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Joe Wurzelbacher (a.k.a., “Joe the Plumber” at writes:

Andy Parker is the father of Alison Parker, the Virginia newscaster. Ms. Parker and her cameraman Andy Ward were gunned down last week in a brutal shooting. Immediately after receiving the tragic news, Mr. Parker appeared on the mainstream media to tell the world that he wants gun violence to “remain in the news.” Mr. Parker vowed to fight for more gun control. Taking into consideration the trauma Mr. Parker has just endured, it needs to be made clear that his stated goals are, in effect, to make it more difficult for myself to protect my daughter from a crazed lunatic murderer, whose goal was vengeance against white people . . .

Mr. Parker is in the perfect frame of mind for the mainstream media, Barack Obama, Inc. and liberals in general to exploit. The anti-gun crowd has another high-profile story to try and convince you it was the gun that walked up to Alison Parker, Andy Ward and took away their young lives’ and promising future.

They got their agenda out there quick as always and had their talking points lined up perfectly.

The sociopath responsible for all this is Vester Flanagan, a disgruntled former colleague of the victims – who also provided the gun grabbers with chilling footage of the murders on the Internet for the world to see and the Maoist wannabes in government to exploit.  A homosexual and former gay-prostitute, Flanagan, who also went by the name ‘Bryce Williams,’ complained about not “getting enough sex” and expressed anger to friends about race relations and being fired.

A seriously confused and hate-filled, bigoted man planned these murders in advanced and videotaped the entire act for all of us to be repulsed by. All the signs were there on social media, testimony from his friends and co-workers. On a side note: Can a black homosexual commit a hate-crime? I don’t know, but he can sure get the attention of folks who want to restrict and take away your Constitutional Rights.

CNN got to the grieving father who was passionate in his support for stricter gun control legislation; posing the question; “How many Alisons will it take?” To the delight of anti-Second Amendment leftists everywhere, he continued; “I’m not going to rest until I see something happen. We’ve got to have our legislators and congressmen step up to the plate and stop being cowards about this.”

A personal note: Mr. Parker, no one can possibly understand how you feel right now – and we know you’ll think of your slain daughter every day of the remainder of your life. If you said your life was permanently ruined by this tragedy, I’d believe you. Because if it happened to my daughter, everything I know, all I believe in – and any amount of joy I might glean from this world would be gone. Forever.

That’s why I resent people wanting to take away my ability to prevent it from happening to my girls or anyone in my family. That’s why I own a gun and support the NRA and fight to the bone these fascists who want to take my Rights from all of us. You want to go after the real problem? Go after the decay of morals and values, not guns. The weapon has nothing to do with it, Mr. Parker. Nothing, nada, zilch.

But Andy Parker didn’t quite live up to the left-wing dream when he felt compelled to clarify: “I’m for the Second Amendment… But there has to be a way to force politicians who are cowards in the pockets of the N.R.A. to make sensible laws to make sure crazy people can’t get guns.” In fact, Parker surprised the salivating libs by adding in the middle of the gun-grabbing rhetoric that he’s “probably going to have to get a gun…”

But alas, he fell back on words that sounded like it came right off the MSNBC teleprompter: The reason he wants a gun is for self-defense from those of us who oppose gun-control: “I don’t want to take any chances..” Wow  well, at least he admits that if he wants a gun for self-protection – he should be able to get one, adding; “I’m telling you, they messed with the wrong family…”

Back to the killer: Before his murder rampage, Vester Lee Flanagan II sent ABC News a fax explaining his motivations and said he bought a gun in reaction to the attack where a white man killed nine black people at a Charleston, South Carolina, church in June. There are other reports that Flanagan’s motivation was to start a race war, but the bigot in Charleston probably wanted something like that as well and it didn’t work.

But here’s the really scary part to me: Andy Parker agreed that this “is a mental health issue.” But went on to tow the Marxist line – I’m not saying wittingly, just that he heard this somewhere and has been hearing it a lot lately: “There’s a linkage there between guns and mental health. And there’s got to be some kind of protocol established so that we keep people from getting guns.”

