Las Vegas Raiders cornerback Damon Arnette warms up before an NFL football game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Sunday, Sept. 19, 2020, in Pittsburgh. (AP Photo/Keith Srakocic)
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The National Football League has some good people in it. It also has a lot of individuals who make great money chasing the pigskin, but making great money can’t buy civilized behavior. Former Ohio State standout and ex-Las Vegas Raider Damon Arnette fits the latter category.

Arnette has had a whole lot of problems in his short time in the NFL, but now he’s got a whole new plate full of them, including no more paychecks.

On Friday night, police say Mr. Arnette, who was set to play for the Kansas City Chiefs, pulled a gun on a parking valet after the attendant refused to retrieve a car without a ticket. Police showed up and allegedly caught the cornerback with a gun and no valid carry license. That was in addition to some drugs (specifically over an ounce of weed and some narcotics).

From TMZ:

This came after Arnette got himself dumped from the Las Vegas Raiders for posting an Instagram video of himself waving around a tricked-out AR-15, an AK, and a handgun. He also threatened to kill someone by inviting them over to his rather high-end condo in a gated Las Vegas neighborhood.

Screencap by Boch. Via Twitter

The video remains online and in it, the eminently cultured scholar can’t managed to put together a complete sentence without using the n-word or dropping the f-bomb. Or both.

Before the Instagram incident, he was allegedly involved in a hit-and-run in 2020.

When news broke of the latest charges, the Chiefs — who play in the AFC Championship game today — released him.

Arnette’s days of illegally toting a gun around have likely ended, with or without the recreational pharma. Then again, so too are his days of living in high-end properties and driving high-end cars given that his time with the anti-gun National Football League has probably ended, too. For good.

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  1. And this dim bulb will miss the super bowl & the attended $ + glory. He’ll get picked up by some loser team(Bears?).

    • He wasn’t eligible to play on the team this weekend or the Super Bowl if KC advanced. He was only promised a place on the 93 man roster for the spring of 2022 practice squad. Kansas City gave him an opportunity to prove himself and get his life back on track. As was seen from his behavior. You can take the Thug out of the Hood, but you can’t always take the Hood out of the Thug. He was given a 2nd chance at not only his career, but more importantly his life. Bad Consequences come from Bad Choices. Lesson for the Day. Make better Choices.

  2. Option 1-have discussion with manager and retrieve car without ticket.

    Option 2-pull gun and retrieve car without ticket, also get arrested.

    Don’t do option 2….This must be said because Mr. Arnette wasn’t taught this.

    Also don’t post stupid videos waving guns around in a threatening way. I somehow think those videos will be used as evidence against him…..he wasn’t taught this either.

    • Option 2 isn’t an option for normal people. Someone might be a jerk and raise their voice or use colorful language, but they wouldn’t pull a gun. What was he going to do? Murder him if he didn’t get his car? Damon doesn’t know how to exist in society. This is a perfect illustration of how guns aren’t the problem.

    • He didn’t have diddly squat. An utterly useless uneducated nonproductive moron playing kiddie games. PERHAPS he can be trained to make little rocks out of big rocks using a sledge.

        • Puh-LEASE! Playing games is playing games. The NFL doesn’t enrich my life one iota. If the NFL collectively decided to pay off thousands of student loans, or to pay off some struggling homeowner’s debts, I might have some respect for them. Compared to the Shriners, how much does the NFL invest in great causes like burn units in hospitals? I think Ronald McDonald invests more in suffering families than the NFL does.

          Maybe sports isn’t only for kids, but Americans (and Europeans) are batshit crazy over a mostly useless pastime.

        • Sports TODAY aren’t just for kids….. they’re for adults with the IQ of kids too!!!!
          Anyone willingly wasting time watching that crap obviously isn’t very intelligent….

        • avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

          “Anyone willingly wasting time watching that crap obviously isn’t very intelligent….”

          That pretty much applies to fuckwits who think it’s so ‘KeWeL’ to comment on TTAG with an ever-changing list of identities, quite frankly.

