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Paul Ryan (courtesy

“The House will move next week on an anti-terrorism package that will have a provision to stop terrorists from buying guns, a source who participated in a House GOP conference call on Thursday morning tells NBC News.” Hang on. Did they say terrorists? If someone is a terrorist can’t you arrest them on, say, charges of terrorism?

The unspecified Republican-backed bill will take away the gun rights of suspected terrorists. Americans on the government’s secret, unaccountable Terrorist Watch List. That’s a horse of a different color.

Speaking of color, the Republicans are yellow. Rather than stand up against the “No Fly” list — an unconstitutional measure in and of itself — they’re caving to public pressure and extending the List maker’s powers.

And make no mistake: it’s a short hop from preventing government-defined “suspected terrorists” from buying a new gun to preventing them from owning any guns. By confiscating them. Via federal law enforcement officials.

Believe it or not, it could get worse . . .

The specifics of the legislation are unclear, however, the terrorism package will likely include measures to help prevent radicalization and recruitment of potential terrorists and a provision to prevent suspected terrorists from buying guns.

What are the odds that these anti-radicalization and recruitment provisions will infringe on Americans’ First Amendment protected right to free speech? While I’m asking questions, is the Republican party hell bent on tearing itself to pieces?

Constitution-loving Americans have been holding their noses and voting Republican for some time. As their preferred party is selling their liberties down the river — again (Patriot Act) — how many [former] Republicans will simply stay home during the next election cycle? I guess we’re going to find out.

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    • In Florida you just have to fill out a form and mail it to your supervisor of elections. It’s really easy.

      I did it a few months ago to vote for Paul (and I doubt I’ll go back to the libertarian party any time soon when they run gun grabbers like Johnson).

        • When he picked a known, established pro-gun-control politician with a history of enacting and advocating for gun control measures as his Vice Presidential candidate.

    • If Hillary is elected with a democrat Congress, the US WILL have Australian Style Gun Control by next summer. Hillary”s SCOTUS appointees will turn the Court Anti-Gun Leftist, permanently.

      The government is NOT going to go house to house rounding up guns. They will get insurance companies, mortgage companies, employers. utilities, firemen and municipal workers to do the dirty work. Homes with guns will not be able to get insurance, so mortgages will be called. Employers will be able to easily terminate “dangerous” gun owner employees. Firemen and utility workers will refuse to enter premises with guns. It will be a long slow painful process. A burglar finding guns will get a reward and the homeowner jail time and fine.

      TTAG will become The Truth About Knitting

      • Just a thought. When the Supreme Court ruled against Andrew Jackson his response was”they have their ruling, let them enforce it”. Impeachment has no legs if it can’t even get through the House let alone the Senate. Cali will be a good test of civil disobedience. We won’t see lines of gun owners turning in their guns.

      • “If Hillary is elected with a democrat Congress, the US WILL have Australian Style Gun Control by next summer.”

        I think you meant to say:
        ‘If Hillary is elected with a democrat Congress, the US WILL [try to impose] Australian Style Gun Control
        by next summer.’

        And thus came about: The-Shot-Heard-Round-The-World 2.0.

    • The real question is, how can you donate to Ryan’s opponent. Especially when his donation link doesn’t work. The GOP calls me and I tell them they don’t represent me and haven’t for decades. They support more Demorats than they do Conservatives.

    • Been registered as independent forever. That’s where the power lies – the wild cards. Then both major parties have to kiss your ass for support, but you’re still free to tell them all to kiss your ass. Kiss my ass.

    • Register independent. But, more importantly, when the GOP calls you for donations, tell them to piss up a tree.

  1. Word is that the bill is the same language as Cornyn’s bill that Dems voted against in Senate. If it is, the Dems will vote against, and since it’s already failed in Senate, House GOP can declare victory and blame death of bill on Senate Ds.

    • The Dems will vote against any Rep sponsored gun control bill. They need the publicity of sit in’s and walkouts so they can blame the NRA and Reps. Sad part is people actually believe these Dem politicians.

      • That just means it’ll be brought up next time, when there isn’t an election to posture over, and be passed unanimously.

        I do not care what their motivation is, stated or implied, they are seeking a vote on a bill that is a large step toward open lawlessness at the highest levels of power in this country. Secret lists that deny your freedoms; this is literally Banana Republic shit we’re entertaining, here.


