Keith Olbermann Calls for Civil War as the Only Way to Stop Mass Shootings

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Keith Olberman was a sometime sports presenter, a sometime political talking head, and is now nothing but a chronically unemployed former media hack who could never manage to hold a job for long due to his, uh, prickly personality and spectacularly cantankerous assholishness.

Since there’s no one left who’s willing to take the risk of employing him again, he now puts out a version of his old MSNBC show via podcast, no doubt reaching dozens of his formerly devoted fans.

Like so many on the anti-gun left, Olbermann was quick to jump on the DO SOMETHING hot take train yesterday, reacting to the Michigan State shooting. But rather than clownishly calling for an assault weapons ban (the MSU shooter used handguns) while sidestepping the inconvenient role that “progressive” criminal justice policies played in making the shooting possible, Olbermann — as has always been his wont — went farther. A lot farther.

Staring gravely into his iPhone, he pronounced that . . .

We are owned by guns. And therefore, there is only one way to stop the mass shootings. It is to suffocate the businesses that make billions of dollars in profits off guns. To destroy the gun lobby, the death lobby, and the Republican party that defends those lobbies and those businesses.

And the only way to do that is an economic civil war. The blue states have all the money. They must starve the red states into submission, or another 600,000 Americans will be murdered in the next ten to twelve years.

If he’s aware that an economic civil war aimed at crushing those with social and political views he finds repugnant would have a not-insignificant chance of turning kinetic, he doesn’t seem to care. Fortunately, there’s little reason to take anything seriously that a washed-up crank like Olbermann, who has only a tenuous remaining grasp on reality, manages to shout out into the vastness of the internet.

It’s all too easy for a cosseted, cardigan-clad bloviator, one with more self-regard than actual cranial capacity, to call for another civil war in order to finally put and end to the evil Gun Lobby™ and politicians that at least still pay lip service to the right to keep and bear arms.

Never mind that the assumptions that apparently underly Olbermann’s anxiousness for an economic civil war are ludicrous. Of the 600,000 lives he claims would be saved by nuking the gun lobby, statistics show over 350,000 of those are suicides. If he thinks waging war to decimate Big Gun will prevent those, he’s even more delusional than he looks.

Olbermann also claims that “blue states have all the money.” That will come as something of a surprise to states like Texas, Florida, Ohio, Georgia, Tennessee and others. Then there’s the fact that the Civil War of 1861 to 1865 began with economic sanctions on southern states. Over 600,000 died by the end.

What America would look like if, somehow, only the government was armed isn’t a concept his big brain can accomodate. Let alone the fact that it was something the Founders feared more than almost anything else. That’s why they guaranteed the right of the people to arm themselves, ensuring a necessary balance of power, keeping would-be tyrants at bay and the populace free.

The likelihood of Olbermann’s hoped-for economic civil war escalating into a shooting war is significant and not one even remotely worth taking. Too many on both the left and the right have begun to talk in recent years about another civil war as if it’s an inevitability. They seem to assume that it would be concluded quickly and in favor of their side. They see what they believe is an intractably, mostly evenly divided country and can only conceive of one ultimate resolution for he problems that keep them up at night.

In reality, a new civil war isn’t something that should ever be taken lightly or wished for by anyone. If it somehow happened, it would be a disaster beyond the imagination of the vast majority of Americans.

As historian and Civil War expert Allen Guelzo makes clear . . .

“There is no civil calamity greater than the two words [civil war] we have in view today; not plague, not a depression, not even war itself,” Guelzo said. “And it is my earnest hope that no one listening to us will take those two words into their mouths with anything except a sense of horror and revulsion.” …

The American Civil War was short-lived, but its consequences for the country were terrible and continued to affect the generations that followed, he said.

“Americans have endured one civil war, and though by the standards of civil conflicts of world history, ours was comparatively brief, only four years, compared to the 20 years of the Taiping Rebellion in China in the 1850s and ’60s and the English Civil War of 1642 to ’53, yet its costs were heart-stopping,” Guelzo said.

Those costs were 750,000 Americans dead, wounded, maimed, or missing, and “a federal veterans pension list so big that for a half-century afterward it was the single largest item in the federal budget.”

That’s why Guelzo warned of those looking toward a future of an America embroiled in civil war, adding that we “must never let those two words pass our lips lightly, or even worse, seriously.”

