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Look what the e-mailman dragged in the other day. For the low, low package price of only $259.95, you can now turn a well-balanced, top quality production pistol into a five pound muzzle-heavy un-carryable block of customized multi-tasking glory. It’ll make your SIG SAUER Classic ™ gun even more Classic-er. Even if you’re not a competitive shooter or tactical operator, can’t you just hear the admiring comments from your buds down at the range? OK, so you won’t be able to buy a holster for it. Don’t worry. It’s only a matter of time before I get another email from the fine folks at SIG letting me know they have a sling available for this thing. And I’m sure there’s a spot to put a star on top of that red dot. Somewhere.

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    • CRKT or Ka-Bar make a pistol bayonet designed to fasten to the rail under the barrel. Handy for leading the troops “over the top” when attacking the Hun trenches.

  1. One could almost write a Death Watch series dedicated to what will be a long, slow slip into irrelevance if SIG continues upon the path they are on.

    Right now, I am sure the executive suite is proud as punch with their sales numbers. The rising tide of Americans buying 5M+ firearms a year is likely making the numbers go up each quarter. I am sure they feel that cutting component quality, partnering with a slew of chintzy Chinese suppliers they found out of the back of Shotgun News and introducing ridiculous bling models is working.

    Mark my words; within 7 years, SIG will be a husk of it’s former self.

  2. Since it’s 6:45AM out here in Oregon I can’t help but wonder where the hell the coffee bean grinder attachment is located on that mount. Oh wait, it does come with a FREE neck knife to the first 100 callers. Such a deal!

  3. Obviously, you’ve never shot a handgun with a red dot sight on it. While I believe that an open style, Trijicon RMR type sight is superior to scope type red dot on a handgun, both with make the weapon far more effective.

    Also, a light is absolutely necessary on any sort of handgun that will be used for self defense. A laser probably isn’t a horrible idea on a home defense pistol as you might have to shoot from a position where you cannot get a good sight picture. It might also be up to another member of the household with less marksmanship abilities to utilize the pistol.

    That out of the way, this is still a crap product. If you want a red dot on your handgun, you machine the slide. This sort of bolt-on system just adds unnecessary bulk to the weapon. The components also just look cheap, even in that small picture. That they wouldn’t be up to the level of an Aimpoint T1 or a Surefire X400 is no surprise, but those things would look cheap on an Airsoft Sig.

    What the hell has happened to Sig? They really shouldn’t have hired that jackass who’s resume surely states “Ruined Kimber” in big, bold letters. I was looking at a P226 Elite Dark TB the other week. The slide to frame fit was absolutely horrible. Had I bought it ($1,079.99), I’d have surely had to send it back to have it worked over. Well, first I’d have had to fire at least 200 rounds through it and then deal with Sig’s obnoxious customer service. This would be unacceptable on any pistol, let alone a Elite-series Sig.

    Sig pistol reliability has gone from “To hell and back” to abysmal levels. If I want a finicky gun that requires a lot of gunsmithing, then I might as well buy a 1911. I’ll at least get a wonderful trigger and a very pretty handgun out of the deal.

    I really regret selling that West German manufactured P226 a few years ago. It was a little worse for wear, but nothing an application of Cerakote and some new grips wouldn’t have fixed. The only thing I didn’t like about it was the lack of a rail, but I can’t hold that against it since it predates the 1913 rail by a decade.

    • Red dots do speed up your shooting if you have a good sight picture. Without that, the dot is off the screen and you spend lots of time trying to reorient the gun to find the dot. Iron sights are much faster in that scenario. Defensive fighting is not like shooting on the range and a good sight picture

      While the need for a light is essential, one does not need a light ON the pistol. I don’t like pistol-mounted lights as it forces the user to search with the muzzle, thereby, pointing a loaded gun at people loaded guns should not be pointed at. Much preferred, in my opinion, is the hand-held light.

      Even if you did prefer a pistol mounted light, that configuration is an abomination.

  4. That’s one reason why I got rid of my P226. Hey Sig, you can keep your overpriced guns, magazines and accessories. I was so disappointed with that gun that I gladly traded it in for about half of what I paid for it.

  5. How come there’s no place to hang a couple of extra magazines off of that rig? It looks like they forgot the cup holder too. Sig’s R&D boys need to get busy. Maybe Sig could team up with Beta C to make a 100 round mag for it, which would act as a counter balance.


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