John Farnam: UK Disarming Citizens for the “Islamic Holocaust”

In an article of July 17, Sky News crowed about a single seizure of illegal guns (“illegal guns” is a redundancy in the UK). The bust went down on the French side of the Channel Tunnel, with the guns ostensibly on their way to England. We’re told that a number of “viable” handguns “in 4mm and 6mm” caliber, plus ammunition, were seized.

For one, I’d sure like to see what 4mm and 6mm handgun ammunition looks like. And I’m not at all sure what “non-viable” handguns might looks like, either. Sky News writers obviously couldn’t distinguish a “viable gun” from a waffle-iron.

Like “show” drug-seizures, often ballyhooed by police, this seizure represents some minuscule fraction of one percent of guns illegally entering the UK.

“Real guns” are regularly slipped into the UK, in the dead of night, via small boats operating into small coves along England’s complicated and poorly-patrolled coastline, as they have been for most of the last century.

Once again, the foregoing is little more than carefully-orchestrated “security theater,” specifically designed for naive consumption by a gullible public.

Castrated citizens of the UK, and all of Western Europe, remain extremely vulnerable to a bona fide holocaust, perpetuated by heavily-armed Islamic Terrorists. Little is being done to correct this situation, save an occasional “show” seizure/arrest, designed to temporarily mollify the frightened and apprehensive.

Citizens, here and there, are solely responsible for their own protection, whether they realize it or not, as governments predictably spend the vast majority of time, effort, and resources protecting themselves, as we see!


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  1. avatar Ralph says:

    Brits seem to love being disarmed. I hope that they also love female genital mutilation and sharia law, because they’re getting both. And they deserve both.

    1. avatar No one of consequence says:

      The kids that get mutilated certainly don’t deserve it at the age it’s done to them. And the parent only feels it secondhand.

    2. avatar Vhyrus says:

      If you want to really burn with white hot rage you should read about the UK police busting people and giving them jail time for hate speech for saying mean things about muslims in the immediate aftermath of the manchester bombing. They were proudly talking about it on their twitter feed.

      1. avatar CLarson says:

        Kind off makes you wonder about all the bitching about East Germany and the Stasi were about when the UK authorities have no problem doing the same thing, clamping down on political speech. BOHICA. When the chips are down no one acts like there is a good and evil, there is just an US and THEM. The British people are realizing they are on the wrong side of their government. Well not my circus, not my monkeys. Best of luck to the British. I hope the US government has a plan to counter the British sub-based nuclear ICBMs when the U.K. goes Islamic.

        1. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

          Here’s to hoping the last limey outta HMNB Clyde hits the self-destruct button.

        2. avatar J says:

          If i remember right, we built and control all their ICBMs.

        3. avatar Geoff PR says:

          “If i remember right, we built and control all their ICBMs.”

          We built them, but the Brits have full launch control authority for their missiles…

        4. avatar MeRp says:

          They have full launch control, but, basically, zero GPS control… which means if the US doesn’t like where they are pointed, they can point them to outer space instead, or to an alternate target of their choosing (within certain limitations) if that makes more sense.

      2. avatar Hannibal says:

        Really? Who did they give jail time to?

        1. avatar CLarson says:

          Yeah the penalty for hate speech in the U.K. is 6 months in jail and/or 5000 GBP. Facebook and Google are dropping the dime on people.
          This is an older article but they have already arrested thousands of people. Not sure how many of them get the full 6 months.

          The U.K. has adopted authoritarianism in a big way.

        2. avatar Hank says:

          This is not a new phenomenon. If you follow British politics and news, the BBC occasionally and quite proudly display articles where subjects are jailed for public hate speech. Often times the speech itself isn’t even really that offensive.

      3. avatar Timothy says:

        England is the country that arrested a man for singing at karaoke “Everybody was kung fu fighting! Those guys were fast as lightning!!” Because of how inherently racist that song and anyone who would sing it is.

  2. avatar Rokurota says:

    4mm and 6mm. So MP7s and a box of .25 ACP Bryco Jennings.

    Those wheelguns have TRAINER printed on the barrel. So we’re looking at blanks or percussion caps at worst.

    1. avatar James says:

      These air rifle strength pistols would probably function as intended. The Jennings/Jimenez/Bryco… not so much.

  3. avatar Paul Stoufflet says:

    The “guns” in question are from ATAK arms, and fire 4mm and 6mm Flobert ammo. They are made in the Czech Republic or Slovakia, and are considered the equivalent of air rifles there. Compare the following link to the picture on the Daily Mirror website linked above.

