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It seems a lot of customers have been demanding to know why Alcede publicly supported the Stop Online Ammo Sales bill. And throwing his lot in with dedicated gun grabbers probably caused demand for his products to fall faster than Facebook’s stock price. Our post yesterday detailed Jeremy Alcede’s eagerness to toss online ammo sellers under the bus – thus eliminating some of his competition – and putting a few more shekels in his pocket. We tried to reach Jeremy for comment, but he musta been kinda busy handling the blowback that resulted from his radio interview. But reader geekay got a response from the Katy, Texas retailer and forwarded Alcede’s email along to us. Make the jump to read it. Just be sure you don’t get trampled during all the furious Zumbo-esque backpeddling . . .

Gee Kay

First, I want to get it out there that I DO NOT support an ammo sales ban. I am never comfortable with any idea that puts “firearms” or any “firearms related item” and “ban” in the same sentence. I am not a traitor to the 2nd Amendment. I believe all law abiding citizens should be able to possess as many firearms as they want. Fear is used as a tactic regularly and after the most recent scare with the UN Treaty, I must admit that I felt threatened. Threatened that they would sign something into law that banned firearms and this ammo deal seemed like an easy compromise. Here, have the ammo deal but keep your eyes off of my guns.

My opinion on the online sales ban was clearly made out of being uneducated in the way that laws are passed. I honestly did not see an issue with banning online sales of ammo. I have never purchased ammo online, even before I opened this store 2 years ago, so I really didn’t think stopping online sales would be a big deal. I said “if you give them an inch, they will take a mile” and I truly did not believe that this was giving them anything. The phone calls and emails that I have received have told me a completely different story. The outraged citizens that heard my radio interview and took the time to call or email to voice their opinion, also took the time to talk to me, to explain to me where I am missing the point. I had no idea how passing something into law works and how allowing online sales to be banned opens the door for that law to be amended to change the type of ammo, or the amount, or caliber… the list goes on and on.

When the comments and emails started coming in after the interview I definitely did not understand the anger. Some people claimed my statement was based on greed, based on profit- and this is absolutely not the case. My prices are competitive with online pricing and in most cases after shipping I beat online prices. I do not gouge our customers like some have speculated. Tactical Firearms is the largest class III dealer in the US, 1 of 3 master distributors of Fiocchi Ammunition, and I strive to offer the best customer service to everyone that walks through the doors. My business runs on volume and the prices are set to drive that volume. My opinion was not formed from fear of competition but the lack of experience with purchasing ammo online and the lack of knowledge of politics.

I am all about protecting our rights, including our right to privacy. When they passed the law that requires the Southern states to file multi-rifle reports I upgraded our FFL to become a manufacturer so that, by law, I was not required to file those reports anymore. I was contacted by the ATF and asked if I would please still file them as a courtesy and I let them know that it wasn’t going to happen.

I have posted contact information for our local government on our Facebook page and urged our customers to contact them and fight for our rights. The idea that anyone believes that I support anything anti-gun is heartbreaking but this experience has certainly opened my eyes and I have learned a lot in these past 24 hours. I see it now. I feel foolish for thinking there was such thing as compromising in this regard. Matt Patrick with 740 AM has invited me back on the show tomorrow morning 8/3/2012 to clear the air.

Jeremy Alcede

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  1. Hopefully we’ll hear about his business go out of business.

    This guy had a choice. He’s not stupid nor ignorant. He knew exactly what he was doing. Just like Bill Ruger (piss on bill’s head) who pushed the 10rd mag ban so he could compete with GLOCK.

    This guy and Bill Ruger could have stood with the 2nd amendment and defended online ammo sales even if it hurt his business, or sell out the freedoms of our kids so he can make extra money. He choose profit over Liberty.

    • +1.

      I wish Mr. Alcede all the luck in the world finding another line of work just so that his family doesn’t suffer too much for his stupidity.

