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From somewhere on MyFace via Instapundit.

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  1. The NCA–National Cutlery Association– is responsible for the proliferation of illegal knives and drugs in this country. The inner city youth doesn’t stand a chance, what with the NCA issuing knives and drugs. Anyone who has traveled abroad would know that. Just ask Whitlock.

  2. What a pair, what a pair!!! A dumbass parrot and a sloooow moving rich ass killer! LOL!!!
    Sure hope they don’t breed!!!

  3. Still sniffing the jock strap of any football player, dead or alive, Bob? Dig it, you wannabe. Now spew forth how great it was since you’re intoxicated. Oh yeah, anti-gun twaddle works on 5 networks: ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and BBC. Preacher Bob. Have some original thought. Stats man. Get a life.

  4. Anyone remember the cooking show, “Yan Can Cook?”

    He would take a bunch of innocent veggies, line them up on his cutting board and during the slaughter say, “chop chop chop chop.”

    What a geonocidal maniac he was lol

    *sarcasm off*

  5. Dear Bob Costas,

    Of course you’re right, without a gun an irate football player would never kill someone.

    –Nicole Brown Simpson

  6. I didn’t realize Costas was qualified to lecture us about gun culture. Maybe because he isn’t. Stick to what you know, Bob, and that’s droning on about chronic steroid abusers playing a game for millions.

  7. If the dude wasn’t a pro football player this killing would have never made the news. Costas should stick to being a well paid commentator about grown men playing kid’s games.

  8. Did anyone notice he was talking over the Nat. Anthem?
    Our lives have become more and more to reflect Atlas Shrugged. Which will come next the “Spainish Civil War” or the French Revolution?
    My bet is on SCW and it makes me weep.
    Read your history brothers, because history is about to repeat itself.

  9. Hey Costas, you mental retard, why aren’t you using your 1st Amendment rights to go off on all sports that can potentially cause brain damage due to concussions??? Are you afraid you might be out of a job?

  10. Bob i totally understand. i agree a 6ft plus, 200lb plus athlete with enough anger to intend to kill someone wouldn’t have the ability to kill a female even if he tried. obviously taking away 1 tool (gun) out of a 100 household tools (scissors, knife, fire extinguisher) that could kill someone would prevent most if not all murder/suicides. SARCASM ALL THE WAY. what a shame, i used to like and respect bob.

  11. The short 21″ bladed two handed heavy Katana under my bed can cut a persons head off (certainly with one swipe from that beastly sized football monster that ventilated himself). Wish the coward had done himself BEFORE he murdered his wife.

  12. After the gun and knife bans, I vote for glue next. Maybe spray paint? People still sniff that stuff right?

    Its already restricted, have to be 18 to buy it. So lets take the next “logical” step.

    *sarcasm off* – Again

  13. Bob just committed career suicide by shooting off his mouth. I look forward to seeing him with those other left leaning loons on MSNBC. Hey, it worked for Keith Olbermann, right?!


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