Guess who’s in charge of the health care system now, Mr. Parker? You said you wanted because you felt you needed a gun to protect yourself. Our reasoning is quite different, but trust me – the gun grabbers now have you and I in the same category. And right in their sites.

A grieving father’s feelings aside, which I know is hard to do – it is our right, indeed, our responsibility to protect our loved ones and I’ll be damned if I let anyone or any incident get in the way! There are bad, crazy people in the world and I will always be the one responsible for keeping them from my family, my property and my life. What are you going to do?

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    • @Woody: Where are the logical points in this poor man’s rhetoric? I see so many illogical thoughts coming from him that it is hard to find anything to point to that is logical. He says that “They picked on the wrong family” for instance. Who is this “They” he talks about ? One deranged person shot his daughter. There is NO THEY. And then he says he wants to get a gun to protect himself from someone or some group but he is not clear about who that is. Sounds to me like he thinks the pro-gun folks are going to come after him. If that is the case then HE is the one that is too deranged to have a gun. His grief seems to have gotten the best of him and his emotions are doing the talking instead of his common sense. Can’t blame him really but what he has been saying makes him sound like a complete idiot.

    • Respectively disagree about blackmail. Tough to play the gay blackmail card these days. Hasn’t torpedoed the careers of Anderson Cooper or Rachel Maddow.

      Prostitution? Not exactly headline news either given the abundant number of therapeutic massage parlors. Seems like he tried turning tricks because he was striking out in gay venues. Judging from his looks, doubt he many repeat customers.

    • Homosexuality is the fastest way to media success today. No skill? No ability? No knowledge? Just be gay and you’ll get your own hour long show.
      Some 2-5% of the population takes up 60% of the air time.

      No such thing as blackmailed outing anymore unless you happen to be fronting as a homophobe in which case you’re just being outed as a hypocrite.

  1. Thank-you Joe for speaking up for us. We all feel bad, but will not stand by and allow guilt to be attached to us nor lose our Rights for what we do not do.

    Mr. Parker is in the exact state of mind whereas an FFL might not want to allow a firearm sale. His emotional roller coaster is a clear mental instability whereas bad decisions can easily be made. His hate filled speak of guns then in the next sentence to acquire one displays great confusion and disconnected thought.

    Shame on CNN for exploiting him at such a vulnerable point in his life. A year from now Mr. Parker may look back at CNN and consider suing them. I wouldn’t blame him.

    • “Mr. Parker is in the exact state of mind whereas an FFL might not want to allow a firearm sale.”

      And just why should a gun store owner/employee want or need to play psychiatrist? The actual psychiatrist in a clinical setting is only marginally able to determine someone’s actual mental health status, so the poor slob behind a gun store counter doesn’t have a prayer.

      Mr. Parker – and everyone else – is personally responsible for his health, mental health, and all of his actions period. His mental health or actions are not the responsibility of the wine merchant, the gun store owners, the pharmacies where he gets his anti-depressants, nor the government that attempts to use everything against any hint of individual liberty OR responsibility.

      Or do you want to hand over the determination of YOUR mental health to any Tom, Dick or Harry selling something? Or to the benevolent government….

  2. There are two ways of making decisions:


    Thinkers decide based primarily on logic, and when they do so, they consider a decision to be made. They tend to see the world in black and white and dislike fuzziness.

    Perhaps because people are so variable, they focus on tangible things, seeking truth and use of clear rules.

    At work, they are task-oriented, seek to create clear value. Interacting with them tends to brief and business-like.

    They may be seen as cold and heartless by Feelers.


    Feelers decide based primarily through social considerations, listening to their heart and considering the feelings of others.

    They see life as a human existence and material things as being subservient to this. They value harmony and use tact in their interactions with others.

    At work, they are sociable and people-oriented and make many decisions based on values (more than value).

    They may be seen as unreliable and emotional by Thinkers.


    And this the crux of the pro-2A and anti-gun debate. One side are Thinkers, the others are Feelers. Just so happens the Feelers have very little facts to back up their proposals for change, which is why they fail at everything because their plans just don’t hold up to the test of reality.

    The challenge for 2A supporters is turning our logical arguments into empathetic ones and appealing to the Feelers. This article is a great example of that.

