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“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

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  1. I’m sure that The Crusty Old Crook is getting all moist at the thought of using big guns against the vast right wing conspiracy she hates so much.

    BTW, the “vast right wing conspiracy” is us.

  2. If that bad boy hasn’t been deployed it needs to be sent to the Middle East for a come to Jesus meeting with isis.

  3. HAR HAR HAR the M0.05 Shinseki POS?

    The Stryker is, and always will be, a con and a joke.

  4. It’s the old 105mm rifled tank gun that NATO used until 120mm smoothbores became all the rage, far from the “Worlds Most Powerful.” I’d rather have ye olde 240mm.

  5. Once upon at time in a place called South VietNam a counter mortar radar unit I was assigned to was on a remote runway for resupply. We were assigned to a unit of 155mm self propelled artillery and a small unit of Montagnards for support . We started taking incoming from across the runway. All five of the 155’s dropped their barrels dead straight across the runway and with 50 caliber guns on top started firing flechette rounds across the runway at the same time the 50’s opened up. I watched as trees and just about everything else just disappeared from the other side of the runway. I think, though my memory may be off by this time from 1969, said to one of my buddies, if they get through that what the hell is this M-16 worth. Thanks to the guys on those guns and artillery. This post made me think about that moment.

  6. Heard tell that if it fires with the barrel 90degto the vehicle axis, it falls over. 105mm is nice and all but 155 is where it’s at. Seen video of what’s it’s like from the insurgents points of view with 155s raining down. They really do makes that whistle/shriek sound when incoming.

    • They originally designed the strykers with a 105 and that’s the reason that they switched down to the 25 millimeter. You couldn’t fire it off axis without risking the vehicle rolling. Unless they have made significant advances in managing the recoil, and it does not look like they have from the video, it still has that problem. with the right ammo on board a 25 millimeter can penetrate the side armor of most heavy tanks. a striker has no business going head-to-head with heavy armor. putting a 105 back on it just limits the ability of the vehicle to engage off-axis targets without any significant increase in Firepower. it turns a vehicle that’s a deathtrap anyways into even more of One

  7. Yep, 155s are heavy guns and surely no fun to be on the receiving end. A B-52 strike, on the other hand, is amazing to behold. Christmas eve 1967 we were airlifted to a ridge line to wait for the Christmas truce and an appropriate distance from an impending B-52 or Arc Light strike that night. The strike was on the ridge line across the valley from us and it was a sight to behold. The following day or the next we went into the impact area and the receiving end of Arc Light is one place you never want to be.

  8. I’ve been around artillery firing outward bound rounds mostly in peacetime….once I was able to see the 1st Armored Division’s entire Division Artillery do a Time on Target (TOT) firing exercise..It was awe inspiring, I really think I saw the entire bottom of the valley lift up into the air and drop back down.

    During Desert Storm I saw the entire horizon “flex” from a B-52 strike during daylight. Strike must have been 20 miles away or more. It’s perfectly flat desert with no terrain features or vegetation to absorb the shock. When that shock wave hit us, it distorted the air, and felt like I was at a rock concert in front of the giant bass speakers. The next day my unit came across a wiped out Iraqi logistics base with a giant pit in the ground where an entire column of trucks and armor was stacked up vertically. Made an impression on me.

  9. That thing is nothing but a deathtrap for the crews, and a money sink for the US taxpayer. Lightly armored, not especially mobile, and firing an overly large gun in the direct fire role. In a serious land battle, they’d be out of action pretty quickly.

  10. Reference the extra “kick” that NCO is referring to, the correct term is “PLATFORM ROCK”, per the TM.

    I was a 19K and I thought it was bad enough that, during our 2nd deployment, they had us patrolling in up-armored HMMWVs.

    Tankers in humvees… What a waste!

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