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Details about Jared Lee Loughner are beginning to emerge. Above: Loughner’s YouTube diatribe under on the channel named Classitup10, where comments have been disabled. It’s pretty strange stuff—as you’d expect from a spree killer. But it gets a lot stranger . . .

This is Loughner’s “favorite” video from the Starhitshnaz’s Channel, also assumed to be his channel. (It’s not known if that’s Loughner wearing the mask, but it seems likely.) Here are the other two examples of Loughner’s crazy shit.

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  1. I thought it was interesting that most of the articles I saw on the shooting mentioned something that media outlets almost never report in high profile crimes-the race of the alleged shooter.

    • How does this “so called” quote make him a lunatic, it makes sense to me, but then again my mind hasn’t been set in concrete like most in the mainstream .
      Wake up !
      Whether this case is a false flag op or not is irrelevant because the government will use it as if it is and we should follow them in our appraisal of the situation too.
      They want your guns and they want to gag you, so keep your cool and wait for the house of cards to fall; not by force but by words that speak the truth, that’s what they fear the most.

      • Well, Tony, either you are also a lunatic, or English is your second (or third) language.
        I’m guessing the former. Why did you put so called in quotes – I can’t find that elsewhere on the page, so who were you quoting?
        Whether or not someone has an open mind really doesn’t have anything to do with understanding the nonsense this guys spews.
        Sort of like the sentence you wrote, after “Wake up!”. Dare I ask what a false flag op is? I’m also wondering why I would want to “follow them in their appraisal?”
        So, let me get this straight. Your advice is to do nothing because people will say some words that spark a non-violent revolution? “Abra-cadabra!!!” or maybe “I release you!!!”.
        Anyway, back to the psychopath’s statements – “ratifications” – could you explain what you feel has been ratified? Might want to look that word first. Next “implying mind control” – so…they’re not researching, banning, or using mind control, just indirectly stating they could? Now this statement is my favorite “pay debt with a currency that’s not backed by gold and silver”. Who cares what you pay debts with? I mean, I understand (at least to the extent one might expect from a laymen) how socioeconomic significance of the termination of the gold standard – but I’d be perfectly happy if American Express let me pay my bill with Monopoly money…
        One last point, no one has any fear of what you have to say, no matter how truthful.


    Reportedly Loughner is a pretty leftwing individual and used marijuana – which already would have prohibited you from getting a gun in the first place.

    I don’t think any right-winger (and I don’t proclaim to be any “winger”) would even go near the books “The Communist Manifesto” and “Mein Kampf” – perhaps unless they want to “understand the enemy” if they think they already know themselves.

    Found those two books on his youtube page.

    Also, some leftwingers have created a false facebook page with his name on it and the only group listed on there is “Tea Party Patriots” – Nice try at a false-flag op, the wall says when you joined facebook you idiots.

  3. Easy access to guns is the problem. This would not have happened in Canada, where I live. We don’t have as much access to guns as the U.S. So gun control is definitely needed. Second, Jared’s actions were politically motivated, arising from the morally irresponsible anti-government craze pro-militant craze that the Tea Party and Sarah Palin exemplify: he burns a U.S. flag, he rants against the “federal government” … and this is not political? The whole anti-gvmt rhetoric going on now is a very strong factor in Jared’s delusions. He shares much in common with the Tea Party on that front. The Congresswomen is a symbol of what’s wrong with America, is my guess. The Tea Party and Jared do not see her as a human being. They see her as a symbol of evil, they need to destroy, just as many of them want to see Obama destroyed — even though he serves the same banks and corporations the GOP does. What killed those 6 people and wounded others is a fatal combination of inflamatory rhetoric against the federal government and easy access to handguns and a culture in which extreme violence is socially acceptable (look at all those violent video games and movies). The Tea Party and Palin have a lot to answer for with this. They have fanned the flames of violence and hatred in the U.S. Everyone knows that. They are trying to backpeddle now, to excuse themselves, but the damage is done. It is time time to bring in gun control and time to end the inflamatory rhetoric and culture of violence and hatred that has taken control of the U.S.

    • Paul:

      You see “easy access to guns” and the Tea Party/Sarah Palin as the problem. Speaking as someone who has easy access to guns, support the goals of the Tea Party (for the record, that’s to bring the government back down to where they obey the Constitution and their actions/policies/laws are Constitutional) and someone who admires Sarah Palin, you’re full of it.

      Whackjobs know no political affiliation. Mental illness can strike any group. Republican or Democrat, Conservative or Progressive, Christian or Atheist. Nobody’s cornered the market on crazy. As a Conservative, I do not see Rep. Giffords as “the enemy,” “sub-human” or anything of the kind. At worst, I see her as a member of the loyal opposition, someone who, like me, loves our country, but simply disagrees on the best ways to run it. I respect her for being willing to serve. And from all accounts I’ve read, she was one of the most accessible members of Congress. How cool is that?

