Karen Isn’t Happy About Having to Wait to Get Her First Gun During an Actual Emergency

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Karen buys a gun
Used with permission courtesy National Firearms Association

The good news recently is that some states that initially closed gun stores have reversed those decisions. Delaware‘s John Carney, Jr. and Pennsylvania’s Tom Wolf — no friends of guns, they — have been persuaded that closing their state’s gun stores during a national emergency, when police departments are struggling to keep cops on the beat, is a bad idea.

Other governors have taken a hands-off approach. Texas left stay-at-home decisions to individual counties. That resulted in shuttered gun stores in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio and Austin…until Attorney General Ken Paxton stepped in with a legal opinion making it clear that counties can’t close gun retailers under the state’s preemption law.

After the Los Angeles County sheriff began closing gun stores there, California’s Gavin Newsom punted when asked to decide, leaving open or close decisions up to individual counties.

That’s resulted in closed gun stores in L.A. County, while retailers can remain open in San Diego and Riverside counties. Gun rights orgs like the Firearms Policy Coalition, the Second Amendment Foundation and the NRA, among others, have sued the LA County Sheriff, Governor Newsom and now LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, to try to get the stores there back up and running.

And over the weekend, the Department of Homeland Security — in a move that enraged gun control advocates — has now designated the country’s gun makers, retailers and ranges as critical infrastructure, setting up potential fights with the jurisdictions that are still barring sales.

Speaking of Karens . . .

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of first-time gun buyers are purchasing their first firearms. As a New Yorker article yesterday made clear, a lot of those people are “first-time liberal buyers” who never thought they’d set foot in a gun store.

At noon, a woman in her sixties came in. She wore plastic gloves and had a scarf wrapped around her face, and she traced a wide arc around the only other non-employee in the store. “I’ve been doing this since the beginning of March,” she said, referring to her protective gear. “I don’t feel sick at all. I’m self-quarantining.” She left her house only for essential activities. This was one. “I’m buying a gun,” she said. “I can’t believe it.”

She went on, “My son was a little upset about it.” (He preferred his bow and arrow.) “I’m old and I live alone, and we don’t know if there’s going to be civil unrest. The world is not the same.”

Do tell.

These first-timers are seeing first-hand that buying a gun isn’t the oh-my-God-it’s-way-too-easy process that they’ve been told it is lo these many years. In fact, you can’t just press “enter” on your computer and have the big brown truck drop a handgun at your door. Imagine that.

The woman in the New Yorker article has the good luck to live in Oregon. She was able to walk out of Gorge Guns in Hood River with her brand new Keltec PMR-30.

If she lived in Washington and tried to buy a handgun through Miller Sports in White Salmon, only four miles away across the Columbia River, she’d have had to wait ten days before being allowed to take her new handgun home.

Besides the permission slips (Illinois’ FOID card, New Jersey’s Firearm Purchaser ID Card) in many states, the various background check systems have bogged down — or were shut down — under the buying volume the last two weeks. That’s resulted in significant delays in taking the guns home that buyers need now.

During the height of the surge, people were waiting hours if not days or even weeks to get a governmental all-clear.

new jersey firearms purchaser ID card
Courtesy Ewing, NJ Police Department

You’d hope that the fence-sitters and former anti-gunners who’ve now been educated as to the regulatory maze Americans have to navigate in order to buy a self-defense tool in some states would have their minds changed about the never-ending push for more gun control laws in this country. You’d hope.

But few people have lost money betting on the short collective memory of the American electorate.

Coronavirus gun sales surge
Stephanie Miller, of Atlanta, purchases a shotgun and handgun and several boxes of ammunition at Adventure Outdoors Monday, March 16, 2020, in Smyrna, Ga. Miller said she had been on the fence about guns but with recent events she decided to buy guns. (AP Photo/John Bazemore)

When the Wuhan Viral Pandemic of 2020 eventually recedes into the past, will voters have a newfound respect for their Second Amendment rights? Will they remember that feeling when they first heard about a national emergency declaration and made the local gun store their first stop?

Will the shock felt by Illinoisans who didn’t already have a FOID card — and therefore can’t legally buy a gun now at any price — make a difference in who they vote for in the future?

Will the Karen in the cartoon at the top of this post support different candidates as a result of what she had to go through and how long it took her to buy a firearm to protect her family?

Let us know how or if you think things will change for gun control in America in the comments below.


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  1. “Will the shock felt by Illinoisans who didn’t already have a FOID card — and therefore can’t legally buy a gun now at any price — make a difference in who they vote for in the future?”

    Sadly, no.

    • We view this disaster the same way gun controllers viewed the Sandy Hook disaster. They thought (like some pro-2nd Amd folks do now), “This will make people wake up and do something!” …. Like Soprae said above: no.

      • Sandy Hook DID wake people up. And they DID do something. They went en mass to gun stores across the country and emptied the shelves of guns and ammo. This crisis will have a similar affect. And many new gun owners will be brought into the fold.

        MY wake up call was about 6 months before Sandy Hook. I was in a movie theater with my two teenage daughters the night some lunatic, shot up a movie theater in Aurora. Shortly after hearing about the incident the next day, decided it was time to own a gun again. (sold them all shortly after my oldest daughter was born, cause we were broke, and went 12 years before i replaced them.) Since, getting my carry licence shortly after SH, I have only gone without a gun on my person when traveling internationally.

        • Remember that Sandy Hook as well as that murderous rampage in LV were False Flag events just like 9/11 but on a lower scale. Their purpose is just what you think it might be or might have been. The Globalist Elite do NOT care whom or how many they have to kill to forward their agenda.

          This intentional Pandemic release of an engineered virus has a different purpose than to highlight what Gun Control really means. It is accomplishing Second Amendment awareness nicely. Hope the Snowflakes suffer and learn.