Again, after serial bouts of career seppuku, Olbermann has lost his prominent platform(s), virtually all of his audience, and any shred of credibility he may once have had. He’s mostly just a punchline now with a podcast and a Twitter account.

Still, it’s more than a little disconcerting to hear anyone — even a washed-up, inconsequential has-been — announce that the last best solution for the social, political, and policy pathologies that have resulted in increased violent crime in America is to wage war against those on the other side of the spectrum. Idiots like Olbermann have no idea what it is they’re wishing for.

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  1. I know it’s unrelated to the article, but is there any reason we can’t search gun reviews by type or caliber anymore? I found that to be very useful.

      • Thanks for explaining. Hopefully you can get it done soon! It really helped when I was searching for specific things.

        • Because olbernann is wrapped up tight in Gun Control and History Confirms Gun Control is rooted in racism and genocide it is no wonder why he’s reasoning just like a nazi by wanting to starve Red States like nazis starved Jews and misfits in Concentration and slave labor camps. If you reside in the same city as the nutcase olbermann I suggest taking out a restraining order and keeping a loaded firearm close by 24/7.

        • the men were talking about the sites search engine, missy.
          but way to buttinski and post ad nauseum that which no one reads.

      • Why is it that even though I check for it to save my name and email for the next time I comment, it doesn’t? It may do it within the same article, but never does in a different article.

        • jr…Reply to the topic little man otherwise you look as dumb as you do when your bigoted behind goes after firearms Made In Turkey. And you attempted to dodge being told you were using a Made in China to bash Made in Turkey with some concocted excuse story about using a Made In Japan device…Apparently your history illiterate punkazz knows nothing about Dec. 7, 1941. You f with me jr. and I’ll make coleslaw out of you in front of the men folk you seem to have an odd attachment to.

        • previously it was purely vertical.
          now they splatter the column with the same article in different categories and leave single digit comment ones up for weeks while heavily read items disappear.

      • “Sights” typically come in pairs, front and rear. “Sites” have designs, revisions, and, when both those fail, redesigns.

  2. KO is an idiot. I’m not certain why people continue to reprint his opinions on anything. All it does is give him a considerably wider audience.

    • Many (most?) Progressive True Believers are thinking (and many are publicly saying) the same thoughts that Mr. Olbermann expressed.

      As the ancient author Sun Tzu stated in his book The Art of War, it is imperative to know our enemies if we want to win. And make no mistake, we ARE at war with Progressive True Believers. That is why we review the thoughts and desires of our enemies.

      • I agree with Keith Olbermann!!!

        We need an economic civil war! And step 1 should be red states cutting off oil and gas to blue states immediately. Get out your solar panels and charge your batteries climate hoes, because that is all you’ll have to deliver groceries to your routinely looted stores.

        • What Leftist Scum ™ fail to realize is that while the major corporations may be headquartered in places like New York city, the manufacturing plants are most often in flyover country.

          If flyover simply started to stop sending semi tucks filled with groceries to those city grocery stores, it would ‘get their attention’ real quick…

        • anonymous,

          JUST oil & gas??? Why deprive ourselves of our most potent economic weapon – food. Virtually all food is grown in red states, and that small portion that is grown in blue states is ALWAYS grown in the rural, RED parts of those blue states.

          As the old saying goes, Queef Olberdouche, FAFO. I DARE you to start an economic Civil War, you ignorant chunderbucket.

    • RGP,

      There is another reason why it is imperative for us to understand the likes of Olbermann: for whatever reason Progressive True Believers seem to be the Chief Executives and Board members of most (all?) important corporations who are actively considering (preparing?) to implement the ability to simply cut-off anyone and everyone who has the “wrong” politics.

      You do realize how stupidly simple, fast, and easy it is for any company, with a few keystrokes on a computer keyboard, to cease providing goods and services to you, correct? We are dangerously close to the edge of the abyss where multiple companies–like banks, investment brokerages, electricity providers, natural gas providers, propane providers, phone providers, Internet providers, grocery stores, pharmacies, hardware stores, and trash pickup–will refuse to serve you upon polite request from a tiny Progressive entity. Good luck going about your pleasant life after your name appears on the Progressive blacklist.