        • Secret lists, no due process, no redress. Oh yeah, that’s exactly what The Founders had in mind…

          When they wrote The Constitution and BoR.

        • Always been a question of mine – “what about the guns they may already have?” I mean, we can’t just let you keep them. In fact, there might need to be felony charges for owning guns whilst having a name match on the list. Wishing for more wishes and self-licking ice cream cones come to mind.

          If the courts weren’t as completely corrupt as the rest, it would be a non-issue to nullify any of these proposed class-action bills of attainder. But under current circumstances? Not so much… The SCOTUS just split 4-4 over whether the POTUS can create and/or amend law by decree.

      • The sad part is that people believe the mainstream media, who at this point are purveyors of nothing more than liberal propaganda.

        • STATIST propaganda, not Liberal propaganda. Calling it that assumes that conservative media is not propaganda, or that there is even a meaningful difference between FOX and MSNBC. (spoiler alert: there isn’t)

  2. And we must close down all mosques that advocate violence (First Amendment), subject terrorists to any search at any time (Fourth Amendment), force terrorists to confess their crimes (Fifth Amendment), Throw terrorists in jail and let them rot there (Sixth Amendment), no jury trial for terrorists since they are presumed guilty (Seventh Amendment), and no bail, just shoot them after the trial (Eighth Amendment).

    • yep, and just how hard would it be for an unaccountable government agent to label you or me a “terrorist” ?
      1. I subscribe to an ideology.
      2. I feel strongly about said ideology.
      3. I feel that fighting for that ideology may be worth it.
      I may not think it’s cool to bomb busloads of kids for my ideology, and I will not harm innocents, but still, I think these fools could make me fit their definition.

    • Yes, and if you now have to ask “who’s winning,” I’m going to answer “the terrorists.” They hate us for our rights, freedoms, and beliefs, and here we are shitting all over those very things in direct response to their actions. We’re doing the work for them. Good job, representatives, leaders, media, and American public. Nice. Way to turn a small terrorist “win” of 49 dead bodies into trampling all over what this country stands for and bringing over 300 million people one step closer to living in exactly the type of totalitarian, Jihadist state the terrorists want.

      • You’re seriously buying the “they hate our freedom” bullshit? They hate everything, but they hate our government most of all. I seriously don’t think they hate all of our freedoms that much considering that several of the 9/11 hijackers spent their last few days at strip clubs snorting cocaine with barely clothed women.

        • Ultimately it comes down to any amount of difference whatsoever in religious beliefs. Sunnis kill Shiites and vice-versa for what I perceive as very minor differences in opinion or interpretation of the religion. Just so happens that we’re a pretty far deviation from those religious beliefs and migrating towards them necessitates losing every freedom that the country holds dear. We should be fighting back and distances ourselves from this ideology, but instead we’re taking a step towards them. One goal of terrorism is achieved when the victims change their lifestyle for the worse because of it. We’re punishing ourselves, not them, with actions that curtail our own freedoms. It’s horrible.

      • If, by “freedom” you mean “foreign policy meddling in the Middle East for the past six or seven decades”, then yes, they hate us for our freedom.

        We’ve managed to put ourselves into an unwinnable situation. If we go after them hard, it’s the best recruiting propaganda they could hope for. “See, they’re attacking us and killing women and kids! They *are* the Great Satan!” If we back off now, we’re perceived as weak, and that encourages more attacks. I don’t know what the answer is, but no matter what, it’s going to suck.

        • Well… regardless of why the fight started we are now in one. My philosophy is to win. Period.
          Disarming my friends is IMO a horrible way to stay alive in a “no rules” brawl.
          It seems our government has some other objective and I don’t trust them. For example, if I had a friend who got into fights everyday and simultaneously insisted that I go with them unarmed… let’s just say that I know who’s NOT my friend anymore.

        • The answer is ruthless, unlimited, savage violence unleashed against ISIS; civilian casualties be damned. You’ll need to watch as many beheading, shooting, crucifixion, drowning, burning alive, throwing off roofs Isis murder vids as I have and you’ll conclude the only way to beat these violent animals is to be a more violent animal.

          “But that’ll only increase their recruiting!” you say.

          Bullshit. The more heads we cut off, the more we disembowel terrorists and video tape it, the more they’ll know we’re serious about winning.