        • “ were False Flag events just like 9/11”

          Do you know Alex Jones had the shit sued out of him for making that very statement, right?

          Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, what solid evidence can you cite to back up your claims?

        • @Miner49er No Alex Jones got sued because he attacked the victims and their family’s. He got sued for defamation not claiming they were false flags. While I agree 9/11 was more or less the fault of the Bush Administration but that’s as far as it goes. As usual your comment is either false or intentionally misleading but that is typical for you. Alex Jones is still actively fighting these cases and it’s not over yet.

        • Alex Jones is a fraud. He loves to create panic just like the mainstream media and his rants often ends with “but thankfully you can buy our supermale vitality pills….”

        • “He got sued for defamation not claiming they were false flags.”

          Sorry, I’m calling bullshit on your claim. He was sued for defamation because he claimed that Sandy Hook was a hoax and the parents were lying about it being an actual shooting of their child.

          “AUSTIN, Texas — A Texas judge ordered conspiracy theorist Alex Jones to pay $100,000 in another court setback over the Infowars host using his show to promote falsehoods that the 2012 Sandy Hook school massacre was a hoax.”

          “Jones was later ordered to undergo a sworn deposition, along with three other defendants related to the operation of Infowars. He was also ordered to turn over internal business documents related to Infowars.[143] In this deposition, Jones acknowledged the deaths were real, stating he had “almost like a form of psychosis”, where he “basically thought everything was staged.”

          “Jones was found to be in contempt of court even before the trial started, failing to produce witnesses and materials relevant to the procedures. Consequently, Jones and Infowars were fined a total of $126,000 in October and December 2019”

          Jones is a bullshit artist, who is laughing at people like you who believe his conspiracy bullshit for profit. He, like Hannity, Dr. Laura, etc. lies about innocent people in order to profit from misery.

          But go ahead and listen by all means, after all, where else are you going to get your hard on-pills for your limp little tally Wacker?

    • Leftists being leftists may feel put upon with the restrictions that they run into but once they acquire the object of their desires they will revert back to type and want to keep denying that right to others. Because THEY are special, don’t you know, and THEY should be able to purchase what they want, when they want it. They rest of us unwashed deplorables will still need to be further restricted. Think of the children.
      A few may change their minds, but not many.

      • I agree. It’s foolish to think most are now on our side. They never learn, just take taxes for example, they move from blue states with high taxes to the southern states and vote for democrats who want to tax the **** out of people.

    • And these people lining up NOW to buy a gun because NOW they believe they need a gun are the same people who are complaining and asking “Why didn’t Trump and the CDC have enough test kits and respirators BEFORE this emergency? Why didn’t they plan ahead?”

    • Will the Trumptard 2A advocates still vote for him even though he pushed for a bureaucracy bumpstock ban making 100’s of thousands of law abiding citizens felons overnight? Will they still vote for him even though he says “take the guns first and due process second? Will they still vote for him that he is considering making suppressors illegal? Will they still vote for him because he pushed the “fix NICS” bill?

      Yep, Republitards are just as dumb as Libtards.

      • Yes. This “Trumptard” will still vote for him because I’m not a “single-issue” voter.
        And, because I like the direction he is taking the nation as opposed to where we would be if Clinton had won in 2016.

  2. Even if it is say a 15% change in how people perceive gun laws as being too restrictive that will be great. We need to get them welcomed into the POTG family, encourage them to train and to join gun rights orgs.

    • I’m with you. If there’s anything positive that’s happened, it’s that people who had convinced themselves there was no need to protect themselves know better now. We need to skip the I-told-you-so and welcome them.

      • Oh brother! You really think these leftists will change their voting? Dream on! Just because they buy a gun, doesn’t mean they have become pro-gun, they still have the same leftist mindless ideology and will still vote for their equally mindless handlers!

        • The moderates and the ones that slightly lean left. These folks have a better chance of supporting 2A. Forget most of the far left.

        • I said 15%, probably those who just didn’t give it much thought before. I agree with you that harcore leftists will probably not change.

        • In the LA Riots, all my far left liberal friends in seal beach got out thier hidden secret guns and onr box of ammo each and were ready to repel the invaders from long beach if they arrived..

          The best way to convert an anti gun female is to take her to a safe and well managed range….and put a gun in her hand and help her shoot it….do it well and you will convert her

        • In the LA Riots, all my far left liberal friends in seal beach got out thier hidden secret guns and onr box of ammo each and were ready to repel the invaders from long beach if they arrived..

          What made them realize that the sailors at the Naval Weapons Station were not coming to their rescue?

        • Someone has never heard of the #walkaway movement of former leftard Democrats leaving the party in drives.

      • “We need to skip the I-told-you-so and welcome them.”

        Very little will come from it. But many gun owners think otherwise, however Scorpions rarely become Fox’es.

        These are weak minded hypocritical herd sheeple. They abhor the idea they even have to think that their safety is their personal responsibility, they have been outsourcing it for centuries. They just want to FEEL SAFE.

        Leftism/Feminism is based on double-standards. The rules are for thee and not for me says every Leftist/Feminist. Until women are held to the same standard as men, thereby breaking the feminist power structure, Leftism will continue to gain power.

        After the panic passes there will be a hash-tag…# I over reacted or # follow us to the turn-in, because they must now make an amends and virtue-signal their panicked ‘mistake’.

        Leftism/Feminism is very much a religion, a cult-ish religion, that will seek to refold these sheeple by extreme social pressure and these Karens will (as an example), given their weakness, acquiesce. Being part of the (feminist) herd is far more important to a Karen.

        The only reliable way to fold these herd Karens into a different “tribe” is to control the culture, Conservatives lost the culture war (along with media, Hollywood, and the Universities) decades ago.

