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Biden went off the deep end trying to answer this question. When asked about what Biden hopes to gain from a new “Assault Weapons Ban” when the numbers prove that there was no noticeable impact on crime due to the law, Biden tried to turn it around. His argument: since criminals don’t use “assault weapons” in their crimes, then no one needs one!

Question: “What reasonable measures can we implement that might reduce the loss of life as opposed to repeating the same failed laws of previous administrations?”

Biden: “Well, let me set the record straight in your question. It [the AWB] didn’t expire because it proved ineffective, it expired because it had to be re-authorized in 10 years. When I originally wrote the legislation, the only way to get it passed was an agreement to have a 10 year life and have to be re-authorized, and the last administration [Bush] chose not to seek re-authorization. That’s number one.

“Number two, it is true that the vast majority of gun deaths in America are not the consequence of the use of an ‘assault weapon’. But that begs the question of whether assault weapons have any real utility either in terms of any sporting or self protection needs […]”

So, because millions of “assault weapons” are legally owned by lawful citizens and almost never used to commit crimes or kill people, we should ban them.

Sounds reasonable to me. Or not.

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    • It’s either him or Hillary…. and libtards have a HUUUUUGE hard-on for her ( in an electoral sense, of course).

    • The real question is: Will the Republican Party PLEASE get a real person to run for President. Any half way decent candidate would have beat BHO. But no, we had that idiot Romney.

        • I think that the GOP should have a national primary, with 6 months prior to campaign, so that my primary vote isn’t meaningless since I’m in Arizona.

        • Just about anyone on this site has enough REAL common sense to do the job. At least better than these worthless liars.

      • As a footnote of the “real person” for the Republican candidate – can they please get off the goddamn Jesus train? The American people have made it pretty clear that they don’t want the Bible to be the source of our laws and as long as Republicans keep pushing that, they will lose.

      • +eleventybillion

        seriously, the republican party couldn’t come up with a better candidate than romney? the republicans did it to themselves, and have nobody but themselves to blame.

      • Like who? Christy is a RINO, Jindal can’t keep his foot out of his mouth, and no one else has national exposure. Time for Bush III? Rumor has it the former governor is smarter than his brother (which isn’t too hard), he did a good job in Florida and has name recognition.

      • Yeah, this team is something else. Obama represents the worst of the new party, Marxists with no regard for what America wants. Biden represents the worst of the old party, professional politicians owned by the unions, with no regard for what America wants.

    • Historically, vice presidency is the end of that politicians career. Also, after this there will probably be a 70 or 80 percent majority favoring ANY republican candidate.

      And, due to the spoiler effect, even fewer people will vote Libertarian.

    • Because WE WON’T FOLLOW THEM. Because we are capable of taking care of ourselves. BECAUSE WE WON’T ACCEPT WELFARE. They just want to HELP US…

      • He doesn’t need to have a good campaign speech. He just says: “ajfdlkj lsjieid lkslddkjf oisdfoifu, and we’re going to double SNAP payments and forgive student loans, and ;alsvidi osidfnv nvhfoisf.” It ain’t about eloquence.

  1. I cannot fix stupid and dumb. It’s too tough to do. Joey “fighten’ Blue Hen who never played college football” Biden is just too stupid and dumb to fix. He had to plagiarize Kinnock?

  2. you can’t debate, argue with these people, it’s my way or the highway. “i don’t like it, so you can’t have it” “i don’t care about the numbers” suck my dick.

  3. Thank the Gods that they sent the Vice Asshat out to sell this bs. Hillary is a succubus from hell incapable of handling matters of state let alone the Presidency. But can ya tell me, please. For as idiotic as the message from the left is why in hell is it that in a country of 350,000,000 people we can’t 2 people to make up a constitutional ticket that can restore the peoples rights back to them?

  4. From numerous old postings and “rules of life” lists:

    “If you walk away, it was a fair fight. The only unfair fight is the one you lose.”