    • tjlarson2k,

      As much as I love your write-up, I am not sure that fully explains gun grabbers. As far as I can tell, they are hysterical. They have a totally irrational, clinically hysterical phobia about firearms. I have yet to see a gun grabber respond to an emotional plea to be armed.

      When we have seen people who are initially hostile to firearms ownership eventually embrace firearms ownership, it appears to be nearly universal that those people had to experience a terrifying experience first hand to set them on the path to enlightenment.

      This dynamic seems to fall beyond the mere difference of “Thinkers” versus “Feelers”. We have painted a vivid picture of how terrifying it is to be unarmed during an attack. It never seems to win over any gun grabbers. That should be enough to win over the “Feelers”. But it isn’t.

      Any additional thoughts?

      • I think most of us use a combination of thinking and feeling to make decisions. Some use thinking more and others use feelings more. Nothing is as black and white as it seems in a simple explanation of almost anything.

      • The definitions I copy/pasted are from Myers & Briggs personality types and Jung theory:

        “The Jungian Type Inventory is based on the types and preferences of Carl Gustav Jung, who wrote ‘Psychological Types’ in 1921.

        Katherine Briggs and Isobel Briggs Myers are a mother and daughter team who build the modern system that is probably the most popular typing system in the world today. In particular, they devised a written test (The Myers-Briggs Type Inventory, or MBTI®) to identify the person’s type.

        Other variants have been evolved that are also based on the Jung typology. The most well-known of these is David Keirsey’s Temperament Sorter. The test for this is freely available in his book ‘Please Understand Me II’. Another modern variant is Socionics.”

        And I agree that there are both types of personalities on both sides of the debate, but I just wanted to point out that Everytown is specifically using the “Feeler” psychology to hook their followers primarily because they know the people they are after are affected by emotional pleas and will not bother to look up facts. They’re banking on the emotional persuasion and twisting facts to reinforce their position.

        And positional arguments don’t end in agreements for either side. Instead we have to agree on mutual goals.

        For example, one mutual goal both sides have in common is responding to and lessening / stopping violence.

        It is apparent both sides have different definitions of what lessening or ending violence actually entails and our methods for dealing with it are just as different. The anti-gun rhetoric instructs their followers to stop or prevent violence via passive or submissive behavior (run away, submit, call 911, get assistance). We all know how this tends to turn out; followers of this strategy are at the mercy of their attacker(s) and get injured / die, and the root problem (violence) is not directly addressed. Since hope is not a strategy, they are now focused on Minority-Report thought police, which is just as ineffective and impossible to enact without extreme risk of abuse by it’s enforcers.

        The pro-2A position is to meet violence with an equal or more effective force. This doesn’t always end up working out for the good guys and gals if they are outnumbered or outgunned, but it is 100% more effective than passive or unarmed defensive measures when the seconds count and your life or the life of your loved ones is at stake.

        Since the anti-gun position is one based on feelings, it’s no surprise their thought-police theory doesn’t pan out for the good guys. That’s because they are willing to sacrifice the freedoms of others on the off-chance the bad guys are affected by a “common sense” law. And that is where their strategy fails, it’s because they are willing to leave more people defenseless in their war on violence. They don’t seem to mind casualties — so long as it’s not them. It’s very selfish and myopic. And the main instigators of this strategy are the elite that tend to have armed bodyguards at their disposal. I find it ironic that their personal solution to the problem (armed bodyguards) isn’t the solution they propose to solve the issue for everyone else or their followers. Armed bodyguards for everyone I say.

        Whereas the pro-2A folks are willing to take responsibility for their own lives, which is pretty magnanimous as we are willing to pony up the cash and time to train up for our own self-defense and not burden anyone else. The only thing that we seem to be treading on are the feelings of a small and vocal majority (thanks to the media) that are blind to the realities of gun ownership, CHL, OC, criminal behavior, violence, self-defense, or the definition of law abiding.

        It’s an education / history problem.

        • Agree with conclusions, but haven’t Myers & Briggs, Jung, and Freud for that matter been pretty much discredited? Seem to recall that MB types are fluid and produce different outcomes at different testing intervals. Psychoanalysis seems to have gone the way of phrenology.