        • Yep… they lost the culture war because conservatives are greedy… and don’t start calling me liberal cause I own many guns… and im on the side of conservatives… but greediness and exclusivity are why conservatives lose everytime….
          There are WAY more poor than rich…. and unfortunately Democrats appeal to the poor WAY more than conservatism….
          Conservatives better change up their gameplan before it’s TOO LATE and socialism devours it!

        • your owning a gun makes me fell less safe…therefore the only way I can feel safe is to make you feel less so…or something like that…..

    • When you give up your rights, then it’s not just you who pays. It’s everyone, including future generations.

      I see a disturbing selfishness in this forum when it comes to rights. Rights are only preserved if they are shared and durable, because they fundamentally need to be protected by others. Rights need the support of even people who don’t exercise the rights.

      No more “you get what you deserve”. No more bragging about retreating from CA/NJ/wherever. If you want your gun rights preserved, you need to persistently fight for *all* rights *everywhere* in the U.S.

      Why only the U.S.? Because we have a Constitution enunerating the most important rights, and a judiciary that actually does a sort of decent job preserving them (if you doubt this, imagine where we’d be without Heller). The Constitution was a huge victory for human rights and we can’t count on that happening again any time soon anywhere. So we must treat that victory preciously and not just dismiss wacky towns/states as “lost”.

      • A goodly portion of the people here can’t even start to properly explain why they have a right to own a gun or why anyone else should have that right.

        It’s not that they’re bad or stupid, they’re just victims of a terrible educational system. They happen to be correct in some cases but they don’t know and can’t explain why they’re right.

        The situation leads to some shortsighted, snide comments from time to time.

        • I blame government schools. Makes a lot of people mad around here but the truth often hurts.

        • And some will try to say that those schools are failing or failed, while nothing could be further from the truth. They are very successful in teaching exactly what they wish to teach, that their supervisors wish to be taught.

      • you either acknowledge we have something special here that’s worth preserving…or you fall in line with liberals around the world who feel there is nothing exceptional about America…..

    • sometimes “the poor” vote…sometimes they don’t…conservatives have been a minority for some time now….it’s usually the middle class, particularly the upper middle class in the wealthy suburbs…that often determine the outcome of elections…..

  3. “After the Los Angeles County sheriff began closing gun stores there, California’s Gavin Newsom punted when asked to decide, leaving open or close decisions up to individual counties.”

    But we Californians have known about Newsom for many years now, throughout his political career as he’s wormed his way up the ladder. He’s right there in front of the cameras with his hair gel and snake-oil-salesman smile whenever there’s a problem to be solved regarding gender pronouns or leftist funding, but the difficult, real-world crises are punted to others when the SHTF.

    I know an executive at the office who’s just like that…

    • Noisome has been an anti-gunner from the git go. If he could, he’d tell Mr. and Mrs. California, “Turn in your guns.” We knew from the day he was elected that he’d sign any gun control bill put in front of him–and call for more. The only thing keeping him from banning concealed carry is the fear that some court would require the state to allow open carry, so he is working to make it simply too burdensome and expensive for the average citizen.

      • Would it be surprising if many of his voters have not submitted a tax return or collected a welfare check in at least several years?

    • As I said the other day: Elections select for electability and nothing else.

      It’s one thing the media is consistantly honest about, and has been for years, though I doubt they realize that they’ve been so.

      You can see that with the way they’ve treated Sanders. They like him. They agree with much, if not all, of what he says. But they know he’s not electable so they throw him under the bus. That’s why they begrudgingly threw their weight behind Biden this time around and Clinton last time.

      • They throw their full support behind [Sanders, in this case] because that candidate is the current mouthpiece for their own ideas and political leanings. But when that rising star shines too brightly and begins to pose a conundrum regarding “electibility”, the MSM switches gears and proceeds to throw the candidate under the bus, having considered his/her usefulness as the mouthpiece exhausted.


        • I think you ascribe a more insidious plot than actually exists.

          The media isn’t that smart. Go watch an off-teleprompter interaction with any of the talking heads OR their bosses (Zucker for example).

          I’ve had deeper and more stimulating conversations with my dogs.

          I think these people truly like Sanders right up until a political wonk that they like tells them “He’s not electable”. Then they shift gears but only because the “right expert” told them this. I watched this with Don Lemon in 2016. A Righty says it and Lemon flys off the handle. A Lefty says almost word for word the same thing a few days later and the scales fell from Lemon’s eyes.

          Fresh out of high school I waited tables for political “movers and shakers” at the State level. It’s amazing what you hear them talk about around “the help”. These people are highly paid morons.

        • No, I think my analysis is correct. I agree with you that the MSM may not be that smart, but many members are very savvy.

        • I just don’t think they’re that smart or savvy.

          Most of them couldn’t find their way out of a wet paper bag with a knife, flashlight and a roadmap. They are, almost to a person, functionally retarded when it comes to interfacing with reality.

      • “As I said the other day: Elections select for electability and nothing else.”

        Well, by any rational metric, Trump should have been the epitome of un-electability.

        …and look what that got him.

        The Left had better be very frightened of the future, by what Trump managed to pull off. Can you imagine what an actual somewhat-honest, personable conservative business turnaround specialist CEO could do running for president?

        (Example, but a little before your time, Lee Iacocca – He literally brought Chrysler back from the brink of bankruptcy, and was *wildly* popular because of it.)

        What we had better start worrying about is someone who has no enemies and is likable (if you can fake sincerity, you’ve got it made) running on their side.

        Tom Hanks, for example, could easily be president, or Oprah…

        • “…Trump should have been the epitome of un-electability.”

          Except that he ran against the actual epitome of un-electability and just happened to do so at a time when people were looking for a change from “professional politician” to [insert other career here].

