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If any demographic in America should embrace firearm ownership with both arms, one would think Jewish Americans would fit the bill. Sadly, for most American Jews, “Never Again” seems more of a meaningless slogan than a way of life. In fact, many Jews hate guns.

Yes, even after the Holocaust, when some Jewish folks in America start to buy guns and learn how to use them, suddenly it becomes international news.

AFP has has the story at France24:

Armed guards, safety assessments and now even a “Tactical Rabbi” to train volunteers on the use of weapons — such is the reality today at synagogues in the United States facing mounting anti-Semitic attacks.

It is at a shooting range in the hills overlooking Los Angeles that a team of AFP reporters met recently with Raziel Cohen, dubbed the “Tactical Rabbi,” who was sporting a 9mm pistol on his hip and carrying a semi-automatic rifle over his shoulder.

Cohen was trying to determine how well books can stop bullets. The idea is to transform a library at a synagogue or Jewish school into a shelter in the event of an active shooter situation.

“We’re trying to bridge the gap between the time that the shooting begins and law enforcement arrives,” he told AFP.

“The expression that goes on is that we carry guns because we can’t carry police officers, which is not just a joke,” added Cohen. “The reality is that there can’t be police everywhere all the time.”

It seems a pretty safe bet that the Tactical Rabbi won’t go quietly into the night along with many in his flock. Unfortunately, he stands as more the exception than the rule among American Hebrews.

Sometimes it takes a “Come to Jesus” moment for folks to take responsibility for their own safety instead of leaving it to others.

Oleg Volk image. Used with permission.  Oleg Volk Blog.

In this case, publicity about a pair of recent spree killings at synagogues have spurred some into proactively improving their safety and survivability. And that has the Tactical Rabbi Raziel Cohen working hard to teach these good people self-defense.

Cohen said his expertise in security took on more meaning after the April 27 shooting at the Chabad Poway Synagogue near San Diego that left one dead and three wounded.

It came six months after a shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue left 11 people dead — the worst attack against Jewish people in the modern history of the United States.

In addition to the high-profile mass murders at synagogues, plenty of low-profile anti-semitic incidents have gone without mention in the mainstream media.

Anti-Semitic incidents in the United States remained at near-record high levels in 2018, according to the Anti-Defamation League, which recorded 1,879 incidents, the third-highest level since the 1970s.

2017 had marked an unprecedented rise in such incidents, with 1,986 cases of harassment, vandalism or anti-Semitic attacks recorded, the organization said.

Cohen said given the uptick, it was the duty of the Jewish community to learn to fend for itself.


It’s too bad more don’t already embrace firearms ownership along with concealed carry as much as attendees did at the Chabad of Poway synagogue. Note the vastly different outcomes: The synagogue in Pittsburgh where they rabbi essentially forbade guns in his house of worship compared to the San Diego location where some of the good guys brought their guns – just in case.

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      • As a Republican Conservative Veteran and a Jew I cannot understand why a majority of Jews in the United States are so liberal …to include 99% of my extended family. What ever happened to “never forget” and…I could go on but….

    • Yeah, no shizzle. I’ve never understood why the Jewish community has historically leaned Democrat.

      Although…forty years ago the Dems and Repubs didn’t have as huge a gap between them as they do now. It’s no longer a debate about spending money this way or that way. Now the two sides forming in this country are so stark, there is no middle ground. Pro life (all life is precious) or pro abortion (dead babies), gun freedoms or gun control, low tax or high tax, liberty or nanny state, traditional (Judeo Christian) marriage values or free-for-all LGBTQIABCD+ sexual cornucopia.

      • For many Jewish people, socialism (and the Democratic Party) are a hereditary mental disorder. I am not saying this just to throw cheap accusations; there is something in the Jewish psych, whether genetic or cultural, that makes them embrace socialism. Perhaps it originated with the desire to be one’s brother’s keeper, perhaps its what made the community survive in spite of many individuals being killed by hostiles everywhere and in all ages. Whatever the root cause, socialism is ingrained into the people. Few have been able to break away, and those are notable individuals, but they are individuals. Even in Israel, a country that is always just one war away from total annihilation, every able bodied person is required to serve in the Army and carry their service weapon with them at all times while in uniform. The moment that uniform comes off, that same person cannot posses any weapon at all and is legally not allowed to protect himself, herself, or their families. In other words, any and all lethal force to protect the State; none to protect the individual.