        • tj,

          “For example, one mutual goal both sides have in common is responding to and lessening / stopping violence.”

          Of course some gun-grabbers’ efforts are a misguided attempt to reduce violence. I would argue that many of them simply get-off on forcing other people to do something that they don’t want to do … in this case they get-off forcing people to give up their firearms. In other words they are mini-tyrants. Regarding those types, there is no mutual goal.

        • tjlarson2k,
          The way you are applying Myers-Briggs is off base. First, there are many feelers in the pro-gun community. Also, Feeling-Thinking is a continuum and a person may be anywhere on that continuum. A person may be all the way on the Feeling side and still be very pro-gun as are me and my wife, both very strong feelers. There are a lot of things I wanted to talk about in your reply but here is one:

          “And I agree that there are both types of personalities on both sides of the debate, but I just wanted to point out that Everytown is specifically using the “Feeler” psychology”

          As I pointed out before, it is not “both types” but a continuum. Everytown is very much NOT using the “Feeler psychology” because Feeling in Myers-Briggs is not the same type of “feelings” that Everytown talks about. Everytown is appealing to a particular type of personality that has a clinical diagnosis. It is very common to associate “right” and “goodness” with whatever four letters make up your own personality type in the Myers-Briggs and “wrong” with the letters further away from your own. Once you study it in more depth, you begin to understand that tendency in yourself and are able to avoid it.

          As a strong feeler, the words of the anti-gunners seem like the most dangerous, scary, lie-filled, hateful things I can imagine. It pains me to my core that they want me dead (I was saved by a good guy with a gun many years ago but anti-gunners would consider my loss acceptable). Did you hear all the “feeling” in the last couple sentences? Pro-gun or anti-gun is a simple matter of whether you study the facts or not. When Sandy Hook happened, I spent around 2 hours a night 4 nights a week for about a year studying the issue. I read everything I could find from both sides. I read all the studies (the actual studies – not articles about the studies) and actually got raw data sets where I could get them. The end result is that my wife and I are both life NRA members. We as strong feelers feel strongly about gun rights. I’ve become a one-issue voter and some would say that is extreme.

          To GunGeek, I’d like to clearly say that Myers-Briggs is not in any way discredited. It still has the largest database of extremely accurate data of any in this area of study. My wife and I have a game of guessing peoples’ types and we are pretty much dead even and both right under 100% for the last 20 years. I strongly recommend anybody who can to take the test. Also, it is true that Myers-Briggs is less popular these days than things that came out later like discovering your strengths or the four color blocks or the animals or whatever. The only reason for that is some of these newer methods are simpler to use in business settings. Myers-Briggs is more complex and difficult to explain to people in businesses where you have a wide variety of intellects and abilities (and time) to absorb new information. It’s complex but extremely useful for those who put the time in to understand it.

      • “Any additional thoughts?”

        Feelings are internal, and affected by all kinds of fallacy. Poor perception, propaganda absorption, mental illness, neurosis, prejudice, etc… This is why no one has a right to a feeling.

        It’s also something worse, it’s selfish. Extreme selfishness. Obsessed with that internal and inaccurate notion, refusing any external input. Extreme, unforgivable selfishness.

    • There is a great deal of truth in this. But there is also truth in the wisdom of Uncle Ronnie:

      “It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so.”

      True for the useful idiots. For those pulling the strings, Stanislav Mishin pegged it:

      “Do not be fooled by a belief that progressives, leftists hate guns. Oh, no, they do not. What they hate is guns in the hands of those who are not marching in lock step of their ideology. They hate guns in the hands of those who think for themselves and do not obey without question. They hate guns in those whom they have slated for a barrel to the back of the ear.”

  3. “They messed with the wrong family.”

    Who is ‘They?’

    Your daughter was murdered by a crazy person. There is no “they.” Don’t try to project the fault of this onto some collectime group.

  4. Kudos to Joe the Plumber for pointing out the hysteria.

    A madman killed Mr. Parker’s daughter. In response Mr. Parker wants to take away our firearms … which means we won’t be able to stop madmen from killing our daughters.