        • AND!! I recently got an appeal from Ted Cruz, pushing a new plan for term limits for Congress, which unfortunately I have heard no more about. This crisis has already produced huge examples of why they are needed, the time should be perfect. Plus, people are sitting at home with time on their hands to consider the pros and cons. What a great opportunity!

  4. Well Karen, all I can say is turn off NBC, CNN, and all the other fake news outlets and find out what’s really happening in your little world. Just think back to the chosen one, Obummer, when he said “can get a Glock easier than whatever he said”. Think maybe they’ve all been lyin to ya?

      • The supporters of the most corrupt, lying, making false accusations, blaming the Russians, wanting to impeach Trump for looking into Biden’s corruption….delusional gullible hypocrites calling Trump a liar is beyond sanity

      • No, don’t bother trolling the trumpie-lemmings. These brainless fascists will follow him over the cliff.
        The real irony is that ANY other Republican could win, but the orange orangutang is going to be slaughtered. And the moment he is out, he will be indicted in a half dozen states.

        • Trump’s numbers have popped 60% approval. That doesn’t auger well for your prediction.

          Also, if he’s indicted by Blue States then every Democrat from here to eternity will be indicted by Red States. That’s not a road we want to go down and the vast majority of Democrats are smart enough not to open that can of worms.

        • Tick Tack says “No, don’t bother trolling…”

          Then goes on to…Troll

          Leftism really is a mental disorder.

        • “These brainless fascists will follow him over the cliff.”
          Another genius. Funny how clowns like you and those sweet little antifa fags with their cute little face masks, always refer to us as fascists, when it is the likes of you anti-Trumpers who generally show the intolerable traits of a true fascist. But that is the typical libby dem. Thanks for the reminder Troll doll.

        • Tick talk is a moron, In 2015 my wife asked me what I thought of Trump. I replied “He is a clown” By the time the election came around I was a solid Trump supporter. As anyone who can think for themselves is. Tick Talk obviously gets his thoughts from MSDNC, and the Communist News Network. Wake up fool.

        • In other news, our president talks about his hair:

          “In a bizarre sudden departure from detailing additional hospital beds intended for New York coronavirus patients during his daily coronavirus press briefing on Monday, President Trump asserted that his hair is indeed his own. “My hair is blowing around. And it’s mine. The one thing you cannot get away with. It is a problem if you are president,”

        • what’s impressive about the trump response is that he’s giving the (blue?) cities what they need…not what they’re demanding at others expense….

      • for the most part, the media has lost the trust of the people…who have come to realize just how controlled it is…and the only thing you can trust a politician on is results…

  5. Maybe there will be a little shift…..but I doubt much.

    Those people will end up getting “their” gun, and when things settle down it will be “I got mine – YOU don’t need one”.

    Same as it ever is with the elitist left.

    • I know some people who had this kind of attitude.

      It changed drastically when they realized that suddenly it was their gun that was now an “assault weapon” and potentially on the chopping block.

      That was rapidly followed by the second realization that the people saying “Gun control advocates want to ban ALL guns” was not crazy people talking but actually a statement of fact.

      • I believe you, and the realization will distress them, but I suspect they will still pull the lever for the Left “because still want to support rest of their agenda of ‘climate change’, equal rights, and all the rest…”

        Their conscience will be ‘twinged’ a bit as they do so, but they will still vote Left.

        Their political masters have done an *outstanding* job of portraying them to be the only ‘proper’ choice, while every conservative interest is fueled by hatred, like ‘pushing grandma off the cliff’…

        • It depends.

          Some certainly do. As I’ve said here before a bunch of times: politicians are not a la carte. Doesn’t matter if you want the entre or just one of the sides, you the the whole kit and kaboodle.

          Others however were extremely offended by this and never went back. I know a number who’ve had this reaction. They took it 1) as a personal insult and 2) realized that what they thought was their property wasn’t safe. In some cases 1 was more powerful and in some cases it was 2. Regardless, “skin in the game” makes people think differently (which is why the Left hates people doing well on their own).

          Thinking about it I’d suggest that in my anecdotal experience it works out to about 40% that walk away. So, if we end up with, say, 5 million new gun owners out of this and I’m half right on the numbers we still end up with a million people who walked away from the Left which is 35.7% of HRC’s “popular vote victory”. If

          I won’t call that a slam dunk, but I’ll take it every day and twice on Sunday. One of the things that’s true about politics, just like fighting in person or on a battlefield, is that it’s not always necessary to beat your opponent bloody. Over a longer time frame if you can make them work harder than they really need to you gain a significant advantage and can often win by attrition.

  6. Imagine making it to your 60’s before realizing nobody has your back but you.
    That’s some privilege right there. Better late than never I guess.

    Any guesses how many of these Karens will change their ways? 0-4 would be my guess. The rest will remember this decision as a “fear driven mistake” or they’ll join the rank of hypocrites who are happy to enjoy gun ownership while making sure those “others” can’t.

  7. A PMR-30, seriously?!?!?! I mean good on her and all, I own one, loading it correctly can be a challenge as is determining reliable ammo, like 40 grn and up. Cleaning and disassembly – the same. Would not be my recommendation for an aging first time gun buyer. A S&W EZ .380 or 9mm with low recoil ammo maybe a better option. Maybe that was all they had? .22 magnum is better than a pointy stick, especially 30 rounds of it in a light shooting light handling pistol. Not the gun for anyone with arthitis though IMHO FWIW. I live with someone with RA and all they can muster is a Ruger SR22.

    • It will be loaded and put away in a drawer or a closet, never to be fired. Like my grandfather’s gun that he bought when he worked for a bank. Fired once–in the air–when the bank was robbed, never to be fired again. Heck, even the guy who burgled their house left it behind.

