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The sportswriter who “inspired” NBC’s Bob Costas to parrot his gun control rhetoric (re: NFL linebacker Jovan Belcher’s murder-suicide) has called the National Rifle Association “the new KKK.”  In an interview with Roland Martin [click here for the podcast], scribe Jason Whitlock lets loose the dogs of war on the NRA. “I did not go as far as I’d like to go because my thoughts on the NRA and America’s gun culture – I believe the NRA is the new KKK. And that the arming of so many black youths, uh, and loading up our community with drugs, and then just having an open shooting gallery, is the work of people who obviously don’t have our best interests [at heart].” Whitlock may not have gone as far as he wanted in his original article, but here, he goes even further . . .

I think it’s obvious if you’ve traveled abroad, and traveled to countries where they have legitimate gun laws, that we don’t have to have what we have in America, where people somehow think a gun enhances their liberty, and that people somehow think a gun makes them safer. It just doesn’t. A gun turns some kids listening to music into a murder scene. And uh, you know, if you don’t have a gun, you drive home. You know, kids listening to some loud music, you don’t like it, you go home and complain to your wife. But when you have a gun, you open fire, potentially, and take the life of a child.

So the NRA is arming black men and guns turn people into murderers. Project much? As for the Belcher thing . . .

Obviously, Jovan Belcher was disturbed. Obviously, you know, there were problems between he and his girlfriend. But if there’s no gun, potentially, it’s a domestic-violence issue that doesn’t end in death. Maybe it ends in someone getting hurt, and Jovan going to jail and getting some help. But, you know, any time you add a gun to a situation, you enhance the consequences.

I don’t think that means what Whitlock wanted it to mean, if you know what I mean.

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  1. Thousands of people have been killed by automobiles.
    They are evil.
    Demand our representatives to outlaw all automobiles today!

  2. He should practice real journalism and do some research, Planned Paernthood is the organization commiting genocide against inner-city blacks, not the NRA.

    • What the hell area you talking about? How did planned parenthood show up here?! Talk about “project much”?

      • Don’t follow your project comment but I’m trying to illustrate the idiocy of Mr. Whitlock claiming the NRA is The new KKK and is intentionally harming inner-city blacks.

        Read a little on Margaret Sanger for the reason for my PP comment.

      • Gherkin is totally right. This guy is stretching the truth and projecting the NRA’s involvement in the supposed genocide he claims they are attempting. It probably stems from that fact that the NRA is composed mostly of OFWG’s and once again points to the need for the NRA to reach out to the minorities.

        There are some VERY REAL groups of people that are in existence today that have been and are continuing to get rid of the “undesirables” in society, like planned parenthood.
        They were founded by the American eugenics society and the Hitler actually modeled their racist teachings on the American Eugenics society and worked with members like Lothrop Stoddard to set up their “cleansing” of europe.

        Planned parenthood was started by the eugenics society in order to sterilize black people and eventually eradicate them that way, since killing them outright was off the books. You’d be surprised that forced sterilization laws were adopted by most states and targeted toward the urban communities.
        long vid but worth a watch!

      • You might want to do some reading on Maggie Sanger and her vision for “The Black Project.”

        There has been a plot by a well known public organization for genocide against American blacks… but it hasn’t been the NRA.

      • -1

        Choice is choice. Don’t tell people what to do with their bodies. Don’t tell people whether or not they have a right to protect themselves.

    • Exactly. The most dangerous place for a black male to be is in the womb. More than half won’t make it.

  3. RE:
    “I believe the NRA is the new KKK. And that the arming of so many black youths, uh, and loading up our community with drugs, and then just having an open shooting gallery”

    The man is just an idiot who does not know any better.

    How about there would have not been a need of the civil rights movement if there was not Gun Control movement after the Civil War to disarm the freed slaves.

    The first step to enslaving someone is disarming them.

    • The sad part is that Jason Whitlock once wrote another piece in which he actually got into some of the roots of crime in the black community. Of course he had to create a “Black NRA” at the time and that got a little controversy. I wish I knew how he went from believing that people are responsible for their actions and their lives to believing that an entire community has been targeted by a group of lobbyists.

