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“A man has gone on a rampage with an axe in a village in central Illinois, killing four women and five girls, police say. The motive for the attack in Champaign is unclear but police said the man, named Packwood, appeared to be having ‘mental problems’. They added that the man had recently been left by his wife.” Oh, wait… says that didn’t happen in central Illinois, it was actually central India. And not in Champaign, but in Chhattisgarh. And the wack-o in question is Panduram, not Packwood. No matter, the principle remains the same. No guns? No problem. Evil always seems to find a way. “All the victims were female as the village’s men were reportedly away at work during the day.” And whether it’s in Urbana or Uttar Pradesh, God made man (and woman), but Sam Colt made them equal.

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  1. Wow, I was born in Urbana, and lived in Champaign. My parents moved us to Michigan shortly after. Creepy lol

  2. The man wasn’t hurt was he? No one insulted him or uttered slurrs? He was treated with respect? Thank goodness, whats for dinner, Randy

  3. RIP.

    Was it one of those assault axes with a double-head? That would explain the number he was able to kill and injure.

  4. Here’s a chunk of an excellent essay by Larry Correia on gun control:

    Let’s take a look at what happens when a country finally succeeds in utterly stamping out its gun culture. Mumbai, 2008. Ten armed jihadi terrorists simply walked into town and started shooting people. It was a rather direct, straight forward, ham-fisted, simple terrorist attack. They killed over 150 and wounded over 300. India has incredibly strict gun laws, but once again, criminals didn’t care.

    That’s not my point this time however, I want to look at the response. These ten men shut down an entire massive city and struck fear into the hearts of millions for THREE DAYS. Depending on where this happened in America it would have been over in three minutes or three hours. The Indian police responded, but their tactics sucked. The marksmanship sucked. Their leadership sucked. Their response utterly and completely fell apart.

    In talking afterwards with some individuals from a small agency of our government who were involved in the clean-up and investigation, all of whom are well trained, well practiced, gun nuts, they told me the problem was that the Indian police had no clue what to do because they’d never been taught what to do. Their leadership hated and feared the gun so much that they stamped out the ability for any of their men to actually master the tool. When you kill your gun culture, you kill off your instructors, and those who can pass down the information necessary to do the job.

    The whole thing is available here:

    • I work for an Indian company in the US and I can attest to the comments about what happens when the gun culture is stamped out. I’ve heard stories of company outings to laser tag and the kids who grew up without playing “cowboys & Indians” or “cops & robbers” being woefully inept. I’ve accompanied immigrants to the range for their first exposure to handguns and was astounded by their reaction and the ignorance of basics that Americans take for granted.

  5. 1) Mental problems? Check

    2) Spree Kill? Check

    3) Gun? Nope

    4) “High Capacity” Magazine(S)? Nope

    Found a loophole around 3 and 4? CHECK AND CHECK!!!

    Ban guns to prevent violence? Hmmm…

    • “Mental problems”? For how long did you personally evaluate the perpetrator? What battery of tests did you administer? What was the result?

      Sorry, but your call on “mental problems” is premature, if not overdrawn. We can safely assume he was having a very bad day or a hundred, and he’s probably crazy as a cootie bug, but we don’t know.

      We all can agree that a lack of guns did not find our boy at pains to think of another way to get the job done. He did it well, as far as that goes.

      Anyone remember how many that feller in China killed with a knife the same day as Sandy Hook? Was it sixty? That figure’s rattling around, but I’m not sure how many it actually was. But he had no problem doing what he set out to do – in a gun-free tyranny.

      • I’m struggling to find an instance where murdering 9 people, half of them children, with an axe, at random, didnt have anything to do with mental illness.

  6. Considering the large number of people killed here and in other knife/club/axe attacks in Scotland and China I would be curious about how the average number of victims compares to spree murders in other places.

    • If you ever find that information, would you submit it here as an article? I’m sure we’d all find that useful.

  7. As a U of I grad, I am deeply offended. Axe murderers are far more common at other Big Ten schools, especially Purdue. Those people are crazy.

  8. Whilst you might think that it is possible to stamp out the urge for self preservation, it really is not. You see the Founding Fathers got it right. I give you their words penned so many years ago:

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

    Brewing on the subcontinent is a recognition of the right to self defense. That in fact the age old peoples of that subcontinent have been put upon by their rulers both foreign and domestic. In this modern time that voice is sounding out. It is hard to stifle the will of the Creator. While a different culture to ours, they are our brothers and sisters in the human race.


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