    • Absolutely right! Kamala Harris leaps to mind, and all the Democrats who refused to condemn her Antisemitism and bigotry.

      • It is about the money. This is the same thing that caused the Jews to crusify Christ. Their love of money and power exceed everything else in their life. Until they can grow past this their future is set. Someday hopefully they will see and they will know. God favored them above all others in old times and they don’t realise it was God so they go on believing it was themselves that brought great wealth and prosperity to their people, they should really read the old testimate. Once they accept God was their source of wealth and not themselves they will understand

        • Charles: Um, it was the Roman’s who crucified Jesus. The Jewish method of execution (at the time) was stoning. (Now, they’ll just “noodge” you until you kill yourself. 8>) Oh, FYI, ol’ Jesus _was_ a Jew.

        • Charles, of course love of money is evil and so un-Christian. I trust that you, being holy and Christian, always work for free and money plays no part in your life, save of course, for the charities that you contribute [other people’s money] to. Right?

        • Christ did not work for free unless he was helping out a widow. It is time for the leaders of the Jewish religion to accept him and move on. Your forefathers crucified him on the cross because they had too so he could be the perfect sacrafice, now be blessed in him and move on. If they would have known they would have never crucified him so it was as it had to be,

        • Actually no. Pontious Pilot and his wife wanted to let Jesus go but the Jews chose a criminal after the rebel rousing of their Godly leaders. Read the bible, it is your book.

  1. That 1919 converted to nato standard is sweet.

    The Jews are no different from any others. There are warriors and there are bed wetters.

  2. That’s why Fl is slowly but surely turning blue, South Fl is the 3rd largest Jewish population in the U.S.(guess which states are 1st and 2nd?) NY. is number one and Ca. is a close 2nd. When taxes in NY/NJ (4th largest) started to get really out of control Fl with no state income tax, homestead property tax rules and fairly reasonable state sales tax (exceptions are high tourist areas) the “Exodus” was on, the unintended consequence is a growing base of anti gun, Democrat voters that keep clueless fools like Debbie Wasserman Schultz in office even after the crap she pulled as DNC chair in 2016

    • Once the left takes over FL they’ll crash the economy through taxation, and like locusts they’ll move on to ruining GA and SC.

      • I guess it’s true what they say “you can run, but you can’t hide” Belize was my fall back option til “Hollywood” found out about it and fucked IT up…. They almost got Fl last year, it won’t be long…

        • The progressivs are trying to turn Texas blue, it’s almost purple because of the 4 big cities Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and the nation’s 4th largest city, Houston. Liberals cluster because they can’t survive in rural areas, something in their DNA… In any case we chose Texas over AZ, NC and FL, Florida was good financially but too many things I didn’t like, mostly the population mix. Too many retired old people like us, but most of them from norther states, and liberal wackados. AZ was almost a tie with Texas, but Texas won on economy and lack in dependence on the Federal Government.

    • “I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.” Revelation 2:9 KJV
      So which ones are just saying, and which other ones really are?

    • Never really understood anti-Semitic feelings. And my dad’s family is from Mississippi and my mom’s is from south Georgia/N Florida. At least since before the War of Northern Aggression. Never heard any of my relatives utter a word against the Jewish nation. Against blacks, not so much. I remember segregation. I remember separate white and black water fountains. My doctor’s office had a separate entrance for blacks. Except they were called negros. Today two of my best friends and hunting partners are black. They prefer that to Africa-American. They say they are simply American. Both veterans. Obie retired Navy. Rodney Army and retired LEO. Anyway, I believe that the Democrats want to keep racism alive as a voter base. Same with the welfare state. BTW, both Obie and Rodney are strong 2A supporters, own (gasp) ARs and despise the welfare state. To paraphrase both of them, “Those assholes need to pull up their pants, get off the corner and get a job!” Back to Isreal. Keep kicking ass!