      • Well, on the bright side, your grandfather had it with him when he needed it, knew how to use it and make it go BANG!, no unnecessary blood was drawn, and he probably never needed to fire it again. All in all, the best outcome, so kudos to him for being one of the more responsible ones.

    • I know a woman who has one, she brought it to a First Steps class I was helping with teaching. I wasn’t impressed with it either. This was before the M&P EZ line came out but I would have preferred her have something at least in .380. But her husband picked it out for her, and I know him to be a bit of a goof in this area.

    • For a little old lady, .38 spc snubbie. Easy to load, easy to clean, easy to shoot, most reliable. Can you imagine her trying to clear a ftf in a 9?

    • My step father’s will generally go through 2 or 3 mags before the malfunctions start. If hers is similar, I imagine that it is indeed much better than no gun, provided that she has the stones to squeeze the trigger and properly identifies her target first. I am one of those that suspects a large portion of handgun stops are psychological stops. Also if she does manage to hit a home invader, even if it doesn’t save her it still puts wounds in the bad egg and maybe puts them out of commission in the long run.
      Just because I suspect psychological stops are real doesn’t mean that I too rely on them.

    • Perhaps she walked in and asked for one of those glocks with a 30 magazine assault clips and this was the closest they had.

    • I love my PMR30. It runs great and have not had any Failures besides within the first 250 rounds put through it….which was only 2 or 3. I think it is a great gun for a newbie. Lots of capacity, low recoil, good sights and a nice trigger. My KelTec CP33 suppressed is my 7 year olds favorite pistol. He can bang iron at 20m all day long. Okay enough about me being a KelTec fanboy.

    • PMR 30s are alot of fun. But beyond fun not sure of many useful advantages over many other pistols.

  8. Sadly, most of these “liberal” first time gun owners aren’t single issue voters.. that means that more than likely, they will still align with liberal lawmakers that support the same other stuff they do. So I really don’t see much of a change here. Maybe a few will be outraged enough to change, but most will not.

    • Almost no one is a single issue voter. If Hillary Clinton had become president and managed to sign a bill making constitutional carry the law federally, you think folks here would vote for her reelection?

      I don’t.

      • I would, because it would mean it’s completely different person with totally different views on most things that matter. The real HRC would never dream about signing such a bill into law. It goes against her core beliefs.

        Most left wingers actually are single issue voters. They are very disciplined when it comes to voting, so the only issue for them is ‘What letter is next to the candidate’s name?’.

  9. Too many fall for anti gun political correctness and find comfort and security in phones, police, EMS, etc. Now that their comfort and security has been compromised reality has set in and media brainwashing subsides. That creates a demand for self defense. The very thing the media and anti gun zealots preached against is now salvation for the under prepared.
    Right now the anti gun crowd is wounded. However they are laying in wait for some incompetent bonehead to do something violent and here they come again along with gullibles who think everyone who owns a firearm is guilty. Where are these gullible useful idiots when someone plows into a crowd with a Toyoto Pirus? Why are there no calls for banning cars, etc? Somehow firearms and their owners are singled out. Gun grabber lunacy needs to end otherwise this tit for tat slap fight over your gun rights will never end.

    • The battle for gun rights that you mention will have to be fought and re fought I suspect, till the end of time. Rights undefended are rights lost. So it was, so it is, so it will always be.

    • Exactamundo. I made the similar comment about “hey, nobody cares about gender pronouns anymore!” earlier. 🙂

    • gays are still pushing their agenda in congress….with one new bill, in particular…but media coverage is nil….gotta’ protect that weatherman…or in the case of CNN…the entire network….

  10. Hate to say it, but nothing will change. They got *their* guns. The hell with you or anyone in the future who wishes to purchase a firearm. When this is all over these people will go back to their anti-2A ways, those that didn’t cause they got caught out due wait periods and such -like many here in Commifornia- will probably be even more anti-gun.

    Most of the guns bought will be sold on the used market because they feel they no longer need them, or went broke buying up too much damn TP. Even scarier is A LOT of these people will just stash their pistols in their sock/underwear drawer and any long guns will be laid up in the corner of the closet with the rest of the crap they bought at Wal-Mart and be forgotten about. ‘Cause I highly doubt any of these panic buyers got any gun safes or secure storage containers for their firearms.

    I really hope I’m wrong on this (I’m wrong on a lot of things). . .But, its unlikely this time around.

    • you’re probably more right than wrong…these new buyers aren’t gun worshipers….and not likely to become so…they’re just regretfully accepting the reality of the current situation..

  11. Cry me a river Karen. A FFL can deny a gat for pretty much any reason. Wearing a Mom’s Demand button? Eff you. Oh and ILL has a gun buyer workaround. Want a gat? Homie will getcha one!😃 Legal doesn’t mean squat…

    • Das right bruh. You can git you a glock fawty from Ree-Ree down the alley on MLK, or from Cool Breeze down to the projecks. Ree-Ree even give ya som bullits wit yo firs gat. Ya jus gots to make sho dey fits.

      • The last thing those of us pulling the gun rights wagon need is a couple of bevis and buttheads denigrating race, creed, sexuality, etc. In other words some of us are not laughing at something that dropped out of your childish, spoiled brat behinds.

        • I take it you don’t live in Chiraq-or Cook County,ILL princess. I have and do. Not an exaggeration or raciss dear princess…

        • FWW is right. Try to look at the world as it is, without the prism of race constantly in front of your eyes.
          Written in Chicago, near Division and Halsted.

  12. I know people who didn’t have a gun, and has family that didn’t want to have one, who’ve went out and bought guns. One handgun for themselves, one for their partner. And they bought an AR-15. Yet I was the crazy one for thinking guns are tools for the defense of life, liberty and property. Now they are waiting to pick-up their thousand rounds of ammo for their AR.

