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Dontcha just love multitaskers? It turns out that Winchester’s PDX1 Defender ammo doesn’t just terrorize watermelon crops. It’s also awfully good at helping manage the jackrabbit population on Rancho de los Kees. But only if you’re vewy, vewy quiet . . . .

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  1. .223 for rabbits? Back in my day we just used .22 shorts!

    Wait… Aren’t I younger than foghorn?

    Great now I feel old.

  2. I’ve heard 5.7 x 28 mm is effective for hunting jackrabbits (but not much else). Using a suppressed PS90 to clear out “Ranch de los Kees” sounds pretty great.

  3. Are jack rabbits palatable? I was thinking about getting a permit to hunt small game & wanted to find out what would be tasty from small game in Utah.

    • They’re palatable. Coyotes love ’em.

      The famous dish called hasenpfeffer is typically made from hare (jackrabbit).

      • Everything is palatable if you cook it properly. Don’t be afraid to hit things with a hammer for a few hours before you cook it either.

      • Thems good eatin.

        Course’n I been known to eat squirrel, possum … if it ain’t moving I’ll pretty much et it.

        • POSSUM? I once worked with a country-as-all-getout black man, never went to school, couldn’t read or write.
          But one time the conversation turned to possum. He told me he used to eat ’em all the time.

          Until one day, walking through the woods, he saw one eating its way out of the hiney-ho of a rotting horse carcass.

          Kind of a carrionic thruway.

        • @Mina, I ate squirrel once. It was dry and disgusting, with an aftertaste of acorns. OTOH, hare and rabbit are very tasty.

      • I think we need to discern the difference between “edible” and “palatable”. It’s a fine point of distinction, with “edible” winning by a nose over “palatable”.

        • I don’t know about that William, I’ve eaten stuff that was edible but not palatable. I’ve always seen palatable as “Put it in your mouth and be able to keep it in your mouth long enough to swallow, and it stays in your stomach long enough for your body to derive some nutrients from it” and edible as “Won’t kill you. Probably.”

          MRE’s are in the edible pile, and jack-rabbit is in the palatable pile.

    • Yes, you put it in pot with water & a stone & then bring it to a boil, when you can stick a fork in the stone walla! it’s done, garnish & serve, Randy

  4. Also worth mentioning that these rabbits are sitting in the freezer of my gastroadventurous friend. I can’t wait to see how they turn out.

  5. .22 CCI Stingers will do the same thing. Head shots look like someone took an ice cream scoop to the silly wabbit.

  6. Tell Nick to lose the timiny trigger ad in his otherwise nice looking gun, we get the fact he is on shooting team now, but the rabbits and coyotes have no interest in douchey ads on his gun, and neither do I 🙂

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