  3. Never again? Maybe stop voting for anti Semites who seek to disarm you. Just a thought. Might want to clean house at the ADL while you’re at it. They’re more interested in disarming you than fighting defamation.

    • Maybe time to also clean house from AIPAC influence and $$ while you’re at it. What’s good for ADL is good for AIPAC.

      • Author Norm Finklestein said something like ‘AIPAC carries lobbying power that would make the NRA blush’-can’t recall exact words, but that’s close, and seems pretty accurate.

        • Wow!!
          You played the Finklestein “card”. He is one despised jew by other jews.

        • There’s a norm finklstein card? What does that even mean? And other Jews hating him….thanks for the logical fallacy.

    • Liberals, Progressives, and Socialists are vehemently anti-Semitic. Why? Marx and Engels state in their writings their opinions on Jews which are not complimentary.

      • I don’t know any liberals, progressives or socialists who could be called Marxist-Leninists. No one who has a pot to piss in and wants the busses to keep running wants a world revolution. That evil right wingnut clown Steve Bannon is a self-declared Leninist. Those who work to make Americans hate each other based on disinformation (like calling non-Marxists, Marxists) are doing the bidding of extremists from both sides.

        • I deliberately did NOT repeat what Marx and Engels actually wrote and published about Jews because I did not want to be labelled an anti-Semite. Especially as I know more about the Holocaust than the vast majority of people and do NOT want to see this repeated ever again on anyone.

        • Southern cross, if you’re afraid to exercise your freedom of speech, cite the source you’re referring to about Marx’s comments on Jewish people. Otherwise you’re blowing smoke.

        • Pg2, if you look above, “Charles Cox” made the actual quote attributed to Engels.

  4. I’m pretty sure Tactical Rabbi Cohen did not have a “Come to Jesus” moment, since the Judaism specifically preaches that Jesus was not the son of God. But it’s the thought that counts.

    • The more sophisticated scholar do a knowledge him as an important Rabbi and Hasdim are just 1700 years to late.

    • And how do you know this?? Because a Rabi who would loose his wealth and fortune if it was true said it was a lie??? How many times did God have to forgive his children when they came out of Egypt? Don’t even go there because you will be ashamed of yourselfs, or at least you will have to think about something you don’t want to remember.

    • Yep, that struck me the same way! When you see how often Jews are targeted for attack simply because they of their religion, going armed only makes sense. Hell, I carry, and most of the things that get people targeted don’t apply to me.

      • Jews who are Christian now are one of the major components of the U.S. Jewish population. 1.7 million adult Jews identify themselves as Christians. Only the denomination of Reform Judaism has more support among American Jews, with an estimated 1.86 million adherents.
        Evidently over one and a half million “Jews” agree with the author, Just sayin’

        • MaddMaxx: if a Jew converts to Christianity, she’s a Christian. That’s what converting means. Likewise, if a Christian converts to Judaism, he’s now a Jew.

          The essence of Christianity is that Jesus is the son of G-d and the Messiah. Since Jews don’t believe that the Messiah has come, people who accept Jesus as the son of G-d are no longer Jews. It’s scientifical. 8>)

        • I could care less, I looked it up, that’s exactly what it says, it does not say FORMER jews that converted to Christianity… It refers to a group of people in the U.S. (1.7 million of them) who IDENTIFY as JEWS and are PRACTICING CHRISTIANS… I’m just the fucking messenger here pal so if you have a problem with a JEW belonging to an organization that apparently believes in Jesus Christ but still wants to maintain it’s Jewish identity then you should probably take ip with them and show them the error of their ways….

    • Sam et al,

      “Lighten up, Francis.”

      It’s an expression. We Jews that don’t need safe spaces (except our gun safes) can dig that. Yeah, when I was a kid, I hated being repeatedly wished “Merry Christmas”. When I got older, I was comfortable enough with myself that I could accept that people were being kind, not insulting. Christians are in the majority (as the moment).

      I’m much concerned with the stupid (not ignorant) Jews that believe that _this time_, the government will be benevolent and protect us. I’m sure that German Jews in 1937 said the same thing.

