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IWI makes the Tavor, the bullpup rifle carried by the Israeli Defense Force. Stateside, legislators have deemed the full-auto version of the Tavor (and any other modern machine pistol or gun) arma non gratis for the common folk. Here’s an uncommon chance to fire the full-auto Tavor (a.k.a., CTAR). Click here and buy VIP tickets to the Texas Firearms Festival. On November 14 -16 at Best of the West Shooting Sports in Liberty Hill, you can then shoot a full-auto Tavor to your heart’s content. But wait! That’s not all! IWI is bringing other guns to the giggle switch party . . .

The new X95 Tavor Micro in 5.56. And . . . wait for it . . .

the belt-fed Negev NG-5 in 5.56.

Now how much would you pay? Well don’t answer! But feel free to stop reading, click here to buy your VIP Texas Firearms Festival tickets now, and the number of tickets at that level is limited. VIP ticket holders to the Texas Firearms Festival get to shoot machine guns and pistols from a wide range of exhibitors including FN, SIG SAUER and other exhibitors — including a mini-gun! Ma Deuce much? That too. And there’s more . . .

Here’s a list of VIP benefits:

  • Access to Full Auto Friday October the 14th
  • Exclusive access to the festival from 9am-10am. Doors open to the public at 10am
  • “Fast Pass” status so you can skip the line at each Exhibitor bay (just show your VIP wristband to jump to the front!)
  • Admission to VIP lounge (Only VIP ticket holders have access to the VIP lounge)
  • Complimentary lunch & non-alcoholic beverages in VIP lounge (lunch is served 11am-1pm)
  • Exclusive access to onsite festival shuttle so you can easily access all areas of the range (shuttle available on the festival grounds only and not to/from parking areas)

Here’s the bottom line: VIP tickets cost $275 for Full-Auto Friday and one other day. It’s just $399 for Full-Auto Friday and the entire weekend. Ammo’s free on Saturday and Sunday. You can buy unlimited Sinterfire frangible ammo (at a discount) for Full-Auto Friday. Yup. Full mags or belts. As many as you want.

And don’t forget, the Texas Firearms Festival is a shoot, shop, buy event. Guns, knives and gun gear are all on sale at significant Festival discounts. First come — that’s you! — first served.

This is The Texas Firearms Festival’s inaugural Full-Auto Friday. It’s your chance to shoot the latest and greatest fully-automatic rifles and pistols in a safe environment, with manufacturers standing by to answer your every question. Come and shoot it!

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  1. I love that Negev. I got to shoot it earlier at the Texas Tactical Police Officers Association competition. Standing at 200 yards I was nailing silhouettes, in full auto. It was just too easy. Can’t wait to shoot it again.

  2. Cool and all, but I don’t like getting blue balled by guns I can’t own. All this effort should go into repealing full-auto bans and the Hughes amendment.

    • Serge, it is exactly that. So many people think the full auto guns are ok to be restricted so tightly, right up until they shoot one. Then it’s all smiles, followed by questions, followed by demands that they be able to get one. It never fails.

  3. Too bad the only ones we can get are neutered and are having accuracy stringing issues; I blame that on our gun control laws.

    For now my original Tavor works fine.

    • This is a promotional video. I couldn’t tell what they were scanning through.

      I bet you would do a lot better. You’re great, super badass I bet and now that you have posted in on the internet everyone knows it.

  4. I just did a happy dance in the middle of a coworker’s office!!!! Wow do they think I’m nuts, oh well. This will be worth the trip, this and a mp5 will make it worth all the expense!


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