    • AMEN.

      I remember when the big gun dealers were smiling as those who shall not be named, put all the small dealers out of business. Really worked out well for the rest of us because gee less competition/higher prices, consolidation of control and monitoring.

      Traitors to principle and cause in favor of profit which benefits them at the expense of everyone else. He’s a dick just like they were.

  2. So he expects us to believe that a business owner would not understand his competition’s business model? He says right there that his prices can beat online with shipping factored in, telling me he knows exactly how his internet competition works, he was looking for an edge and a law that didn’t hurt him was A-OK in his book.

  3. Something does not add up there though – his outfit is two yours old, but is “the largest class 3 dealer in the US”. Not only does that sound like an egregious exaggeration, I call foul on anyone that claims to have had ANYTHING to do with the NFA claiming ignorance about firearms law – both historically, and the sausage factory that is congress today.

    You don’t sit down a fill out a single form 3 or form 4, let alone hundreds or thousands without repeating over and over in your mind “how the f*ck did THIS happen..” Particularly during that 6+ months you have to think about it.

    Still, I hope his claim that he changed his FFL type from dealer to manufacturer to avoid (admittedly illegal) ATF reporting requirements do not get him in hot water with the gunwalkers.

    • I seriously doubt ATF will look twice at his change in FFL type. They likely will be kissing his ‘cahones’ for being so stupid as to support abolishing on-line ammo sales. Together they can get dressed in weird-orange (the same color many jail inmates are forced to wear) and attend boring Halloween parties….several times a year!

    • It’s a lesson in integrity. This is what happened to Newt Gingrich: he bent the knee to Baal and did irreparable damage to his career. It’s why there is so much profound distrust of politicians. You just don’t cozy up to your enemies or the enemies of your friends, or at the very least not in public.

      He should have known better.

    • I change my mind about trivial matters like where to go for lunch, or what IWB holster fits best, or whether I like the coupe or wagon version of the CTS-V.

      On matters of personal liberty, well, my mind is pretty much set – even when it potentially impacts the bottom line.

    • He didn’t change his mind about anything. He supported a law to harm gunowners because in the short term, he would make money (he gets to jack ammo prices because you can’t go online – until people stop shooting because they can’t afford ammo). After he got a massive backlash and many threats of never doing business with him again, he suddenly “had a change of heart” – meaning he doesn’t want to go out of business and now he’s rapidly trying to save some part of his reputation.

      The guy is scum and deserves to be living on the streets for trying to dick over his customers and all Americans to make a quick buck.

    • Intolerant of more infringements of any of our hard fought rights. If you don’t want to use them or defend them then stay outta the way of the people who would. Please don’t help and please keep your mouth shut.

      It’s too late to “change your mind” about having your hard fought rights returned to you after you’ve lost them. You have no concept of this because you have never faced true evil. Don’t let the vast minority make the decisions for you because they don’t feel something is bad for you.

      When is it appropriate to “change your mind” about supporting the Constitution? NEVER! NEVER! NEVER! The Constitution is something you NEVER compromise on or permit to be conditionalized. We’ve given up too much ground already!

      Why are you here on this forum? Move to Canada or have yourself declared mentally incompetent so you have the 24 hour supervision you crave.

  4. From the radio interview: “But if this is gonna shut ‘em up then give it to them.”

    From the backpedaling email: ‘I said “if you give them an inch, they will take a mile” and I truly did not believe that this was giving them anything.’

    So which is it?

    You can’t un-ring a bell.

  5. Tactical Firearms is . . . . . . 1 of 3 master distributors of Fiocchi Ammunition” Well, looks like I know what type of ammo to boycott. Everyone needs to contact Fiocchi and until they remove this numbnuts distributorship, well, boycott it is.

    Moreover, I don’t believe he is that dumb given he is a large ammo distributor (or claims to be). He is well aware that the ammo ban online would mean more people buying Fiocchi in the stores. From him. SCREW HIM!!!

