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CHICAGO, March 31, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The following was released today by the Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA):

The ISRA is once again calling upon Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to fire Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy . This latest call for McCarthy’s ouster comes after a mob of young thugs – estimated to be in the hundreds – swarmed the Magnificent Mile shopping district Saturday night and began beating dozens of innocent shoppers. This latest mob action appears to be the most serious in a string of events over the past two years involving gangs of youths randomly attacking shoppers on North Michigan Avenue . . .

“Just like dyeing the Chicago River green on St. Patty’s Day, cracking tourists’ heads on North Michigan Avenue is becoming a Windy City tradition,” commented ISRA Executive Director, Richard Pearson . “The first warm night of the year, and all hell breaks loose in the city’s most tony shopping district. It should be clear to everybody by now that Supt. McCarthy has lost control of the city. What are things going to be like when the weather really heats up? What has to happen before Emanuel wakes up and gives the nod to a more effective top cop?”

“The ISRA has been cautioning folks against making Chicago a leisure time destination for a few years now,” continued Pearson. “Unless you’re the kind of person who wants to be terrorized, beaten, raped or robbed, then you should definitely find another place to vacation. For the law-abiding citizen, Chicago has become just too dangerous to visit.”

“While vicious mobs have been busily destroying Chicago’s tourism industry, Mayor Emanuel and Supt. McCarthy have been busy as well – vilifying law abiding firearm owners,” said Pearson. “If they spent more time thwarting crime and less time trying to take guns away from hunters and sportsmen, then Chicago might be a better place in which to live and work.”

“The sad events of Saturday night will certainly bolster efforts to pass concealed carry legislation down in Springfield,” said Pearson. “Good people have a right to defend themselves against lawless thugs. I’m positive that the prospect of encountering armed citizens would make such flash mobs vaporize in a hurry.”

The ISRA is the state’s leading advocate of safe, lawful and responsible firearms ownership. For more than a century, the ISRA has represented the interests of millions of law-abiding Illinois firearm owners.

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  1. It is called a “flash mob.” This crap has been going on for years. A few years ago it was racially motivated. It was gangs of young blacks attacking only white people. No news reported other than local. This crap is only happening in those states that one can not CC.

    • Yeah, I doubt this kind of thing would last long in Texas, unless it’s in a gun-free zone..

      • We had it in Philadelphia, which is a high per capita cc city. No one was shot but it did stop. I don’t know if there was police action or what caused it but it did stop. I would not hesitate to protect my wife or my life if we became the center of such unwanted abusive attention. I truly have no desire to take physical action against another but I refuse to be a pascal lamb.

        • Wikipedia says a Paschal Lamb is another name for the Passover Lamb (Yiddish?) So I assume Sammy means being offered up as a sacrifice to the political wishes of the gun grabbers…maybe?

        • Its a typo – “paschal lamb” – Hebrew word, originally defined the symbolic and actual slaughter and eating of a sacrificial lamb on the 1st day of Passover. 2nd meaning: a synonym for Jesus – held as the symbolic sacrificial lamb, as it were, for all mankind. Sammy in Philly doesn’t wish to be a symbolic sacrifice in the name of fighting back. Which is what he would be, since Phiily does not allow (hate that word) Open Carry andthe cops are not “friendly” to folks who have legit CC permits. Hence, Philadelphians are nearly as victimized by their gov’t as New Yorkers are……Oh, where is Mayor Rizzo when you need him, eh, Sammy?

    • The police call these folks ‘honor students’ for fear of upsetting the brass on their message boards.

    • Uh, flash mobs take all forms – most of which are non-violent. I’d say this was organized thuggery. The kind that any good police dept. should have sniffed out with informants and basic investigation techniques….but, oh well.

  2. What we saw last night was a dress rehearsal for the summer. As stated above, this was the first nice weather weekend in a long time. And by nice, it was in the 50s. Just wait until the steamy nights in July and August. Plan all hell breaking loose and then some.