      The rabbi that just left my synagogue believed that the law will protect us in the US. Perhaps _after_ the event. During, probably not so much. Personally, I like options. And, even though the rule (preference) is no firearms, the new synagogue president appreciates that I’m, um, prepared when I’m there.

  5. Why consider facts and reality when emotion, fantasy, and arbitrary notions of “virtue” (which are direct products of emotion and fantasy anyway) are supreme?

    Until we can somehow convince Progressives to elevate facts and reality above emotion, fantasy, and “virtue”, we will be engaged in battle forever.

    • Uncommon_Sense: It’s no use trying to convince anyone of anything. Better to focus on what you, as an individual, can do for yourself and your own people.

      • If this were true you wouldn’t see the constant kvetching about gun rights that you do right here on TTAG because the Left and the antis would be barking up the wrong tree in attempting to convince the public that gun control is a good idea.

        As it is, they’re actually decently successful at this time and have been for the last few years because they get A LOT of backing on related topics from the media that play into this.

        DJT may end up being the worst thing for 2A rights in a long time but not for the reason the “orange man bad” folks here on TTAG would have you believe.

        The reason is the synergy between

        1) The fact that DJT is a consummate politician and pays a lot of attention to public sentiment, as a populist would and

        2) The fact that the media has successfully convinced a surprisingly large percentage of America that DJT brings with him Nationalist Right Wing Violence and racism which has made the country more violent a cesspit of “right wing extremism” coming from violent sociopaths with “hard right” or “alt right” views.

        Those two things have created a cross-section of the public that is fearful of DJT and his supporters as well as a perception that a violent clash between the Right and the Left is inevitable in the short term. Those people fear violence and have caused an uptick in support for gun control (depending on how the question is worded which is why the antis focus-group the shit out of their proposals). DJT has noted that uptick and tried to, as a populist, take some advantage of it.

        It’s a moderately complicated web to unravel but the result is this: convincing people of your position is possible if you’re smart and dedicated to the task. Changing popular opinion is like working out, losing weight or skill development: decent work over time yields great results.

        We POTG on the other hand are a bunch of fucking retards buying into the latest crash diet fad and screaming that we didn’t lose 50lbs in a week, giving up and wondering how the Left gets results when they’re the ones hitting the gym for an hour three times a week and cutting their diet a bit here and there.

  6. A few decades ago a friend and I were giving some advice to JDL members in Philly. I have never understood Jews who are in favor of gun control. Some of the attitudes in parts of Europe haven’t changed much in 80 years. For a point of reference, my Armenia ancestor came to this country between 1915-20.

  7. Sure get a gat…this goyim “gets it”. Too bad in Boch’s ILLinois(and mine) babies are on the hit list. Thanks governor Prickster(SEE: the new pro-infantacide laws). Oy vey😩😡😢

  8. “The reality is that there can’t be police everywhere all the time.” I appreciate the majority of police who respect the dignity & civil rights of all they swore to serve. But what person would want to live where police are working everywhere all the time? Doesn’t seem like the description of a free, liberty-loving state of mind.

    • The key to “getting it”, is the Jewish duality. The two ‘holy books’, the two languages, the two forms of dress, in short the TWO VERY DIFFERENT forms of Judaism. Namely, the Sephardic and the Ashkenazi. Two different types.
      The SOP now would be to find out how the two forms differ.

  9. If you do not have a direct ancestor listed in the 1790 Census, you are a guest and it is past time you left.

      • I agree with you ING

        I also think people like Chris Mallory represent the very worst of America because they do not realize it was immigrants who made this country great and continue to do so to this very day. His posts are almost too sickening to even read or attempt to stomach. He disgraces the inscription on the Statue of Liberty and is a danger to all Americans and their way of life and core beliefs. Had to post this on your time line because I could not get this to post on Mallory’s.

      • “Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.”
        To help reduce the spread of anal hepatitis through door knobs, right?

    • If you don’t have ancestors who lived here BEFORE the White Man started keeping census figures, then you really are a guest.

    • It’s a good thing that Mallory has a fondness for sheep. He won’t passing on his genes to future generations.

  10. There are lots of redneck Jews like me who like riding atv’s, airboats, and shooting guns.

    I never understand my city cousins and their anti gun stance.