      • To Olbermann and his kind, it is not a big change from economic warfare and weaponized lawfare to rounding up those unpersons into cattle cars and herding them into the showers for delousing.

      • You’re delusional belief that Progressives head major corporations would be laughable but for the fact that you obviously believe it, and that you “learned” this from Faux “News.”

        But be that as it may, why SHOULD Blue states continue to subsidize Red states? Blue states pay into the federal gov’t. more than they get out of it–and THAT is a stone-cold FACT. My question is: why should that “Red-state welfare” continue?

        • “But be that as it may, why SHOULD Blue states continue to subsidize Red states?”

          OK son, let’s play. Consider this hypothetical scenario (that can very easily become reality) –

          Let’s say, flyover decides the blue states need a little lesson and their truck drivers stop shipping food to those big cities from the food factories that are mostly in flyover land. The vast majority of coal and gas comes from flyover, so they shut the trains carrying coal and the valves feeding natural gas to your little blue-state dystopian hell-holes. It’s gonna get very dark and cold there in winter!

          When the lights go out in the big cites, *millions* pour out looking to get fed. You won’t get a warm welcome. Don’t worry, you’ll be warned that unless you have a good reason to be there, you won’t be welcome there. Ignore that warning at your peril, worthless scum. We’ll strip your BMW for the parts. Recycling is important, after all! 🙂

          Oh, you think the military will keep your electricity on? Good luck keeping armed troops guarding over 80,000 miles of high-voltage power lines in the middle of nowhere. You see, rednecks not only own most of the guns, they compete in shooting them accurately at *very* long ranges. Good luck banning those guns. They tend to be single-shot rifles with scopes. You know, “Grandpa’s hunting rifle”. The most innocent gun of them all, with no detachable magazine or scary black pieces.

          The bottom line – without the knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing, sister-fucking hicks you love to laugh at, you freeze and starve. Without you, we don’t get the latest iPhone. Oh, and we will have plenty of gas, oil and grain the rest of the world will be happy to buy from us… 🙂

          Wanna throw down, boy? 🙁

        • You may not like us, Nome DePlume, but we’re the kind of folks that will laugh while you’re starving or freezing to death. And sleep very well after.

          If I was you, I’d lose your little attitude.

        • You are speaking against the accepted narrative of TTAG Nome. Do not waste your time. If you are not a right wing lunatic fringe knuckle dragging troglodyte you will not be heard here.

        • Nome DePlume,

          Okay, if I am wrong, then you should have no trouble naming two major companies for each of the following private company categories where Conservatives control the top Executive seats and the Board of Directors:

          investment brokerages
          technology companies
          electricity companies
          telecommunications companies
          grocery store chains
          hardware store chains
          petroleum distributors

          It should be easy if you are right and I am wrong. Prove me wrong. Or don’t and show yourself to be a lying pompous @sshole.

        • Nome, seems the delusions are yours. Most of your buds who head up large corps. are Leftists, like yourself. Please try not to be so obtuse.

        • “pay into the federal gov’t. more than they get out of it”

          That’s how ALL government subsidies/entitlements (AKA welfare) work – and THAT is a stone-cold FACT.

          Just to be clear, you’re for ending ALL federal government welfare, correct? Why should I pay more into it than I get out of it, right? When I put in overtime, I’m paying for another person’s healthcare instead of providing for my own family.

          You’re conveniently categorizing it into states instead of individuals.

      • U_S
        Surely they can do that but myself and many others would not tolerate it for long.
        Treat me as a criminal and anarchist and that is exactly how I will respond.
        When the levee breaks there will be a flood. Can’t unring the bell.

    • He also doesn’t understand that if the blue states starve the red states financially, the red states will starve the blue states literally. Forget learning to code, learn to garden.

      • @Gov. William J Le Petomane He seems to forgot that the red states have 95% of all the firearms and ammo. Lead, copper and brass are far more valuable than silver, gold or platinum when the $hit hits the fan.

        • Guns are great and all but transportation networks, supply chains, and distribution centers would be even more critical. Such a war would likely more resemble the Holodomor than anything. Short story sucks to be just about anyone.

      • Most of them only know how to garden on computer games. Wait until they find out it doesn’t take a few minutes from planting to harvest if they manage to even get anything to grow.

    • MB,

      “Keith Olbermann doesn’t understand.”

