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When it comes to choosing, modifying and manipulating their gear, most tacticool guys totally over-think it. Then again, maybe I’m over-thinking thinking about them thinking about their gear. After all, messing about with gear is fun! It’s . . . krinky! Which is almost as good a word as twerk but not quite. I’d love to see Miley Cyrus at a James Yeager training course, what with her new hair and all. Not to mention her sudden aversion to clothing. Where was I? Right. Making sure that TTAG isn’t sexist or pervy so we don’t put-off female readers. Yeah well, that didn’t go well. But Yeager’s sight mod—complete with bore-sighted laser—looks like a winner. As to why The Big Lebowski is pointing an RPG at Jimmy Boy, if you have to ask it’s way too late to wonder. Just sayin’ . . .

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    • Not only cool, but what you spend on a reasonable laser boresighting system you may save on ammo when sighting-in, especially of you change optics or buy new guns from time to time.

  1. Aghhh, nails on a chalk board much? 10 seconds of filing down that rear sight was too much for me.

    +1 for the Miley Cyrus getting krinky with a Krinkov image though.

    • It could have been worse. If he had been given a dremel the barrel would have probably been cut off.

      That U notch will be great when you’re shooting from a rocking raft on the ocean.

      • The U notch is increasingly more common. And it works well for all but bullseye shooting.

        I’ve opened up rear sight notches on pistols, the only difference being that I cleaned it up with come cold blue.

  2. James Yeager.

    Is that the douche from Tennessee who lost his carry permit for running his mouth?

    Is he the rocket scientist who thinks it’s good safety to go downrange to snap pictures during live fire exercises?

    I thought so.

    C’mon RF, this guy is a douche of the highest order. While he may be a decent instructor, his antics outside of class (and indeed in class doing reckless things like going downrange to take pictures) marginalize him as trouble.

    There’s *nothing* he teaches that you can’t get from other schools who don’t employ reckless antics like Yeager’s.


    • Please to tell us not what you dislike about Yeager, but what in the clip offended thee? This is where you tell me, “nothing”.

      In clips posted on TTAG, how hath he offended thee? Don’t be shy.

      This is where you should just open up and reveal that you intensely dislike Southern Culture and Good Ol’ Boys.

      • I don’t think you know anything about JY.

        The dude was challenging haters online to duels to the death and even creating duel contracts… 😛

        He also likes to give death threats and act like an enormous douche.

        This has nothing to do with “southern culture” and everything to do with avoiding people in the gun culture who may give the antis ammunition if (god forbid) you ever have to go to court.

    • I have taken lots of classes from many of the top names in the business. Yeager’s training beats them all for both fun and training.

    • Because, we all know that in the real world, all the good people who shouldn’t be shot are in a nice straight line, with all the bad people who should be shot standing safely “downrange.”

  3. Surely, with California gun owners in the fight of our lives right now, you don’t need to post linkbait like stories about Yeager?

    TTAG is usually my news source of choice when shit gets ugly, but this week I’ve been reduced to reading a zillion posts on the CalGuns forums to keep track of what’s going on in anything close to real time.

    I bet you don’t even know how some of the most hated and feared bills have died for the year, while others are headed for the Governor’s desk (cough SB374 cough) and calls/emails/faxes asking for a veto are desperately needed.

    TTAG, I am disappoint.

    • Er, with no detachable rifle magazines allowed and with the erosion of State preemption, both headed for the Governor’s desk, just which of the bills that had died could be considered worse?

      • Not “worse”, just bad… SB-396 is dead, and I really had my hate on for that one.

        On the other hand, AB-48 is still moving along, which is nearly as bad.

        Gov Brown is a lawyer, career politician and a gun owner himself. It’s worth contacting him to urge vetos, as he knows from being AG that some of these will NOT stand up in court and we have lawyers ready to file for injunctions about 30 seconds after he signs.

        • AB-48 is just a stepping stone to 396. Gun control is all about death by a thousand cuts. This year, 396 was just a bridge too far. Next year, after they can point to the “success” of 48, 396 will rise from it’s shallow grave. It’ll be back.

  4. That article is dated April 13, 2013. The State of Tennessee appealed the general session court decision to the Benton County Circuit Court. On June 26, 2013 (as stated above), there was an agreed order for a TN Department of Safety and Homeland security hearing to determine Yeager’s carry permit. To my knowledge that hearing has not taken place. If you want details anyone may call the Benton County Circuit Court Clerk, ask about case #13-cv-18.

  5. That’s a lot of filing for a little gain. Shoulda just switched dust covers for one with the SAM7 turret-style peep sight. You could see that tritium from the end of the table with one of those.

  6. I used to stick up for this guy, until his arrogance just got to be too much. I don’t doubt he’s a decent instructor, I just can’t take his attitude.

  7. I had a chance a couple weeks ago to talk to a gent who had taken a class with him. He said that when they went hot on the line he was getting ready to fire and noticed a guy laying down on the ground in front of the targets, so he yelled out, “Cease Fire!”

    Yeager came over and asked him what was wrong. He said, “There’s a guy right in front of the targets.”

    Yeager said, “Oh, don’t worry he knows what he is doing, he is taking pictures.”

    The man relaying that story said that he packed up and left and got a refund, swearing never to train again with Yeager the Idiot.

  8. James Yeager.
    every village has an idiot. his village has one too. i say one because he would’ve been the second had they not asked him to take his shenanigans elsewhere. i just cant take the guy seriously after he completely made an ass out of himself multiple times.

  9. I’ve been trying to figure out why RF so often relays videos made by JY. At first I was concerned it was a man-crush thing, but now I’ve come to realize why. JY is like watching a train wreck, or perhaps better, an airplane crash. It is so horrible but you just can not stop watching.

    Whenever I watch a Yeager production I have deeply conflicted feelings.

    One definition of conflicted feelings is watching your mother-in-law drive your brand new Ford F150 Lariat off a cliff.

  10. There are a lot of us non-ebonics speaking readers of TTAG. How about leaving ebonics out of your articles? Krinky, twerk, gat… it’s all feral ghetto dweller speak.


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