      You say we’ve “fanned the flames of violence.” Um…not so much. There’s yet to be even ONE Tea Party rally where those on the right got so much as a sharp glance from a police officer. Of course, there’ve been any number of incidents where those on the left caused problems – one idiot going so far as to bite a Tea Partier’s finger off. You make blanket statements like “Everyone knows that.” Statements like that tell me you live in a very insular world, where everyone you interact with listens to the same source for news, reads the same magazines, and thinks the same thoughts. As a Conservative, all I need do is to flip over from FoxNews to ANY other news outlet, and I get to listen in on the memes of the Left. It might (or might not) interest you to know that I regularly monitor not just FoxNews, but also CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, and (shudder) MSNBC. I can’t get an idea on who’s spinning what, unless I get info from ALL the outlets. You might want to try that sometime.

      I’m not going to bore you with the data that shows gun control fails EVERYWHERE it’s EVER been tried. Or the stats that show less gun control = safer streets. Why? Simply put, the bad guys don’t obey the law. And even if you banned all guns, you’d still find enterprising people who would find a way to get them. This has been proven, time and time again. Do you not have gun crime in Canada? How ’bout Australia. I’ve been there. Beautiful country. Why has gun crime skyrocketed since they enacted gun control?

      Trying to take the tragic actions of one deranged loon and use that to justify gun control is…well…crazy. So perhaps you and this whack job have more in common than you might think. Twist your brain around that one for a bit.

    • Last I checked, neither the Republican Party, nor the Tea Party, nor Sarah Palin, advocate shooting people who disagree with them.

      Meanwhile, hypocrites like Rosie O’Donnell and the former Mayor of Chicago try to ban guns — for everyone but themselves, of course. Same thing in Britain. The princess-to-be’s parents have round-the-clock, machine-gun wielding, armed bodyguards. Must be nice to be protected by the same weapons criminals have.

  4. Keep your sorry ass in good ole canada because you’ve got no clue about gun control. I’ve been to canada several times and loved it there. I also remember some nut case five years ago cutting off someone’s head on a public bus( you must have heard about this crime paulie). Canada now needs to ban all knives except for maybe butter and plastic knives. Then you can ban forks and large spoons.

  5. I forgot to respond to your “morally irresponsible anti-government craze pro-militant attitude”, I guess that the SONS OF LIBERTY would fall into this catagory when the kicked the BRITS out of our country. The Boston Tea Party was really a terrorist act with a good out come (for the colonists lol). Some people’s terrorists are other people’s hero’s. The U.S. gained it freedom because of our hero’s (the brit’s called us terrorists) but to each his own.

  6. Great response Brad to naive paulie,(it took me almost ten minutes to read it all but it was great and got to the point lol) the only problem is that these gun hating fools just don’t get it i.e jadeloon and her crew of gun hating wackos including paulie.

    • Yeah, right. Brad wrote one of his typical spin jobs. The rationalizations, some of which are just preposterous, were aflying in that comment.

      No wonder you liked it, Joe.

  7. “According to Statistics Canada, the stereotype rings true: Canadians are far less likely to be killed with a gun than their American counterparts.

    In a study released Tuesday called Deaths Involving Firearms, the agency says that in 2000, the rate of Canadian homicides involving firearms was just 0.5 out of every 100,000 people. The rate in America was almost eight times higher, or 3.8 per 100,000.

    Canada’s overall rate of firearm-related deaths creeps higher once suicides and accidental deaths are taken into account. In 2002, the 816 Canadians who died from gun-related injuries countrywide amounted to an average rate of 2.6 per 100,000 people.

    Comparing rates from province to province, New Brunswick, Quebec, Saskatchewan and Alberta are higher than the national average.

    Despite popular perceptions, however, the agency notes the number of gun-related deaths has been on a steady decline that shows no signs of abating.

    Using data compiled for the Canadian Mortality Database, which is based on information from official death certificates, Statistics Canada said the death rate among males, for example, has declined by more than 50 per cent in the past 23 years.

    “Between 1979 and 2002, the male rate fell from 10.6 to 4.9 deaths per 100,000 population and the female rate, from 1.2 to 0.3,” the report said.

    Of the total number of deaths due to guns during that time, only 15 per cent were homicides, and four per cent were accidental.

    The majority — 80 per cent — were suicides.

    The agency credits the overall decline in gun-related deaths largely to a sharp drop in the numbers of people who are killing themselves with the weapons.