    We’ve had some pretty lousy weather for the past two months and while the total number of killed has been much lower than last year, it certainly hasn’t been for a lack of trying. There has been a total of 111 shootings this month (w/ a few hours to go) w/ 14 killed (so far). You’ll hear how the murder rate is so much better, but it just so happens that gangbangers are lousy shots and the medical care is pretty timely and good.

    Illustrating Chicago’s Murders, Homicides, Violence and Idiocy at

    • That and the cold weather is hell on poorly maintained firearms and trigger fingers. Someone should graph the murder rate next to the temp as it rises over the next 5 months.

    • I wish I could find the source, so you will have to take this with a generous grain(s) of salt, but…

      I believe that in the late 80’s early 90’s the rate of aggravated assault and attempted murder was higher in Baltimore than in was in D.C. However, the emergency response and the hospitals in Baltimore were so much better than those in D.C. that the homicide rate was much lower.

      • This sooo makes me look forward to my (obviously) unarmed visit to Baltimore this summer.

        Darned liberal half of the family and their choice of reunion locations.

  3. It’s so *weird* that you don’t find this reported in the MSM… I mean, aren’t we supposed to be having a conversation about violence??

    • Most people are shocked it was reported in Chicago local news. Rahm like his overlord keeps the media on a tight leash and the media is all to willing to comply. No news means no bad news and Chicago is a paradise. Control the govt, control the propaganda and then control the people just like any good dictatorship.

  4. “after a mob of young thugs – estimated to be in the hundreds
    Groups of teens…”

    Let me guess they were all a bunch of rich white kids from the NW suburbs? (ok sarcasm off) When a young mob is not defined, so not to reflect badly upon their ethnic or racial group, it is obvious who it consisted of.

    • “Youths” has become the PC term to refer to certain racial groups whenever they are involved in crime.

    • Its a good thing they said young, otherwise my first guess would be elderly 2nd story white ladies, Randy

    • But that would be raycist, and we can’t have a open and frank discussion about race, otherwise the segregationists get a point across. Just look at how people like RF and Leghorn deal with my comments here, do you think a newspaper editor would be any more willing to publish those sorts of commentaries?

  5. A bunch of kids – middle schoolers, not any older than a freshman in high school, jumped onto one of the courtesy buses. One was sitting with his partner, then jumped up and took another seat just before an older woman was about to sit down. I told him to get up and go back to where he was and let that lady sit down. The bus was full where I was, and I could not make room or I would have.

    I held up my cell phone, and told him to behave, or I would call the cops. He and a bunch of his buddies decided to get back up, muscle their way back off the bus. A moment later, one of them jumped up and hit me in the back of the head through the open window.

    We will never vacation in Chicago again, and I won’t visit unless I somehow have to.

    • I’ve been to Chicago twice with my family in recent years (since 2000). We had no trouble then; didn’t even see anything like what’s happening there now. But because of what I have been reading and hearing the past couple of years, I will never go back.

  6. I say citizens should take to patrolling Chicago’s streets…armed. If 500 armed citizens executed their constitutional right and did a one to three day open carry demonstration in the streets of Chicago it would send both the politicians and these thugs a crystal clear message.

      • Hmm, you’re right 500 is a bit low. We’d need at least 13,000. Made the mistake of checking that city’s police strength after posting the comment. 13,000 would work well though.

      • Commenter pat suggested that the flash mobs would stop if 500 armed citizens patrolled the streets. Then commenter mahagowitz stated that the cops would lock up those armed citizens.

        I agree with mahagowitz’s statement. That tells us which side the police are on.

        This sounds like a perfect application of a local militia — to suppress insurrections as the United States Constitution specifies.

      • The real question is how many dead flashmobbers it will take before they get the hint?