      The article is republished here:

      I’d love to have the conversation that Jason Whitlock started in that article. At least that one was worth the time I took to read it.

  4. What a dipstick. The problem with black kids having guns and killing each other has nothing to do with the NRA. It has everything to do with the parents not raising their kids. If you want the kids to grow up decent then raise them that way!! Quit trying to blame the problem of lazy shithead parents on something or someone that has no direct influence on the little thugs.
    Between the lazy ass parents(for the most part, some kids just can’t be helped no matter what), and our “wonderful” welfare sit on your ass and be a dipshit drawing a check system no wonder so many kids, regardless of race turn out to be thugs.
    It is all they have known for their whole life!!!
    Cue the phone calls from the NAACP, and the Rev Jesse, Sharpton/Farrakan camp in 3….2….1…..

    • if you think louis farrakhan speaks for ANYONE outside of the nation of islam you need to read a bit more. Sharpton (whom i really don’t care for) would not be caught dead appearing with him either and that also goes for the NAACP. The National of islam (idiots) is a anti semetic cult of lunatics who killed the ONE person ever in their (but left) organization (malcom x). If you think jerimiah wright is bad, go to the NOI’s youtube channel.

      but as a black NRA member, i guess i need to be fitted for my robes according to whitlock?….. he is a ****ing hoplophoic fool and speaks for no one but himself.

      • sdog …..wasn’t inferring that the three of them
        work together, should have been clearer about it.
        It just seems like whenever we hear Anything about how the blacks or non Christians or other minorities are being oppressed or downtrodden by the Almighty Whitey one of them either individually or all of them in their own area of expertise have something to say about how bad the (insert whatever oppressor is popular at this time) treats them they are the ones being the most vocal.
        Haven’t seem NOI’s YouTube channel! That bad!??
        It is kind of funny how they talk about how bad America is but they are still here sucking up some cash and good oxygen.

  5. On the one hand, erroneous claims should not go unanswered.
    On the other hand, sometimes a claim is so absurd and silly that the best thing to do is ignore it.

    People who are dumb enough to consider this a valid point are beyond convincing with any sort of reason.

    There is no way to win against people who are committed to ignorance.

      • It is all a plot between Whitey and the Jews in Israel. What a racist moron this cat is. Libtard victimization and the Balkinization of ALL of America into different groups for money and votes. Drugs, AIDS, Guns, Crime, Poverty, poor education, etc…Its a CONSPIRACY, I tell you. Could it be that 3/4 of black babies are born without a father in the home…..NAAAH.

  6. Being a self-serving lightening rod and an opportunist that uses sensationalism exploiting human tragedy to advance one’s career is a disgusting yet proven way to expand name recognition and ‘authority’ in mass media and politics.

    Today’s KKK are modern society’s cultural values and attitudes of irresponsibility, lack of accountability, discarding morals as subjective, and worshiping feel-good momentary pleasure backed up by laws that promote a repeating generational cycle of welfare that include supporting a single parent with having children outside of marriage. This system is the real automatic repeating weapon that brings injury and death to innocent individuals and to the larger society.

  7. LaLaLa, let’s bring our kids up playing really violent, concussion inducing “sports” then blame guns when they go all homicidal. LaLaLa I can’t hear you, logical discourse!

  8. Hey, lets also bring our kids up parked in front of the TV “babysitter” with mindless, violent shows playing all day and night, and when they take a break from TV let them play mindless violent video games! That will teach them that violence never solves anything!

    And since we can’t blame the media and Hollywood and parents and a lack of moral values in modern society for the way the kids turn out, let’s blame the NRA!

  9. “…legitimate gun laws…”. Hot Dang ! Sounds like Todd Akin and his LEGITIMATE RAPE comment. Let’s see if the left crucifies this guy for that remark? Doubt it…

    Oh, and to the couple of black women that might be reading this. Mr. Einstein here is the kind of guy you are letting into your culture, family, life way too much. Their thought process, like Chris Brown, is that you ladies should just STFU and take your beating. It’s a man’s right to work you over a bit when they feel like it. As shown by the photo of Einstein with a couple of whores in the previous post, this isn’t a guy who respects women very much.

