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[h/t Vhyrus]

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      • My Japanese is pretty rusty, but the gist of it is: It’s a commercial for Docomo, a Japanese mobile phone company advertising their new faster service, but obviously spoofing Japanese cooking shows The 2 ladies playing off each other is also a nod to a classic 2 host Japanese comedy set-up called manzai.

      • My Japanese is a little rough, and I’m not sure I caught everything correctly, but here’s the best I’ve got for a translation:
        Three second cooking.
        White shirt:
        Today we’re making fried shrimp.
        Brown shirt:
        We’ll introduce a method to cook them in three seconds.
        White shirt:
        For ingredients we’ll need six shrimp…
        Brown shirt (interrupting):
        We’re moving over here. Put these (goggles) on.
        Add fresh eggs here.
        Be careful not to add too much flour.
        The shrimp are carefully arranged like so.
        And now we push the button.

        Isn’t it delicious?

        Narrator: wrapping up, please be careful when trying this yourself.

  1. Somebody please make a video of this thing firing synced up to Bubba of Forest Gump reciting all the different shrimp recipes. So I can die happy.

  2. I could use this for my HD set up. Those hot shrimp will definitely leave a stingy red mark. And if the perp has a shellfish allergy? Fuggetaboutit.

  3. Funniest thing I’ve seen in weeks. (Yeah, I need to get out more, but whatever.) Still LOLing.

    I wanna know where they got that music.

  4. I have no words other than “Those look like gigantic mutant prawn/hulk/shrimp”. I do however appreciate the artistic prowess of the video. Now, I am not fluent in Japanese… But, I assume that this product is multi-faceted in the fact that this could work for chicken tenders, cat meat, and various other “need to be battered” substances… How about twinkies? or glock mags?

  5. Damn, I’m getting hungry for some Shrimp Tempura. I loves Japanese commercials. They have no point of selling the real product but they have a real big funny bone in them.


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