          Of course, the USA will NEVER ALLOW itself to fight fire with fire. So, the Manchurian Muslim Hussein Obama will continue to be the Hijra facilitator that he was intended to be when Arab billionaires bought off those who knew about Obama’s ineligibility; and when the CIA threatened everyone else with harm to their kids, wives, and other loved ones if they said a fucking word about Obama’s ineligibility.

          So…because the American people are more worried about being liked by fitting in and not rocking the boat, they’re helping turn their country into a 3rd world shithole; where Muslim animals will grope, slap around, and rape their daughters; and mega-mosques will openly push for – and be granted by HRC – “special religion” status.

          In the new Ameristan all people will be equal, but Muslims will be more equal.

          You wanna prevent that? Then the USA military better start killing everyone in Muslim lands, women, children, the elderly, the sick – everybody. Bomb every fucking inch and turn the place into a vast, smoking, burning pyre of bodies.

    • Closing down mosques would be very constitutional if you just rightfully classify Islam as a death cult….which it is.

    • As much as I hate to say it. Trump is our only hope. You vote for Johnson you are helping to ruin this country.

      • It’s better for people to vote for Johnson than staying home. We will have a broken two party system forever because of people like you.

        • Gary Johnson is worse than Trump. I really don’t see how you are voting your conscience when supporting a pair of party usurping former GOP gun grabbers.

        • As opposed to former/present DNC gun-grabbers? It’s astounding that Trump supporters still don’t realize they’ve already killed us…

        • “We will have a broken one party system forever.”

          There, fixed it for you.

        • Voting for ANYONE BUT TRUMP will guarantee 8 years of Hillary Of Hussein. A vote for Johnson, much as I tend towards Libertarian, won’t help America stop it’s rapid free fall into becoming a 3rd world shithole or European like hell hole of Islamic fanatics. HRC already said she’d dramatically increase the numbers of Muslims into the country. In other words, she’ll facilitate and coordinate the Muslim colonization of a sovereign nation.

          Anyone know about the Islamic Doctrine Of Immigration? WARNING: this is a STUNNING EYE OPENER that fully explains EXACTLY WHY WE’RE SEEING THIS EXPLOSION OF MUSLIM IMMIGRATION IN THE LAST 8 YEARS UNDER OBAMA. No matter what your political leanings, EVERYONE I know who’s read this – left or right – has been shaken by it.

          Knowledge is power. Read and learn.

      • Your vote for Trump is helping ruin it faster by maintaining the false dichotomy of republicans and democrats (e.g. right wing statists and left wing statists).

        • Save your noble statement and moral superiority for an election that won’t have such catastrophic consequences.

        • Sian, the consequences are here, already;
          -We’ve got both major parties pushing gun control, and in an election year
          -Both presumptive party nominees are at the forefront of that push
          -Even the weak third party nominated a former gun grabber for the ticket

          The public has spoken, and it has said loud and clear that it doesn’t give a damn about gun rights or civil rights or individual liberty in general, so long as its champions boldly promise to punish the opposition. We’ve seen this movie all too many times, before.

        • Barn, I haven’t seen Trump or Republicans pushing gun control. Show me what I’m missing.

        • You’re putting party over country by not voting for Trump.
          You KNOW Clinton will be worse for the country than Trump.

    • Johnson is a gun grabber. Write in McAffe.

      There’s no reason the president choices should turn you off from voting for local canidates and legislative branch canidates.

      • grow up guys . here’s reality:
        vote for anybody but trump, – get Hillary
        stay home and have tantrum – get Hillary
        brokered GOP convention and use backroom tricks to nullify primaries – get Hillary

        chances the GOP cowards in congress will be able to stop HER from passing
        gun laws that make us the same as England – ZERO

        stop making the perfect the enemy of the good, face reality that we have an
        imperfect choice and a completely horrendous choice. time to man up and
        work hard for the imperfect choice.

    • What is the point of having a three-party system if the third party is trying to imitate the other two? Johnson and Weld are no big friends of liberty

    • I was hoping for a viable third party candidate, and I have one. His name is Donald Trump.

      The Republican establishment hates Trump because he isn’t one of them and he is shaking the Establishment RINOs to the core. What more can you ask for?

      Judging by comments, there hasn’t been a single candidate since Thomas Jefferson that would satisfy any of you. Reagan was a bum. Bush (both) were bums. All the Democrats were bums. Yadayadayada.

