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Image courtesy Chicago Tribune

It was after 3:30 a.m. when the burglar alarm went off at Mark Hayes’ far south Chicago home. Waking up to investigate the commotion, he was barefoot and unarmed when he spotted an intruder in his garage. USMC veteran Hayes called out to his wife, who brought him his shoes. And a filet knife. Then the burglar attacked Hayes with a hammer. The intruder, 52 year-old career criminal Harold Cornell, quickly learned that a Marine with a knife is a very dangerous man.

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  1. On the sister site, ttak, they state that the DA and police don’t know if they will file charges. I doubt they would but the fact that they might even consider this sickens me.

      • This has been extensively discussed in the Calguns forums, because of the ban on carrying firearms in public places. It is generally considered that, if your garage door is open, your garage becomes a “public place” just like your front porch.

        It’s all bullsh*t how this even needs to be discussed, but that’s how it is.

  2. Hayes called out to his wife, who brought him his shoes.

    If I had ever called out to any of my ex-wives and asked them to bring me my shoes, my next call would have been to my proctologist for an emergency Reebok extraction.

  3. I know a retired Marine Colonel who, when he heard folks breaking into his garage one night picked up– not his 1911, not his 870, but a machete. He went into the garage, surprising the intruders and chasing them to their car and get-away driver, whacking the car numerous times with the machete to ‘mark it and make it easier for the police to find’ as the driver struggled to start it while focused on a machete wielding nightmare in boxer shorts. Of course, the car was stolen, but the police did find it fairly quickly.

    • First, his training cost a sight more than 10 grand. And second, how do you know the government didn’t get their money’s worth already?


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