  6. “When they passed the law that requires the Southern states to file multi-rifle reports…..”????

    No law was passed. This is an ATF “Demand Letter” – in probable violation of the law.

    But he’s right on one point…. The “Demand Letter” does not apply to licensed manufacturers or importers.

  7. Just reading his dissembling, I got a mental picture of a guy twitching, spasming and jerking as he tried desperately to let go of the third rail in American politics.

    Still delivers quite a jolt, doesn’t it Jeremy?

  8. Even Lance Armstrong would have a hard time backpedaling that fast.

    I don’t live in Houston so this is no skin off my nose. But the damage has been done – the anti’s have the propaganda they need and if they like they can play the original interview incessantly to show that “responsible” gun dealers support the ban, and of course completely ignore the retraction. Dishonest, yes, but that’s never stopped them before.

  9. I know first hand that many hunters when I lived in PA. were going to black power arms, and bow and arrows because they had very great fears that they would not be able to hunt , and at the Range could not understand why I had a AK47 and 30 rounds mags. ,,, their views were formed in FEAR, later the shooting match team shooters , who had M16’s , M1’s, M14’s,and FAL’s started to turn this FEAR around to a point that the young shooters started getting AK’s and AR’s.. and this was also about the magazine ban times, but their was so many large cap. mags the Magazine ban never worked ,, only made everyone want them even at higher prices…..

  10. Mr Alcede is the latest student of the school of unintended consequences. It appears the ATF agent he spurned regarding the multi-rifle reports will get the last laugh when he collects Tacticalfirearms’ bound book incident to Chapter 7 liquidation.

    • Where at?? Also shoot 7.62x54r and been reloading my own but always look to find decent prices for factory ammo

  11. As someone who lives in the area and knows the size of his business, this won’t be an issue for him in a matter of weeks. The guys is constantly on the radio and not just the adds he pays for, but he seems to get a phone call anytime time someone with a gun does anything. The radio talking heads around Houston like the guy almost as much as Jim Pruett. The pictures RF is using came from a local news show when they interviewed Alcede after an employee called the cops over some hot kids that were left in a car in his parking lot and he used his surveillance to ID the Dad. The guy will loose some business through august, but it will go gangbusters through September and into Dec. Its an election year against one of the most decried presidents in US history, and its 2012 this year. The next 5 months will make his year, and everyone else who sells firearms.

    • The radio talking heads like the guy because he brings listeners, controversy and his money to the table. Take away his “fortune” and what you have is a poser and nothing else. And for the record, this isn’t the first time Jeremy went on the air as an “expert” and said something he quickly retracted. This guy is a joke and an embarrassment. Same show, same Jeremy…for your listening pleasure.

  12. I’m sure Harry Ried will find a place for this Tory, this Progressive Oaf, this man of small internal stature.

  13. Hey now, Jeremy was for it before he was against it. So did he change his mind, or did he only change his tune?

    With “friends” like Alcede, we don’t need enemies. We can protect ourselves from our enemies. But how do we protect ourselves from our so-called “friends?”

  14. Many years ago as a teenager I got my first taste of this gun dealer mentality. Back then my father had a little side business building 1911 competition guns. Because he bought a basic gun or frame and built it, he had to be a FFL dealer. The local small town FFL took offense that my father could have a gun shop without having to support a store front. He brought the wrath of the stocking gun dealers association down on my dad. Keep in mind this guy only did repair work and wouldn’t even touch handguns if he could avoid it. My father harmed his business in no way. The first question I ask a gun dealer now is if he is a member of the stocking gun dealers association. If he answers yes I don’t let the door hit me on the way out. That group may as well be a division of the brady bunch if you look at thier record.

    I also know of a dealer locally that sometimes gets vocal against reloading. He wants me to pay him $50 for a box of 32/40’s that I can load myself for $4. He doesn’t get any of my support either.

