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Uzi PRO pistol (courtesy

“The Uzi is a family of Israeli open-bolt, blowback-operated submachine guns,” informs. “Smaller variants are considered to be machine pistols.” 600-rounds per minute. Yeah baby! Yes, well, the UZI family includes a semi-automatic PRO version, which no one ever saw in an episode of Miami Vice. Is a semi-auto UZI still cool enough to warrant a $1,109 MSRP? The version now shipping includes both 20- and 25-round mags (not available in CA and MA), a polymer grip with an integrated magazine release button, and a tiny under-snout Picatinny rail for a light or laser. UZI lovers note: the recharging handle is now on the side of the weapon, allowing for a top-mounted full(er) length Picatinny rail. Red dot anyone? Holster? No? Specs after the jump . . .

UZI PRO Pistol Specifications:

  • Part No:                              UPP9S
  • Caliber:                               9mm Luger Parabellum (9x19mm)
  • Operation:                         Blowback operation from closed bolt
  • Barrel:                                 Cold-Hammer forged CrMoV barrel, 4 groove 1:10 RH twist
  • Barrel Length:                   4.5 inches
  • Overall Length:                 9.5 inches
  • Weight:                               3.66 lbs.
  • Sight:                                   Adjustable target sights
  • Magazines:                        1-20 & 1-25 round
  • MSRP:                                 $1,109.00


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  1. Without a stock, I just don’t understand the point.

    Modern handguns are just as reliable if not more so, take up less space, can be holstered, have an average of 17 round mag capacity, and are far more ergonomic than this thing.

    They cost (on average) half as much too.

    • This is more of a cool to have gun. Most of the things you mentioned don’t mean squat when having fun at the range. This is not intended to be a standard handgun replacement. Desert Eagles don’t serve much point either, but they are fun and cool. Not every gun has to fit a practical role.

      • In all fairness, Deagles are used for handgun hunting. Not nearly as popular as big bore revolvers, but they fill a niche.

      • I also fail to see any practical purpose for this pistol if it is only semi-auto, and does not have any sort of shoulder stock. It doesn’t even seem like that fun of a “range toy”. The EVO Skorpion is somewhat more desirable, but still not very useful without a stock.

        Both would make fun SBR’s.

    • Ahhhhh… well… SB Tactical makes Sig braces specifically for this dandy little gun. Of course, sig braces aren’t stocks, but…

  2. Unless you are an Uzi fan-boy or girl I can not see the need for this firearm. Expensive, big, single shot, impossible to carry without drawing the wrong attention. Basically pointless for the average person. In my opinion.

    • You are talking like this is supposed to be a practical use gun. It’s not. It’s a fun gun that is mostly intended to live at the range.

      Why does everyone act like every gun has to be practical? Sometimes fun/cool is all you need and want.

      • If the tec-9 were still available(new) or a similar design and more reliable, I would give them a look. A forward mounted mag at least gives somewhere reasonable to place your hand if there is no stock. I know it might affect reliability As nutnfancy says(not a huge fan but the point applies) second kind of cool applies for me.even in semi auto I like small PDW type weapons.

    • This gun actually has a ton of practical value… if you know where to find it. Or want to.

      You can buy it with a side folding Sig brace that SB Tactical makes specifically for the Uzi Pro. If you have the sig brace or legally convert it to a legit SBR now you found it’s practical use. It can be stored folded in very accessible areas of your car such as under the dash or you can even use it as an off body conceal carry firearm since it’s only like 10″ folded versus 19″ to 26″ like an AR or AK pistol. It will fit neatly in a shoulder bag of almost any size. Shouldered or “stabilized” firing with a red dot is much more accurate than shooting a traditional concealed carry pistol.

  3. Bore height above the grip makes me wonder about muzzle rise and time to get sights back on target.

    That, and… if you think Glocks are ugly…

    • “That, and… if you think Glocks are ugly…” My thoughts are about the same. One butt ugly gun with no real practical purpose.

    • It weighs half as much as my AR. That and the 9mm chambering means the question you should be asking is: muzzle rise? WHAT muzzle rise?

  4. For that price there are far too many quality handguns to even think about owing one. If I wanted boxy, cumbersome, hard to shoot accurately, I would just buy one of the Mac 10 clones for a third the price. Most people who are attracted to that type of pistol look at one and think Uzi anyway.
    Put a stock on it and FA switch then maybe.

  5. For that price, you could buy a CZ Skorpion, which has much better manners when fired as a pistol, and still have money to add a SIG Brace, and mounting hardware (to use however you see fit, among friends, on private property), and have a far more satisfying shooting experience.