          • Only one? Why? We need this gene pool? If they can act terroristically, absolutely void of and/or in complete defiant opposition to peace, consideration of other people, property, then as many of “them” as possible should suffer the consequences. The GRAVEST consequences in the quickest way. Afterall, that is the humane thing to do to a rabid or terminally sick animal. All because of the lessons none of them learned, up to and including their “young” adulthood. ….That now, endangers us – that society we’re supposed to have. You know, civilization. They’re FERAL. I say, shut ’em down. Literally & liberally. Oh, and with gusto.

    • I think its a waste of time on all counts. It is best anyone with respect and dignity just leave. When they are jobless and with nothing left to do but kill each other and shoot up, perhaps out of the burning embers and ashes of their decay maybe it can be rebuilt.

  7. 1 month of constitutional carry and real stand your ground laws and this would be a mannerly and polite country again.

  8. Here is a suggestion to all the “good” citizens of all races and ethnic groups in the Chicago. Next election vote Republican. I don’t care who the candidate is. Unless the politicians know that they must make an effort to keep their jobs they will continue to pursue the same failed agendas regardless of the outcome. Chicago has reached the final state of decline. If you cannot walk down North Michigan Avenue without fear of some ghetto thug attacking you then the city has become an unlivable.

      • Sorry, two party system. You can put energy into a third party candidate early, but in the general election at the end, dont throw your vote away on Donald Duck. Mitt was not my first choice either, but elections have consequences and I am no longer a child who needs to get EXACTLY what he wants, or he just wont vote (or throw it away on Donald Duck.

        • The United States is about the only somewhat democratic country that still has a two party system. The two party system is antiquated, inefficient, and needs to go. The only way to make that happen is to encourage people to vote for third parties.

          Sure it might take a few election cycles, but if enough people were actually willing to vote for ‘Donald Duck’, we could fix this shitty system of the lesser of two evils that we’re in.

      • The candidate must be viable or the message isn’t sent. Libertarians aren’t viable. Looking at the realistic demographics of the City the opposition must come from someone like Giuliani. Besides a Libertarian will just screw up in different way.

        • how are they not viable?

          do you republicans not like being called out as the big government supporters you really are?

          it amazes me how many republicans on here are opposed to big government…just because this big government doesnt agree with their viewpoints. When it does, as it did before under the last president, they remained strangely quiet.

        • Libertarians are just Progressives who believe in free markets. As such the kind of voters that vote Progressive prefer free stuff to freedom. Well Libertarian are kind of the same. They prefer license to liberty.

          Real Libertarians like Hayek and von Mises understood that to have limited government you need private institutions to have a stable society Libertarians are effectively anarchists who are opposed to any limits on personal autonomy whether they are imposed by law or by social custom. You want to know what a Libertarian society looks? Look no further than the South and West sides of Chicago.

    • Rest unassured, the system is broken. Whoever is elected will not benefit anyone. Republicans or Democrats – its like voting between a potato and a onion. Little will matter. In the end control will be transferred to them and taken from you – all the while you’ll be paying large sums of money to them along the way. In fact… don’t vote it only encourages them. Mr. Bush sure didn’t help me out when he was signing away on the “patriot” act. It was far from patriotic.

    • Yeah, I agree. I used to live about 5 blocks from there and was on Michigan Ave several times a week. It’s crawling with tourists. The honor students ride the EL from the southside and use one subway station about a block off the Mag Mile. They congregate just outside the station at a McDonald’s, and move in groups over to harass people on Michigan.

      The ones busted are probably already back on the street. There aren’t enough cops to keep things under control, especially once it gets warmer.

      • An article I read said most of the charges filed were misdemeanors, so the offenders had been released.

        • That is correct. They were all released. The cops sent out a message to the parents to better discipline their kids and everything was back to “normal.” Apparently this is an everyday occurrence there so… no worries right?

    • Given the circumstances of this killing, and since the ADA assassinated a couple of moths ago was gunned down by two white males, these folks appear to be the victims of white supremacists who did not appreciate being investigated by the DA’s office.