  10. My skin color is just as dark as Jason Whitlock’s, and i’m an NRA member.Does that make me a member of the KKK now?

      • Or better yet how about the Dave Chapelle skit where he is the first black leader of the KKK?? Truly a classic!!!

          • Yea!!! It was on TV and you know they can’t put anything on tv or the Internet that isn’t true!!
            BTW: Bonjour Ladies!! I am a French Model on the Internet!!!!(sarc off), I think.

    • It does, actually. You gotta read the fine print. I’m in the same boat. The good thing is, with the hood and some gloves, no one knows the difference.

    • Not yet!! You have to be labeled a racist by a Legitimate Member of certain Groups dedicated to the Equality of “All Races” before you can get your Official NRA Racist card!!!
      (Sarcasm Off)!!!!
      I know it shouldn’t but it blows my mind some times how blacks and whites who really could get out and make a great, prosperous life for themselves with a little hard work fail to do so, just out of sheer laziness.
      As a white kid growing up in black neighborhoods in Little Rock in the 60’s and 70’s I have seen many who were a hell of a lot poorer than we were go on through the military or hard work in school and the civilian sector and today are very very successful, and then again I know of some who were in the military, had great service records and got out instead of retiring and are now some of the biggest thugs and sorry asses I have ever known.
      And it is not just blacks, it happens in every race on Earth but for some reason we seem to hear more about the blacks, and sometimes the Mexicans than anyone else.
      Just my personal opinion and in no way reflects on the members and writers of TTAG!!

  11. Actually, I’d love to see the data, if it exists, on the racial makeup of the NRA’s membership. I’ll bet as a percentage, it barely registers. Furthermore, if you broke it out by zip code, I’ll bet urban zip codes are a laughably small percentage.

  12. “I think it’s obvious if you’ve traveled abroad, and traveled to countries where they have legitimate gun laws, that we don’t have to have what we have in America, where people somehow think a gun enhances their liberty, and that people somehow think a gun makes them safer.”

    Need we remind this ignoramus that 70 years ago, in the heart of western civilization, the government went door to door, rounding up citizens, ultimately to send several million of them on to torture camps and death. And the tens of millions elsewhere killed by their governments…

  13. Why do certain blacks always find someone else to blame for their own shortcomings? Why not go after the root causes? Lack of family stability, lack of discipline, lack of education, too much reliance on the state for life’s necessities (too much free stuff and no incentive to grow self worth). Neither the NRA nor any other organization is supplying the weapons and pulling the trigger.

  14. I guess when Blacks shoot whites, or Hispanics shoot Blacks, or Asians shoot Whites, it’s all a means to an end for WASP supremacy!

    What is this guy smoking?

  15. A great paradox of modern American life is that violent crime is going down while the brutality of the crimes themselves seem to be increasing. So I live in an era where I am less likely than ever to be murdered by a complete stranger but more likely to be killed by violent home invaders. Awesome. Ah, how I miss the days of simple burglary.

    I’d submit that with this in mind the NRA is doing more for blacks than the NAACP. I know too many low-income dwelling, law-abiding, black citizens. The type of people who tend to live in places that may not get the quickest of police responses unless there is an actual body found. As more laws introduce more obstacles for firearm ownership, it greats a higher barrier of entry in terms of both time and money to own a firearm. A guy holding down two jobs working weekends may not have the time and money it takes to afford a “non-Saturday Night Special” yet the comment from Obama specifically referenced “cheap handguns”. We all see where this is going. The NRA is doing more to protect low-income Blacks than anyone else. It is defending their rights to defend themselves.

  16. I think the main reason that black people like this guy are always crying race is the fact that they see that most of us white folks just don’t care enough to be racists anymore. The whole “black man’s burden” is fading away and the only way for people like this to stay relavent is to remind white people that they hate minorities. Sorry dude, this ain’t the sixties. You’re just as mundane as I am now. Welcome to the club.