      All of you need to grow up.

      • Ralph, Trump himself legitimized this whole notion of a “watch list ban” after the San Bernadino attacks, and has basically forced the Republican Party to adopt the position. There was absolutely no political will at the national level to pursue ANY gun control until that man came in and hijacked the party platform like a goddam retrovirus.

        AIDS/Hepatitis Christie 2016

        • There was absolutely no political will at the national level to pursue ANY gun control

          Mwahahahahah, Sometimes you guys kill me.

          Wait. You were serious?

        • Barn, you are delusional. I’ll be happy to reconsider if you can actually bank up any of your statements.

  3. This will most likely be used against us “Constitutionalists” and “Patriot extremists” since there’s no way anybody in our government will even utter the word “Islamic terrorist”. Kinda like the TSA can’t select young arab looking or Islamic garbed people for inspection, they randomly pick white grandmas for pat downs instead. No profiling, unless it’s against white christians.

    One would hope FFS that nobody outside our government or military would knowingly sell a weapon to a terrorist now, do we really need a law that allows punishment based on suspicion?

    • Remember This?

      “A footnote attached to the report by the Homeland Security Office of Intelligence and Analysis defines “rightwing extremism in the United States” as including not just racist or hate groups, but also groups that reject federal authority in favor of state or local authority.
      “It may include groups and individuals that are dedicated to a single-issue, such as opposition to abortion or immigration,” the warning says.”

      • “…include groups and individuals that are dedicated to a single-issue, such as opposition to abortion or immigration,” the warning says”

        Like Second Amendment advocacy groups like the NRA, and Pro-2A groups or individuals like those who frequent…

        Wait for it…


        Wasn’t it just a week or so back when we heard yammering about declaring the NRA a terrorist organization?

  4. They need to sneak in a repeal of the hughes amendment in there while they are at it. Just write it in moments before the vote. It’s not like the liberal representatives are actually going to read it. They are too busy sitting down on the floor chit chatting about how to purchase votes with fake promises.

  5. We can do “One World”, if we call it “Joe”, and call you b1tch (so, completion’s at 50% already).

  6. Whenever people ask me how I could possibly be against this I tell them the story of my college room mate. He was a white dude with a common name from a very small island in the Caribbean. He went to fly home one year for Christmas and gets pulled aside. He, without his knowledge, had been placed on the no fly list because his name and DOB were SIMILAR to a suspected terrorist.

    Where does it end? Forfeiting a constitutional right without a trial, a hearing, anything!? It’s a slippery slope my friends.

  7. If enough repubs stay home this election cycle hillary walks in to the white house unopposed. This helps us how?

  8. Yup – similar thing happened to me whilst on a business trip. My name matched the name of a watch list suspect.

    After a few stressful minutes of discussion with the powers-that-be, I was let on my way.

  9. I wish that I lived in Paul Ryan’s district so that I could vote against him in the primary. He needs to go. He’s John Boehner sans the cigarettes and booze.

    • Nehlen, who’s website has a model pro-2A piece attacking the NFA and GCA, is taking donations. Remember, it costs less than 10 bucks of advertising to gain a vote.

  10. Reminder that Paul Nehlen, Paul Ryan’s opponent in the primary, has publicly opposed the NFA and GCA. It’s clearly posted on his website.

    Even if you don’t live in the district you can donate

    • Paul Ryan is a strong defender of 2A rights. I suspect the house will offer the same bill the Senate Republicans did, which allows government to delay a purchase by a suspected terrorist but provides for a appeal.

      It is kabuki theater designed to call the dems bluff and show them to be the hypocrites they are.

      • While this may be a deliberate farce, Paul Ryan is an open borders jerk who needs to be primaried. His challenger looks like the man to do it!

        • Oh yeah, when it comes to borders and visas, Paul Ryan would sit on Hillery lap and giggle on command! Oh and if we got Trump he would obstruct every attempt made to fix the borders.

      • Oh horseshit.

        He is not a defender of Liberty, including Amendment II, as evidenced by his actions rather than his rhetoric.

        He is likely a ‘staunch defender’ of the 2nd amendment, ala the Quisling NRA…of course the 2nd amendment that One-World Ryan and his ideological cohorts in the NRA ‘staunchly defend’ is not the Amendment II found in the BOR of the Constitution.