    In the self defense world, winning means having an advantage. If the majority of criminals are using handguns with 13-15 round magazines, then I want the advantage. An AR with a 30 round mag and good ammo has a better chance to give me the advantage (if I do my part). I don’t want to fight fair, and I shouldn’t have to. This isn’t the 1800s, I can’t successively challenge each home invader to muzzle loading pistols at 20 paces. Apparently some of these folks were truly raised to believe life is fair, or can be if you MAKE it fair (through regulation).

    I grew up with God and Murphy’s Law. Pray for the best, be prepared for the worst. An AR with a 30 round mag at Condition 3, a forearm light, and a bandolier or chest rig with a few extra mags is prepared for the worst IMHO!

    • “Apparently some of these folks were truly raised to believe life is fair, or can be if you MAKE it fair (through regulation).”

      Ding, ding! Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner.

  5. … my brain just exploded trying to comprehend the reazoning for this simple question… congress better throw this awb bill away, not even look at it.

  6. And if a law-abiding citizen with a conceal carry put 10 holes in the terrorist baby killer, you save a whole lot more than 1 kid…

    this is all bullshit and posturing. They don’t give a damn about saving children, it’s as clear as crystal! They care about disarming people who do not commit crimes.

  7. Biden is a candidate for WONDERTARD of the year award. If you don’t know what a wondertard is here you go. a wonderdard is so dumb that they make a re—rd look like a genius.

  8. That man is hard to listen to. He seems to jump from one sentence to another in the middle of his current sentence. It’s the speech equivalent of 3 card monte.

  9. I suggest we all take Uncle Joe’s advice at the end of the clip:

    “write your congressman. For or against, write your congressman.”

  10. Lets all hope they don’t put him back to his regular duties, finger painting and playing with slinky’s. Biden may be our best Allie from the democrat side especially if he keeps talking. Did you see him during the campaign? “The middle class has been buried the last four years”. If he keeps talking he is bound to show the stupidity of all liberals. He may even make our case for us.

    • Sexual harassment. Outrageous errors. Unthinking racist comments. For some reason, good old Joe gets a pass. I’ll never understand it.

  11. At 2:30 when in fact fewer police were being out gunned, number of deadly assaults has gone up since the ban has been lifted paraphrased slightly

    This is a lie. for the 10 years prior to the ban, the average number of police officers killed with a firearm was 87.4/year. The 10 years during the ban (and mag limit) there were 58.1 police officers killed per year with a firearm However, in the eight years since the ban expired, the average annual number of police being killed with a firearm has dropped to 53.75 per year. It appears that the more ‘assault weapons’ there are in circulation, fewer police officers get killed.

    • Or, using your numbers, that there isn’t actually any correlation. Since it went down with the AWB and without the AWB.

      • The number of firearms, ban-compliant during the ban and “scary” guns after the ban lapsed, increased during that period. So the correlation between ARs and crime may not be as strong, but firearms and crime is stronger. Is it statistically significant? Does it matter? It lets me sleep at night knowing I can defend my home and family. This still is an individualistic country and we still have individual rights, why an argument “for the greater good” is even humored is due only to the First Amendment and only accepted due to emotional pull.

  12. People know that most of the AWB is window dressing and that it won’t do anything. The real battle will be over the magazine capacity limits… and there, the public is largely not aware that it will prevent people from using the same common pistols that police use to defend themselves with.

    It would be really simple to convey this in a TV ad…

    • Actually, because most modern handguns have larger magazines, that might be one we could win with the current supreme court.

  13. I wish somebody would call Joe Biden’s repeated attempts to overthrow the Constitution of the United States, specifically the Second Amendment, what those are: treason. I wish somebody would take the offence instead of the defence. Have him arrested and put on trial just like any other criminal masquerading under the color of authority. [Wikipedia: Oran’s Dictionary of the Law (1983) defines treason as “…[a]…citizen’s actions to help a foreign government overthrow, make war against, or seriously injure the [parent nation].” In many nations, it is also often considered treason to attempt or conspire to overthrow the government, even if no foreign country is aiding or involved by such an endeavor.] Since our legitimate government is the Constitution, overthrowing the Constitution is treason.