    These guys all need to know they can support all gun owners or they can hang first.

  15. Those of us who shoot competitively go through countless thousands of rounds in practice. It takes years to refine our skills and those large online ammo orders are the only way we can afford it. Local FFL dealers mark up ammo costs by an average of over 300 % making our sport an elite privilege for ultra rich royalty families of proper progressive breeding if this goes through. Criminals do not need thousands of rounds to practice with as party demokratik claims. 1 box of 50 rounds bought from a local FFL dealer for a 300% to 600% markup lasts any hardcore violent felon forever. This law does not prevent them buying it at from local dealers. It only affects target shooters who arent bothering anyone. Most non competitive target shooters I hang around take advantage of the mail order savings too. We arent harming your progressive peoples demokracy by firing off thousands of rounds at a range. This bill is actually an ongoing effort over a ten year span brought about by the assocs representing FFL dealers. Since before the movie theater shooting they have claimed that mail order sales create unfair competition for their businesses. Their special interests have dumped untold fortunes into the pockets of politicians to get a law passed that makes local businesses the only source of products so they can hike up profit margins ten fold.

  16. I wrote about this guy yesterday when I heard the story and verified it.

    Unfortunately, in the gun community we have those who put themselves ahead of everything and everybody–including the Constitution and country.

    THAT is reason enough for me to not only never pass through his doors (and I live in Texas), but to urge others not to as well.

    This guy is willing to sacrifice others’ freedoms for no other purpose than to further line his pockets.

    Sounds more like a Democratic politician than a gun-owner.

    J.D. Kinman
    Dallas, Texas

  17. I’ve been a customer of Jeremy’s for a few years now, I have bought some merchandise from him in the past but not everything because like alot of you I buy some stuff online as well to include ammunition. I believe him & I believe that he is sincere in his statement. I know that this is a sensitive subject, but I would not jump to a conclusion that he is some supporter of the anti-gun agenda. He sunk a ton of money into his business & has a vested interest in making sure that all of our freedoms are upheld. The worst I would say is that he was ignorant on the subject & didn’t know any better. I’m sure that he’s gotten plenty of phone calls, negative emails & the like since his radio appearance & I believe he has learned from this experience. I have been a customer of Jeremy’s for years & will continue to be, let’s not beat the dead horse over this. My 2 cents!!!

    • This is not a sensitive subject. The problem is he was flagrantly wrong. If he wants to shoot himself in the foot, so be it. Clearly, this man is a liar. He knew exactly what he was saying and was only doing it to increase his own sales at the expense of everyone else.

      He’s in the business of firearms. You can’t be stupid as he claims he is and go through all the levels of governmental regulations to get permission to sell arms.

  18. im pretty sure he is digging a deeper hole. ATF does not like dealers obtaining manufacturing status if they do not plan on manufacturing firearms. if the intent of obtaining his manufacturing license was only to dodge filling out the multiple purchase form for rifles (something that has no extra info than what is already given up by the customer on the background check form), then the ATF might rethink approving of that license i would believe.

    one truly must know when to just plain ol shut the heck up.

  19. This guy is highly opinionated and acts like he is the authority on guns. I went in looking for something specific, and he immediately told me that it wasn’t a good gun. I had already done quite a bit of research so I thought his views were strange. I wanted a Walther P99, but he said that it was unreliable and had feeding issues. Upon further research, the German made P99’s were fine, but he was referring to the SW99’s made by Smith and Wesson, and specifically the .40 caliber version. I feel like if he didnt know what he was talking about, then he should not have acted as though he did. Their range is also operated differently from other ranges in the area. Whereas most ranges in Houston charge 15 dollars or so as a range fee and include a target, Tactical Firearms started out charging 30 dollars and NOT providing a free target. They’ve recently dropped the price to 20 dollars, but still no target. Just feels like greedy business practices with no attempt to be competitive with other range offerings in the area.


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