        The false 2nd amendment that you point to defense of by Ryan and the Quisling NRA, allows for all manner of unconstitutional anti Amendment II infringements and calls for enhanced federal enforcement of ‘gun-laws’.

        Hell they even write gun-control legislation and have self admittedly been in support of ‘workable gun control’ since their inception.

        You can peddle this subversive provably false horseshit all you want, but you do not get to do so without getting slapped across the eyes with its falsity.

        The very introduction/advancement/support/consideration of this legislation puts the bald-faced lie to your claims.

        It is as simple as that. Period. End of story.

        I cannot but wonder what the fuck is wrong with some of you people, then I remind myself that this nation is infested with compromising non-principled rationalizing, justifying and excuse-making gerbils.

  11. Oh thank you, Officer Fat Head! Now how about getting back to your constitutional duty, and shutting your pie hole??

  12. Good lord! This is hopeless…the constitution is deader than a door-nail with these people in charge. Damn, we’re in for a civil war if this keeps up.

  13. The Republicans are really looking out after our gun rights.
    If they make a poison pill, it might be alright.
    I just worry about the RINO compromises when reaching across the aisle.

  14. Wake me up if the vote actually passes. You guys are embarrassing. This will never pass. Just a part of the show.

  15. Maybe we should see what’s in the bill before we spaz out about it, m’kay?

    Frankly, the first Republican proposalwas pro-freedom, because it required disclosure of the reason for the denial, required the AF to go to court within 72 hours, and put the burden of proof on the AG.

    Right now, the AG doesn’t have to defend putting anyone on the no fly list and the burden of proof is — let’s be charitable here — totally whacked.

    Please, don’t preach to a lawyer about due process if you have no idea about what the phrase means. And don’t be spouting any Wikipedia bullsh!t either.

    • Unfreaking believable…a gun-control legislative proposal that advocated using a secret list to infringe on the essential fundamental right to keep and to bear arms and it is called pro freedom by this particular exemplar of Liberty/Constitution subversive.

      Alice and the looking-glass and Orwell all wrapped up together.

      Up is down, black is white, war is peace, government is protecting your Liberty and following the Constitution, tyrannical government attempts are actually pro freedom.

      What a pathetic twisting of reality.

    • You’re a fool, Ralph. The ‘terrorist watchlist’ is a blatant felony violation under 18 USC Sec 341 Conspiracy To Deny Rights; as is any bill that uses the unconstitutional ‘terrorist watchlist’ to deny citizens their Constitutional rights (2nd Amd).

      Any Rep or Sen who votes “yea” a gun bill that uses a secret list to deny citizens their Constitutional rights becomes part of said Conspiracy and thus commits a felony.

      Any provision in the proposed bill that requires the aggrieved and disenfranchised citizen to petition for a right unlawfully denied to him is an undue burden on that citizen’s exercise of their Constitutional right. Thus, the provisions you and other brag about that “let the gun owner get his rights back” are deliberate distractions meant to fool the naive into thinking the bill is “fair and common sense”.

      The fucking bill is a POS that should be burned by fire on Ryan’s desk with armed men standing by. For security of course.

      From A to Z, the terror watchlist is itself a violation of Constitutional right to freely travel. And no, travel by air isn’t a “privilege”, it’s a right. One’s first amendment exercise of free speech isn’t limited to using one’s tongue, nor limited to using pen and paper, or using IBM Selectric typewriters. Free speech encompasses every means of freedom of expression. And so it is with travel. The problem is the govt’s been getting away with the “privilege” bullshit for too long.

  16. Yep THIS is just for show-DUMBocrats will never vote for a repub bill. Vote Donnie…and I hate uttering that.

  17. It’s comical that y’all still vote, that you think you have a choice. Left or right, state or church, they all want your guns, your income and your obedience. It’s a sliding scale that only slides in one direction. There was traded one dictator 3,000mi away, for 3,000 dictators 1mi away, and they’ve been multiplying and writing laws ever since. Continue to suffer your low vantage. Dick taters, sounds like and STD.

    • You people disgust me. You whine that you can’t do anything because the game is rigged, then you proceed to bitch about the government (the same one you REFUSED to use your say in) doing things you done like, all while talking down to those of us who actually do our civic duty. If you refuse to vote, you lose the right to be unhappy with how things are going.

      • You assume much.