    Oh, how quick people shift when they feel like their government isn’t going to make them safe.

    I still got family who thinks it’s bad to shoot people even if those people are victimizing you. They are extremely passive, but they did come from another country. Maybe now that they see others are buying guns, they will feel weird being the only one not taking things seriously.

  13. I’m a single issue voter. If you don’t support the 2nd Amendment, you really don’t believe in the U.S. Constitution, hence, you are a Communist. Enjoy your vulnerability. Keep voting for Democrats, and RINO’s
    “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety”

    • There is no president that doesn’t violate some part of the Constitution, be it the 2nd, 1st, 4th, or 5th. Most violate all.

      I can’t imagine looking at only one part of the Constitution as important makes any sense without at least considering the others.

        • Self preservation trump’s the rest! (no pun intended, perhaps a little).
          Hence, the 2nd amendment.

      • If you think about it, that makes perfect sense, particularly about the BoR. The first ten Amendments were added for the express purpose of protecting the people FROM the government. A President, Senator, Congresscritter, etc, is a *part* of the government, thus sees his primary function as finding his way around those prohibitions in order to better protect us idiots from ourselves, which is clearly more important than some silly freedoms. Obviously, no one could believe that any portion of the BoR might actually mean what it so clearly states!
        You have to wonder how SCOTUS could have ever applied anything besides strict scrutiny to any portion of the BoR, which can ALL fit on a single page, in a time period when there are no bills even introduced which are not in excess of 100 pages. These guarantees are not endlessly “explained” because they were intended to be absolute. As in, read my lips, absolute.

  14. New story opportunities for the anti gun press: “Guns bought during pandemic responsible for more violence”. “New gun owners injured by unsafe guns sold by manufacturers” “New buyback program for first time buyers”.
    The “scaredy cats” who ran in to buy a gun because they were scared will still be scared when its it’s over ( cause that’s who they are) and they will be afraid to keep a gun. So only a percentage of the “I never really got around to it” purchasers will vote different. Big maybe on that one. After all the majority of Muricans just want to go back to what they knew as normal. Not what’s right.

  15. I was thinking that a pmr 30 wouldnt be the best choice for a 1st handgun, but then it got me wondering how many people ended up with the big magnum revolvers or deagles…. first time at the range will be the last time.

    • There are certainly better and worse choices.

      Ultimately, having a gun is a lot better than nothing. Most criminals are looking for the easiest target and aren’t interested in being shot at by a .22

    • I knew a guy back in 2000 who bought a deagle, thing was bigger than he was, I dought he even ever fired it.

  16. I hurt myself!! Falling out of my chair LMAO! Seriously? These people remembering? NOT A CHANCE.

  17. As unfortunate as it is, people have really short memories. As soon as the pain wears off, it will be business as usual. Do you know who REALLY knows this??? POLITICIANS

  18. Karen is ten kinds of p!ssed about not being able to get a gun, but ten kinds of happy if you can’t get one. That’s the way these empty-headed clods roll.

    • Ralph knows best when he said, “Karen is ten kinds of p!ssed about not being able to get a gun, but ten kinds of happy if you can’t get one. That’s the way these empty-headed clods roll.”
      This is why it will be a surprise if many make any substantial changes relative to the 2A or in the voting booth!

    • Yeah, Allowing people to vote? Line em up and shoot em? For a guy who calls people commies all the time, your like pot, kettle, black. This is America, we may not all agree, or believe in the same shit. But we are all equal.

      Your slobbering devotion to the Orange, dictator moron. You have called for people to be lined up and shot. Now your saying they shouldn’t be allowed to vote? Fucktard, you’re the only Commie I SEE posting here. You should go back to whatever shithole you came from. I’m an American, born here, and believe in the founders Constitution.

      I for one, am glad for every new AMERICAN exercising their 2nd Amendment right. Liberal or Conservative, left or right.

      • Funny how all of you “woke” clowns are suddenly all fired up about your new found need for a firearm and can’t wait to come on here to post about all of your hatred for President Trump and his “followers”. Maybe try focusing your pathetic hatred towards those who have caused you all to come out of your little safe places…China and your Dem leaders who continue to do all that they can to rob us of our country. If not for them, we wouldn’t be going thru this current S-hole situation.

      • If you support treason against our lawfully elected president, you’re not an American, you’re sub-human vermin.

        There is no constitutional “right” to vote. Voting is an exercise of political power. Giving it to people who vote for a living rather than work for a living is an abomination.

      • If serge is the only commie you see here, you need to look much, much harder. Or get stronger prescription. He might come across as a bit forceful, but he is right in more than one thing. Example: If there is an ideology that deserves all the hate and despise it can get, it’s communism. Fascism is not even close second.

        Funny how you, current President haters, keep harping on his color. We did not stoop that low with the previous White House occupier, yet we were still called racist anytime we didn’t agree with his policies. How come?

        Congratulations on being born in these US of A, great job on that, must have been real challenge to achieve that. Do you want a medal?
        Some of us are Americans by blind luck, others willfully chose this great country as their home at not insignificant sacrifices.

  19. From the Oxford Dictionary:

    “herd im·mu·ni·ty
    noun: herd immunity; plural noun: herd immunities

    the resistance to the spread of a contagious disease within a population that results if a sufficiently high proportion of individuals are immune to the disease, especially through vaccination.
    “the level of vaccination needed to achieve herd immunity varies by disease but ranges from 83 to 94 percent””

    Herd immunity appears to apply to firearm possession also. If enough people own firearms, then non-firearm owners can also be protected from those who do not want to risk an encounter with someone who does. There is no practical way for someone to determine who does possess or not.

    • That’s why the second works So well. More than a few bad guys have found themselves facing unexpected forxe.

