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“Shocking footage has emerged of two pitbulls savaging a man on the streets of New York as bystanders bravely attempt to pull them away,” reports. “Filmed from an apartment above the road, the middle aged man is left lying in a pool of his own blood after the crazed dogs drag him across the road in the prolonged mauling. The entire incident was recorded by a woman at the apartment overlooking the street, who is also heard speaking to emergency services on the phone.” While TTAG highlights unnecessary police shooting of dogs, and believes that every effort should be made to avoid or deescalate canine confrontation, there is a time when a dog attack calls for . . .

a ballistic solution. Not spraying water or ammonia on the offending animal. Sending lead. While shooting a dog in a middle of melee presents its own dangers, I don’t think the police would hesitate (qualified immunity and all). Question: how many innocent people have to die or or be injured before the highest court in the land – which was entirely comfortable when a lower court jailed a bureaucrat for failing to respect its ruling on a Constitutional right – orders Empire State obstructionists to respect residents’ right to keep and bear arms? The despicable destruction caused by this obvious double standard continues.

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  1. Ummm…Isn’t pretty much EVERYTHING banned for self-defense in NYC? My solution? Don’t go there or support NYC in any way…

    • I think I’d have to shoot the owner before having to shoot those dogs. They kept going after that 1 guy, those dogs were clearly being used as a weapon.

      • The owner is an idiot and a pussy. He can’t restrain one dog, assuming he was trying to. The man being attacked has a better chance against one dog over two but the owner keeps bringing the second dog into the fight. Tie that fucker to the tree then go to get the other dog. I am just baffled how a dog on a leash can attack someone.

        • ” I am just baffled how a dog on a leash can attack someone.”

          The man attacked was in a heated argument with the dogs’ owner.

          The dogs’ owner then RELEASED THE DOGS who then attacked the man.

          She deliberately sicced the dogs on him.

          That’s attempted murder in my book…

    • I would have no question. I HATE Pit Bulls and I think they should be made extinct. Dangerous animals. They keep maiming kids, adults and no one seems to give a rat’s A$$.

        • Dogs, like people, can be genetically predisposed to aggressive behaviors. There are specific genes that have been identified regarding this. Look up the “warrior gene” for one example.

          Of course, it is more complicated than genetics alone, but without some good self-control and coping mechanisms, the individual will fall back on their violent instincts. As with humans, you can mostly train aggressive responses out of a dog, but some individuals are inherently harder to train.

          I have had good interactions with plenty of Pit Bulls, but I think it is foolish to ignore the fact that they were selectively bred for some aggressive traits.

          I think, given a good opportunity, shooting these dogs would have been appropriate. They will be put down for this, anyway.

      • They’re just terriers; except for size and power not a lot different in temperament from many other dogs. Hounds with an unusually strong prey drive can be every bit as aggressive and dangerous as Pit-bulls, for instance. If you think about what you just said, you might be surprised as just how similar your assertion is to the irrational complaints gun-controllers make about “deadly black assault-weapons” which are, in fact, no more deadly or assault-like than numbers of other, more benign looking, guns.

