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To help kick off our new Pro Shop, we thought we’d make things a little interesting. As in we’re giving away cold hard cash. All you have to do to collect some of it is pair your favorite gun with that new piece of TTAG swag and go all Annie Leibovitz on it. It’s that easy. The five best, most imaginative, beautifully composed photographs featuring a piece our new logo gear along with a gun will be rewarded with a check for $100 plus the cost of the TTAG-emblazoned item in the shot. Got that? Take a good pic and the item you buy is free…plus you’ll earn an extra Benjamin for your efforts. To enter, email your pic to [email protected] with PHOTO CONTEST in the subject line before midnight August 31. Just think – with a hundred bucks in your pocket you can buy yourself almost 200 rounds of .22lr. If you can find it.

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  1. Ew, Annie Liebowitz.

    Andrei Kertesz, I might try.

    And if we had any ice, I might put on tails, skates, a TTAG cap, and get a waiter’s tray for my pistols, a la Eisenstaedt.

  2. Should be called noob shop… any intelligent person that carries everyday never wears firearms related clothing/advertises interest/support… makes you suspicious and most likely the first target of criminal activity…

    • I would wear some of the TTAG swag to the range maybe…if I weren’t so miserably poor.

      Note to staff: come up with an “Armed Intelligencia” theme and I’ll forego a box or two of 9mm!

    • Or the last target… deterrence works…

      unless of course you are talking about those bastards that are looking for guys with 5.11 polos and following them home and casing their house to find out when neither your wife, your kids, or yourself are at home then breaking in, bypassing the alarm, and cracking your safe to steal your guns and your wife’s favorite pearls…

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