      There, FIFY. Queef Olberdouche makes Senile Joe and Barry Soetoro look smart. He’s so dumb, he’d consider dacian or MinorLiar interesting conversational partners.

  3. KO, we need to ban fentanyl as it is killing so, so many people. OH YES! It is already illegal w/o a script so it can’t be killing, can it? But it does. Where is it coming from and by what route? China & Mexico. Can’t they stop it at the border? Wait, guns cannot also come over the border if they are banned. Right? Where would Mexico get guns to ship into the US?

    • Fentanyl is a relatively easy synthesis. The precursors (building-blocks) are nothing special, and a college-educated chemist is pretty much all that’s required to make it…

  4. So Olbermann is calling for a tyrannical one-party federal state that will in word and deed violate numerous provisions of the Bill of Rights, not the least of which are the First and Second Amendments, and eliminate sate sovereignty. How sweet. He is almost as radical as Antifa.

  5. A curious statement gushing from the anal area of ol’ Keith. Probably he doesn’t mean it literally. My “red state” farm produces many acres of soybean and corn. And game animals are everywhere. The only folks who may “starve” are the blue-dot urban centers embedded in an otherwise fertile, bountiful, productive, and conservative land.

    • Yup north country NY and central should be able to put food on the table especially if people get hungry enough to ignore whatever governor edicts of equitable redistribution come out through various means but sucks to be anything south of Poughkeepsie. Western Mass and southern Vermont are kinda in the same boat.

    • jimmy mcnamalias,

      See my comment above. If Progressives go “all in” on a blacklist where most major companies will stop providing all goods and services to you upon simple request of the Progressive party, you won’t last very long even in your otherwise robust situation.

      How will you be able to farm your land if petroleum distributors refuse to sell you diesel fuel for your tractors? How will you pay for your diesel fuel if your banks refuse to serve you–including refusing to release your funds in (freezing) your accounts? How will you pay your property taxes when all of your money is in your bank which refuses to allow you to access your money? How are you going to purchase repair parts for your tractors when you have no cash, cannot write checks, and your credit cards are deactivated?

      Progressives will absolutely do what I described if they think that they can get away with it. And so far, I see no reason why they will not be able to do so.

      • At the point you are talking about uncommon we will be at war. You take petroleum, you barter for supplies and you kill your enemy and take the spoils.

        • muckraker
          what you said is how it will be.
          see my post above. also by that time money will mean nothing.

      • Yeah, they probably would get away with it-until those affected start showing up with more than just stern words. If they did as you describe, many people would have little to live for, so why not take the progressives with them?
        Think there’s a lot of shootings now? It would be nothing by comparison.

      • I can answer all your questions with one word, Texas. I’m not being flippant. Every problem you cited can be solved entirely with resources currently supplied by the state of Texas. And a whole lot more.

      • “How will you pay for your diesel fuel if your banks refuse to serve you–including refusing to release your funds in (freezing) your accounts?”

        In farming communities today, the barter system is still alive. Oil and gas wells are in flyover, so all tractors will need to do is convert to LNG. Compressing natural gas makes LNG. You don’t need the expense and complexities of a refining complex and cracking towers like you need for oil. Even then, Texas has refineries. The rail system is mostly in flyover, and we can charge very high rates to move Leftist Scum ™ cargo to where they want it to go…

      • Uncommon I absolutely agree we will see such tactics used more and in ever expanding methods especially when paired with AI to evaluate and identify targets. I don’t know if it would go on for very long before the practice would be ended hopefully due to mutually assured destruction and not outright civil war.

  6. ok then
    lets go
    im ready
    ive been ready
    lets stop talking about it
    and get it over with
    just remember: you asked for this
    because 85 percent of america
    -by county-
    voted for donald trump in 2020
    look at the map
    america is red
    with some scattered blue patches here and there
    this “red america”
    is where all the water food natural resources transportation networks and the electrical grid are
    its also where theres a rifle behind every blade of grass
    and theres not even close to enough military and law enforcement in america
    that dont side with us
    that will take up arms against us
    so yeah
    i like our positioning
    and given our history
    i like our odds

  7. that sounds like a bad idea. maybe even treasonous. damn sure not the right answer. could be considered a threat. some one needs to file charges against the fool for trying to start a civil war

  8. “We must have Economic Civil War. Blue States must financially starve the Red States, the Gun Lobby, the GOP, the Death Lobby, and the crooked judiciary into submission.”