    Just when I think England has sunk as low as it can, it surprises me.

  4. avatar Swilson says:

    Good heavens, that’s dreadful!

  5. More bigotry and fear mongering from a fake news website.

    Meanwhile they’re more than 35000 firearm deaths and rising each year in the US versus the less than 50 deaths a year in the UK.

    They’ve been more and more attacks in the US caused by crazies with ties to right wing groups, right wing survivalist nuts and right wing militia fanatics than religious radicals.

    You do not speak for the people of the UK who don’t want their country turning into 3rd world nightmare. Many will reject your false claims of “safety”.

    It’s easier to survive been attacked with a knife, a section of pipe or a fist than being shot at.

    And your claims of weapons smuggling in the UK has little to no fact in it, Most guns that have shown up in foreign criminal or extremist hands have come from this country because people like you ignore in some attempt to prove “laws don’t work.”

    Robert should be more concerned about his role in sponsoring hate and destruction against Americans that refuse to own a gun, the rights and freedoms not to be killed by some NRA-worshiping lunatic who thinks the end of days is around the corner and tired of the lies of constantly debunked corporate owned stats by his gun-lobby puppet masters.

    Our country is not really free if it has a death rate higher than any 3rd world country.

    1. avatar Vhyrus says:

      The wonderful thing about our country is that you are free to leave if you find it morally repugnant to the degree you apparently are. If there are other countries that more suit your lifestyle, and if you truly feel you are less free here than there, you should consider moving to those countries. You will be happier to not live here, and we will be happier not to have you live here. Win win.

      1. avatar Southern Cross says:


        1. avatar Vhyrus says:

          I wish you guys wouldn’t censor quite so hard. I would love to know what was said.

        2. avatar Angryaz says:

          The flames were required for this pandering hipster dhimwni

        3. avatar Southern Cross says:

          Yay! My fist flame deleted.

          The comment was about TR being away on summer camp paid by the parents. And some notes about his future education in UK Universities or Harvard as a full-paying student.

          Nothing I thought was flame worthy considering his posts and comments about others.

    2. avatar Robert Farago says:

      Our country is not really free if it has a death rate higher than any 3rd world country.

      I assume you mean a firearms-related death rate. Click here to see firearms-related death rates by country. There are PLENTY of “3rd world countries” with higher firearms-related death rates.

      What interests me: you define freedom as a lack of “gun violence.” If that were true, then the countries with the most freedom are those run by totalitarian regimes, like China. Where human rights, let’s call it personal liberty, doesn’t exist.

      Which puts us smack dab in the middle of Orwellian double-speak: slavery is freedom! While I’m sure there are websites where the majority of readers would agree with that sentiment, and have outfits to match, this isn’t one of them.

      By the same token, my father survived four years in Nazi labor camps without proper food or shelter. He was beaten to unconsciousness three times, and watched men die all around him. He warned me “there are worse things than death.”

      Like being defenseless when you or someone you love is threatened with rape, torture and/or grievous bodily harm. At that point, who would think, well, this sucks, but at least society is safer because I’m unarmed?

      Would I trade my natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms to reduce the overall firearms-related homicide rate? No. I would not.

      That doesn’t make me a monster. It makes me a man wary of monsters. Some of whom are closer than you think.

      1. avatar MyName says:

        RF, FTW.

    3. avatar Bob says:

      Any time you spend here is completely wasted.

      You don’t go to a farming board and try to convince them that farming is the devil.

      In your vain attempt to spew liberal logic you merely strengthen the bond between us.

    4. avatar Brethren Armament says:

      Annnnnd the dumbest comment has reached the internet today.

      Care to provide stats on your claims?

    5. avatar Ranger Rick says:

      “It’s easier to survive been attacked with a knife, a section of pipe or a fist than being shot at.”

      This is not necessarily true. Knife wounds either slashing or puntchure are often grievous and fatal. A concussion wound from a pip is often fatal and for those that survive there’s brain damage.

      Bullet wounds on the other hand are having a much higher save rate than ever before thanks to techniques and technology developed the last 15 years.

    6. avatar ActionPhysicalMan says:

      What are you resisting? As far as I can tell, very little is changing or happening. DT seems to be just flailing about. And the congress is as deadlocked as ever. You probably feel pretty heroic anyway, posting on comment sections an all.