        • Regardless of the gun type… we are going to say it was performed with an asssault weapon and we will propose gun control legislation. High capacity mags were in fact used (we will claim) and we need to follow NY’s lead and limit these down to at least seven rounds.

        • Regardless of the gun type… we are going to say it was performed with an assault weapon and we will propose gun control legislation. High capacity mags were in fact used (we will claim) and we need to follow NY’s lead and limit these down to at least seven rounds.

  9. “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

    Yeah, that’d work.

    Pity they would rather disarm the militia than call it up.

    • A grand idea. We often hear police forces lamenting a lack of time and manpower, yet across the country there are doubtless millions of citizens who wouldn’t hesitate to volunteer and assist in the protection of peace and order.

      • That is exactly why local or national government would never call up the militia: because it would show why “We the People” actually need guns and it would show how ineffective government is at dealing with problems.

        • Of course… the constitution was created partially to stop the tyranny of those in power. Of course they (those in power) would do nothing short of skirting the rights of the people. They would lose the grip otherwise.

        • I agree, they would rather hire millions upon millions of more cops, thus not producing any tradeable product to support local economies and the countries’ economy as a whole, only providing an unneeded service. Meanwhile the rest of us in the private sector (who actually “produce” something can pay for the millions of bullets used by the cops, the millions of dollars in salaries, the millions of dollars in free health care (free for the cops) and the millions of dollars in lifelong pensions. -Thanks for helping us out.

      • Its well in place right now. Off the top of my head – check out Maricopa County and Pinal County in the great State of Arizona. The highly trained, formal Sheriff’s Posse, all volunteer, is well in place. Pinal County alone is the size of the State of Connecticut. Maricopa Cty has over 500 trained active-duty Posse members. Its how other States and their citizens actually work together to protect themselves (and very well, at that) without the East Coast model of wholloping the taxpayer’s checkbook at every turn. Or, making law & order and keeping the proverbial peace, a “it’s their job” thing. (Which is why too many of the East coast citizens believe cops are the only ones who “should” have guns. Its a sickness, baked into the way they approach their own safety….I understand this isn’t confined to NY……..

  10. And this is the answer to why we need our standard capacity magazines… to defend against mobs. I’m sure that if as little as tenth of the innocent law abiding citizens could and had ccw, the mob would never have happened to begin with

  11. It will be “interesting” if this flash mob trend picks up over summer and then crashes headlong against June 10th.

    • I was thinking along similar lines. I don’t hear of anything coming out of the state government on cc.

  12. perhaps we should thank these utes for demonstrating why Herr Speaker Madigan’s silly amendments and attempts to undermine the 7th circuit ruling won’t last much longer?

  13. If ccw is passed, there will blood in the streets, if not, there will be blood in the streets.
    We now just have to determine who’s blood it will be.
    If there is defensive retaliation, the bloodshed would stop quickly(as the article suggests), if defense continues to be illegal, it will continue indefinitely.

  14. Check out the blog “second city cop” on for a cop’s take on whats going down in Chicago. Its rather eye opening.

  15. Good grief. As if gangbangers capping each other (along with the occasional innocent bystander) on an almost daily basis wasn’t enough, now we have this. In a civilized city, (a) this kind of crap would never happen, and (b) if it did start, people would be able to exercise their natural right to armed self-protection, which would end the problem PDQ.

    Chicago is right at the top of the list of third-world locations I will never go to.

  16. Mob of youths? What’s next the start of a real life Battle Royale?? Oh wait nvm we already have that in Chicago.

    • from merriam webster:
      terrorism: the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion

      so to answer your question… because it is neither systematic nor coercive?

      • It’s organized through social media, so one could argue it’s systematic. It’s also carried out with an intent, cowing those of a different economic-stratum and geographic neighborhood, which is coercive.

