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Join the +ONE Movement by bringing somebody to the range this month and teaching them about the joys, security, and self-sufficiency of responsible and safe gun ownership. After all, it’s National Shooting Sports Month and the last couple years have clearly shown us that there are millions and millions of people interested in joining the ranks of firearm owners for the first time. From the NSSF:

NSSF Celebrates National Shooting Sports Month, Welcoming Millions of New Recreational Shooters and Hunters

NEWTOWN, Conn. — NSSF®, The Firearm Industry Trade Association, is celebrating National Shooting Sports Month® in August, a month-long recognition of the positive impacts hunting and recreational target shooting have for millions of Americans.

Developed by NSSF, National Shooting Sports Month encourages newcomers and experienced gun owners and hunters to visit a local shooting range with their handgun, rifle or shotgun to enjoy the target-shooting sports, which boasts more than 56 million adult and youth participants. All are encouraged to invite a guest with them to introduce them to responsible firearm ownership.

“National Shooting Sports Month is recognition and celebration of the vital contributions of recreational target shooting, hunting and responsible gun ownership,” said NSSF President and CEO Joe Bartozzi. “It is also a month in which we recognize the contributions the firearm industry makes to communities, states and our nation. This is a $70 billion industry that provides over 375,000 jobs. Our industry has welcomed increasing numbers of women and minority gun owners. We are proud to welcome responsible gun owners from all walks of life to celebrate our shared heritage.”

Several of America’s governors signed official state proclamations showing their support for National Shooting Sports Month, recognizing the vital role the firearm and ammunition industry fulfills within their respective states. Governors highlighted the contributions of job creation, economic impact and conservation efforts through Pittman-Robertson excise tax payments, paid by firearm and ammunition manufacturers.

Governors celebrating National Shooting Sports Month by official proclamation so far include:

Alabama Republican Governor Kay Ivey
Arizona Republican Governor Doug Ducey
Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis
Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp
Idaho Republican Governor Brad Little
Indiana Republican Governor Eric Holcomb
Iowa Republican Governor Kim Reynolds
Maryland Republican Governor Larry Hogan
Mississippi Republican Governor Tate Reeves
Missouri Republican Governor Mike Parson
Montana Republican Governor Greg Gianforte
North Dakota Republican Governor Doug Burgum
Ohio Republican Governor Mike DeWine
South Carolina Republican Governor Henry McMaster
South Dakota Republican Governor Kristi Noem
Tennessee Republican Governor Bill Lee
Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott
Virginia Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin
West Virginia Republican Governor Jim Justice
Wisconsin Democratic Governor Tony Evers
Wyoming Republican Governor Mark Gordon

As National Shooting Sports Month kicks off, NSSF offers industry members at recreational shooting ranges and target courses a Promotional Toolkit, where businesses can download social media promotions, logos, and guidance to promote National Shooting Sports Month. Firearm ranges and retailers can help celebrate recreational shooting and spread the word about mentoring through the +ONE® Movement and spending shared time at the range.

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  1. My wife will cover that this month with some of her female friends this is more take stock of inventory, see what the new laws hit next month, and what if anything we want to pick up prior month for me.

    • It’s a little late for ” buy it cheap, stack it deep.”
      Maybe the new motto should be ” buy it NOW, afford it somehow.”
      Myself and some others on here already suspect that the fix is in for the mid-terms

      • .40sw for weapons and ammo is very well priced compared to its competing calibers at the moment but yeah more figuring out what to prioritize (can still be bought out of state legally just more expensive vs need a permit to buy in a few weeks but more for fun than use) or just stack up on ammo and long term storage food.

  2. “Join the +ONE Movement by bringing somebody to the range this month and teaching them about the joys, security, and self-sufficiency of responsible and safe gun ownership.”

    That’s an almost daily thing around here, has been for many years. There are always a few or a group of us bringing someone to the range for this purpose.

    • what is it with Chicago? Even though crime is rampant there they still need to make up crimes?

  3. Suspect beats blind man with own cane then stabs him and 2 others, police say

    Sadly, this is pretty normal in the U.S. . ~1,300 victims daily in the U.S. are attacked by violent criminals who use knives for the attack – over 470,000 victims annually. 75% of the victims are not armed and are seriously injured or killed (later death after the attack), 18% of the victims are armed and are not seriously injured or killed (sometimes there are minor injuries), 2% of the victims are armed and are seriously injured or killed, 3% of the victims are not armed and are killed immediately, 2% of the victims are not armed but the criminal does not proceed with the attack for some reason. Its extremely rare for knife attacks to make the news.

    This blind victim was also beaten with his own cane, a blunt object … over 3,500 victims daily in the U.S. are attacked by violent criminals who use hands, fists, or blunt objects for the attack.

    • no better argument has ever been made for sitting in a boat with cases of shells and a pump.

    • “…Disney World guests stuck…”

      I was told once that the cowboys of the Old West packed revolvers so they could shoot the horse if they were ever dislodged from the saddle and were being dragged by a foot stuck in the stirrup. Don’t know whether that’s true, but I’ll bet some of those folks on that ride wished they were packing.

  4. It’s always a good idea to take a new shooter to the range. Especially if it’s their idea. Next best is an invite. Even if just to watch. Never push. I don’t get to do that as often as I did before I retired. Prior to that I was often asked about firearms and shooting. I would talk to them as long as my time and their interest would allow.

  5. Well golly gee I dont know anybody that doesn’t already shoot, well except my new neighbor, and I dont think theres a way I could get her in my car no matter what the reason.

  6. Okay, TTAG—what’s up with the system that constantly puts people (regular readers/posters) into moderation, but let’s peter shawn above post his nonsense?

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