    Every American should have a gun and know how to use it!

    • Redneck Jew here. I have an 85 suburban, land in the middle of nowhere, and enough weaponry to arm a small town.

    • redneck city jew here 🙂

      I live in the belly if the beast- Brooklyn- and shoot regularly at the west side pistol club in manhattan.

      I also have a home in the sticks upstate, where I camp, hike and shoot my 12 guage to my hearts content. as do my other city dwelling redneck city jew friends!

      some of us feel much more at home in the woods and mountains upstate than in nyc.

      it’s not all fun and games though.
      there are LOTS of us arming up, and learning how to defend ourselves.

      and of course, I drive a suburban too!

  11. Unfortunately, many Jews think of Masada as a spiritual victory instead of a physical slaughter and are determined to repeat it.

    • They think being a victim gives you moral authority. But it’s hard to use this moral authority when you are dead.

  12. Most Amerian jews and Im one of them or was. Were brought up as tax and spend libitards. In the Northeast anyway. Some of us left and grew up in the real world. Unfortunately alot didnt and are still up there. Alot moved down here and have fucked up Florida. Particularly the south eastern part.

  13. For a people who love to regurgitate the whole “never again” bit, an overwhelming number of the chosen people love big government and authoritarianism. It’s like the cultural equivalent of lemmings running off a cliff.

  14. According to the book of Revelation when the worse demoncrat in the history of the world the antichrist rise’s up 2 thirds of all living Jews will die Satan is really anti semitic

  15. Thank Herr Drumf and his racist rhetoric for making racism “cool” again in the U.S. I was under the illusion after decades of progress in bringing people together especially when the American Public actually elected a Black President that most Americans had finally become civilized people. But my illusions of a civilized society were dashed when Herr Drumpf emerged on the political scene screaming racist epitaphs and only failing to grow that silly small nose mustache of his lord and savior whose book he keeps by his bedside by his Uncle Adolf. Herr Drumpfs racist tirades then commenced against Latino’s, Muslims, Immigrants and desperate Refuges fleeing for their lives all of which made no impression on a man like Trump who has not a humanitarian bone in his body. It has been shocking and sickening to see how fast all the progress we have made in race relations dashed to pieces by one racist President and the man hole cover on the sewers of hate opened up for the Nazi rats who once again came pouring out of the sewers of hate populated by the Far right.

    Perhaps this is a wake up call to all minorities not just Jews to arm themselves at least until the scourge of Herr Drump and his Jack Booted mesmerized glaze eyed followers who worship him as the 2nd coming of the Messiah (Hitler being their first) is a distant and disgusting past chapter in Americas sordid history of race relations.

    I am sure in 2020 the new Democratic President will declare enough is enough and the Charlottesville Trump worshiping Nazi’s will not be tolerated in a civilized society. Maybe then everyone can once again lay down their guns until of course the next Republican Nazi comes to power and starts threatening everyone who is not White, Protestant and Anglo Saxon. The Far Right will never except the fact that all Americans have the same rights. Until they do America will continue to be an armed camp of one tribe attacking the other tribe or tribes. We have seen that when the Far Right who has been in the majority of terrorist mass murders becomes bolder and bolder then the people they have been attacking also arm and fight back. And when society refuses to act civilized that is when the government steps in and disarms all the Waring tribes. What else can the government do? Yes thank Herr Drumpf for more gun control as he made sure the Far Right was given the green light to go completely out of control. Dillon Roof and his fellow Confederate Flag wavers took Trumps cue to start an open season on minorities with the expected counter war of minorities against them. History repeats itself as in 1930’s Germany where the Far Left (Anit Fa) shot it out in the city streets with the Far Right (the Nazis) and it was unfortunate for Germany and the World that the Far Right Nazis temporarily won. The Far Right Nazi’s in the end lost of course proving that yes their is a God.

        • I don’t know why I even try but here goes again. Obama is a middle-of-the-road, capitalist-corporate liberal. He doesn’t discriminate against white, black, brown, yellow or red skin. He’s against crime & violence & doesn’t break the law himself. He didn’t try to take peoples’ guns & didn’t argue for doing that. He’s for respecting police & against police brutality or murder of civilians.
          So what do you think he actually did to divide Americans? Or would you just always prefer a white male pres?

