meeting of its House of Delegates declaring climate change a public health crisis…support rapid implementation and incentivization of clean energy solutions and significant investments in climate resilience through a climate justice lens.

        “Through a climate justice lens.” That’s how you can tell these are serious people.

        • “climate justice”

          Its not protests any more, its ‘social justice’

          Its not over priced medications any more its ‘prescription justice’

          Its not being transsexual or what-ever-gender-sex-one-wants-to-be, its ‘gender justice’

          When ever there isn’t an actual constitutional right to something and they want it to appear as something larger than what it is they attach the word ‘justice’ to a broad term implying encompassing everyone has a ‘right’ and thus ‘we are all in this together so there is justice for all’ so the smaller special interest creating/causing the ‘justice’ thing can benefit and profit from it. Like BLM did with their ‘movement’ – they declared it ‘social justice’ and based upon their promise of this ‘justice’ raked in millions $$$ in donations that the national leader ship then used to buy themselves nice big homes and nice cars and live a wealthy life.

          Its an emotional appeal basis social engineering trick that targets ignorant idiots and morons which unfortunately are plentiful in society.

  3. “The residents are afraid that if there is no resolution then the authorities will randomly punish someone who might be completely innocent, the official said.”

    Same methodology being utilized by the BATFE in regards to “Bump Stocks” and “80% Receivers”?

    • Reminds me I need to start stocking small magnum pistol primers and regular small pistol primers soon.

      • The prices are still to high for me to consider a mass purchase.

        The new primer plant is now on-line, but I fear it will be at least a year before prices get back to near pre-virus levels… 🙁

        • All relative to what you are used to I guess. Already I am seeing half price relative to a year or two ago but that just means it’s not a total waste of time in picking up small primers now.

  4. Every Army or Marine veteran knows what it’s like to be put on lockdown for missing sensitive items. I’d tell the Norks to go to the parking lot and look in the beds of the pick-up trucks. That’s the place to quickly dispose of a hot item. But Norks don’t own pick-up trucks, do they?

    • That’s my thought. Likely a member of the glorious NK Gestapo already commandeered the missing boo-lits. Another abject lesson from the fat lunatic: NEVER give up your gats & ammo🙄

  5. TBF, They don’t have many problems in N. Korea with this kind of stuff…

    Almost like fear and oppression is used to control people?

    Freedom is violent… oppression is violent… I know which one I chose. I’m just glad I live in a city where I was able to walk past the bullshit in 2020 without going viral for not wearing a face diaper. A simple “No thanks” and I was on my way. If they chose violent oppression in an attempt to rule me, then I would act accordingly – as a “free” citizen should. I can’t change the world, but I refuse to be locked down for a marketing campaigns “deadly virus” (Chinese manufactured flu variant).

  6. What a horrible place to live. I probably have 653 bullets jangling around loose various places in my gun room. Probably not the safest thing i know

  7. Is this satire? I don’t think it is.

    You’re the fascist, here, Dan. “The NKVA has great ideas about how to deal with domestic issues” is a pretty fucked-up take.

    • Jsled, reading comprehension means more than reading the words and understanding the definitions of those words. it also involves understanding the context of how those words were written.

  8. I consider myself lucky that I was never in a unit where a sensitive item was lost. I have been in a unit that was locked down. When a sensitive item was lost. Fortunately it was found 12 hours after our lockdown began. It was not stolen. It was simply not returned to its proper storage facility. I remember when a Special Forces Unit at Fort Bragg was locked down. Because a handgun came up missing. That unit was locked down for I believe 3 months.

    The gun was never found.

    And I’m sure that was the end of that unit’s chain of command. Everyone responsible for securing that weapon is probably no longer in the United States Army. Minus a substantial fine, $$$, for not ensuring the security of their weapons.

    • the reserves and National Guard are where things really go missing…remember them dumping 100 M-16’s and a ’60 on us one night because the arms room had closed and they didn’t know what to do with them…we spent a very uneasy night, fearing a set-up…..

  9. If i was King Dong Jun I’d probably worry more about losing firearms than boolits. Whatre they gonna due use a slingshot in an uprising.

    Guess you gotta play it close to the vest though if thats the way you roll

  10. China wants to help get Biden out of office it seems, in this context pro-2A people and China are aligned in desire.

    As you know, the Biden family members, and Joe Biden, got paid millions of $$$ by China-interest people who are either members of, or work for, the Chinese intelligence arm of the communist PRC – for the Biden family and Joe Biden to use their influence for the goals of, what basically is, the communist PRC government. Yep, Joe Biden sold out the American people to the communist PRC government.

    China is now indirectly cooperating in the investigation by Congress members into this, indirectly cooperating because unlike American banks… about two hours ago now it was announced – Chinese-American bank ‘willingly’ provided Biden family bank records.

    • and not to forget Biden lied about it recently too, but its all right there in the bank records and the emails and the statements from some of the very people who paid it all traceable back to to Chinese government involvement.

      ‘THAT’S NOT TRUE’: Biden denies China-linked payments to family members > https://www.youtube.com/shorts/sp4z7hL-iQo

  11. Why is it that I read this and thought, “I bet Mini-Mike Bloomberg and Shannon Watts got SERIOUS wood over this story!”?

    I must be a pervert (thinking that Mini-Mike gets wood; Shannon is a foregone conclusion).

  12. They just lost the bullets? So they have 653 primed cases and a pile of gunpowder?

    If journalists want to be taken seriously when they write firearms related content, they should maybe learn a tiny little bit about the subject.

  13. They’ll end up killing half the town (using more bullets than they lost of course, but it’s the principle), and then for the survivors, “the beatings will continue until morale improves.” Add another page to the ledger for the worldwide cost of socialism.

  14. Just where Biden is headed when he gets enough Chinese illegals from the border to create his “peoples army” to terrorize us. It’s coming. No one knows wher the $6B of M4 rifles and ammo Obama purchased has gone to….

  15. I don’t care what nationality, color or creed, shoot any sumbitch comes up the hill uninvited.


    • Uncle UN fix you right up. Yessiree Bub, the UN using American blood and money will fight any war.

  17. Uncle UN fix you right up. Yessiree Bub, the UN using American blood and money will fight any war.

    • Now that’s downright scary. I had the same thought, excepting to save the town. Send him a spam can of 7.62×39 to settle the debt.

      But then I thought, are they even advanced enough to use that cartridge?

  18. dam, they noticed them missing too soon.
    oh well, I still got away with them.

    yes, I admit I took the ammo.

  19. 653 rounds?

    I don’t know how many times I found more than that in our apartment and I didn’t even know they were missing.

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