  14. I only heard one argument from Mr. Biden that made any logical sense at all. Considering the Sandy Hook Elementary mass shooting as an example where the attacker shot about 150 rounds of ammunition for easy math, if the attacker used 30 round magazines, he had to change them 4 times. If each magazine change takes 3 seconds, that means he spent 12 seconds of his total attack time changing magazines and NOT shooting victims. Now if the attacker only had access to 10 round magazines, he would have had to change them 14 times. Again assuming 3 seconds per magazine change, he would have spent 42 seconds of his attack time changing magazines and NOT shooting victims. So Mr. Biden argues that the additional 30 seconds required for magazine changes with 10 round magazines might have saved one or two lives.

    While that argument may hold some water, so does the argument that police could save lives if they could search anyone or anything, anywhere, any time. However that policy violates our right to privacy and due process.

    Of course Mr. Biden totally misses the much larger problem: the attacker at Sandy Hook Elementary didn’t face armed resistance for 20 minutes!!!!! If armed adults had already been on site, the attacker would have faced armed resistance in as little as 3 seconds. In that scenario the attacker’s magazine capacity would have been irrelevant.

    • No, if that were the case everything would be legal. He’s saying the guns criminals *don’t* have shouldn’t be legal.

  15. I told you not to use the SCOTUS decisions. Why? Because they said they can reasonably regulate rights. So anyone who uses the SCOTUS decisions to argue is going to lose. I refer to it as a back handed compliment via the SCOTUS.

  16. Also I recommend that you not use the term “modern SPORTING rifle” to describe modern rifles; because it is doing the exact same thing as “ASSAULT rifle.”

  17. Uncle Joe needs to come down to Range 37 in Bunnelevel, NC during a competition and tell some of us again how we don’t need our assault weapons. The VAST MAJORITY of us are current and former special operations troops so you know he wouldn’t have the guts.

    He knows so little about the real use of guns that he is just about the worst mouthpiece his majesty, King Obama could have.

  18. So. A gun that’s used a lot in crime and mass shootings is evil, scary, and ought to be banned. A gun that’s not often used in crime ought to be banned too, because obviously it has no purpose if criminals can’t find a use for it.

    How very tidy.

  19. The ‘scary black rifles’ are for when libtards like you (Biden) get a hard on to try to take them and thus remove the teeth of the 2nd amendment.

  20. “Number two, it is true that the vast majority of gun deaths in America are not the consequence of the use of an ‘assault weapon’.”

    Alright, I’m with you so far.

    “But that begs the question of whether assault weapons have any real utility either in terms of any sporting or self protection needs”

    Uuuhhh… no. No it doesn’t. So, because no one is killing anyone else with them, they don’t have any sporting or self defense uses?

    This isn’t even gaffes and foot-in-mouth syndrome any more. Biden went and had a stroke..

  21. dumbest comment ever.

    If criminals dont use these guns then they are clearly ZERO problem and your ban is POINTLESS!
    Owning one ISNT about NEED…its about FREEDOM of CHOICE.

    Either the AR IS a problem and you want to ban it because it IS…
    or the AR ISN’T a problem and there is ZERO reason for any ban other than your own delusional paranoia.

    So which is it, mumbly Joe?

  22. Its simple
    Not be infringed: not to encroach upon in a way that violates law or the rights of another
    Keep: I own it
    Bare: Its right here with me and its loaded

  23. Perfect example he states shotguns are more powrful and better for self defense. Get that shotgunners. You are next. Then those more powerful deer sniper rifles.

  24. Who is he to tell hundreds of millions hes right ,your wrong.A GUN IS A GUN it dosent matter to a law abiding citizen. But we cant even vote ,JUST HIM. he killed more people on the ground , straiffing them with his fighter,some rockets ,topped off by 2 napalm pods. but that was war .im sure he didn’t kill ONE INOCENT PERSON, sure. but he wants our guns either way.he dosent need a gun. he has armed body gaurds.


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