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tree gun

Image courtesy Brownells.

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    • It sure did… Archeologists actually have a hard time studying anything in the ground in many parts of that region, because it’s so incredibly littered with shell casings, rounds, debris, shrapnel, helmets, gear, body parts and all kinds shit, that forms a layer in the ground like a geological epoch.

  1. Is that some barb-wire coming out of the right side?

    Jethro Tull Flashback – ‘Nine miles of two-strand topped with barbed-wire, laid by the father for the son. Good shelter down there on the valley floor, down by where the sweet stream run…”

  2. If that were to be an AK and that were to be some type of fruit tree. Is it safe to say it would be impossible to make jam?

  3. i wonder what the chemistry of that old school steel was. not like the cheap chinese prison steel they make stuff out of now a days.


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