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  1. damn…..what an eloquent statement/response to CPD boss. Now THIS is the type of response we need in the face of the gun grabbers, not nugent.

    btw the Black codes made it ILLEGAL for AA’s to buy or possess guns, so i guess he stopped reading the book after the first sentence.?

  2. Thanks for posting. She does an excellent job of knocking McCarthy down a few pegs. The man’s an idiot and a danger to the citizens of this town.

    Spring is coming and when the temps go up, so does the violence and body count. He’ll be a convenient fall guy for Tiny Dancer come May/June.

    Illustrating Chicagoland Idiocy, Mayhem and Stupidity at

  3. I…Love…this…woman. Nothing better than watching a knowledgeable individual verbally and intellectually BACKHAND an ignorant gun-grabber!

  4. Pirro was a really tough prosecutor back in Westchester County, NY, when she was the DA. You can see why she was so effective. And she still looks good at 61. 🙂 But when she ran for state attorney general, she lost to Andrew F^cking Cuomo, the current governor. 🙁

      • Not that I care much for the Hearst Corp., but she was outed by a Commie Gannett Paper. Gannett is a gigantic multimedia holding company that owns dozens of papers, TV stations, websites etc. In other words another tentacle of the Progressive Fascist Media Menace.

    • Hands down the sexiest 61 year old I’ve ever seen. And the way she speaks just makes her that much more attractive. Thank you, Judge, for speaking out against someone who would seek to disarm us.

    • I’m 63, I want a date.

      But seriously, the reason that the CPD won’t go after the gangs is that it would cut into the Aldermen’s and Ward Committeemen’s bribe money. The gang leadership is part of the machine. The Mayor, the Chief of Police and the State’s attorney want the attention focused on legal gun owners so their corrupt relationship with the gangs can go on as normal.

      The STARZ series “Boss” was canceled despite the series’ popularity. While the portrayal of the Mayor was a bit too much on the Al Capone side, it accurately portrayed the dynamics of corruption including the documented relationship between the gangs and politicians. You can bet the the Mayor, who is well connected to Hollywood through his brother Ari, wanted the show killed not because it reflected badly on the city but because of its authenticity in exposing the larger public to the operation of the corrupt Democrat Party machine in Chicago. An ill informed electorate addicted to free stuff has allowed this way of business to go national.

    • damn, 61? the whole time I was watching I was thinking “what an attractive and well-spoken 40-something woman”…hope I age that well

  5. I’ve seen FOAD used several times and I still can’t figure out what it means. Someone please explain FOAD (it’s probably bad so you can uses some stars and hopefully I’ll figure it out.)

  6. SHE lost to Cuomo? Humm, and Tiny Dancer was elected major of Chicago. In Illinois the majority of voters must be certified card carrying idiots.

  7. There is so much to unpack in Chief McCarthy’s short quoted statement it’s almost epic.

    – “Black and brown people” have no agency of their own – we have to treat them like infants and give them only nerf toys.

    – Jim Crow, Segregation, etc. – what do they all have in common? All Democrat policies.

    – Doing my job in policing my city is too damned hard – and it’s up to the rest of America to give up their Constitutional Rights so that my job will be easier. I’m just too damned incompetent to police a major city.

  8. What should scare everyone is the crowd cheering him on. They are all too stupid to know they are being fooled again and again.

  9. I’m pissed that this Demohack says the second is raciest! It was the dixie dems who wanted to force gun prohibition on newly freed slaves back in the late 1800’s. But it’s honest citizens that are raciest. Division 101. How indoctrinated can people who believe this meme be? This cop is the kind of “person” that spreads conflict and hatred with lies. He should rot in hell.

    • Seriously, this is a woman candidate I could get behind. Hillary scares me to death, and unfortunately Bachmann and Palin were somewhat lacking in intelligence. And by somewhat I mean utterly. But Judge Jeanine? I would be willing to bet if she were president we’d see the ATF gone, the DHS and NSA rolled into one and greatly down-sized, and the TSA gone all within her first month in office. Second month would see national reciprocity, repeal of Obamacare, meaningful tort reform, and border law enforcement. Heck, people like her not only know stuff, they know people who know stuff. Her cabinet would probably be the greatest collection of liberty-loving minds since the signing of the Constitution. Who do we contact about this?

      • I saw a good article on how Bachmann stood on a variaty of issues. She’s so stupid that everything she said turned out to be right. Both Bachmann and Palin have a positive IQ differential when it comes to most of the people in this Adminstration.

        • It seems TR has fallen for the “eloquence=intelligence” fallacy. That someone is a brilliant public speaker means exactly that and only that. The ability to read a teleprompter compellingly does not equal intelligence.

          However, you can be both, as Judge Pirro ably demonstrates. But if I had to choose one over the other, I’d pick someone like Bachmann or Palin over an eloquent windbag like Obama.

  10. Chief McCarthy decided to revise history by not mentioning the fact that the earliest gun control laws were meant to prevent minorities from owning guns to protect themselves. So the Chicago PD are unable or unwilling to enforce laws, and the judicial system in Chicago has no idea or ability to pursue and track all cases. Given these shortcomings, it’s amazing that there are many in Chicago that are still willing to give up their civil liberties / gun rights. This shows that the education system in the city is broken when this guy is able to give these BS statements in order to cover his rear and suck up to his boss.

  11. The really horrible thing about this whole scenario is that
    there is virtually nothing that will get the CPD Chief
    throw out.

  12. I give mccarthy credit for some honesty. He didn’t need to play the look elsewhere game, he’s going to save black gangbangers no matter how many whites & good blacks he kills, Randy

  13. This woman always seems to cut through the blizzard of BS to lay out the facts and flay out the BS artists. Excellent video as usual. Someone I could vote for.

  14. She hit the nail on the head. McCarthy isn’t getting the job done – not that it’s an easy job. In his dishonesty, he is deflecting attention from his failure using an emotional issue like gun control. He’s confusing legal gun ownership with the criminals and the gun violence they perpetuate, and the people of Chicago are lapping it up.

    • Your sentence structure would serve to imply that legal gun owners beget criminals et cetera; I’ll presume that to’ve not been your intent.

      Russ, wiseass

  15. Okay I’m only 30, but doesn’t anybody else find it hilarious that the guy’s name is McCarthy? What he’s doing is the textbook definition of “McCarthyism” from the 50’s Communist scare days.

    Wiki: “McCarthyism is the practice of making accusations of disloyalty, subversion, or treason without proper regard for evidence. It also means “the practice of making unfair allegations or using unfair investigative techniques, especially in order to restrict dissent or political criticism.

    Might as well apply it to “shoulder thing that goes up” [Carolyn] McCarthy as well!

  16. As others have indicated, I could vote for this woman for POTUS. I believe she has a keen sense of reality and practicality; something that has eluded us now for years.
    I hope the party hacks are listening.


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