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Dan calls Vice President Joe Biden “the crazy old uncle in the attic.” Which invites comments about interior illumination and vacant houses. And how. reports that “Vice President Joe Biden is planning a new gun control offensive – one he told a group of law enforcement officials he hasn’t informed President Barack Obama about yet.” A rather convoluted sentence for a rather convoluted concept: implausible deniability.

The Veep revealed his “secret offensive (in both sense of the word)” to a closed door meeting of LEOs. “Biden told the cops he ‘hasn’t really discussed’ his plans with Obama and plans to lead the gun control charge, according to a person who attended the meeting.”

What’s to discuss? Wave the bloody shirt, make misleading, ill-informed statements about armed self-defense, flash improbably white teeth and continue to snatch defeat from the jaws of defeat.

That said, woe betide us all if there’s another spree killing for Biden to exploit.

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  1. Do I see posturing for a run for the Oval Office?

    This guy’s his own worst enemy. Good luck with that one.

    Hope he tries; more political infighting on the liberal Democrat side of the spectrum.

    • Trying to play up to the liberal elite crowd.

      What a Putz.

      Sad turn for an experienced seasoned politico.

      • Y’know I honestly wonder if Biden actually had a stroke six or seven years ago and just no one noticed. I’m not kidding. I wonder if he’s had an MRI in the last half-decade.

        • He seemed OK in the VP debate vs. Ryan. Dirty, arrogant, and mendacious, but not incompetent. He actually surprised me a bit. To take the positions the Progressives do, they must be deluded, stupid, or evil (not mutually exclusive, I know). After the VP debate, I mentally moved Biden further from the “stupid” zone of that 3-D model, closer to the “evil” zone.

    • Trying to play up to the liberal elite crowd.

      What a Putz.

      Sad turn for an experienced, seasoned politico.

    • What else I see is the takers with ‘bama at the front, are ramping up the gun taking effort again. They are using ‘bama’s campaign arm trying to enlist the public to support the cause. Plentiful money of course – think Bloomberg.

      I see a David (2A supporters) vs. Goliath (the takers) scenerio where Goliath is trying to empty the pro gunners coffers (think NRA, 2AF and any other pro gun organization that comes to mind).

      This dovetails nicely with astro-not Kellys’ earlier statements accusing the NRA of instigating panic as an excuse to take ’em down with a massive gun control spending.

      It’s already happening, folks;

  2. “…flash his improbably white teeth and continue to snatch defeat from the jaws of defeat.”

    This is why I read TTAG. Also, this is why I need that new wipeable laptop.

  3. “Vice-President Joe Biden today addressed the Obama administration’s plans for a new and mind-numbingly-bloody and murderous new shoot-up of hapless little schoolchildren. Then he takes to the road with 34 bloody shirts in his tireless service of victim disarmament.”

    Set your watches.

    • False flag attack in the near future? I consider myself pretty cynical, but even I don’t want to believe that our leaders are capable of something like that. Regardless, there are, have always been, and will always be a certain number of people with bad wiring. Another attack is inevitable, whether it’s “spontaneous” or not.

  4. What really pisses me off is that they are totally ignoring going after the criminals and those with mental health issues. They constantly insist on focusing on the hardware instead of the people illegally using the hardware. No wonder Chicago has such a high killing rate with such high gun control.

    • That would be actual work. If you haven’t noticed, these guys have spent the past five years talking while not lifting a finger. It’s the armchair presidency.

      Most of them are lazy — Obama does it because he really believes he can just make a bunch of oh-so-brilliant statements and all the little people will go forth and make it so.

    • However, when a politician in Калифорния goes after the guns of known criminals and the seriously mentally ill, we decry it.

      We cannot halve and eat.

      Now, I’d like to see these guys separated from their guns by the guns staying at home and the people going either to cells or rubber rooms, but still…

    • GMgunsmith
      You must understand that the “Liberals” are simply following the Communist Manifesto, nefariously creating chaos, ruining the economy and the culture as a means of weakening the Only bulkward against total world slavery, America

    • i’ll say it again…just days after sandy hook he was using the term “civilian disarmament…” don’t let a good crisis go to waste 🙁

  5. Sounds like yet another example of Obama trying to keep his fingerprints off any policies & actions of his administration.

    If it works, “I’m glad to, uhhhh, have people like Joe in my administration…we’re doing everything we can to, uhhh, protect our children and, uhhh, enact common sense reforms”.

    If it flops, “Well, Joe had his idea, that the majority of Americans overwhelmingly support, but the Republicans in Congress are stonewalling and letting partisan politics get in the way of common sense reforms”. (of course this speech is written down on either paper or teleprompter)

  6. Maybe Sandy Hook will serve as a peak shooting. It’s really hard to top that kind of senseless carnage using only a firearm. After that shootings might yield less political capital for gun banners.

    • The sad thing is that it isn’t. Many schools are woefully unprotected, and any good guy wishing to bring a school onto a campus for protection will lose his or her livelihood.

    • Gods, I hope so; the thing is, so far these maniacs aren’t good planners. Heaven help us should a psychotic genius emerge from the woodwork.

  7. We need to turn this narrative before the next shooting. Hammer the pols that are wasting time and resources trying to punish the law abiding and infringe on our civil rights.

    When the next shooting occurs we’re already on the offensive and we rip into this admin for the lack of protection at our schools, malls, theathers, etc.

    Don’t let the anti’s take the offensive against guns. Come out swinging at the lack of leadership and real world solutions to the security problems.

    Why haven’t we ripped this admin a new one over the bombing in Boston? All these years since 9/11 and we still aren’t safe? Instead we wasted a lot of our energy whining about the number of cops searching for the bombers.

    We need to be attacking, not waiting and hoping the NRA will save us again.

    • It surveyed only 863 people, a rather low sample size. It also picks and chooses information from the poll such as

      “Only 38 percent of Americans who believe a revolution might be necessary support additional gun control legislation, compared with 62 percent of those who don’t think an armed revolt will be needed.”

      Dont get me wrong, i’m all for a second civil war, but according to those polled, ironically a armed revolt to suppress 2A would be more likely than one to reaffirm 2A. Here is the actual poll results if you want to read it yourself

      • How in blazes can someone believe armed revolt to be necessary, and at the same time support additional gun control? What idiotic mind fails to see the connection there?

    • Only 29%? They must have conducted this survey during Happy Hour.

      Which reminds me . . . my week’s work is done and it’s five o’clock somewhere.

      • Aren’t you retired? Wouldn’t that mean your week’s work is done when you wake up on Monday morning?

  8. A good look at how tyrant-minded that entire administration is. Senate and the will of the people have spoken, and yet rather than accept that, they continue to push their oppressive agenda.

    Did anyone inform Biden that the Houston airport false flag shooting failed? Looks like he forgot to change his speech.

  9. Arm yourselves. Convince a friend to get a CCW (local laws apply). If you can’t carry, and you can’t move, start being situationally aware and observe your surroundings. Stop going out in condition white and being part of the problem. The world is inherently unsafe, stop believing the liberals and democrats who say they can make it safe if you only give up more of your freedom. Become master of your own life and reclaim your indepence.

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