        • @Richard Turyn “The police acted stupidly’ is all you need to know about Obummer and Police. Benghazi is all you need to know how he feels about the military. “America is not a Christian nation” is all you need to know about how he feels about the rest of us Americans, He is a POS.

        • So the police acted intelligently when the arrested a white-haired black Professor who lost his house key?
          So Nixon was ok though he got 20,000 US soldiers killed in Vietnam?
          So you think Obama isn’t Christian but that “the rest of us” are? He’s Christian, I’m not Christian and it’s as much my country as yours. And I’ve probably contributed to our country more than you.
          Btw, I’m a (multiple) gun-owner, so stay polite.

        • Hey Richard you just like being stupid obummer is a Muslim Nixon got us out of Viet Nam btw I don’t have to be nice I have my guns and I can put lead on the target pay attention and wake up

        • @Richard Turyn Wow, just wow. I never made a disparaging personal remark to you Who are you to decide what I have or have not contributed? And BTW, some people might consider your final sentence a threat. I wouldn’t be surprised if you have a couple of Federal Marshals show up at your home.

        • @Mad, there was no reason for Richard to respond in that manner, this is suppose to be a forum for education and discussion. Threats from possible armed individuals are not appropriate. Amazing that a discussion can turn in that direction. I hope he’s not like that in real life, maybe it’s the keyboard that did it. Trying to find the humor in life….

        • He’s trying to bully you he’s a coward some of us just don’t bow to bullies and if he thinks he’s tough then he has never met a real man but in today’s world comes as no surprise

        • America was a Christian nation, read the Declaration of Independance and our constitution.

        • Actually, please read it yourself and then show me where either contains “Jesus” or “christ.”

        • Obama hated me because I was a white male. Actions speak louder than words and everything his actions ever said prove me right. I am sorry but that’s what his actions said. I wish the best for him and his family and hope the rest of his life is full of happiness.

        • Fergisson. Obama sent Erich and the FBI to get that white cop who shot the black boy. So far so good? They spent weeks interviewing people and came back and said no the cop was protecting himself. Media shows hands up don’t shoot and Obama and Biden choose to ignore it. All hell breaks out and they blame it on the cops. They never said no, it was the guy high on dopes fault. Actions speak louder than words. If Obama told you 2+2=15 you would probably believe him, if that was true we would be crashing into the sun and burning up. Sorry but Obama was a very predjudious person, he hated white people. If you are white you are blind.

        • Who really cares! Actions speak louder than words, listen to his actions and see who he really was.

    • Apparently, you believe what the mainstream media tells you. The half-black president was all but meaningless, or course. He was a neocon, who continued everything that Bush started. Funny how he shoved RomneyCare down our throats, isn’t it?

      • Funny how Bush created the greatest economic down turn since the great depression both of which plunged the economies of the world into chaos. It took Obama to get us out of that mess and save Chrysler and General Motors from bankruptcy.

        • The Democrats are responsible for the downturn. Both Bush and McCain tried to rein in subprime mortgages and the Democrats in Congress stopped him.

        • Bush pushed for banks to issue mortgages to “disadvantaged” people that couldn’t have qualified for them based on their ability to pay them back? Good to know.
          Interesting how “saved from bankruptcy” means giving Chrysler to a foreign company and losing $1.3B supporting the stock. Same with the unprecedented voiding of the stake of bond holders. Call it what it really was — a payoff of auto unions after the car companies made a bunch of bad loans.