        You do realize, of course, that there are far more venues in which to work for a restoration of the Republic other than controlled voting, right?

        Talk about disgust.

        Hell, most of you people cannot even be bothered to apply the yardstick of the Constitution and the Principles of our Founding to the people you vote for. If you did, your vote would be meaningful.

        Instead, many of you knowingly and willfully support those who are known anti-Liberty domestic enemies and known Constitution-shitters.

        Congratulations…you are awesome.

        George Carlin actually once spoke to your tired, old, overused attempts and I find his assessment to be dead-nuts on, as follows:

        “If you vote, you have no right to complain. Now, some people like to twist that around. They say, ‘if you don’t vote, you have no right to complain’, but where’s the logic in that? If you vote, and you elect dishonest, incompetent politicians, and they get into office and screw everything up, you are responsible for what they have done. YOU voted them in. YOU caused the problem. YOU have no right to complain.”

        • That has to be the best Carlin monologue ever. Well, maybe next to the seven dirty words.

  18. The Dems have called the NRA a terrorist organization for years. If this passes, the next step will be to label the NRA registry as terrorists: all 5 million of us.

  19. The fact that there are so many millions of people who still buy into the staged phony republican-democrat/left-right paradigm is a source of wonderment and a source of pessimism that there will ever be a restoration of the Republic, the Constitution and of Liberty itself.

    Until and unless the stupid and proven Liberty/Constitution destroying results of the yardstick/measure of ‘Party’, is rejected and is replaced with consistently applying the yardstick/measure of the text of the Constitution and the Founding Principles, we are headed inevitably and certainly for totalitarianism. Period.

    This exemplar is directly due to the application of the ‘Paradigm of The Lesser Turd’ and is the responsibility of all those ‘lesser evil/lesser turd’ voters over a period of decades. Period.

    Cognitive dissonance, indoctrination, apathy, lesser-turdism and the consistent rejection of holding to to Constitution and to Principle, rule the day in new america.

    Pardon me whilst I go puke.

    • Get over it JB. The America you wish for is gone. We gotta do the best we can with what’s left. To me, that means voting Trump.

      • Um, no, I won’t be giving up and willingly going along with the long planned road to totalitarianism via the staged clown-circus.

        I guess that I will just continue in my own small ways working toward a ‘restoration’ of the Republic, of the Constitution and of Liberty itself, in these cases by bluntly calling things as I see them and boiling away all the superfluous rhetoric designed to mask acquiescence to the gov-plan on various forums.

        As for your choices on who and what to support…have at it, the choice is always yours to make.

  20. California bills, now this, whatever it is. Things are getting interesting. Looks like we will know a lot more on all of it next week.

  21. Jesus Fucking Christ, this party is beclowning itself worse than the Democrats. With Democrats at least I expect this crap. Don’t these Republicans have lawyers to advise them? Pass an unconstitutional law? WTF.

    I cry at see what has become of this country and the party of ‘conservatives.’

  22. You know, if you read through all the responses above, you can get a pretty clear understanding of why Hillary will easily win the Presidential election.

    You folks are going in so many different directions that there is no hope for any of us

  23. Interesting new trolls(?) popping up today. And what a bunch of whiny be-otches. +1000000 Ralph…

  24. Look, this sucks, but there is no real argument here.

    Vote third party for dogcatcher, school board, maybe even state legislature (maybe). Play the long game on getting us to a viable three-party (or perhaps two-party) system. But for now, for president, there is no option but to vote and to vote for Trump. Drive your elderly neighbors to the polls if you think they’ll vote for Trump.

    Do I know if all 3 of Trump’s Supreme Court appointments will be great? No, I don’t. Do I know all 3 of Hillary’s Supreme Court appointments will be evil? Yes, I do.

  25. DHS has been pushing the Homegrown Extremist angle for a bit now in the TSA. We’ve been receiving training on things like Sovereign Citizens even though everybody in the damn workforce knows they have next to nothing to do with aviation security. Worse still, it’s being tied to the training series that was originally intended to correct TSAs abysmal threat detection statistics leaked nearly a year ago.

    The no-fly list is a horribly imperfect system. It should not be used to deny constitutional rights without substantially more transparency.

  26. I’ve been eagerly awaiting the death of the GOP for the past 15 years or so.

    Why, but why, did they have to finally decide to commit seppuku right after HRC became the Demoncrats’ nominee for president?