    In other words Mr. Parker’s new mission is to enable madmen to kill our daughters.

    • They always want to force everyone else to suffer the consequences they’ve brought upon themselves by being selfish, ignorant, and irresponsible. It’s always someone else’s fault…

  5. I concur Joe, I will not let this tragedy keep me from protecting my wife and daughters. Clearly Mr. Parker is not thinking rationally.

  6. “I’m not going to rest until I see something happen. “I’m telling you, they messed with the wrong family…” “I don’t want to take any chances..” “probably going to have to get a gun…”“There’s a linkage there between guns and mental health. And there’s got to be some kind of protocol established so that we keep people from getting guns.” Andy Parker agreed that this “is a mental health issue.”

    Watch out Andy Parker, we’re going to have to do a mental evaluation on you before you get that gun. You’re starting to sound somewhat like a loon to me and I definitely don’t want to be around the same neighborhood that you live in, anybody that’s half-cocked like you sound, is going to be seeing danger around every corner.

  7. Cold, hard, awful truth is they did not mess with the wrong family. Apparently the man raised his daughter to be a victim and she did her part.

    If it hadn’t been for good police work vestor would have gotten away clean.

    • The fatal flaw in his outrage is that he has misidentified “they”.

      Law-abiding citizens did not mess with his family. Supporters of gun rights did not mess with his family. The NRA and the Koch brothers did not mess with his family.

      A deranged man, acting under the racist entitlement mentality of “BlackLivesMatter’ and the bigoted intolerance of the militant gay-rights movement, messed with his family – a deranged man who underwent and passed a background check to obtain his firearm.

      But if he believes that sympathy for his grief will cause those who he wrongly identifies as scapegoats to sit by idly while we are wrongly accused and have our rights threatened – well, then, all I can say is: it is he who is messing with the wrong family.

  8. Andy Parker was a semi-pro actor, appearing in commercials and soaps, and is current a type of banker, one of the type that earning money for its depositors is not a high priority.
    I’m not saying a poor actor and swindling banker can’t suffer tragedy. But the smell of fish is strong here.

    • Regardless of what his background is, in his grief he has painted himself into an emotional and intellectual corner and is allowing himself and his tragedy to be used by people who care more about the issue of gun-control than they do about him or his loss. Being used by people like that is an ugly experience, one that I imagine he will come to deeply regret.

  9. Even more on the nose to Mr. Parker — don’t restrict our right to protect *your* daughter, or someone else in a similar circumstance. Vermin Flanagan (not a typo) wasn’t exactly stealthy in his approach. Maybe an armed civilian who was on the scene that morning would have recognized the situation for what it was and been able to thwart the attack, even if nothing more grandiose than Vermin sees the other gun in his peripheral vision and panics and bolts. Or, y’know, misses. Any number of things might have happened.

  10. What all anti’s miss about the “The Gun Lobby” is not that they’re in the pockets of gun manufacturers or politicians. They hold elected representatives accountable to the constitution. Fail that task and politicians are looking for another profession.

  11. USA Under Psychopolitical Assault: Psychotropic Drugs & Communist Labeling of Mental Illnesses..
    Why does the new edition of the DSM, (diagnostic statistical manual) the “bible” of psychiatry, list hundreds of new mental health disorders that are actually nothing more than normal emotional experiences? The answer is simple once you accept that the United States is under a psychopolitical assault. The communists are infiltrating our country, for the purpose of transforming America into a communist state, are attempting to label us all “mentally ill” to drug us and make us compliant. There is no better way to prove this than to use the words of the communists themselves. From the book “Brain-washing A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics-“ page 55
    The society, at the same time, must be educated into the belief of increasing insanity within its ranks. This creates an emergency, and places the psycho politician in a savior role, and places him, at length, in charge of society.”

  12. Everyone has the right to protect themselves. If Mr.Parker does not want a gun that is his choice. If Mr. Parker wants armed people to take my gun then he is a hypocrite. The only reason to take guns from the people is to enslave or murder them. Can anyone tell me how many Native American Indians were murdered by the government that was suppose to protect the people, or does the government only protect the people it chooses? There should be NO double standards and if the police carry firearms for protection then so should we.


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