      1. avatar Tom in PA says:

        He’s resisting any information that is contrary to the fallacious construct that forms his contrived reality- he should change his tag to “Confirmation Bias”

    7. avatar CLarson says:

      Funny, I don’t feel any resistance. Are you really trying?

    8. avatar Hannibal says:

      “It’s easier to survive been attacked with a knife… ”

      TRY IT.

    9. avatar Tom in PA says:

      All I’m hearing from your hole is beta male BS. Regarding your knife vs gun comment, you are unequivocally wrong. You can be shot in the upper abdomen and still have a chance of surviving if it’s a common small pistol or rifle caliber, and you receive timely, competent medical treatment. If one is stabbed with a 4″+ knife in the upper abdomen with enough force to penetrate deep into the abdominal cavity, and the knife is pulled across and down in a “J hook” fashion, you will not survive even if you’re standing in the operating room. You are done. Leave your assessments on the effectiveness of weapons to those who comprehend their proper use, have first hand experience and the requisite testicular fortitude – you very much impress me as one that would simply prefer to lay down and die.

    10. avatar Hunter427 says:

      326 million people live in the USA ,,,,2014 gunshot homicide by FBI stats is 8124 were is this 35000 Gun deaths you speak of.

    11. avatar RockOnHellChild says:

      “Our country is not really free if it has a death rate higher than any 3rd world country.”

      You have not spent much time in 3rd world country have you…?

      The food or water alone could kill you in 3rd world country. I went to places in the military where we ordered not to eat or drink anything you didn’t bring because the water was little more than filtered piss water…

      I’ll take the American “non-freedom” because I have .008% chance of dying from a “gun death” over the 3rd world 50% chance of starvation or malaria, any day of the week.

      1. avatar Big Bill says:

        Every country in the world has a 100% death rate.
        No one gets out alive.

    12. avatar Kroglikepie says:

      “It’s easier to survive been attacked with a knife, a section of pipe or a fist than being shot at.”

      Wow. Seriously STFU. You have NO idea what you’re talking about (as usual). I entreat you to actually get shot or stabbed some posters here have. Or treat trauma like others have (some of us in both camps).

      I’m done with stupid shit like this. I honestly hope you get mugged and bleed to death wondering in your precious little snowflake head “Why me?”. Fuck you, that’s why.

    13. avatar n64456 says:

      Speaking of “drive-by’s”; look who showed up!

      I suggest you learn how to beg for your life in Pashto, Persian, and Arabic. when that crazy jihadi is standing over you with a sword, it might come in handy….. I doubt it would make much of a difference…

      Arabic : “Min fadlik la qate rasi” If you make a “pointy-talky” use this: من فضلك لا قطع رأسي

      Pashto : مهرباني وکړئ زما سر مه پریږدی

      Persian : لطفا سر من را قطع نکن

      Good luck sparky; you’re going to need it…..

    14. avatar J says:

      Everyone’s favorite lefty bullshitter is back…..

    15. avatar Tim says:

      Not even the neo-marxists in Hamburg believe your nonsense.

    16. avatar bobo says:

      35000 gun deaths per year??

      Even a judge in Liberal as HELL Comiefornia Did not take “Mother Jones” reports as REAL evidence!!!!
      During his revoking of the magazine ban in Cali!!!

      AND that says a lot…that MJ means nothing for relevant numbers, so stop quoting BS and try again?

      Sadly real sadly Trump frown!

    17. avatar Manse Jolly says:

      Delta has flights leaving every day.

    18. avatar Manse Jolly says:

      To The_Resistance
      Delta has flights leaving every day.

    19. avatar Kyle says:

      Free Kekistan!

    20. avatar samuraichatter says:

      “It’s easier to survive been attacked with a knife, a section of pipe or a fist than being shot at.”

      Vans – you forgot vans

    21. avatar Ad Astra says:

      So what you think the firearms in the UK just spontaneously condense out of the air? Someone is sneaking contraband thats the dictionary definition of smuggling you illiterate. Seriously if we gun owners are all a bunch of blood lusting murder fanatics like in your deranged little fantasy world how are you even still alive?

    22. avatar Excedrine says:

      More projection and hate from a fake concern troll.

      Meanwhile, there are higher rates of violence in the U.K. and they’re getting higher all the time, and deaths by gunshot in the U.S. are falling.