          What’s the matter? You have so little hanging between your legs you need to hide like a frightened little boy? 😉

      • I agree. I stopped watching pro sports years ago. I found disgusting the jumping around like some unhinged animal just because the jumper did what he was paid incredible sums of money to do. It didn’t influence my life one bit whether Chicago won an over-hyped event or Washington did. I don’t get high-fives when the courtesy clerk fills the grocery bags without putting the ice cream in with the hot chicken or the checker makes correct change. They are doing what they are pad to do and not rejoicing over doing it correctly.

        The final straw was the politics that has so pervaded professional sports. I don’t care what political policy sports players follow. I don’t care what religion they follow. I don’t care whether they are circumcised or not. If I deign to watch them perform, that is all I want to see them do, their job. I didn’t invite them into my TV room to try to brainwash me with their politics or religion or whatever. Just play the damned game.

        This jerk deserves to do hard time and live on skid row. He had an opportunity afforded to few and yet blew it totally. No tears shed. No wringing of hands over his abuse by white folk. It is his fault and his alone. Time for minorities to stand up and accept that it is their fault they haven’t advanced in this great country. Countless Vietnamese arrived in this country with just the clothes on their backs, sometimes those clothes happened to be borrowed because they were naked when picked up off a derelict boat. They arrived not speaking English and yet they worked hard and advanced themselves with nothing but hard work. They took advantage of everything that the U.S. offers to those willing to work. The whole family lived in the back of the store that they kept open for 20 hours a day for the convenience of their customers. They made sure their kids studied hard and went to college. The kids worked while they were in college and graduated without a huge debt to pay off. Today they are mostly following professional careers. A great second generation U.S. success story.

        I am not Vietnamese. My maternal grandmother came over from the Auld Sod on the Carpathian in 1902. My paternal grandfather served in the Union Navy in the War of Northern Aggression. He was one of those damned Yankees.

        This particular individual had advantages that no Vietnamese ever had and blew it on his own. No white made him make a fool of himself, he did it all by himself. He will either get killed in some stupid crime or wind up in a tent on skid row in downtown LA cursing the white man but failing to assign fault where it belongs.

        “The fault, Dear Brutus, lies not in our stars but in ourselves.” Caius Cassius in Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare. Sage advice then and still holds true.

  3. I supposed the prog would claim that one can’t make judgements based on appearance (or actions). One more example that you might take the barbarian out of the tribal homeland but…

    The National Football League has some guys playing children’s games for money.

    “no valid carry license” – was this in some 3rd world Eurp cesspool or in the land of the Constitution and Bill of Rights? Or, likely, (judging from his appearance and actions) he is a prior felon?

    • Las Vegas had a special rule years ago when mobsters were connected to most of the casinos that someone arriving in LV had to check in with the sheriff of Clark County within, I believe 72 hours of arrival to declare that they were armed and carrying. Nevada law at that time was pretty wide open. As more Kalifornikators infested Las Vegas and Reno, the laws changed a bit. I don’t know if the check in county ordinance is still in effect or not. That may be what tripped our wannabe gangsta. He didn’t check in with the sheriff. Or it may be the federal statute, felon in possession. Don’t know what his past history is but it would appear from his actions that he may well have a long rap sheet with lots of dismissals or reduced to a misdemeanor entries and perhaps that one deadly felony that makes it another federal felony to possess firearms, ammunition or gun parts. The federal felony is supposed to carry an eight year bottom but rarely does.

  4. I can remember a time when players for the NFL were required to be gentlemen. The African American players were particularly careful of their reputation.

    • There’s a lot of peer pressure to act a certain way or you’re seen as betraying your culture or you’re just seen as a nerd (which can happen to people of all colors). This is another reason why we shouldn’t focus on skin color, or other identities. We should only focus on the actions and behavior of the individual.

      Occasionally, Obama says something worth listening to. Watch the people in the audience nod because they’ve experienced it.

      • Could not bring myself to view the video. Racism is this country was almost dead before he revived it, pumped it up, and made it Federal policy.

        • LifeSavor, I agree. I noticed it during his second term. It was shocking to watch. He and his party did it (and continue to do it) for power. I think he’s an evil person. That doesn’t mean he can’t make a valid point. The video is extremely short. When he was running for his first term, he would often make valid points about the importance of family and children being raised by both parents.