        • Far to often we think wrongly that all animals are stupid but the type that are leaving these comments . I’m not saying we believe that animals are retarded stupid but we hold ourselves in a much higher regard than we do other species . We are the top of the food chain usually if we use our technology and our intelligence BUT , give all else their dues . I am routinely out smarted when hunting by al my prey . Birds don’t just tweet tweet , they have a vocabulary of thousands of sounds probably greater than the English language , most we cannot distinguish or hear . Turkeys have hundreds of known calls and God knows what they’re saying to each other when they see me I the woods . An animal is keenly aware of it’s size and strength , speed and agility , over other animals it may encounter . Dogs are extremely perceptive of their size and strength and are also EXTREMELY aware of what the human or humans around them are feeling and somehow thinking . I don’t know how they do it but I know they do . I is most likely a result of the thousands of years of close coexistence between people and dogs . I have raised and bred many breeds of dogs since I was in my early teens , from Border Collies to Hound dogs , from Bird and Coon dogs to Wolf Crosses and I have come to appreciate their great intelligence and loyalty . I do not have a lot of experience with Pit Bulls but I do have enough sense to realize at the breed is strong and fully capable of killing a grown man and in fact it is a breed that has in the past and present been used exactly for this purpose so it is only logical that it would be more perceptible to act in this way . I myself am leery when I am alone and approached by one or more of this breed unleashed or unattended . I am not afraid however , a dog can and will sense fear and react cautiously as a result which could theatrically lead to the very situation that we saw on the video . All the more reason to be armed if permitted and if not remember this . It is better to give up your arm than your neck . Offer the attacking dog your arm and when I lashes on , if you can , wrap your legs around it’s body while pushing the accosted arm as hard as you can into the jaws and place your other arm in a locked position behind the neck and like a reversed rear naked choke , push the dogs head backward over your other arm with every bit of strength you have until you feel and hear the tell tale pop of a broken neck . Remember , an attacking dog does not care what kind of pain you inflict necessarily and usually will need to incapacitated . An aggressive playing dog will generally leave with a good hard kick to the bottom . I once had to pry the jaws of an adult Wolf Cross Hybrid open and off of one of my Border Collies because she thought there was a threat to me or my wife and I had to use every bit of my 235 pound 6 foot 4 adrenalin pumping manhood the pull her off and hold her while my wife pulled our Collie to safety . She was a wonderful loyal pet that acted on her instincts . These are very tough situations to sort through and unfortunately these animals will be put down .

        • I once crossed paths with two dogs a few weeks apart. The first was a pit bull who fell in love with me at first sight and wanted to kiss me to death. The second was an Irish setter, who wanted to tear me apart for daring to be at “his” front door.
          Go figure.

      • You’re an ignorant ass. I guess all humans should be “made extinct” as well. We kill more than all dog breeds combined. I bet you’re against capital punishment too.

        • LOL! Actually I’m FOR the death penalty. U.S. criminal penalties are WAY too weak. And the prisons are like country clubs. And they have “rights”. It’s SUPPOSED to be PUNISHMENT. Remember?

  2. We need to think about how to frame this argument in a succinct way so as to convince voters to support the RKBA.

    Observe that America is populated with dog lovers; folks who believe they have a right to their beloved pets. This is an audience we can appeal to.

    So, Mr./Mrs. Voter, suppose you have a dog. You like your dog; for whatever reason – I don’t think you need to explain. Your dog serves to protect you. It will awaken you if someone tries to break into your home. It will deter a mugger on the street. If necessary, It will attack to protect you; if It senses that someone is threatening you.

    Do you accept the government telling you whether you are allowed or prohibited to keep a dog in its jurisdiction? To keep in in your house; or to walk with the dog in public streets? To tell you what size or breed of dog you are allowed in its jurisdiction?

    Is it sufficient for government to tell you to keep your dog fenced-in on your property and on a leash in public places? Is it sufficient for government to hold you responsible if you negligently allow your dog loose and it attacks someone without justification?

    Where do you find your rights to keep and walk your dog wherever you live in America?

    How about your neighbor? Perhaps she can’t afford the expense of keeping a dog. Perhaps her work precludes her from caring for and exercising a dog. What alternatives would you allow her to choose to protect herself? Would you admit that she is entitled to keep and carry pepper-spray? A stun-gun? A firearm? Is it sufficient for government to hold her responsible if she negligently harms another person without justification?

    Where to you find her rights to keep and bear the weapon of her choice for her personal security? Does she have a natural right of self-defense? Is her right to keep and bear arms guaranteed by the Constitution, our social compact?

    • Short version: If you can keep a dog to help with your self defense why should the government be allowed to take away the right of someone that cannot afford to keep a dog by making it illegal for them to keep a gun for the same purpose ? How about those who are too old or disabled to be able to keep a dog ? Shouldn’t they be able to defend themselves by some other method? If these people can safely handle a firearm why should they be denied this very effective self defense tool ?

  3. … Question: how many innocent people have to die or or be injured before the highest court in the land – which was entirely comfortable when a lower court jailed a bureaucrat for failing to respect its ruling on a Constitutional right – orders Empire State obstructionists to respect residents’ right to keep and bear arms? The despicable destruction caused by this obvious double standard continues. …

    Not sure if this is a rhetorical question or not but regardless anyone can ask Glen of New York City Guns for his opinion. He has one. A very powerful one.