  17. I’m sorry Whitlock, but you have already exempted yourself from adult discussions of serious matters. Sit down , shut up, and don’t embarass the human race any further.

    I’d like to hear Kenn Blanchard’s take on all this, please.

  18. Jason Whitlock is very familiar with firing… least, being fired from employment, that is. Check him out on Wikipedia. No wonder, after reading this racist drivel, which he has tossed about before in his career. Sometimes he likes to talk about male body parts, too, in other racist comments.

    He’s a loser who doesn’t deserve this attention. Costas was foolish for parroting such a person.

  19. This guy is as stupid as he looks. I hope he does not work in a field where you need more than a 6th grade education!

  20. What a freaking idiot! Instead of blaming people’s behavior on the NRA and the fact that guns are legal, how about blaming the lack of parenting, the lack of morals and the total lack of leadership that leads to these ‘kids with guns and drugs’.. Maybe if they weren’t brought up watching stupid ass thugs on TV glamorizing that lifestyle, they would not think it was ‘all they can be’. If you want to blame someone or something on these kids acting the way they do, look no further than the latest music video where they flash all their cash and guns, have nice cars and talk about the thug, drug dealing lifestyle!

  21. The Democrats have denied Blacks the right to own guns for self defense in places like Chicago and Washington D.C. It was the NRA that went to court to force the Democrat controled governments in these areas to allow law abiding Blacks to own guns in their homes for self defense.The KKK would be for disarming the Blacks as the Democrats are doing today.

  22. The stench of Whitlock’s overt racism is almost more than I can bear. His hypothesis is that, since the NRA is composed mostly of white guys, it’s the new KKK. Hey, Sh!tlock, check out the AMA membership sometime. Or the ABA. Or the Senate.

    If you hate white people, Jason, just come out of the closet and say so. At least I’d respect your honesty, if not your intelligence.

    • Whitlock pretty much lost whatever tiny shred of credibility he ever had about recognizing racism the minute he made a small penis jokes about Jeremy Lin, a Taiwanese American basketball player. His follow-up “apology” was even worst.

      Apparently, Whitlock isn’t smart enough to realize that disarming law-abiding Black citizens is 1,000x more evil than a NFL football player going crazy, murdering the mother of his child, and killing himself in front of his coaching.

  23. Whitlock is a once semi-talented loser who whittled his good fortune away on booze and gambling. His jealously for his former KC colleague- the immensely talented Joe Posnansk- seems to have sent him over the edge. Whitlock is unprofessional, constantly plays the race card, clearly benefits from a version of the same, and is known to disappear from his assignments only to show in Las Vegas bragging about the size of his hangover. It speaks quite a bit about the erosion of talent experienced by Costa that he’s springboarding off a hack like Whitlock. Ashcan with the both of them.

  24. Wai a darn minute – when did the NRA start giving out drugs? Did I get the non-urban membership or what?

  25. I’m so sick of racist people like Whitlock being allowed to say this racist garbage and getting away with it because they are a minority. There is so much racism in this country but it’s directed towards white people, which supposedly makes it okay. Quite frankly I’m so offended that I will never read anything from the media outlets that employ him from now on.

    • The reason that racism against white people doesn’t count is because Democrats consider it some form of “payback” by the descendants of historically persecuted people. People who lived during the times of Native American massacres and slavery are long dead, the left just loves to play the “guilty by association” card. They preach how white people today such as myself (and I don’t have a racist bone in my body) are expected to “deal with it” because the tragedies of the past were caused by people with the same skin shade as I, and therefore I am somehow responsible.

      Honestly, I wouldn’t give a shit if Kit Carson was my great great grandfather. I’m disgusted by racially fueled genocide, but I was also not alive in the 1860s. I don’t “carry the burden” of anything because of my skin color, and I’m not responsible for what people did before I was a fetus.

  26. Another Jesse Jackson idiot! Well then if we must prevent crime ban cars and knifes and all fertilizers (bombs). If he touts foreign countries they running people over with tanks or having secrete police arrest people the state doesn’t like.

