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Well, the caption above pretty much explains the video below. If a comfortable, suitably discreet holster enables a rapid, efficient draw while protecting the trigger, you’ve got a winner — as opposed to that drawer full of abandoned holsters.

Yes, there is that. Truth be told, you’ve got to kiss a whole lot of holster frogs before you find a strap-on a princess. Or something like that . . .

Jeff Gonzales is a former US. Navy SEAL and preeminent weapons and tactics instructor. He brings his Naval Special Warfare mindset, operational success and lessons learned unapologetically to the world at large. Currently he is the Director of Training at The Range at Austin. Learn more about his passion and what he does at

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  1. Just picked up a new holster today. Funny how those were the same criteria I had for it.

  2. Joe R.: How to Choose a Holster

    1) Is the word “Shoulder” in front of it’s name.
    2) Boom, yer done.

    IF, in the unlikely event that an adequate shoulder holster still makes you feel inadequate. . .

    1) Find yourself a Safariland drop-leg holster.
    2) Wish you could still have a Shoulder Holster

    ; )

    • Okay Joe, I’ll bite. Please briefly explain why you appear to advocate so fervently for shoulder holsters. If your previous comments were sarcasm, please say so. Otherwise, spill the beans on your recent shoulder holster evangelism.

      • No, not kidding about shoulder holsters. They really are comfortable, and they have the capacity to carry more comfortably than many other types.

        I have gone swimming with one, and run many times while wearing one. You can sleep very comfortably in it.

        CC People don’t like them because they don’t feel it provides the same concealability but those people are more hampered sitting down, especially in their vehicles.

        I have no other stake in it than my own opinion, and I offer it genuinely as something that I think would help people, especially with home-carry.

        And yes, you can wear one nearly unnoticeably in a hot tub while exercising your right to bear-bottoms, without having to un-ass your rig.

        • There are a couple of different types of shoulder holsters. The vertical/horizontal thing, the tie down straps to attach to the belt. Do you have a particular view as to the “best” kind of shoulder holster?

  3. Its one of my customs to reassure new customers that if they end up with an entire drawer full of holsters that they thought would work out and didn’t… that they are no different than most of us.

    • Any of them shoulder holsters?

      Didn’t think so.

      You ever get a drawer full of them that just sit there, you’re working too hard at color matching, or you’re playing favorites.

      • Playing favorites! Have a bear paw hand craved leather holster holster with strap custom made and very affordable for my handgun

        • I don’t know about the bear pAw part. If paw is good bear arm is better. ? If the ‘strap’ goes over both shoulders, you are on the right track and it’s probably ok to favor it.

          I kid, except about the shoulder holster part.

          Got nothing on Mr. Gonzales’ advice, simple, solid. He looks like someone from Texas OpFor maybe? It’s all training. Thank you for the training Sir.

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