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KSG (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

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Kel-Tec is set to make its Texas Firearm Festival debut on November 14 and 15 at Best of the West Shooting Sports in Liberty Hill. The Florida gunmaker will be offering Shooter and VIP ticket holders the chance to get to grips with their unique KSG shotgun. The KSG continues Kel-Tec’s well-earned reputation as an innovative gunmaker. Its bullpup design and large capacity (6+6+1) redefines the personal defense shotgun. Shooting the KSG is a trip! And now the really good news . . .

Kel-Tec will be bringing 50 KSGs to the 2015 Texas Firearms Festival to sell to the general public. It’s a unique opportunity to purchase a gun whose popularity has made it difficult to find at any price – never mind the discount available to all ticket holders. But that’s not all!

Sub-2000 (courtesy

Kel-Tec is also bringing a generous supply of their Gen2 pistol-caliber SUB-2000s to the Festival. [NOTE: not available for demonstration.] The rifle’s barrel rotates upwards and back; you can instantly fold the SUB-2000 to 16.25″ x 7″ for easy storage. The SUB-2000 is another excellent, hard-to-find firearm you’ll find at the Texas Firearms Festival, priced to go.

Kel-Tec PMR-30

And if that wasn’t enough – and it may not be unless you buy your Kel-Tec firearms early in the day – Kel-Tec will have a large number of PMR-30 pistols for sale. [Also not available for demo.]

The PMR-30’s a light weight, full-size pistol chambered for the flat-shooting .22 Magnum cartridge (.22WMR). Its unique hybrid blowback/locked-breech system accommodates a wide variety of ammunition, seamlessly adjusting between locked breech and blowback operation (depending on the pressure of the cartridge). The PMR-30’s double stack magazine holds 30 rounds, sent downrange via a crisp single action trigger with an over-travel stop.

We’re delighted to welcome Kel-Tec to the 2015 Texas Firearms Festival. We know ticket holders will get a big kick out of firing the KSG (so to speak) and take advantage of the discounted SUB-2000s and PMR-30s. Click here to buy your ticket, before we sell out. Once Shooter and VIP tickets are gone – and we’ve sold a third already – that’s it. So don’t delay. Buy your ticket today!

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  1. Yea , yealsers , yelpers , yippy Kya , and yum yum . As Annie Wilkes said to Paul Sheldon in Misery , I’m your #1 fan . Love all of it , and usually after a little tweaking , it all loves me . I own 2 PMR 30’s in Black , 1 in desert tan , 2 CRM 30’s and a sub 2000 . Fun , fun , fun .

  2. KEL-TEC

    By the way, I want one of the new Sub-2000’s. They look great

  3. Kel-Tec is a company that likes to design firearms. They don’t like being an actual manufacturer, though. They’re tinkerers who like to play in their little treetop clubhouse, but who resent actually having to sell a product to the public to keep the lights on.

    They’d be perfectly happy if the government just wrote them a billion dollar check each year for them to play with, to be some kind of firearms think tank, and never have to jack around with marketing, production, supply chain, etc. Until then, they make what they want to play with, hype them to gin up phony mystique, then sell a few here and there to lend the whole charade a mantle of legitimacy.

    If they were truly breakthrough innovators or obsessive quality perfectionists, but who delivered, I’d put up with their shenanigans. I’d call them quirky nd proudly own something of theirs. As it is, they’re none of that. They just enjoy jerking people around.

    • I’m guessing you know all this due to your longstanding personal relationships with those who run the company? Oh wait, you don’t? You’ve never even MET anyone associated with them? Or even spoken to them? Well then to me this just sounds like a whiny little b***h talking out his ass over some sour grapes. Even model of Kel-Tec that has been offered for sale is available, right now, this very second, on Gunbroker, and THOUSANDS of gun shops all over this country. Get off your ass and buy one if you want one. If you’re convinced you know how to run their company better, then buy them out and do it. By your assertion, you should be able to make millions. Or start your own gun company and outcompete them. Again, should be pretty trivial to do,m based on your statements. If not, shit the f**k up. No one wants to read your little hissy-fit. If we wanted to hear people act like 8 year olds we’d be spending time with out wives/girlfriends, not wasting it here on the internet talking about guns.

  4. The KSG is available online ALL THE TIME. Never shot one but belong to KSG facebook page. For a demo see: John Wick. All except the cmr 30 are around. I had a sub2000 g1 and loved it(sadly I sold it a month before Sandy Hook)…

    • I have bought 2 CMR 30s since March this year , paid $1,400.00 for each one , came with 2 mags. and flip up sights and both run any and all ammo I feed em without a burp or hiccup , I’m either extremely lucky , which I am not , or all the whining you here out there is whack . I just don’t think people want to pay the price and then belly ache about imaginary stuff because they can’t get one for less than market price . I know it’s high for a 22 WMR , but 22 WMR semi in a AR carbine format with a 30 round mag that fits inside the grip , not outrageous . I put red dots on mine and they get 2-5 inch groups at 75 yards easy and on a rest I could get clean groups like this at 100 yards . I also fit them with flash suppressors and flashlight handles and I have been blowing through my stash of 22 WMR ammo like crazy fun . These things fit comfortably in a briefcase with 4 inches of bbl. sticking out and weigh nothing .

      • You paid WAY too much bro. $1400 – for a .22 mag carbine? That is getting into Tavor land pricing (or you could buy ten Marlin 795 carbines instead or 10 Mosin’s). Alternately, one could spend 600 for a basic AR, plus 200 for a 10/22, plus 400 for a used Glock, plus 200 for a pump shotgun. Not only would you have four guns for the price of one of yours, but each would probably be higher quality and more reliable.

        The CMR30 is about a $400 gun max, and I like Kel-Tec.

        • Dear Art , I appreciate your concern for my overindulgence , it is a pleasure knowing how much someone you don’t even know would have grand concern for a strangers pocketbook . I am fortunate enough I guess to be in a position to overindulge myself however , so don’t worry , I’ll survive the inflated cost and have fun doing it . To me , value is in the joy you receive from your purchase ( sometimes ). Had these guns malfunctioned , shot poorly or inaccurate I would obviously have reported my negative opinion here at this opportunity , but it simply isn’t the case . They functioned flawlessly and are super fun guns to shoot . I have over 60 different rifles in all calibers , ranging in cost from $150.00 to $15,000.00 and outside of an occasional trade , I love and have enjoyed them all . These 22 WMR AR carbines just appeal to me , RIGHT NOW , not when I can get them for $ 400.00 . If I want a nice steak , and I can afford to buy it at the price it’s being offered at , I’m not going to wait for the price to drop , I’m going to buy it , eat it and burp . If it isn’t cooked like I requested I may bitch and not do business with the seller again but at least I tried , Right?

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