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Press release [via]:

Toronto , ON Canada –– Independent Film studio, Minnow Films and award winning documentary director Morgan Mathews are scheduled to release a reality film about Bigfoot Tracker Rick Dyer, the man who claims to have shot and killed bigfoot in fall of 2012. The movie release date is set for Tuesday, April 30 2013, 8:29 PM at the Canadian International Documentary Festival in Toronto , ON Canada. In addition to the movie they claim to be unveiling to the public the body of a male Sasquatch, that was killed near San Antonio, TX . . .

Rick Dyer, backed by investors (some say a Las Vegas Casino),  has the body is in a secure location near Las Vegas, Nevada and will be revealed to the public along with the film, which is said to have perfectly clear high definition footage of the live bigfoot, the actual shooting and all the events leading up to the killing, and the back story of securing the body after the shooting.

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    • Are you sure we didn’t miss the release on April 1?

      (Oops, meant to comment on the main thread, not reply. Oh well)

  1. Within the bigfoot research community the debate rages over whether to kill one to prove their existence. The most current thinking/research/DNA studies seem to indicate that the “animal” is actually one of “us”. If in the same genus as modern humans, this guy had better lawyer up real fast. The various governmental agencies have for years been prepping to prosecute the first guy to step forward.

    For those interested, one of the most reputable websites is run by Loren Coleman. He is an author and researcher. Fun site to follow for the latest and greatest…

    • Of all the things various governmental agencies have been spending time on for the last few years, I suspect prosecuting someone for killing Bigfoot is rather low on the list….

      • Try jacking a deer at night or shooting an elk or bear out of season. See if the government guys let you walk.

        • The difference is that deer, elk, and bears actually exist. ManBearPig would be a different story, of course.

        • There are regulations regarding deer, bears, and elk because they actually exist. This goes a long way towards explaining why there are are no seasons for hunting Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and pixies.

          Good grief…

        • Actually there are some county level laws in Washington and New York making it illegal to kill a bigfoot there.

      • NO! it’s NOT that they care about prosecuting someone for killing one; they don’t.

        But proving the existence of something so long denied opens the door, and puts all their carefully- (sometimes carelessly) constructed “reality”.

        Put simply, every lie unmasked opens the portal to all the other lies. And our “reality” IS mostly constructed of lies propped up by a few obvious truths. It corners you into believing it’s all lies, or all truth.

        • It makes perfect sense. Bigfoot shot JFK (grassy knolls are a natural habitat for sasquatches).

          The Loch Ness monster is never seen because she invented a 100 mpg carburetor in the 1960’s, and oil companies have been suppressing her ever since.

          The Jersey Devil planned 9/11.

          The Mothman and Spring-Heeled Jack are responsible for contrails and HAARP.

          It all makes sense now!

    • The feds wouldn’t go after them for homicide, they would use the Endangered Species Act. “Your Honor, the defendent himself claims that this is a specimen of an unbelieveably rare species.”

      PETA goes apeshit. [pun intended]

    • If one is hairy and naked, the obvious place to run is in the woods. I realize one might get away with doing it on 42nd Street, but that’s just too much fun.

  2. “I spent it with my uncle in Alaska hunting wolverines!”

    “Did you shoot any?”

    “Yes like 50 of them.”

    • Forget Robin Williams how can we be sure this isn’t Nick and that the Nick on this site isn’t some elaborate computer program coupled with RF in diguise for photos!

      The shooting did happen around San Antonio and then suddenly RF wants to move to Texas. It is a cover-up I tell you!

    • Don’t they have to be on the official list to be an endangered species. I wouldn’t put it past some bean countwer to add big foot and rainbow farting unicorns to the list.

      Let’s suspend disbelief for a moment and imagine this guy actually killed a bigfoot. Could you imagine the backlash against him personally, hunters and gun owners. Rap your head around the reaction to bigfoot getting whacked and his body put on display, it would be worse PR than Sandy Hook.

  3. Native tribes often believe that the sasquatch has magical powers. One of those powers is looking exactly like a dude in a suit.

  4. I live near Ape Caves which is near Ape Canyon. The only endangered species here abouts are Free Men and Women

  5. I hope this doesn’t over-shadow my documentary revealing a unicorn hunt I had with Santa Claus. I stand to make some some money from that!