  17. As usual, it was exclusively black kids. Why is it when white kids have flash mobs you see performance art, and when blacks have flash mobs you get this? I can wait for when we get concealed carry this summer.

    • I think this may have something to do with it:

      Me – White male – check!

      Wife – East Indian female – check!

      Kid – Mixed race – check!

      Anything I say about or against blacks/African Americans whether positive or negative – racist – check!

      Anything my wife says regarding race or culture – viewed as enlightening or progressive – check!

      Your answer lies in there somewhere.

  18. Just 2 weeks ago McCarty told the people of Illinois that
    Women don’t need guns to protect themselves from a rapist,
    All they need is a whistle. Hey McCarthy didn’t you hear all the whistles…. McCarthy is a DOPE.

    • Being a woman, I’ll venture an opinion: McCarty apparently believes the placement of whistles in ANOTHER orifice will prevent rape. THATs why he couldn’t hear them. Alternately, my firearm, does not have to be placed where McCarthy would have us put the whistles. Thereby, the only blowing to occur, with my method, is the perp’s head off. The sound, loud & clear. Problem solved.

  19. This phenomenon is not just home to the big cities.

    I worked security at a small suburban mall for a few years while in college. Once in a while, usually on Saturday evenings after sunset, the urban yoots (nicked-named troglodytes at work) from the nearby city of 60,000 would swarm the mall; loitering, stealing, dealing/using drugs, fighting, brandishing weapons, and the conduction of other not-so-friendly activities were henceforth commenced upon their sudden arrival. Many times the place had to be shut down early as a result. A few times the local PD had to issue an emergency call for assistance (all available officers in the county from surrounding agencies respond to assist) in order control the masses, often numbering over 100, with O.C. spray, Tasers, and K9s. Any other time the building was filled with elderly “mall walkers,” shopping addicts willing to spend $100 on $3 shirts, and the occasional spoiled-rotten “my daddy can buy you” brat.

    Just think: Your tax dollars are hard at work supporting these fine citizens.

  20. I’ve said this before when these were happening more frequently. One of these days, a group of these “youths” is going to pick the wrong crowd, the wrong store, the wrong sidewalk or hell, they’ll just be in the wrong town. They’re going to “flash mob” a couple of ccw OFWGs grabbin lunch after a trip to the range…

    And the headlines will read: RACIST TERRORISTS OPEN FIRE ON CHILDREN 12 DEAD!

  21. In Milwaukee, the last flash mobs we had were in the summer of 2011 – We haven’t had any since then (at least none that made the news). In November 2011, the State of Wisconsin started issuing CCW licenses. Correlation, causation? Who knows. All I know is that in the summer of 2011, these occurrences started to be commonplace. Now, it’s a non-existent problem.

  22. GOLLY! Is THIS what the Dems mean when they say they need to take our guns away to “protect the children”?…You mean, THESE Juveniles, er….”children”?Llike you know, “to protect” THEM from having their asses rightfully shot, by US? Like that? For an Easter Mob, a snarky version of a Christmas song:
    “Oh come (ON!), oh come (ON!), (Rahm) Emmanuel…
    You’ve ransomed captive Chicagoans, as well.
    Who mourn in gunless exile there
    Who truly feel the end of times is near
    What choice?, What choice?
    Oh Ill-innois!
    To thee did come Emmanuel.”

  23. One question, if the FBI is monitoring in realtime our emails, phones, and I am assuming twitter, why could of this not been prevented? Or the real question, do they want to stop this?

    • They don’t care. There’s no fast-track to promotion for busting a few delinquents. They’ve bought into the lies told to them by their bosses, trained only to be on the lookout for a 20 ton cocaine bust or, gasp!, the mythical beast known as Al Qaeda. Busting a flash mob won’t even get you written up in a crime blotter these days.

  24. It makes me sad to say I am born and raised near that god forsaken city. I avoid going there at all costs. I advise everyone to do the same.

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