  20. I had an encounter with a liberal gun owner once. The take away from that conversation is that liberals truly think that they are intellectually, and morally superior to the common person, and by that, I mean literally everyone, and that only they can and should be trusted with such dangerous instruments such as firearms. THEY can own one safely but nobody else can be trusted. These are they kinds of gun owners I would not trust standing behind me while armed.

    • The see the firearm as a tool of the authorities that they think are under their control. They really should think again. Now when they see deplorable with guns they genuinely fear those people because they’ve shit all over them legally, financially, politically, culturally, and literally. They reason the Great Unwashed might extract a little payback. Now that’s hardly likely but should their militant wing known as antifa get a bit rammy then it might get ugly. funny how the dumb people they ridicule aren’t looking for ammo and wondering what’s for dinner. If anything the stoopid conservatives are content to ride this out and wait for better days.

      Best advice for pajama boys is to lay low and don’t say too much. Keep the demands for Bernie to a minimum. if a tofu eater decides to tool up in these days then welcome to the club and learn the rules. mind your manners and respect your elders and superiors.

    • The character treats you have mentioned are exactly what pulled them to the left side in the first place.
      No matter how ignorant, confused mentally challenged and generally fucked up the leftist is, he unwaveringly believes in his superiority and his right, nay – his mission, to tell others how to live.

  21. “ you can’t just press “enter” on your computer and have the big brown truck drop a handgun at your door. ”

    If only… sigh…

    Thank you for the happy, wistful moment of the day 🙂

  22. So lets say you live in LA county. Can you travel to San Diego to attempt a gun purchase or are you tagged to being a LA resident and denied outright? In most states residing in a particular county doesn’t mean you can only buy firearms there.

    If that is the case in CA and other states then shades of communist China for sure. They tag their residents with ID cards and used it against them.

    Next thing will be forcing people to stay put and using drivers licenses and other ID to bring heat to travelers. Despite cheap gas I guess it’s a bad idea to travel anywhere.

    • Rhode Island has a similar issued card for purchasers (Rhode Island DEM Pistol – Revolver Certification) a test given in gun stores, and sent to the R.I. DEM (Department of Environmental Management) for authorization. A blue card or have completed the Hunter Safety Course and possess an “Orange Card” , either are required to purchase a handgun in R.I., it is not a license to own or carry a handgun, only to purchase a handgun. To actually obtain a CCW in R.I. issued by the Attorney General is almost impossible unless you are politically connected. Local CLEO can also issue CCW, which are good thru-out the state, but are invalid outside of R.I. and will get you arrested. R.I. does not recognize any other state’s CCW/LTC. One of the reasons I left.

    • As I understand it, Cali is Cali. No matter where in the state we live. However It’s my understanding that your purchase must be shipped to/ picked up at your “local” FFL. You can buy from any legal dealer in Cali and from legal dealers in other states, as long as it goes to said FFL. Someone please correct me if I’m mistaken.

      • So if you lived in northern California and bought a gun in southern Calif you’d have to send it north to an FTP?
        That’s seriously messed up.

        • No, I “believe” you would have to complete the paperwork at said location, wait for the bgc, then return after the 10 day (or whatever they’re trying to pull these days) and you should be able to pick up. Just a bit easier on the old rig if you don’t want to drive several hundred or a thousand miles.

  23. Think the distraught lady in the opening illustration will have learned anything from her experience?

  24. Na , most won’t remember the gun sales regulations !
    Just look at lie-a-watha & her followers , they have been hearing about her deliberate & false claims of Native American heritage & criminally benefiting from decades of falsely claiming that minority status !
    Look how long they kept Kennedy in office , after he fled the scene of the crime , where he ran his pregnant lover into a river , drowning his mistress & his prebirth bastard child , claiming he was drunk & didn’t think to report his doings for 11 hours , drunk , yet he managed to evade drowning !
    The list is long !
    I believe that memory isn’t the issue for many , many don’t care & consciously vote for CORRUPT PUBLIC SERVANTS !


  26. This will help some, similar to how the LA Riots exposed some of California’s gun control efforts (although clearly it had no lasting impact), but the majority of these people have already convinced themselves that it should be hard to get a gun, so while they may be temporarily upset that this personally impacted them, they will go home and justify their experience as a necessary inconvenience.

  27. From the article:
    “I like the color of it,” the customer said. “It’s not black.”

    Typical liberal.

  28. People have no problem expressing their 1st amendment rights against those who wish to exercise their 2nd amendment RIGHT! They act like it’s the other way around.
    Carry every day, just like you use the 1st amendment!

  29. Shannon Watts, what difference does it make if gun stores are open or closed? How will that effect the medical community. Last time I checked, people in need of medical attention do not go to a gun store. I don’t get it. Where is the correlation? Also first responders, how does gun stores being open effect them?

    • Interesting questions, but the following strike me as more interesting. Who feeds and winds Ms. Watts?

      • With the money she gets from her sugar daddy Bloombwrg she can hire a platoon of caretakers.

  30. Looking forward to the unused handgun sales after this is all over. Maybe some rifles too…😁😁😁😁😁

  31. Early last week I was having an auction gun transferred to me by my local FFL. His phone was ringing off the hook. I live in Connecticut, the former Constitution State…in CT you have to have a permit to buy any firearm or ammunition..That said people were calling his store saying they wanted to buy a shotgun or a rifle, his first question are you a permit holder? They’d answer No, what does that matter? And he’d tell them that after Sandy Hook the only allowed sale of any firearm is to a permitted person…Some people were in denial and said “I was told you could buy a rifle or shotgun you just have to wait 14 days..Nope! It used to be that way…the one party rule in CT has taken your rights and you did not care until you think you need them…One guy called and was adamant that the gun dealer was not being truthful..he told the dealer that he’d buy a gun on the internet…to which my friend replied..”Okay, let me know how that works out for you.” I was talking to another friend in the business and he said that he is having lots of transfers coming in but he has had to send a few back to the place of origin as the “buyer” showed up with no permit…no permit no gun…and you have to pay the return shipping in some instances and a restocking fee as well…how it that voting for D working? Liberals suddenly realizing that some things just aren’t fair! Priceless. Liberal buying a gun online and having shipped to a local dealer…showing up without a permit denied the transfer and having to pay return shipping and a 10% restocking fee…Karma!