    Statistics Canada notes, unfortunately, that people are merely committing suicide by other means.

    “Among all suicides committed from 1979 and throughout the 1980s, around one-third involved firearms,” the report said.

    “Beginning in the early 1990s, this share began to drop, and by 2002, about 1 in 6 suicides was carried out with a firearm.”

    The number of suicides by suffocation/hanging increased, however, rising from about 3 to 5 deaths per 100,000.”

    Take away what you want from this but the U.S. has a gun death rate of 3.8 per 100,000 (with this data). What I take way is that Canadians have simply done what people without access to guns have always done – found another way to kill. In this case it is largely themselves, but is that really better? Gun control according to this data has lead Canadians to simply deviate from an easy suicide by firearm. So is gun control really controlling anything? While, yes, people are killing themselves without guns, they are still killing themselves.

    Your Canadian gun lover living in America, Buuurr.

    • I wonder how much gang violence there is in Canada. We already know gang violence is a major part of gun violence in the U.S..

      • Below is the stark answer to your well placed question, Wes.

        “Gang violence fuelled rise in homicides in 2008
        Last Updated: Wednesday, October 28, 2009 | 11:44 AM ET Comments69Recommend19.
        CBC News
        Gang-related violence accounted for almost one in four homicides in Canada last year, according to the latest figures from Statistics Canada.

        Police reported 611 homicides in Canada in 2008, an increase of 17 from the previous year and a two per cent rise in the national homicide rate, Statistics Canada said in a report released Wednesday.

        That rise coincides with the 138 gang-related homicides in 2008, 20 more than in 2007. These included homicides linked to organized crime groups or street gangs, as well as deaths of innocent bystanders.

        Police in the metropolitan area of Toronto reported 24 gang-related homicides, the most of Canada’s largest census metropolitan areas. But based on population, Calgary’s 16 gang-related homicides gave it the highest rate among the 10 largest metropolitan areas.

        Gun-related violence on rise
        With a rise in gang-related homicides came a rise in gun-related killings. There were 200 homicides committed with a firearm in 2008, 12 more than the previous year. Firearm-related crime has been increasing since 2002, and gang violence is the primary driver of this trend, the study found.

        Homicides by census metropolitan area (2008)
        Cities with 500,000+ pop. No. of homicides Rate
        Winnipeg 31 4.07
        Edmonton 39 3.44
        Calgary 34 2.87
        Vancouver 54 2.37
        Toronto 103 1.86
        Montreal 48 1.27
        Ottawa 11 1.20
        Quebec 8 1.09
        Hamilton 6 0.85
        Kitchener 4 0.78
        (Source: Statistics Canada)
        Three-quarters of gang-related homicides in Canada were committed with a firearm, compared with about 20 per cent of homicides unconnected to gangs.

        Toronto police reported 50 gun-related homicides, again the most of all metropolitan areas, but Winnipeg and Edmonton had the highest rate of firearm-related deaths.

        The study also found that the proportion of homicide victims in 2008 that were females was the lowest in almost 50 years. Females made up 24 per cent of homicide victims and died in homicides at a rate of 0.87 per 100,000 population, both the lowest numbers since 1961.

        Statistics Canada said the decline could be connected to a corresponding drop in spousal homicide rates over the last 30 years, as well as the rise in gang-related homicides, which mostly targets men. Among solved homicides, 15 per cent were committed by a spouse.

        Women are about three times more likely to be a victim of a spousal homicide than men, Statistics Canada said.

        Western provinces have highest rates
        Western provinces and territories had the highest homicide rates, with Manitoba reporting the highest rate, followed by Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

        New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador and Quebec reported the lowest rates.

        While most gang-related homicides occurred in urban centres, the report found Canadians in rural areas were at slightly more risk of being a victim of a homicide.

        In 2008, the 22.9 million Canadians living in one of the 34 major metropolitan areas had a lower homicide rate (1.8 per cent) than the 10.4 million Canadians living outside a city (2.0 per cent).”

        Read more:

        As you can see gun control has done nothing but control WHERE the guns end up. Gun control in Canada has given lethal weapons to the gangs and the cops. What we have in the middle is the innocent, tax paying, non-criminal victims. Gun control is a joke and the term (as said many times on here) should only by mentioned in regards to ones aiming, stance, posture and effective use of a gun. For once I would like a dignified well thought out reply from an antigun person. Could you back something you say up with something? Facts? Stats? Anything but the news that you all say is ‘controlled’?

        -Buuurr, Canadian living in America and loving it.

  8. Your right buuurr, people will always find a way when they set their minds to it. If they really want to kill themselves or commit a crime they will fina a way no matter what gun laws or bans are in place.