  6. I find it funny the skepticism everyone has. Don’t get me wrong until I am presented with evidence that big foot is real for all intents and purpose it is not, but it wasn’t to long ago that another supposedly mystical creature was discovered. Does anyone remember the giant squids? How long ago was it that they were considered fiction? Or how about that freaky dog thing that was supposedly the chupacabra?

      • Oh I know it was, but the point is a bunch of people said they saw a black dog like creature that killed their livestock and then those people were called crazy…. How did that turn out?

    • I’ll freely admit to dimissing Bigfoot out of hand, just as I do the validity/existence of ESP, faith healing, crystal power, demonic possesion, astrology, Nessie, reincarnation, UFOs, and a host of other superstitions and pseudosciences.

      • Well I don’t have much to say about most of what you listed but I will say that if a human truly believes that we are the only intelligent beings alive and that there is no possibility that other life is out there then they are incredibly egotistical, ignorant, and narrow minded.

        • I do believe that it’s very likely there is tons of other life (even intelligent life) in the universe. I have a much harder time believing they’d be midget humanoids who’ve mastered faster-than-light travel to come to Earth just to poke some backwoods hillbillies in the ass.

          Likewise with this San Antonio Bigfoot, it seems very unlikely that an 8-foot-tall hominid species could survive in the scrubby woods of central Texas undetected for this long.

        • Yea I’m skeptical of most UFO stories myself. Think about humans though, we have so much technology yet there is still a lot of weird and downright mentally disturbed people. Who says aliens would be any different.

          Can’t you see it? A bunch of frat aliens out playing pranks on the local inhabitants.

        • (from The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy)

          FORD PREFECT:
          Unfortunately I got stuck on the Earth for rather longer than I intended. I came for a week and was stranded for fifteen years.

          ARTHUR DENT:
          But how did you get there in the first place?!

          FORD PREFECT:
          Oh easy! I got a lift with a Teaser. You don’t know what a Teaser is, I – I’ll tell you. Teasers are usually rich kids with nothing to do. They cruise around looking for planets which haven’t made interstellar contact yet and buzz them.

          ARTHUR DENT:
          Ah. “Buzz them”?

          FORD PREFECT:
          Yeah. They find some isolated spot with very few people around, then land right by some poor unsuspecting soul, who no one’s ever going to believe, and then strut up and down in front of ‘em wearing silly antennae on their head and making “beep, beep” noises.
          (thinks for a moment)
          Rather childish really.

        • First contact with an alien species is probably going to be when a meter maid from the galactic parking enforcement division shows up and starts righting tickets on us for all the satellites, space stations and shuttles that are unlicensed and parked illegally in orbit.

          The fines are going to amount to so many quatloos that we’ll be in debt for the next 3 generations paying them off. Wonder if they’ll let us do community service?

  7. Who ARE all you people? Where did you come from, all of a sudden? That’s the strangest aspect of this.

    I WILL NOT let these people ruin my day. I WILL NOT LET these people ruin my day.

    J.R. “Bob” Dobbs! Did the Church of the Subgenius send you here?

    A “nighttime” video shot in the daylight; is this a clandestine Home Depot ad?

  8. “…the body of a male Sasquatch, that was killed near San Antonio, TX…”

    Jeez. I knew Nick was getting good with that 300 BLK but come on… Bigfoot?

  9. It’s a ploy folks, it’s not real. Kinda a mix between the Geraldo Al Capone vault fail and The Blair Witch film idea. It’s meant to bring attention to the film wish in reality is not a documentary film. It will probably end like the B film, Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes, which script idea was inspired by this fake story.

    • Like that mermaid “documentary” on animal planet last year. The scary thing is that at least one person I know took it as gospel.

  10. Damnit! Way to ruin a perfectly good practical joke. Get your buddy drunk, super glue them into a gorilla suit, drop them off in the middle of prime camping and hiking forest. It’s good fun for all!

  11. I’ve been following this story for a couple of months now and from the evidence,witnesses and credible people claiming it’s true,I believe it and I’ll bet the world will too come April 30th.

  12. I’m neither here nor there on believing in BF, call me a “giant ape agnostic.” But I must say, there’s only one thing that would keep me from shooting a BF if I saw one: The easy availablility of gorilla costumes.


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