      There have actually been more and more attacks in the U.K. caused by predatory economic migrants and their spawn with ties to left-wing groups, left-wing survival nuts, and left-wing militias chock full of religious radicals than in the U.S. that are attributable to ANYTHING even remotely “right-wing.”

      You do not speak for ANY country at all, and we don’t pretend to speak for anyone but ourselves, either. Many still hear our many-times proven claims of safety.

      It’s actually easier to survive a gunshot wound, and it only takes a single blow to the head to kill someone.
      And your claims of the absence of weapons smuggling into the U.K. have absolutely no fact. Most guns that have shown up in foreign or extremist hands have actually come from Russia or China, because people like you ignore that is some attempt to prove that “laws work.”

      You should be more concerned about your role in sponsoring hate and destruction against Americans that own and want to own guns, the right to not be killed by some DNC-worshipping lunatic (like YOUR fellow Bern-bro who tried [and failed] to kill sitting Republican representatives) who thinks shooting Republicans is a good idea, and tired of the lies of long-defunct, corporate-owned AND generated “stats” by his gun control lobby puppet masters.

      Our country is really free if it has a death rate lower than any 3rd world country.

    23. avatar Richard Collins says:

      Spoken like someone who has never seen a third world country and certainly hasn’t lived in one. But then much of Europe has become the third world. In the UK there are jihaddies throwing acid into people’s faces at random. Ah so civilized, and the elites, sfae within their guarded enclaves care little for the suffering of the people.

      So let us all signal our virtue by ignoring the truth until we are all slaves. Under the enlightened rule of people who allow slavery, treat women as chattel, and 8nbelieveres as targets.

      So verry British of you, or is it rather German or Swedish. No matter we can all be French now, all proclaiming the glory of Allah since the Germans have departed.

      Churchill must be spinning in his grave.

  6. avatar FYIW49 says:

    These are ATAK branded guns. They fire 4mm, 6mm etc. Flobert ammunition which are like pellets.

    FYI links to ATAK and Flobert ammo are:

  7. avatar Malcolm says:

    These are Flobert pistol so primer powered BB.

  8. avatar C.S. says:

    Brits need to start taking up the longbow again…

    1. avatar MyName says:

      Is it even legal to have a long bow in GB anymore?

  9. avatar Abc123 says:

    Just look at the G20 meeting in Hamburg.
    Politicians sitting in the orchestra hall while the city is burning and the violent mob tries to kill the policemen in the street (500 wounded, some in critical condition).
    The police on the roof of the orchestra hall had sniper rifles and instructions to shoot, the riot police out there to protect the ordinary plebs had batons. Some had riot shields. Those with guns completely banned from using them (did they even give them ammo?).
    There was a law-free zone with looting and giant fires for over 4 hours and nobody cared to help the innocent people caught in their appartments.
    Police banned from action. Leftie judges released criminals faster than police could catch them.
    That is what the last days of Rome under Nero must have looked like.

    1. avatar Docduracoat says:

      Nero was the last Emperor related to Julius Caesar
      He committed suicide in 68 AD
      The Western Roman Empire lasted another 400 years
      The Empire fell because the Goth invasion resulted in thousands of barbarians living inside the Empire
      Kind of like the current invasion of Muslims into Europe today

      1. avatar Roymond says:

        To be precise, Rome fell not so much because they let peoples like the Goths in, but because once they let them in they broke their word and treated them like crap.

  10. avatar former water walker says:

    OK crowing about pellet guns…”that’ll leave a mark”?So does The resisDunce get a paid Soros vacay? Haven’t heard from him/her/it in awhile…

  11. avatar Hunter427 says:

    Brits are good at sacrificing their population and allies too They did in ww2 when Germans broke the Brits code for shipping convoys. Brits figured it out after countless lives were lost. But still they would not change the code because of the cost to reprint and distribution of a new code book. So ten more months and many deaths they finally changed it. Those were American and British seaman that perished in those cold North Atlantic waters, thanks to their great leadership.
    And don’t get me started on what they did to starve the Irish
    It’s a round world

  12. avatar Tired of this crap says:

    Jesus tapdancing Christ. Could you be more alarmist and bigoted? I thought this was supposed to be a gun blog. This asshole seems to take his talking points from David fucking Duke.
    Bigots like this are the reason so many people think gun owners are just a bunch of white supremacist thugs with a hard-on for violence. TTAG should be ashamed of themselves for publishing this garbage.