  32. I still remember a leftist “common-tater” in Washington, D.C., who was arrested for carrying an illegal handgun. — This happened, I think, in the 1970’s. He ranted and raved incessantly about firearms in D.C. — “NOBODY should be allowed to have one;” yet HE illegally carried one. [DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO.]
    Well, has this changed anything in D.C? —-It only took a federal law suit going all the way to the Supreme Court to FORCE D.C. to start issuing permits.
    THAT took 30 – 40 years!
    Now, what was that question again?

    • That’s nothing.
      I remember one Leland Yee, a Chinese born California Democrat state senator and rabid gun grabber, who never met any gun control he didn’t like. In 2015, Yee pleaded guilty to felony racketeering charges for money laundering, public corruption, GUN TRAFFICKING, and bribery. Now that’s some proper leftist doublethink right there!

  33. Personally, I’m looking forward to the tsunami of used-never fired pistols, rifles, shot guns, AR’s and AK’s that will be flooding LGS later this year.

  34. What Shannon doesn’t understand (well, one out of many things) is that the ‘first responders’ are the victims who have 3 courses of action available, run away, beg for mercy or stand and fight. Shannon wants to take away the last one. The other 2 don’t usually work out well for the first responders.

  35. Perhaps Karen will pull her head out of the dark smelly place where she keeps it when she votes. She may even try using it before she casts her ballot and vote accordingly, then again some Leftards never learn.

  36. No first time buyers in my family. I have armed all of my children and grandchildren to the point where they will never need to buy a firearm for themselves. If they should find something they want that’s another story. I have spent the last 30 years procuring weapons and spam cans.

  37. I must be different than most other people, I always knew for sure there would be a time to be prepared for a crisis. I read, therefore I am a student of history, WW1, the great depression, WW2 ETC. it just amazes me that people go about their lives thinking nothing will ever happen.

    Does anyone realize that Jan 25th 1995 was the closest we ever came to a full blown nuclear war! Look it up, the Russian mistook a research rocket for a incoming ICBM and was ten minutes from launching a full scale retaliatory attack. So yes, bad things happen, therefore, I have a water source, a generator, food and firearms for the same reason I have a fire extinguisher, you never know when bad things happen. Kind of like having car insurance, I don’t have collisions, but what about the moron leaving Starbucks sipping a double half/ decalf cholate macchiato with the foam farted off who is going to crash into me because they couldn’t pay attention to their driving because they were texting!.

    I don’t wish bad things to happen to anyone, but hey maybe we should remove some warning labels and let Darwin decide. I think the world would be a better place. How, in what kind of cosmic bunny hole do people live in that they are not prepared for bad things. Just my opinion.

    • it was a single rocket that he mis-interpreted as heading for moscow…similar event occurred back in the eighties as well as democracy prevailing in a russian sub back in ’62….and that’s just on the Russian side….then there’s that crazy scenario where a training tape and simulation was mistaken for the real thing on our side…we’ve had lots of close calls…..

  38. “The woman in the New Yorker article has the good luck to live in Oregon. She was able to walk out of Gorge Guns in Hood River with her brand new Keltec PMR-30.”

    I call bullshit. Everyone knows PMR-30 guns are never in stock ever and she finds one in a panic market????

  39. Hi, the cartoon you are posting is the intellectual property of Canada’s National Firearms Association.
    I may not be used without the bar that it was branded with which includes the NFA logo and motto.

    I respectfully request that you repost it as designed, or quit using it entirely. I look forward to your response.

    Yours truly,

    Sheldon Clare
    President and CEO
    Canada’s National Firearms Association

  40. You don’t need a gun. The LAPD will protect you… just ask Margie Carranza and Emma Hernandez.

  41. Who else thinks that the used gun market will be saturated when this whole thing is over?

  42. One should not have to ask the Government, State or Federal, for permission to exercise a Constitutional Right. Especially a State which can reject you any or no reason. New Jersey, I’m talking about you and other States with a “good reason” restriction.

  43. Sadly, no change in the future that I can see.

    Liberals (communist) are entirely too stupid to connect all these dots.

    No sooner than this CV scam is over, these idiots that did buy guns will be dumping them on the used gun market because their normal “Default” thinking will return – Guns Are Bad!

    That’s ok by me. Very good gun deals are just over the CV rainbow..

    Ammo too.

  44. someone tell me how 911 was the fault of the Bush administration when it was Komrad Clinton who made Isreal free mr Atta from a Isreali prission and did nothing to stop him when he walked into this country and called Osama bin Laden every day while they plotted 911.

    • what is so maddening about 911 is how close we were to uncovering the plot but were frustrated by a sluggish response at the top…a simple notice to “Lock all cockpit doors” would have prevented the whole thing…….

  45. I have no sympathy for Karen. She is just like the liberal potheads in California who supported gun control. In their fantasies if guns were gone there would no be drug violence. The potheads also supported High business taxes. Before they became pothead millionaires. They are fools.

    • these people live in the now…and have little knowledge of what has transpired before while those that are older seem to have a very short memory….had a kid in his twenties come to my house yesterday to upgrade my alarm system…and he had never heard of McVeigh or Oklahoma City…ultimately he wound up blaming the school system….

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