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 “If serious gun-control legislation is passed in the next three years – and Biden is convinced it will – he will deserve the lion’s share of the credit.” Ah yes, Rolling Stone magazine. The same outfit that canned a Dan Baum piece on a machine gun shoot because publisher Jan Wenner didn’t consider it negative enough.

Needless to say, the Rolling Stone interview with Joe Biden is a big wet kiss to the current Veep and Presidential hopeful. Do they press Biden on his pig-ignorant advice on firearms and armed self-defense? They do not. But they do give “Double Barrel” Joe the chance to paint defeat as victory . . .

The biggest push since the inauguration has been on gun control. The president made you the point person, and yet the background-check measure failed in the Senate, even though it was supported by 90 percent of the American people. What does it mean that we can’t pass even the weakest measures to curb gun violence?

It means two things. One, that we have had an impact on the public’s thinking. If we did that poll a week before Sandy Hook, my guess is you wouldn’t have 90 percent of the American people. They said, “You have to do something.” So we’ve already won the battle with the American public on this, not just on background checks but on magazines, on assault weapons, et cetera. This is a case where the public is way ahead of Congress, and the Congress hadn’t figured it out, just like they were . . .

With gay marriage, obviously. Love that royal “we” in the question. Go team, go! Or, in this case, not. According to [He Must Be] Smokin’ [Something] Joe, the U.S. senate is the team that let the side down, if you know what I mean.

Is the Senate really that insulated from the rest of the country?

A lot of our colleagues – a few Democrats and a lot of Republicans who know better – thought, “The public hasn’t changed, if I vote with you, I get beat up. . . .” The 17 or 18 people I called and spoke to thought they would get in trouble supporting any additional, quote, “burden on gun ownership.” The ones who still said no, the four Democrats and remaining nine or 10 Republicans, they didn’t offer any substantive reasoning to be against it. In one form or another, they all said the same thing: “Joe, don’t ask me to walk the plank, because the House isn’t going to do anything, anyway.” The other one was, “Joe, I know it’s 85-15, 80-20, 90-10 in my state. You know how it works: The 10 percent that are against, they’re all going to be energized; they’re going to organize against me. And the 90 percent who are for it, it’s not going to be a determining vote for them.” My argument was, “You’ve got it wrong. The public has changed.” And guess what? It turns out we were right. To use the vernacular, there’s suddenly a lot of senators out there who have seen the Lord. You find out that the senator from New Hampshire is in trouble; she voted no. I can name you four senators who called me and said, “Jesus, I guess you were right – maybe we can find some other way of doing this. Can we bring this back up?”

Uh, no. As TTAG blogged, the post-vote propagandists who pimped polling data showing a backlash against Senators who voted against civilian disarmament were relying on biased methodology to reach a pre-determined conclusion. In other words, bullshit.

As the Dems will discover come the 2014 mid-terms.

So what’s the next move?
We’re going right back at it. The biggest thing that’s changed is that the people who were for the background checks are saying it will be a determining issue. There’s pace on the ball now; this is a different country. I’m convinced we’ll be able to bring this back up, and I’m convinced we can win this.

Can, not will. And yes. Yes they can. IF there’s another Newtown or similar. Stay vigilant my friends.

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  1. Yeah joe, 90 percent of the people inline to buy an AR support gun confiscation, this plays well with the “defend yourself with a scissors” crowd. Way to go double barrel, keep up the good work, Randy

  2. Does anyone know what happened to that guy who got busted for taking Bidens advice about warning shots and shooting through the door? I know we had an article on it a while back.

  3. Brazen, willful ignorance… We all know that’s all this fool is good for… What’s surprising is that so called journalist don’t call him out because they’ve sold us out… That’s the education I’m getting these day’s… I say FOAD Rolling Stone… you’ve outlived your usefulness… Should have stuck to MUSIC!!!

  4. I really would like to know the wording of this poll (ABC/Washington Post). I’ve heard several different versions, but the actual poll (found here: ) does not give the exact wording. In contrast, the Pew Research poll commissioned by Reason/Rupe (found here: ) actually gives the full questions and how they were asked. I’m reminded of a quote from my college stats professor: “67% of statistics are made up on the spot.”

  5. You can’t get 90% of the American people to agree that the world is round. You can’t get 90% of the American people to agree that dinosaurs once walked the Earth. You can’t get 90% of the American people to agree on almost anything, but Crazy Joe claims that 90% of the American people want his loopy law to go through?

    Hey, Joe, I’ll bet that 90% of the American people think that you’re never, ever going to be President.

  6. “WHEN there’s another Newtown or similar. Stay vigilant my friends.”


    If it doesn’t happen naturally, the government will make it happen. Anyone who doesn’t believe the O administration would do this without missing a wink of sleep is fooling themselves.

    We’re two nations pretending to be one. True Americans and Progressive Fascists. And it can’t stay that way forever. There’s only so long the leftists will be able to keep their masks of civility, decency, and tolerance straight, and there’s only so long true Americans will be able to tolerate sharing their nation with a public and government full of sub-human traitors.

  7. “even though it was supported by 90 percent of the American people.”

    That’s propaganda bull shit.

    I like this statement from the poll:
    “The Quinnipiac University Poll, directed by Douglas Schwartz, Ph.D., conducts public opinion surveys in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, Ohio, Virginia and the nation as a public service and for research.”

    Making me feel this poll is mostly taken from the new englander states and not the rest of us. After all, who cares about our opinions right?

    I like this question in the table:
    21. Who do you trust to do a better job handling – gun policy, President Obama or the Republicans in Congress?
    A whopping 82% were democratic who answered the question! I like how this poll reflects 82% of democrats but advertises itself as “all americans.”

    • Additionally… The question asked to those who take the polls regarding back ground checks was:
      38. Do you support or oppose requiring background checks for all gun buyers?
      89% republicans said yes… 96% democrats said yes.

      The question did not ask:
      Do you support or oppose additional background checks such as the Universal background check?

      However the title of the poll is:

      What a bogus statement. Generally, gun owning republicans know there already are background checks in place.

      Additionally… no one EVER sites that the poll indicates 46% of people say the NRA better reflects their view on guns and 43% say Barack Obama better reflects their view on guns.

  8. I read a comment on CNN’s page about this article in which someone actually referred to our rights as ‘freedumbs’. The mindset that we should restrict rights/freedoms because it entails personal responsibility is mind-boggling.

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  9. Biden….Gaouuud Damn. What a sorry POS. Still throwing the 90% BS around, I see. See ya in 14′ (hopefully without another mass shooting).


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