        • The basics of the George W Bush financial collapse started here.. Signed in to law by BUBBA CLINTON in 1999..
          Glass–Steagall “repeal” and the financial crisis
          Robert Kuttner, Joseph Stiglitz, ELIZABETH WARREN (aka Pocahontas), Robert Weissman, Richard D. Wolff and others have tied Glass–Steagall repeal to the late-2000s financial crisis. Kuttner acknowledged “de facto inroads” before Glass–Steagall “repeal” but argued the GLBA’s “repeal” had permitted “super-banks” to “re-enact the same kinds of structural conflicts of interest that were endemic in the 1920s,” which he characterized as “lending to speculators, packaging and securitizing credits and then selling them off, wholesale or retail, and extracting fees at every step along the way.”Stiglitz argued “the most important consequence of Glass–Steagall repeal” was in changing the culture of commercial banking so that the “bigger risk” culture of investment banking “came out on top.”He also argued the GLBA “created ever larger banks that were too big to be allowed to fail,” which “provided incentives for excessive risk taking.”Warren explained Glass–Steagall had kept banks from doing “crazy things.” She credited FDIC insurance, the Glass–Steagall separation of investment banking, and SEC regulations as providing “50 years without a crisis” and argued that crises returned in the 1980s with the “pulling away of the threads” of regulation. Weissman agrees with Stiglitz that the “most important effect” of Glass–Steagall “repeal” was to “change the culture of commercial banking to emulate Wall Street’s high-risk speculative betting approach.

    • You seem to be a little worked up, Vlad. I have to ask, just how much blood will it take to slake your thirst?

    • Do some reading on the published writings of Marx and Engels, and you will find they are very anti-Semitic.

      The main reason why Jews followed socialism and Marxism is because they were better than the Tsar.

      • Marxism talks a good game of equality, justice and relief from oppression. No one goes for it any more because the nice talk was bait for the masses, advertising lies that got millions killed.
        In this time of lies, too, it’s good to remember that Russian and Polish people (not the Tsar) were raping, murdering and stealing from their law-abiding, pious Jewish neighbors for years before the Nazis. Any relief from those people would look good. There were right wing Zionists in Poland too. My dad was one as a teenager before he got out in time.

    • Long, long spiel without one word of truth!

      Only two possibilities, one a lying Communist!

      Or two, a total brainless moron!

    • Funny how Trump hates Jews so much that he didn’t disown his daughter for converting and marrying one, and that he then chose that Jewish son-in-law to be a top advisor in his administration. Are there no bounds to his discrimination?

    • Yeah, he will just turn the job over to Muslims like Ilhan Omar. They want to murder Jews for the right reasons.

      Just ignore this font of disinformation. If TTAG had a black function the NPC would be blocked but then I probably would be too.

  16. I just figured they coerce someone else into doing the shootin for them. , ,” $25 to get out of hell, he’s got the Devil down to 12.50″, , , , ahhh that ain’t nice but it’s a good joke

  17. “NEVER AGAIN”, in this case, simply means that I will never arm myself like the Polish patriots did in the Warsaw ghetto. After all, most of them died.

    I also don’t understand their reluctance to arm themselves. My Catholic father was put in a concentration camp at 15, and spent 2 years there until he was liberated, and yet, to the day he died, he was totally against guns.
    We spent a lot of times arguing, but to no avail. On the other hand, I became a one person armory…He never understood.

  18. Just FYI, if a Jew has a “come to Jesus” moment, they are no longer a Jew.

    As for the whole “why are so many Jews supporting Democrats/gun control”? Because most are Dems before they are Jews and they really believe the tripe spewed out by the MSM. We have grown soft buy the lie that it couldn’t happen here. It is unfortunate but true.

  19. I’m a Jew, let me shine some light upon thee

    Jews tend to lean demo/socialist ’cause the vast majority are rooted from those European beliefs … apple didn’t roll too far, many American Jews are only 2 generations in from being Europized.

    I learned to shoot as a kid, from my Dad, a WWII vet. He was a Corpsman and a hero. Was the head of Jewish War Veterans and worked to dispel the belief that Jews did not fight for America. We did.

    So hey, let’s not lump “Jews are anti gun” … liberals, progressives in general are, and many Jews of Euro-origin fall into those buckets

    Oh and yeah, plenty of us carry in Temple. Our Temple even has a shooting club. This was before the latest Temple shootings

    And while I’m at it. Jesus was a great leader of mankind so “come to Jesus” doesn’t offend me!

  20. I’m a Jew, let me shine some light upon thee

    Jews tend to lean demo/socialist ’cause the vast majority are rooted from those European beliefs … apple didn’t roll too far, many American Jews are only 2 generations in from being Europized.