  9. Gabrielle Gifford and the Federal Judge had it coming. Congress and our political “machine” is turning this country to crap. Inflation by unregulated FED, BAILOUTS, Tax cuts for the RICH, soldiers (middle class/poor) killed for lies that are based on corporations and the rich wanting oil holdings in the middle east, Wikileaks showing the evil nature of our government like spying, public and federal employees earning more than private, the Chinese, Russians and previously many of the Middle East dropped the US dollar, mainstream news like CNN, MSNBC avoid topics like these in mainstream media, this young man was brave.

    As for the one victim a 10 year old child, I do not condone hurting a child, ever, but things are going to get worse before getting better, if possible at this point. For those about to take on the WRONGDOERS, I understand but please watch out for the children. As adults, we all got it coming, like in the movie Unforgiven. Americans are not like the French, we do not make large demonstrations. Instead we stew, and we see what is going on, we are not as stupid as many of the rich would like to believe. When we fire back, you will know it in a crazed rampage. Americans know where the rich live, Congressmen and other State and Federal workers hang out, and we even know how to hide. We will leak CORPORATE SECRETS and take the world down with us.

    All it takes is vandalism to public property, avoiding paying taxes and using only cash, or in these extreme cases shootings, bombings and even anthrax (recent postal fire brought this back to memory), to even the playing field. In fact, why don’t people just steal public property and get some of the money they are being robbed. I am sure there is something valuable even in something as simple as a school. At least fight to lower your tax rate on your house before you go into forclosure.

    Now I suggest that those in “Power” wake up and give the regular citizen back what is theirs or I fear there will be hell to pay here in America. What do they have to lose at this point. The shooter of Gabrielle Gifford was in his 20s with his whole life ahead of him. He gave it up because the world pushed hard enough to make him push back. I am leaving this lunatic asylum, USA, as soon as I get situated in another country. The corruption between the sheeple or corrupt controlling rich is a war I do not plan to stick around and watch play out. I kind of figured that Arizona or Texas would be a likely first for eruption. I also figured a problem might be around the corner with all the dead birds and fish, HA, HA, HA.

    Peace Out

    P.S. I don’t get why people don’t wear masks or try to get away when they kill. They do the same for bank robbery. I also don’t get why they shoot themselves in the head. Why not go out in a blaze of glory if you know you are going to die anyway or rot in jail. Can anyone explain this to me.

    • Did you really say, “Gabrielle Gifford and the Federal Judge had it coming.”

      I know it’s early but I’m curious to see how many commenters express disagreement with that remark before the day’s out.

      • 1) “I didn’t read past special ed’s opening sentence. Wow.” +1

        2) I think that the posters name says it all “special ed” sorry to be politically incorrect but my understanding is that special ed classes are for those with mental problems either IQ, learning disabilities, behavioral disabilities etc….. Given the opening sentence for which in IMHO there can be no justification why waste my time?


  10. Anti-government crap is only cool when you are righteous. Murdering a child is not justifiable in any way, even if they are strapped and loaded AK-47 style like in Africa. So with all of the opinions here, including the one’s disguised as facts, let us also remember that in the end, be it zombie apacolypse, or anarchy style armageddon, even the kiss of death from god himself, the formula goes like this: 1 part weapons and ammo, 1 part survival skill, 1 part willpower, 1 part luck, 1 part intelligence, 1 part friends.

    So all of your agenda pushing political mumbo jumbo that I barely read amounts to nothing in the end, because my middle finger is more relevant that your closed captions which are provided by monuments that were erected under false pretenses. Murdering the innocent is wrong. When it comes to self defence, there is gratification in it’s righteousness. Jared Laughter and his self proclaimed righteousness are false and he is/was wrong. Had he been correct, I would be smiling myself.

    Stop being so sqweemish, all that TV you watch, you understand what’s going on here, obviously, so stop talking about it. Everyone knows, nobody cares. The revolution will not be televised, yadda yadda yadda. When the time comes for Uncle Sam to turn on itself, if that day ever comes, I look forward to the tiny tidbits of anhilation that shall unfold on my behalf. I will have all kinds of fun within the realm of darkness that is humanity without it’s mask. I think I deserve it. No one can take what’s mine away from me. Authority, just as reality, is all an illusion. Just ask Buddha, he is the reason that no one should suffer.


  11. I see that blabbering knuklehead BILL MAHER is blaming the 2nd amendment for the arizona shooting providing he is a babbling annoying pinhead with a pea sized brain

  12. What a douchebag! Writes about English and grammar and can’t even spell. No sophisticated motive here, just some schizo with a gun that got angry because someone went Prince of Tides on his ass. Not hanging around for some made-up motive either-lock him up and move on. Such a coward.

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