    I vote for locking you away from society and starving you into sanity.

    • Right? I had a liberal friend who unironically told me that the farms couldn’t survive without the cities. Not a stupid guy but they have weird blinders.

        • Most US farm grain feeds animals. We can export excess grain for cash from New Orleans, especially since Ukraine grain production is offline…

  9. This is like a bad 50s sci-fi movie when some alien tells the people of earth they are too stupid and war-prone to be trusted, so…. we have to blow up your planet.

    I love it when the, ah, enlightened ones speak.

  10. Already have economic civil war.

    No one in their right mind would open a new business up north.

    A French friend invested in SC- he said he could not stand the North- bad as the Dutch!
    that is terrible.
    Right to work live and let live laws good gun laws and fair taxes. BMW, Honday, KIA, gun companies moving south. I feel sorry for freedom loving hard working people in beautiful New England and New Hampshire but it is what it is! What would Daniel Webster think?

    • “No one in their right mind would open a new business up north.”

      NYC is experiencing an exodus. California, as well…

      • All of NY to some extent is depopulating and while new people keep moving it it’s mostly in the suburbs. Besides retirees that are stuck here for in network retirement medical care coverage and farmers most everyone I know plans to move south for retirement/got my 30 on to the next job.

  11. Olbermann is delusional and probably hitting the bong way too many times these days. Olberdouche ridiculed Sarah Palin and her criticism of the 0bamacare death panels, by calling them “life panels”. So it seems that in the mind of KO death equals life. He’s an evil POS.

  12. Oh Keith you silly Whole Foods eating bastard. Civil War? First, why dontcha draw this new Mason Dixon line in your pointy little head.

    Such a declaration would incite major energy and transportation blockade. Blue cities would be gnawing on their thigh bones in the dark within a month.

    • “So does this mean that the exodus from “Blue States” will end?”

      Hell, no. If anything, it’s picking up speed…

    • Some folks came to Texas to be around like-minded conservatives, not to bring nutty California ways to the Lone Star State.

  13. The blue states have all the money; the red states have all the food. How’s that going to work out for Y’all?

    Didn’t his daddy ever tell him not to get into a pissing match with a man who buys his ammunition by the barrel?

    • Imagine a people incapable of comprehending random violence. The concept of crime is fixated on social conditions. Evil is a social construct and mostly relative. And people will do what they are told because that is what the experts say. While my job is often frustrating working around those parameters it is occasionally hilarious. Tragically so when you realize that many absolutely believe this even when they become the victims.

  14. Just like the north won because they had more resources than the south. Conservatives would win even after lots and lots of liberals and conservatives are killed in a civil war.
    A peaceful national divorce will be much better. We simply go our separate ways. They can go enjoy doing drugs in public. Urinating and defecating in public. Mutilating children. All the soft things and many more that they support.
    And we can go live our lives as we wish away from people who support such things.

  15. I have to say that is a great idea but it’s not going to end the way he thinks it is. Red States should immediately stop selling oil and gas to the blue states and let the chips fall where they may. not to mention red States no longer utilizing blue States for financial services, or anything internet related.

  16. So KO, your big idea is to build a giant suicide pact with a coalition of fellow travels that you imagine to be much larger than it actually is. Couple little things you might wanna think about there Keith. What political hue are the people that run your water purification plant? What shade do you think the farmers that grow your food are? ‘Member that little convoy of truckers in Canada? Do you think the bulk of the truckers in the US are to the left or the right of their Canadian counter parts?

    Might wanna think about those things, not to mention who has the guns. I realize that thinking is not your greatest skill but, this idea is stupid even for you.

    • You actually think THAT POS will be amongst the Warfighters? It’s a spineless piece of garbage and is only an instigator much like our resident trolls.

    • The midget one? Punch them in the nuts Tom Cruise?
      In the books Reacher is 6’5″ and 250lbs of pure muscle.
      The movie was amusing. The 2nd movie just sucked.

      • Rob,

        OTOH, the TV series is pretty damn good. MUCH more true to the original novels (and without the entirely unconvincing midget, Tom Cruise).

        • I have seen a few of them and yes they are very good. I figure I will wait for them to air season 2 and binge watch both seasons and novels.