    This man is such a idiot that he better off living in the PRC and carry his red book. If he thinks government and no freedoms is the answer for people of color. He should be the one wearing a whit sheet over his head.

  27. The reason racism is still brought up in this day and age is because of useless diatribes such as this. The NRA is the new KKK? They are responsible for arming black youths with guns and drugs? Clearly, that makes all the sense in the world. I find it funny how people can make statements such as this, when there is, in fact, Black Entertainment Television (clearly not racist), NAACP (clearly not racist)…..This is also completely ignoring his useless and false facts. What is the gun crime rate in Mexico? What is the knife crime rate in England? How many people are killed by drunk drivers every year? Instead of throwing out baseless comments such as this, rife with racism, why not actually do some good in the world and work to prevent the violence. It’s sad that somebody such as this is getting paid high dollars to spew useless garbage on national television.

  28. I think Mr. Whitlock is right on target, Negro’s have shown they can’t handle the responsibility of owning firearms, therefore, government should pass a law preventing Negro’s for gun ownership. Eliminate the darkies for owning guns will cut the murder rate in half.

  29. So according to this guy none of the people who CHOOSE to use dope and CHOOSE to commit crimes, etc, etc is to blame. It’s all somebody else’s fault…….

    Wow. So who do I contact to complain about my lot in life? Somebody needs to give me a bunch of money or something right? Is this not the logic? The man is keeping me down!

  30. Maybe this man should spend some time in Memphis. Drive through suburbs like Frayser, Hickory Hill, Raleigh or down Elvis Presley Blvd aka “Grace”land. He should spend some time in the homes of people that live in these ghettos.

    I do this on a daily basis including being in these homes. Its depressing, even heartbreaking at times.

    *Inserting sarcasm here* But yes, guns are totaly the problem. Its deffinatley the guns fault that people are having unprotected sex or just having kids for a welfare check. It is Sig and Colt and Glock and all the others fault that so many kids are born in to hate filled environments that they are not even wanted in.

    • It is a gun law born out of the wedlock of two other consenting laws, as opposed to a illegitimate gun law which is just the Bastard Child Law of an unknown and uncaring Father law!!!

  31. NRA provides gun – nope , a lot thugs have an NRA membership – nope
    Could pass muster to legally own a gun – not very damn likely.
    NRA same as KKK – just stupid

    See a lot of different races, ages, and both genders at the gun range I frequent
    See any thugs there – nope

  32. “…And that the arming of so many black youths, uh, and loading up our community with drugs, and then just having an open shooting gallery, is the work of people who obviously don’t have our best interests [at heart].”

    hmmm, sounds like the government to me.

    man, where do i get some marijuana from the NRA? holy shit. thats news to me.

    Whitlock should stick to what he knows: jack shit.

  33. Judging this particular book by its cover (great photo by the way), I can tell that Mr. Whitlock is a man of deep wisdom, boundless insight and possesses an incisive ability for critical analysis of complex problems. Or, more factually, he’s just another run of the mill, dim witted bigot.

  34. I think Lynn is linking to this upthread a couple places, but the irony is that the KKK was founded as a gun control organization, with a special focus on stripping the newly freed blacks of any firearms. As we all know, it’s much harder to oppress an armed populace.

  35. I would like to think Bob just committed career suicide by shooting off his mouth. I’ll have to start looking for him over on MSNBC where he’ll blend right in with the rest of the left leaning loons.

  36. I am black, proud and firmly believe the gun laws have hurt my people almost as much as the KKK. That said, the NRA needs to stop endorsing politics except for 2A.
    I am a member, but it gets really embarrassing when they endorse candidates that are clearly not connected with our country today. The NRA needs to be more inclusive and stop getting involved with other issues. Whitlock…..who cares what any pundit says.

    • The NRA hacks me off with that. If you want to be a special interest group, go for it. But keep your politicking confined to that special interest.

  37. Seriously,
    Nobody wants your shotgun, crossbow or other hunting equipment.
    If you need an automatic or semiautomatic rifle or handgun, you are blind and should not have a gun.

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