  27. I totally agree that the no fly list has to be transparent and due process is abided by. That doesn’t preclude once due process is exhausted that these questionable people should be allowed to purchase firearms. It’s only common sense. Once you’ve convinced someone of a felony are they entitled to walk the streets? No, they are incarcerated. Just as once someone is determined to be a risk through open investigations, they shouldn’t be allowed to purchase firearms. Explain to me where this is a wrong thing as long as due process is established.

    • Well you’re wrong. There’s more here than you know about. You’re saying as long as someone has a chance to prove they don’t belong on the list then the bill’s okay. That’s backasswards. But wait, there’s more!

      The ‘terrorist watchlist’ is a blatant felony violation under 18 USC Sec 341 Conspiracy To Deny Rights; as is any bill that uses the unconstitutional ‘terrorist watchlist’ to deny citizens ANY of their Constitutional rights.

      Any Rep or Sen who votes “yea” for ANY bill that uses a secret list to deny citizens ANY of their Constitutional rights becomes part of said Conspiracy and thus commits a felony.

      Any provision in the proposed bill that requires the aggrieved and disenfranchised citizen to petition for restoration of a Constitutional right that was unconstitutionally denied puts an undue burden on that citizen. Thus, the provisions that “let the gun owner get his rights back” or “stop the government, after looking into it, from taking his rights away” are deliberate distractions meant to fool the naive into thinking the bill is “fair and common sense”.

      The bill is a terrorist threat against a foundational rule of law that should be burned by fire on Ryan’s desk with armed men standing by. For security of course.

      From A to Z, the terror watchlist is itself a violation of Constitutional right to freely travel. And no, travel by air isn’t a “privilege”, it’s a right. One’s first amendment exercise of free speech isn’t limited to using one’s tongue, nor limited to using pen and paper, or using IBM Selectric typewriters, nor limited to the internet but not the radio or TV.

      Free speech encompasses every means of freedom of expression. And so it is with travel. “Freedom to travel” includes travel by all modes, not just foot. The problem is the govt’s been getting away with the “privilege” bullshit for too long. What do you think Patrick Henry, Aaron Burr, Sam Adams, or George Washington would’ve done if told they can’t ride their horses out of state but they can walk out – because they were on a secret list?

      They’d grab rifle, pistol, knife, and sword, then mount up and ride straight to the capital to resolve then and there this unfortunate misunderstanding their government made to deny them their liberty.

  28. Did the republicans not see the DHS memo put out to all agencies stating that all returning from combat veterans should be considered domestic terrorist. You know a progressive government sees anyone who might have a problem with losing their constitutional rights, plus a mention of being patriotic was also in the memo. This current administration prefers to watch our veterans returning from war then muslims, who if were being watched could have been stopped. This government no longer represents the will of it’s people, nor the nations best interest something needs to be done.

  29. All this bickering and dithering about “who’s more correct than anyone else” must be heart-warming to the Statist Democrats, gun grabbers and trolls. Look for there to be serious civil unrest around both Nominating Conventions and who knows what kind of conflagration within the Republican Convention as one final attempt is made to throw out Trump. I think the Democrats are pretty settled and Bernie Sanders has “berned out”. Obama does not think HiLIARy C. is worthy to succeed him as POTUS, and regards Trump as anathema. Look for Obama to attempt a truly Draconian response. (Why else would the Fed be buying AR-15’s and millions of rounds of ammunition for the Postal Service and IRS?) Hopefully, he has fatally miscalculated what he can get away with this time. What the outcome will be is anyone’s guess beyond the certainty of a period of wild chaos.
    Since we are throwing about all sorts of crackpot theories and projections in this thread I thought I’d just leave this here…

  30. The Republican party has absolutely no spine. This entire government needs to go. From top to bottom we need to start fresh. Unbelievable. So much for representing your voter base.

  31. Welcome to the non-party. One of my daughters worked the election polls and my declaring nonpartisan apparently threw a monkey wrench into the machine. It seems that I was the first to ever do so in my county (in the modern age, I guess) so the voters were confused as to the new choice. The workers had to explain it to each voter and my daughter said that more than a few joined our ranks that day. Many said that they never knew it was possible; only D or R were ever offered before.

  32. Wow! Just wow. The Stupid Party can do nothing else. Maybe they’ve really wanted to do something like this all along.


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