  4. As a pit owner and dog lover, I believe a humans life trumps an animal (sorry libs). if I were alone, with my family or with my dogs and something like this were to happen, I am 100% shooting those dogs. NYC looks like a liberal utopia, millions of people who are completely powerless to even defend themselves from dog attacks… What if it were 1 terrorist with an AK and a dozen mags? When seconds count the police are only minutes away, and with only a 1.9 hits out of 100 shots for accuracy.

    • Dog breed bans are very similar to gun bans. All dogs of a specific breed are not violent. In fact most “Pit Bulls” (not really a specific breed believe it or not) are not violent at all. Those that breed fighting dogs reject most dogs because they refuse to fight the other dogs even when they are attacked. Those dogs are then used as “bait dogs” for training the more aggressive dogs. I recommend reading the book “The Lost Dogs” for more details on this. It is a book that is very touching, uplifting and horrifying at the same time. A must read for dog lovers though. I read it twice. It is about the rescue and retraining of the “Michael Vick” dogs by a group of dedicated volunteers.

      • Most of the dogs in my area are mutts, but usually the mixed pits are very nice and are just big lap dogs.

      • I read “The Lost Dogs” and it once again confirmed my belief that the character of the dogs far exceeded that of the people, including that scumbag Vick, who abused them and watched them fight. Dogs were the first animals to become domesticated and live with humans. I think they did this willingly, thereby starting an abiding relationship in which their love for us is so transcendent that they will do literally anything to please us. As much as they can, dogs want to be like us. But, being dogs, they can only understand the most basic human emotions like lover, fear, hate, and joy. Vick and his dog-fighting buddies perverted the trust their dogs had in them and turned it into something ugly. Some of Vic’s dogs, on being shown love, could be brought back. Others couldn’t.
        Vick made a few half-hearted apologies and was welcomed back to professional football where he continued to earn millions for the sports team owners. But he’s still a scumbag.

        • Vic should be in a cage. The NFL had a chance to show some character and get rid of him, but time and time again they choose profit over integrity. What a useless “game”.

    • My family moved to the St. Louis area in 1964….I was 9 years old….from Little Rock. I had to give up my dog but more important to this discussion there had been several incidents involving German Shepherds….and a movement to ban them from the city….

      I learned at an early age that my relationship with dogs was ‘special.’ Even known vicious dogs would not bother me even as a child. As a little kid I brought home all sorts of varmints and snakes home…many poisonous…never got bit. Mosquitoes do not bite me to this day…..and I spend a lot of time outdoors.

      Since then I’ve learned that ones actions while in the immediate vicinity of any animal can trigger the carnal instincts of a predator. IMHO there are many things we still do not understand about the animal kingdom of which we are a part.

      Like most things in life a complete understanding of how an animal reacts to certain bodily motions and the REFUSAL TO BE A VICTIM mentality goes a long way against any predator be they dog or human. They sense the attitude!

  5. So much stupid. The only creatures in that video I feel bad for are the dogs.
    A dog in the hands of ghetto trash is like a kid in the hands of ghetto trash. Doesn’t stand a chance.

  6. That right there is why I pack a ‘Bear-be-Gone’ type spray along with my (mumble) when I ride my bike.

    I was nearly a dog snack when some jack-wad thought it funny when he sicced Cujo on me when I was out riding.

  7. That dog owner needs to go to jail to multiple accounts of attempted murder no time off for good behavior and no parole. One count for every person one of those dogs bit. No doubt he trained them to be vicious and he seemed to be encouraging the attack.

    This kind of crap and no access to ballistic remediation is why I will never go back there. One visit was enough to convince me that NY City doesn’t have enough good to compensate for the bad.

  8. From the news article:

    “According to police, the dogs owner, Cynthia Oliver, 55, was arguing with the unnamed victim outside her apartment block at 2414 Belmont Ave.

    It was then that she let the dogs off their leash.”

    She deliberately sicced the dogs on him?

    Charge her with attempted murder.

    Destroy those dogs. And the owner for good measure.