          If you are somewhat twisted I recommend a movie called
          “The Menu”. I watched “Elvis” and to be nice thought it sucked.

        • I only read one of the books prior to the first movie. The series is definitely closer to the character as described. It’s very good as well.

  17. Didn’t Gettysburg have over 50k casualties? I’m not excellent at math but I don’t think if you totaled the actual mass shooting on record, they’d get anywhere close to that. And that’s just one battle. Maybe I’m missing something.

    • Nearly one-third of the total forces engaged at Gettysburg became casualties. George Gordon Meade’s Army of the Potomac lost 28 percent of the men involved; Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia suffered over 37 percent.

      Of these casualties, 7,058 were fatalities (3,155 Union, 3,903 Confederate). Another 33,264 had been wounded (14,529 Union, 18,735 Confederate) and 10,790 were missing (5,365 Union, 5,425 Confederate).

  18. Keith Olberman, this dipsh*t didn’t even know how to drive a car into his 40’s. He had to be chauffeured everywhere because he could not drive. How do idiots like this even have an audience? Because of city dwellers. He probably thinks meat comes from Safeway where no animals were harmed. Yea, he is that stupid. But I would have to agree that we need a civil war. Only it won’t end like he thinks it would. .

  19. When the shooting starts all these ANTI-GUNNERS on TV will be running to their nearest airport and flying to their UTOPIA’S abroad!!!!

  20. Starve red states financially? Does he mean refuse to pay for the food that all the blue states have to import from places that produce food? Yeah that will work out real well! In fact if the militia/guard of the various states blockaded just the interstate system most of the blue states would be in a real hurt for all kind of things they depend on from red states…for instance the west coast and the other slave states don’t have a significant capacity to refine oil and almost no production.

    Olbermann is an idiot, but that isn’t exactly news is it?

  21. Well I think that if there was an economic civil war between Red and Blue states it is likely it would turn into a shooting civil war. Do these people really believe that the average person is going to put up with much more of this leftist nonsense without reacting? Or is that exactly what they are trying to get people to do. If so they are doing a good job of alienating most of the Country save the illegals, criminals, drug addicts, and brain dead Leftists.

  22. Olberman is a nobody. I don’t believe he has many followers, he’s been fired from every media gig he’s had. Even people on the Left think he’s a douche bag.

    I wouldn’t spend much time worrying about anything he has to say.

  23. just separate the Us into red and blue nations. we kick out all of the illegals and pos’s like oberman. we dont need their drain on our finances. we cut the federal govt back to what it’s supposed to be doing (ie, national defense) and NOTHING else. No space program, no foreign aid and the only military expense is some nuke missile subs and our National guard (current strengths of both “wings” is a great plenty for DEFENSE. There ARE no US “national interests” beyond our borders. Cut loose the US territories and either close the bases overseas or let the blues pay for them. Stop the dope wars, too. Big waste of resources, accomplishes nothing. Nobody gets locked up for crimes. First time, 5 lashes of the whip. Second offense, 15 lashes. third time, we shoot you in the head.

  24. @Keith – Sounds like a great idea. Most red states are economically independent already, propping up the blue state dumpster fires. Say when…

  25. The only way to stop mass shootings is to be on a level playing.
    Ask yourself (Who do these mass shootings?) Answer CRIMINALS!
    You never hear of Law-Abiding Citizens because they obey the laws.

  26. Tomorrow will be interesting in my neck of the woods. The “Blu’s” (Square heads in the Round house Santa Fe, New Mexico) will put forth many House Bills for a vote. HB 100 and HB 101 and SB (senate bill) 171 are just a few . HB 100: is for New Mexicans to have a (2) week waiting period to purchase a firearm and a federal Background check so that means (4)weeks + .House Bill 101 would prohibit the sale or possession of assault weapons, which are defined as semiautomatic rifles and handguns with certain characteristics. WOW. .Senate Bill 171 prohibits the sale or transfer of machine guns, short barrel rifles and shotguns, as well as hollow point bullets and extra cap. mags (that’s over (9) boolits for people who may not know). Good bye gun shops/shooting ranges etc. Thank God Dick’s Sporting Goods is safe right?
    But one intrepid reporter asked: “what exactly is a semiautomatic weapon (really?) or what some call assault weapons?….and why are so many people wearing guns today, is that “allowded”? Double wow!
    According to the language in HB 101, assault weapon means any semiautomatic rifle that has the capacity to accept a detachable magazine and has one or more of the following:
    A pistol grip or thumbhole stock
    A protruding grip that can be held by the non-dominate trigger hand
    A folding or telescoping stock
    A shroud attached to the barrel ( and can blow your lungs out and liquify the human body)
    I made that last part up….sorry 🤣 actually FJB said that originally.