    1. avatar Ad Astra says:

      Well nobody made you come here snowflake. So good bye

    2. avatar Excedrine says:

      Could you be more dishonest and projectionist? This IS a gun blog, and there are a great many issues inter-connected to the topic of guns. You probably know more about David Duke that anybody else here, and that’s probably because YOU listen to him.

      Projectionists like you are actually one the primary reasons so many people think that gun owners are just a bunch of white supremacists thugs with a hard-on for violence. TTAG would only be ashamed to have allowed the publishing of your garbage in its comments. GTFOH, fake-ass concern troll.

  13. avatar miforest says:

    here is the ballistics for the powerhouse round. the 4,, shoots a 7.3 gr bb sized bullet at 720 fps from a rifle. I think 4 ft lb or so.

    the 6mm round is 16 gr at about the same velocity . probably 12 ft lb.

    from a pistol , we’re talkin red ryder power.

    resist the resistance .

    1. avatar samuraichatter says:

      Going by the stats given at CZ’s website, the 6mm ME FLOBERT COURT generates 24 foot pounds of energy. Too weak for serious work. I think the draw for these guns is they look like guns and do go bang. The bore even approaches “real” firearm dimensions which makes it a better imitation. I do know that converting blank guns to fire live ammunition is a thing in Europe.

  14. avatar adverse4 says:

    I don’t care how they do it in GB.

  15. avatar johnny108 says:

    “This is how we do it in UK,,etc. etc. and we don’t have _insert issue here_”
    Just try this UK:
    2-4 years jail time for saying anything negative about the royal family. Even an online post
    It works in Thailand.

    Women not allowed to drive.
    Works in Saudi Arabia.

    What’s that your saying? That those laws wouldn’t work in the UK, because of historic and cultural differences?
    No shit.
    Now you get it.

  16. avatar Roymond says:

    Maybe global warming will wash them all away.

  17. avatar Roymond says:

    Given that it was pretty much the Nazis who taught Muslim extremists to be terrorists, the Brits definitely fought on the right side. The only problem is they didn’t finish the job afterward and root out all the remaining devotees of Hitler’s screed in the Middle East — if they had, Islam might actually look like a religion of peace instead of the religion of death the Nazis taught.

    1. avatar Excedrine says:

      Except that Islam was always this way, practically right from the beginning. America’s troubles with Islam (not the other way around) started when Muslim pirates started attacking American merchant vessels, stealing their cargo and enslaving their crews. “To the shores of Tripoli” is in the Marine Corps hymn for a reason: we had to chase them all the way back to their port in Tripoli and then burn it to the ground for them to get he idea that you don’t take shit that doesn’t belong to you, especially if it had an American flag on it.

      They have been hostile to us, and the rest of the CIVILIZED world (which at the moment does not include them), ever since.

      1. avatar Roymond says:

        The Barbary pirates weren’t terrorists. Islam didn’t have terrorists till the Nazis taught them that.

        1. avatar Excedrine says:

          The Barbary Pirates were, in fact, high-seas terrorists and regularly used the Koran to justify it. Just as they used the Koran to justify the nearly 500-year Jihad that necessitated the Crusades. They didn’t need the Nazis to teach them anything. Actually read up on The Barbary Wars, particularly as it concerns the U.S. and how we used to pay well over half the federal budget in ransoms right up until we burned their port in Tripoli to the ground.

        2. avatar Roymond says:

          I’ve read everything on the Barbary wars I could get my hands on since sixth grade. They were not terrorists. They never blew themselves up to kill others, they never just destroyed property for the sake of intimidating an enemy — they employed violence as a tool for profit.

          The Qur’an can somewhat be used to justify that, especially since Mohammed engaged in the land equivalent of piracy. It cannot be used to justify actions such as the twin tower attack — it can easily be used to condemn such attacks, as can the Hadith.
          As for slavery, Islam justified it on the same grounds Christians used — flimsy ones.

  18. avatar Roymond says:

    Seriously, the first thing to come to my mind was “Haven’t these people gotten a basic political education, as in reading Machiavelli?”

    Machiavelli emphasized two things as important to a strong prince: a loyal populace, and an armed populace. They’ve tossed the second in the trash, and I don’t see how they’re keeping the first..

  19. avatar George Gailis South Australia says:

    We had a guy here some years ago converting .22 starting pistols (revolvers) to fire live ammo. To my mind you’d have to have too many fingers & eyes to fire one of those conversions.

    1. avatar Excedrine says:

      They still work, though (somehow). That’s all that really counts.

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