      • Not with the Hughes Amendment in effect…

        I should caveat that by saying that there are full auto, registered and transferable SIG trigger packs but whether they will drop into an MPX is doubtful. I think the MPX uses an AR trigger group.

        Any NFA experts out there care to opine?

  6. Hmm … will my Mini-Uzi registered [open] bolt still fit in this if I convert it to the shortened pistol style or is this a completely new architecture? Having a polymer trigger group isn’t really a convincing replacement for proven IMI steel. I’d probably enjoy the 600 RPM over my current 950 RPM, which is still tons of giggly fun in controlled bursts.

  7. Range toy notwithstanding, this won’t stop my LGS from recommending this as a great first gun to the lady looking for a purse gun or for home defense.

    • “Play toy for a 30 year old…”

      Play toy for a 30 year old who makes more money a year than a jackwad like you will ever see in your pathetic little life.

      And ‘god’, that fact just really, really pisses you off…


      Dance, little troll.

      I order you to dance.

      • Please. Buncha broke-ass immature ammosexuals living with their parents. Having fantasies of winning the Lotto some day. Probably the average education is somewhere around the 2nd year of high school. You clowns really need to treat your acne, stop fantasizing about guns as a penis substitute, and maybe some ugly girl will have pity on you.

    • What if we are a 30 year old who doesn’t live in out mom’s basement?……We just make a lot of money and instead of pissing our money away on hookers, gambling, drugs, or democratic political campaigns we spend the money instead on unique firearms.

  8. Overpriced and only worthwhile to the tacticool/mall ninja crowd, IMO. Now, if it was full-auto and had a stock, that would be an entirely different thing, but the Bureau for the Absolute Termination of Freedom won’t let us buy any of the fun toys unless they are 29 years old or older… 🙁

    • In other words- Lots of fun? I autocrossed my 1967 Baja beetle. It was utterly useless. I haven’t had that much fun in a while.

  9. 20 or 25 rounds… seriously? The magazine already sticks out so just make it the standard 32 rounds already.

  10. “Is a semi-auto UZI still cool enough to warrant a $1,109 MSRP?”


    Easiest question-of-the-day ever.

  11. $1,109 macro, glock & Sig MSRP are not much less. Let’s.see real world price first. Besides with or without a switch they are fun toys.
    Sold both of mine when offered more than thought I could get. Guy asked how much for model A semi, told him his buddy asked how much for class 3 10 years ago told them $5k for semi $30k for full auto cash only plus he paid all fees for transfers. Took my number got a call next day saying they’d.take them. Paid off the house.

  12. Meh. When I compare my incredibly accurate, fantastic pointing 9mm ’08 Luger to that ugly, ungainly brick on a stick, you must be kidding.

  13. The actual UZI is pretty ugly, but it was a decent design at the time and was very reliable/effective as a sub-machine gun. When you put these in a semi-auto form, they begin to get significantly less practical. Honestly I would rather have a Ruger P series, Beretta 92FS, SW 5906, Glock 17, etc where I could get 30 round mags than this giant thing. The only practical purpose of this is a conversation piece and a fun plinker at the range. Is there a holster for it? Likely not. Are you really going to open carry it? Probably not. Is it concealable for a concealed carry permit? No. Is it worth $1,109 or even half of that? Not to me. But this is just my opinion. Some people are really into Brick and Stick guns like the UZI and MAC, Cobray, etc. stuff.

  14. While I like IWI products (I have a special relationship with my Tavor), the price point is just too out of line. You can buy a MasterPiece Arms Defender for half the price, it carries more rounds in the stick mag (30), and it’s just as silly a bullet-waster on the range. If it was MPA-level pricing, I’d buy an Uzi Pistol.
    As others have said, if you’re ‘investing’ that kind of money into a pistol caliber carbine setup, go for a Scorpion EVO or a Sig MPX. Lot more flexibility with those platforms.

  15. That “god” character is on to sonething. Ammosexual? I love it! Awesome awesome awesone!!

    Now I can sue the pants off Target, Starbucks, et al for unlawful discrimination!

    And get thr Bloomberg bunch labeled as a hate group!

    Thanks man, er “god!”

  16. It would be a cool safe gun. If was threaded and had a can, it would be worth $1100.

    I’d feel too much like I should be holding it sideways and punch while I shoot.

    I bet getting pulled over with that could be time consuming at least..

  17. My spelling might not be great (especially when typing on a smart phone), but what can I say? We can’t all be omniscient, can we?
    I can spell “ad hominem,” though.


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