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By CCL Shul Members

In the wake of recent violent anti-Semitic hate crimes, Chicago Jews are training up — and praying their tactical knowledge never has to be used. “CCL Shul Members” is an organization that unites Jewish concealed carry license holders from across Chicagoland to promote the safe and lawful possession and use of firearms.

“Throughout our long history of persecution, Jews have rarely been given the right to defend ourselves from those who wish us harm,” said Chiam Naiditch, the group’s founder. “We are blessed to live in a country where Jews have equal rights, and it is our mission to ensure that these rights are used responsibly to defend ourselves, our families, and our places of worship.”

Following the 2013 Firearm Concealed Carry Act in Illinois, many Jewish people privately applied for — and received — CCLs. While firearms training is a requirement in order to obtain a CCL, the organization’s founders recognized a need for more advanced and situation-specific training to ensure that all those who chose to carry would be able to responsibly and effectively use them, should the need ever arise.

“CCL Shul Members came into being to fill a need,” said Naiditch. “Many Jews have chosen to arm themselves in self-defense, and we were founded to provide high-level, standardized training to ensure we’re all on the same page, and that we’re doing everything we can to ensure we are defending what we hold most dear in a responsible way.

The multi-level courses offered by the group are provided by highly qualified trainers, including Illinois Police and SWAT trainers. Monthly get-togethers ensure members are consistently keeping their skills sharp, and include guest speakers to keep participants up-to-date and educated.

“While we pray we will never have to use our weapons, our training ensures that we have the tools to defend ourselves against those who wish us harm,” said Naiditch.

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      • ‘They’ are individuals. My sisters and I were raised country baptist. They think guns are evil and don’t belong. Fortunately they’re too lazy to vote. Jews are also individuals. Some do, some don’t.


          71% according to Pew, but yeah. As a demographic, American Jews clearly do not mean it when they say “never again” because they oppose the right to self defense. Alternatively, to them defense involves the use of the state apparatus as a collective defense against those who are not counted among their ethnoreligious group. If you look at it this way, their 3-to-1 support for political candidates who openly want to confiscate all privately owned firearms makes perfect sense. At least, it does when you consider the over-representation in Congress and the courts — in the Senate, for example, there are 28 seats held by Jewish politicians (all of them Democrats if you count Sanders) when one would expect an average of two seats based off of the population (though the Senate doesn’t work that way and if everyone just voted on ethnic lines there would never be a Jewish senator.) That’s a lot of political power to throw around, and the political aim of disarming citizens makes more sense when you apply the doctrine of “never again” to the use of force by the state against other, outgroup citizens.

          Now, someone is going to call me an anti-semite for bringing this up, but I’m just outlining the facts and positing two interpretations of them that explain the seemingly incongruous political behavior of Jewish voters. Either 1: three quarters of them are huge hypocrites and lack the self-awareness to realize the ramifications of opposing the individual right to self defense (which is, of course, plausible — the sheer number of voters who choose candidates based on a D or R next to their name and have no idea what a primary is or how you vote in one is truly alarming); or 2: the removal of the individual’s access to the tools of self defense is a net gain to the collective defense ability of the group. After all, 2.2% of the population would stand little chance of preventing another Kristallnacht in the Roof Korean style if the hypothetical attackers from the majority ethnic group (or even several much larger minorities) were as well armed as they. Of course, the truth probably lies somewhere in between, with only a few radical theorists being cognisant of this point of view, but with that being enough for it to occupy a position of vague cultural consciousness among the “gut feeling” or “always go with a particular letter” voters.

    • this isn’t the power of the state being levied against them, but rather a specific threat from hateful individuals…

      • “this isn’t the power of the state being levied against them, but rather a specific threat from hateful individuals…”

        The behavior persists, regardless of the source of the threat. Either way, there is apparently a pervasive mindset regarding personal safety.

    • George, are you one of those idiot holocaust deniers? Pearl Harbor never happened. We never walked on the moon and Kennedy was a large conspiracy. It involved the Cubans, the mafia and a couple of Martians on the grassy knoll.

        • eagle, shaking bruises the gin. Or in my case the vodka. Absolute, very cold, very dry, two olives.

        • Will remember that for the future. Was never into martinis – usually go for a good bourbon or single-malt scotch.

        • Gadsden,
          007 preferred his Martinis shaken in the belief that ice shards created by shaking would melt and dilute his drink, giving him an advantage over his adversaries whose Martinis were stirred and theoretically less dilute.

      • Martini’s made with vodka. How uncivilized, what’s next cats and dogs living together, men pretending to be women, women pretending to be men?

        • Red, when the army kept me entertained I dated a woman who preferred gin. I could choke it down but the taste reminded me of turpentine. I agree with Eagle. Prefer bourbon. But, a martini in the heat of a Florida summer can be refreshing.

        • I’m not a beer tender I’m a bar tender. It’s not a martooni it’s a martini. And lady if you’d get your tit out of the ash tray you wouldn’t have heartburn

      • Did you read the JFK files? The Kennedy assassination was in fact a vast conspiracy. The last declassified documents show tbat Oswald was working with the CIA and was trained by them as an assassin, that the bullet supposedly recovered on Conelly’s stretcher could not possibly have caused his injuries (let alone two of Kennedy’s as well) and that the then-mayor of Dallas was also a CIA asset and had personal dealings with Jack Ruby. Whoever actually killed Kennedy, we now know there was without a doubt a huge cover-up involving thousands of people various parts of the US (and local) government. The last 1% of the records, suppressed for over half a century, prove this unequivocally.

        In comparison, the moon landing hoax theory (or the theory of a vast conspiracy to invent a fictional genocide) is just a fever dream.

        • Mercury, my mother recently admitted to being part of the Kennedy conspiracy. She was in her bedroom ironing laundry at the time but she said she gave Oswald faulty ammunition and altered his scope when he wasn’t looking. (That was tounge in cheek in case anyone out there is stupid.) I’ve often said if you want to commit a crime, do it by yourself and don’t tell anyone. Two people cannot keep a secret. Thousands were involved in Kennedy? That’s laughable. You should turn off your computer and get out in the sun more often.

        • Gadsden Flag, in answer to your question about the Kinks here’s the song.
          Was made in reference to Reds comment “men pretending to be women, women pretending to be men?”

  1. Now perhaps they will also stop voting for democrats who want them disarmed. The learning process for most of them is a slow one. Now maybe the JPFO will have more jewish members.
    I hope so.

  2. “But we prayed to our God, and because of them we posted a guard against them, day and night.” Nehemiah 4: 9.
    Well done, CCLShulMembers !

  3. As I have stated many times previously Jews and Blacks that believe in and practice gun control, other than accurate shooting, are historical MORONS! Especially Jews who are in the legal profession.


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