    What a c*nt.

  9. I learned from a friend that worked at a vet’s office that the way to deal with a pitbull attacking someone or another small dog is to come up behind it, wrap your arm around its neck and squeeze until it passes out. At least that is what she say her 100 pound female veterinarian do when a pit bull got loose and attacked a smaller dog. She said the vet didn’t hesitate, and the dog was passed out in a few seconds.

    • Move slightly wrong and one bite will break your arm, if not sever it. Come up behind it and shoot it through the neck.

  10. It’s the dog, not the breed. Golden Retriever Rescue has had to put down dogs for human aggression. But dogs, as well as other critters can be very aggressive, good reason to every day carry.

    • It’s both. Dogs are bred to do certain things. Pit bulls were developed to fight. While not every pit is a killer, they all have the genes for it, every single one.

      Ever hear of a man killing Coonhound? Didn’t think so.

      • Indeed. Pits, Rotts, and a number of dog breeds are known for being aggressive. Labs are known for being friendly. I just don’t see Labradors being trained as attack dogs – that’s clearly going to be an uphill battle. My buddies pit bull went after me after I was invited into his house 7-8 years ago, but he thankfully grabbed it before it could do any damage.

        If a pit attacks me with a purpose it’s probably going to die – whether I’m wearing a uniform or not. The sad thing is that 20-30 % of TTAG would probably disown me and call for my badge if I shot a pit bull, rott, or similar dog.

        Each shooting, dog attack, or crime are separate incidents that must be fully and impartially investigated based upon the totality of the circumstances.

        • There’s a big difference between putting down fluffy the teacup yorkie while at the wrong house for a noise complaint and a pitbull snarling at you from a yard you have to go through to due to shots fired or whatever. Most are reasonable enough to see the difference.

        • They said the same thing about German Shepherds, then Dobermans, then Rottweilers.

          And they all have one thing in common – they’re popular with black people.

          And so all this anti-pit agitating is once again being fomented by the racist factions of the political left in their never-ending quest to hold the Black Man down.

          And no, I’m not being sarcastic. Once black people switched from Dobies to Rotts, Dobies were no longer the bad guys in movies. You do the math.

        • They said the same thing about German Shepherds, then Dobermans, then Rottweilers.
          Some of the nicer dogs I have known were actually German Shepherds and Dobermans.

        • . I just don’t see Labradors being trained as attack dogs – that’s clearly going to be an uphill battle.
          Labs are nice, but they are stronger and more powerful than what people think. They can defend themselves and produce battle damage very well against German Shepherds. Coonhounds can get very fierce against their prey once they get cranked up.

        • “The sad thing is that 20-30 % of TTAG would probably disown me and call for my badge if I shot a pit bull, rott, or similar dog.”

          Not from me.

          If the dog is making a serious attempt to bite, put the dog down and fast.

      • Breeding doesn’t automatically make the dog aggressive. It makes it possible to make them aggressive if their owner is negligent or actively malicious. To give an analogy, AR is not inherently a “mass murderer weapon”, but a mass murderer would do better with it than they’d do with a double-barreled shotgun, because it was designed (“bred”) for combat; and a negligent discharge with a shotgun is likely to have worse consequences than the one with a .22 handgun.

  11. When I was 16 I was cornered by a dog pack in WV. I love dogs. I’m not a violent person. Live and let live is my motto.

    All that went out the window when I realised I was being stalked and set up for the kill. 5-6 dogs circled close in the brush, distraction?, while the biggest, a german shepard type, came straight in for the kill.

    I was so close when I fired that .22 that the bullet went in the top of his head and came out under his throat.

    Had I not had that .22?

    • When I used to hike along the Appalachian Trail my biggest fear was not coyote or bear but feral dogs. Feral dogs aren’t afraid of humans and if you only see one or two you are never sure if they are just dogs running loose or are feral until they are dangerously close.

      • All dogs that run in packs should be shot on sight. Every farmer knows this. If you see two or more dogs together, you’re on the menu.

        • In that part of Virginia it could be a pack coonhounds during certain times of the year.