          I only used this example because other examples are more difficult to find (suppressed) on the net. If it’s Obama talking or CNN, you can find it even when it goes against their general narrative.

        • Obummer also at one point told us that marriage was between a man and a woman. Now, not so much. It doesn’t fit the narrative of the leftists, and he can’t go against them. In the same way, both Clinton and Gore were (I believe) both opposed to abortion earlier on, but that opinion wouldn’t get them where they wanted to be, so they had to toe the line.

      • avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

        “There’s a lot of peer pressure to act a certain way or you’re seen as betraying your culture or you’re just seen as a nerd…”

        When Micheal Jordan came out of the locker room after a Bulls game, he was dressed ‘to the nines’ in a Brooks Brothers suit, like a hotshot Wall Street broker.

        Kind of appropriate when today, he’s worth north of one *billion* USD today.

        Is anyone gonna say MJ wasn’t ‘authentically black’?

  5. The NFL, it’s teams, it’s players, and it’s investors have all proven their anti-American hatred. They can do what they will without me. They have killed what little interest was there.

  6. I do not know how NFL teams qualify their hires, but it seems like they don’t consider mental health a qualification. The other players and the coaches worked with this guy on a daily basis; they must have known he was unstable. Yet, the teams do not seem to have a way to protect the investment they make in their players. When a guy cracks, “Oh, well, throw him away…there are plenty more where he came from”.

    Seems to me, if they are going to invest in a human being, they might want to do more to protect (care for) that investment.

    • avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

      “…they must have known he was unstable. Yet, the teams do not seem to have a way to protect the investment they make in their players.”

      The smart teams do, actually. If you have a rep as being a ‘problem’ player, your market value is a whole lot less than if you weren’t a total jackass. So, it’s a roll of the dice for the teams to sign you, so you’re paid a lot less. The teams have a shot at a lottery payoff…

  7. & that’s why it’s called the NATIONAL FELLONS LEAGUE,,,,,,
    A true American patriot wouldn’t watch this crap anyway.
    Thank Krapdownmyneck for that.

    • That is how I refer to them. Football fans will protest and whine and moan about my use of the “national felons’ league” appellation, and then I’ll pull up a list of the charges against NFL players:

      That list sobers most people up rather quickly. And it was so helpfully put together by a leftist news organization…

      • avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

        Somewhere I read the NBA has the highest percentage of registered felons for a high-paying sports profession.

        ” The smallest league of the four major American sports is the NBA. But basketball players have the highest arrest record of the four, with domestic abuse topping the list of offenses.”

    • Remember, sloejoe said O’bummer was the only intelligent and clean black person he ever met. Crackhead Hunter is THE smartest person he ever met. 🤔

      So stupid you can’t make this stuff up! 🤪

    • That’s not really fair Charlemagne. I’m pretty sure that SloeJoe had an IQ over 70 before his mind started deteriorating.

      • Ole Two-Shot has always been on the lower end of the IQ scale. He and I went to the same high school at different times. Reports are that he specialized in glad handing while in h.s. specializing in holding class offices. No mention of his grades which I feel confident were marginal. There were two types of students at that prep school. Ones with money and token poor boys. I was one of the token poor boys. If your family had money, you were in the slow section and guaranteed to graduate. I used to make money writing reports for the slow ones. Guaranteed D grade minimum. No As or Bs which would lead the teacher to suspect some kind of chicanery.

        Had Two-Shot and I been there at the same time I am sure he would have been one of my customers. D only for Joe. Wouldn’t do to get him a C. The teachers would have known he didn’t write it.

  8. As a subset of society considering major league sports only, black football players are 37 times more likely to commit illegal acts, or violent acts of harm against others, then any other race in any major league sport.

  9. National Felon League, What an example of our thug sports system! Haven’t watched since colon kaptanattude! Never will!

  10. What I have problems wrapping my head around is the NFL is quick to condemn and punish players for violent and criminal acts they commit. But when a ‘civilian’ commits a violent and criminal act they make him a hero and put his name on their helmets. I will not be supporting or watching the NFL until they become ‘unwoke’ and Commissioner Dwight Goodman retires.

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