    Let’s just chew on that for a minute folks and one may ask (to themselves or aloud) Where does this madness stop. From Pudding king to the lowest legislator these “lawmakers” are out of control. But do the Dim’s actually know what they started???? Local Gun shops today were PACKED! I visited a few myself (6) just to see and I couldn’t find a box of .556 to be purchased if I could get in the doors!. Shelves were as empty as Buffalo, NY during the last Blizzard! People were outside showing each other their latest purchases like it was a NYC Block Party! Flags mounted on the trucks were waving in the brisk 17 degree breeze, and people were so happy they found some metal/polymer to purchase that they were in tee shirts like they were on a beach in Cancun! (Some beverages were being shared (in big and little brown bags), a Burrito truck (gasateria) pulled up @ one Rio Rancho event and was doing booming business, Carlos (of course) had a Beretta 92 on his hip as he was making bank on the gunners who still had some ready cash left to spend. PoTG’s of all flavors and colors were on the curbs wavin said flags as woker’s drove by to gawk @ the festivities! It was like we just won a war! And not one Mass shooting, racial incident or protest was to be had.
    I found myself smiling like “the Grinch” in the old Christmas cartoon where they put the X-ray machine up to his teeny little heart and it broke the viewer because it grew too big! Grins and cheers, flag waving, bumper stickers were being passed out singing that guberments praises! FREE ! It was great! Then I come home and see KO saying this crap….really (again) or a news report @ the latest distraction besides You-kraine, UFoe’s( that deadly train attack in the Ohio valley) All residents return home, don’t mind the dead fish, your lovely house cats and dogs keeling over, headaches, nose bleeds and please feel free to drink the ohio river and well water (can you say Jim Jones?) It’s like people in the Matrix films took the Blue AND the Red pill at the same time. It’s all too surreal folks. I am glad I am living where I am today. I am not IN Albuquerque itself, You have to WANT to get where I am. Plenty of advanced warning by our picket lines if there is a mob/alphabet convoy headed in our direction. There are no Shelters/food banks etc. out here, some median pan handlers commute out this way but they don’t last because people generally just ignore them and they disappear eventually. But today gave me hope! Today I saw happiness, community and a new found spirit in FJB!!!!! He may not be all there and aware but the other side should understand that they can only pull so much garbage on us before they understand they started something they really couldn’t finish. I thought a while back I wanted an uprising, and un-Civil War part 2 but I was mistaken. Do I still want “Them” all to go away, crawl back in their holes and die? You betcha. But now do I think T-72 tanks will roll down Central Ave. anytime soon? Nah! Not anymore. Not when the Blue’s are doing such a tremendous job of trying to destroy us all by themselves why waste the effort? They are slightly busy @ the moment tackling the reptiles anyway. So, in closing (finally Don) I hope you all are safe tonite. I hope you all sleep well. Stay warm and know that somehow we the People will prevail. I don’t know how or why but the scenes today gave me hope and thank you for letting me share that hope. So, say a prayer for the exhausted Gun shoppe workers tonight, they should take tomorrow off because all they have are empty racks and display cases anyway. I wonder how much hardware was sold in just my little slice of heaven???? Numbers don’t Lie. Arm up and carry (if you are lucky enough to find any in the morning)

    😎Peace Brothers

  27. OK. Lets cut off the funds of all those evil red state conservatives. Force them out of business. Close their bank accounts. Cut the corporate interests and deny them fuel etc.
    Farmer Brown can’t buy fuel to put in or harvest his crops. Farmer Smith can’t buy grain to feed his livestock so no milk, beef, pork or chickens get produced. Cut off that nasty Conservative truck driver so he can’t get diesel fuel for his truck. Or can’t get to the terminal to drive. Cut off all those horrible gun owning workers who operate the power station, or the pump station that supplies water to the Blue, Progressive cities. Make those independent minded folks suffer.
    So just who is going to work the oil fields, mills, farms and ranches that supply the needs of the cities? The purple or pink haired freaks demanding they be noticed on social media? The Politically correct kids who demand someone else pay their student loans? A days real labor would kill most of them. Even investment bankers and wealthy elites need to eat and drink. Shut down the red states and people starve. Starving people don’t support politicians or corporate elites who demand they starve more.