        • Exactly right. Back in the day, my hunting buddy and I would get calls from farmers in the county where we hunted pheasants. We’d go out to those farms where we’d been called on and would set up “varmint shooting style” like is done for coyotes. We had to take ’em out at over 200 yards because they seemed to know when anyone with a gun was around. These were all “abandoned” hunting dogs which the owners had lost somehow during pheasant season. We were actually hunted BY one dog pack. We backed out of those woods like a Vietnam Era platoon backing out of an ambush.

    • 22 ? You needed something BIG with KNOCKDOWN POWER , that 22 is a pea shooter , I wouldn’t carry anything less than a 44 MAGNUM . It’s a wonder that dog didn’t just get pissed off and bite you harder . I carry a Smith and Wesson 500 caliber in my pocket baby , I’m ready for bear baby , I got a BIG gun and BIG bullets .
      Just jokin and I’m glad you’re OK . Sounds like that 22 worked just fine .

  12. …bystanders bravely…

    They bravely did nothing. Disappointed by everyone in the video. Particularly the guy with the bat. 15 people vs two dogs. Cro-Magnon man would have weeped.

    • Exactly. Those people should have been trying to kill those dogs, not shoo them away. Seriously, a garden hose????

    • You don’t need a weapon to stop a dog that is occupied in the process of biting someone. Just run up and kick that dog in the body or neck like you are kicking a 50 yard field goal. That kick will rupture internal organs and cause massive internal bleeding. I will also likely break ribs (in a spectacular fashion no less) and possibly even the dog’s spine. The force of your kick should be so hard that it sends a 50 pound dog at least 3 feet away. That WILL stop that dog.

      For bonus points, kick them in the front leg in the process and break that (also in spectacular fashion) as well.

  13. Yep. Four Pit Bulls running loose piled on my Chow when we were out walking one night. I drew my Glock 30, compact .45ACP, and pointed it at the back of the spine at the bottom of the skull of the dog that was closest to my dog. I started to squeeze the trigger, BOOM, the Pits all scatter before the gun goes off. They didn’t even growl at me.

    It was like magic. The Pits had probably been shot at before, because they certainly knew what a gun was capable of.

  14. People around where I live (rural N. Alabama) generally do not keep their dogs tied up; in my neighborhood they run loose, generally terrorizing cats & chickens, occasionally killing them.
    Two days ago, a pit-bull mix and a Walker hound from down the road attacked my girlfriend’s mother’s bird-dog (which was tied up) and nearly killed it. The vet used well over 400 stitches to close up the all the gaping wounds. When we confronted the “owners” about the problem, they flat refused to control the dogs, their argument being that it’s cruel to keep them tied to a tree or cooped up in the house.

      • Those feral mutts come onto our property often enough that no bait is needed. Plus there are plenty of old mine-shafts that animals fall into on a regular basis.
        The county “animal control” told us to trap the dogs and bring them in, because they don’t have the manpower or time to chase down all the strays in this county. Unless those dogs attack a person, they can’t be bothered.
        I hate killing animals, but if that uncontrolled, vicious pit-bull goes after one more of our cats or chickens….. The Walker hound isn’t actually a bad dog, it just follows the pit’s lead.

        • “.. hate killing animals, but if that uncontrolled, vicious pit-bull goes after one more of our cats or chickens. ”

          …Or small children.

          If an animal is
          1 – Aggressive
          2 – Frequently on your property
          3 – Unowned (no potential civil dispute)

 needs to be dead. Period.
          Do it for the children! (yes, I typed that with a straight face).
          But seriously, even if you don’t have children, someone nearby does.

      • I explained in no uncertain terms that they won’t have to worry about taking care of those dogs the next time I catch those dogs on our property, and/or they kill one or our pets/livestock, because I’m going to take care of them myself.
        I wasn’t all that surprised when the Deliverance-esque neighbors simply shrugged, and said they’d just get more dogs.

  15. It Should Have Been Defensive Gun Use: NYC Dog* Attack Edition [GRAPHIC VIDEO]

    I fixed it for you.

    Punish the deed, not the breed.