    I learned to shoot as a kid, from my Dad, a WWII vet. He was a Corpsman and a hero. Was the head of Jewish War Veterans and worked to dispel the belief that Jews did not fight for America. We did.

    So hey, let’s not lump “Jews are anti gun” … liberals, progressives in general are, and many Jews of Euro-origin fall into those buckets

    Oh and yeah, plenty of us carry in Temple. Our Temple even has a shooting club. This was before the latest Temple shootings

    And while I’m at it. Jesus was a great leader of mankind so “come to Jesus” doesn’t offend me!

  21. Until I heard Aaron Zelman on a christian Libertarian radio station back in the 1993, I thought all jews were the enemy of civil rights. They claim they helped black people? They told blacks to disarm when they came down south to work in the civil rights movement. Black people were surrounded by the politically powerful KKK in southern states.
    For more information Read:
    “Negroes with Guns” by Robert-F-Williams

    Negroes and the Gun: The Black Tradition of Arms by Nicholas Johnson

    “This Nonviolent Stuff’ll Get You Killed: How Guns Made the Civil Rights Movement Possible” Paperback by Charles E. Cobb Jr.

    These white Liberals came from lily white neighborhoods were there was practically no serious crime problem. So they believe no one needed a gun except the police. And to white liberal jews the police can be totally trusted.

    Aaron Zelman also spoke about Clayton E Cramer. The man who wrote the Racist Roots of Gun Control. I joined the JPFO in 1993.

    Every american has a birthright to the second amendment. That’s not the question. Only when Liberals (white jews, homosexuals, etc) start voting for guns will they be accepted by the greater gun community. You can be a connected privileged jewish person in NY and have a gun. It will cost you $18,000.
    Will jews start voting for guns? I have no idea.

    “NYPD Officers, “Fixer” Arrested on Bribes-for-Gun Permits Scheme”

  22. MB, I apologize for trying to put you down, I don’t know you and I really objected to your statements so I said something irrelevant. I was trying to say at the end that we’re all 2nd Amendment supporters so we should stay polite to each other.

    • @Richard Turyn. Okay. I get it. It takes a real man to admit he’s wrong. No issues here. Just remember, anything you say on the internet is there forever, and may come back to haunt you in the future. I don’t make comments to make friends, I make comments to start conversations, how else can can I learn other people’s viewpoints, same or different than mine. If I happen to make a friend along the way that works for me also. We hopefully all have the same objective, a better, safer and freer America.

      • Thanks for understanding. Internet’s a poor substitute for the pitcher of beer that facilitates friendly discussion among those of good will. But it’s still possible.

  23. Christians are most likely Republicans because we disagree with abortian, gay rights trump straight rights and you don’t lie till it becomes true (ie Russian Collusion. Massey, Furgoson (if Erich Holder and the FBI could not find the police officer guilty, why didn’t Obama and Biden say so) and all the other sins the Democrats believe are okay as long as you win, (Solinski, book dedicated to Lucifer, the greatest radical of all, he tried to overthrow God. Most christians believe all the boble, including the Jews are God’s chosen people. Why would you vote against them??????? Is there a blank space between the ears???

  24. Only a frickin democrat would destroy this country for party gain. Break everybody and put them on welfare and we can totally control them. After all there is no competition in a communist country, everybody is a loser. Of course you have to take the peoples pride away from them to make this happen, wait a minute, this is all ready starting to happen. Thank you Trump, you are bringing back pride. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!

  25. Good for you. If you want to shoot, go ahead, enjoy it. I like to shoot too. I have to watch myself because it can get expensive. I no longer shoot several hundred rounds of 357 ammo because I lioke to eat and can’t afford both.

  26. Funny how the most virulently anti-gun fuckers in govt and billionaires who fund ANTI-gun astroturfed movements are almost ALWAYS Jews. xD

    Never again, for them. For you? Not so much, gentiles!

    Also, whuat kind of assholes have ‘others’ term like gentiles, other than Muslims and “infidels”. Hey lookie: the twin desert cargo cults have something in common: they both hate you, and Christianity.



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