    • Farmer Brown can’t buy fuel to put in or harvest his crops.

      I grew up watching my grandfather do about 90% of his field work with two teams one was a matched set of mules and the other was a pair of Morgans… No petroleum products required..

  28. According to Google Keith has a net worth of $40 million. I wonder how much of that he would be willing to sacrifice in his economic War?

  29. What a genuinely miserable human being.
    I seem to recall him lying about his education or credentials in some way too? Typical.

  30. What “billions” in profit? “Big gun”, the civilian sector, is collectively not a huge business in terms of revenue.

  31. Blue states do not grow enough food to support themselves. I don’t care which side starts with more money people have to eat.

    Blue states may have more money but currently California is an economic wreck ready to collapse. I suspect a few other blue states are in similar condition just not as large and vulnerable to stock market fluxuations exposing their state pensions.

    The whole idea is monumentally naive.

  32. The states can be what saves us. No one has to starve anyone, financially or otherwise. The number one goal has to be flipping the purple states to red states. That happens by 1) moving from states like California and Illinois to states like Arizona and Pennsylvania, and 2) ending our anchor baby policy. While people are distracted by nonsense, the Puppet-Harris Administration opened the door to millions of illegal immigrants who will promptly have many babies that will be voting for Democrats. It’s amazing how little attention this gets. They’re always playing the long game while Republicans are spending their energy trying to lower taxes and pump money into the DOD.

  33. You sound like a reasonably intelligent person, but you’re poorly informed and appear to ignore the facts. It’s NOT guns that are the problem – it’s the nuts and mentally impaired individuals. Most violent crimes involving guns are committed by people of color. Should we deny them guns. Should we deny guns to all people of color. NO! Most of them are good, law abiding citizens. Many deaths are caused by drunken drivers. Should we abolish alcoholic beverages? NO! Many deaths are caused by auto accidents. Should be abolish them too? No, of course not. Okay, let’s set the speed limits to 15 mph. We’d save many lives.

    As is true with most serious problems, it’s a small number of those who have no respect for the law that result in all such deaths. It’s a PEOPLE PROBLEM – NOT A GUN PROBLEM IN THE HANDS OF IRRESPONSIBLE PEOPLE.

    If you can’t understand this, YOU ARE A LARGE PART OF THE PROBLEM.


  34. You sound like a reasonably intelligent person, but you’re poorly informed and appear to ignore the facts. It’s NOT guns that are the problem – it’s the nuts and mentally impaired individuals. Most violent crimes involving guns are committed by people of color. Should we deny them guns. Should we deny guns to all people of color. NO! Most of them are good, law abiding citizens. Many deaths are caused by drunken drivers. Should we abolish alcoholic beverages? NO! Many deaths are caused by auto accidents. Should be abolish them too? No, of course not. Okay, let’s set the speed limits to 15 mph. We’d save many lives.

    As is true with most serious problems, it’s a small number of those who have no respect for the law that result in all such deaths. It’s a PEOPLE PROBLEM – NOT A GUN PROBLEM – GUNS IN THE HANDS OF IRRESPONSIBLE PEOPLE.

    If you can’t understand this, YOU ARE A LARGE PART OF THE PROBLEM.


  35. The Left wants a shooting civil war and the genocide of all America First patriots, conservatives & Christians. I say we oblige these communist scum by dropping all commies. Helicopter or high-powered freedom seed dispenser, your choice.

  36. Lord, what is he talking about? How can one advocate for a civil war, claiming that it will stop shootings? Olbermann seems insane to me. Does he even understand what this can lead to and what consequences it can have? Dude, just read if you don’t understand. If some states start pressuring others with production, they will retaliate. Economic warfare will turn into a real one. We already have an example that was the bloodiest in the country’s history, why repeat it? Although I think he understands everything, and he just needs a scandal for attention. Not the best PR move.


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