  16. A good pocket knife, in this case, might have been better. A firearm is not the best weapon for everything. My primary social defensive weapon is a heavy pocket knife. My vehicle primary is a fixed blade. My favorite all purpose is a 26″ machete blade. It resides just inside the lift gate of the van. My primary home defense is a .380 compact, not micro, in reach at all times. It should, in theory, buy me time to get to my 12 gauge pump loaded with 00 buck. I would hate to kill an animal for being an animal, but, sometimes it can be necessary. (yes, I am trained with a blade from many years ago, no you do not need to know”. It ain’t TV or the movies, you could lose, if you do not fight, you will surely lose. To man or beast.

    • Not too sure about that. I had a fairly large German shepherd, and was walking him when the Akita that lived behind us (and had already destroyed at least 2 screens around our pool trying to get to my dog) spotted us, and ran up the street. He attacked my dog, and I foolishly tried to separate them. Got my left hand bitten. Pulled out my folder and stabbed the Akita 3 times. He didn’t even slow down. Only stopped when the owner ran up and pulled him away. I think I ended up with the worst injuries.

    • +1 To what Geraldo said.

      Blades generally can only incapacitate through blood loss – this takes minutes or hours, not the seconds that you need. Even in a knife fight between humans, most don’t even realize they’re bleeding until well after the fight is over.

      Firearms, on the other hand, can shatter bone.
      There is no amount of will power in the world than can force a broken leg to support your body weight, or force a severed spinal cord to continue sending electrical signals to your legs. THIS is the fight-stopping incapacitation you need.

  17. This is a close quarter combat situation in a city/state that ensures law abiding people are disarmed. The best compromise (if a gun can not be procured for self-defense) is to carry and use a knife such as the Spyderco Paramilitary 2 or the Gerber Ghostrike.

  18. I witnessed a pit bull attack this week on a family dog while the owner was holding her infant in the other hand. Her husband responded before I could do anything. The only reason I didn’t draw my gun was fear of hitting the husband. The putbulls owners reaction was pathetic, but that wasn’t surprising. I supplied the owner with bandages and helped him get the dog into his car.

  19. This kind of attack, sometimes with fatal results, is not all that uncommon in Houston. Worse than some idiot losing control of his vicious dogs on a leash, are packs of stray dogs roaming the streets attacking people.

    I keep a nice full size “tactical tomahawk” I bought from the NRA’s site in my car, initially with the idea of using it to break open someone’s car window if they were being submerged in flood waters (also not an uncommon occurrence in Houston). I’ve since considered smashing a vicious dog attacking someone as a potential secondary use for it.

  20. A jogger was killed by two pit bulls a few months ago in Lapeer, Michigan. There was simply no one around who had the ability to stop the attack. We already know that dogs can be trained NOT to attack people and other dogs.
    Dogs are among the most trainable animals. Obviously, by definition, dogs like those in this video have not been properly trained and that’s the responsibility of the owner. Having a dog which is not trained against aggressiveness toward people is equivalent to handing a violent psychopath a gun and letting them walk around in public with it. If a gun owner (like Nancy Lanza) does give a dangerous person a gun and trains them to use it, who is responsible when the dangerous person kills?

    We live in a time of Confused Values and Thinking. Since when do dogs have rights equivalent to human rights? Many people INSIST that they do.

    About two years ago, because of seeing a dog nearly attack people in a parking lot, I called the local PD and asked, as concealed carry licensee, what I should do if I see a dog actually attacking a person. The answer (from a female officer) was: Do whatever is necessary (to stop the attack).

  21. It could have also been provoked by the way this dude was dressed , white snuggie britches , sunshine yellow T and cute tennis shoes with no socks . If I were profiling , which is what dogs do , I would say , EASY MEAL . or maybe BITCH .

  22. Do you know where else you can see a couple 100 lb canines shredding a herd of animals more than twice their weight? You see it a lot when coyotes break into the pen of a herd of dumb, domesticated cows.

    The parallels here should be obvious.

  23. I had a 100 pound German Shepard and he was the friendliest dog. One day we were out walking and 3 dogs came at me so I got ready to hurt them as fast as possible to level the field. Buddy went straight at them and they ran away. There was no actual fight as Buddy didn’t catch them and I called him back when they ran away. Buddy just trotted up to me like it was nothing. Great job Buddy.

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