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“Two 15-year-old Philadelphia boys face murder charges for shooting a man while he walked his dog, firing the final round as he pleaded for his life,” reports. “The cold-hearted teens and a 14-year-old boy targeted 51-year-old James Stuhlman for a robbery after they tired of playing basketball, police Captain James Clark told reporters.” Sad but true: Stuhlman was just walking his dog in the otherwise quiet Philly neighborhood of Overbrook, where movie star Will Smith attended high school. After apprehension, the 14-year-old perp sang like a canary. The murder went down like this . . .

Murder victim James Stuhlman

Stuhlman [above] usually brought his 13-year-old daughter along on the nightly walks through the city’s Overbrook neighborhood, but on March 12 he decided to go alone — a decision that may have saved her life.

The three boys were prowling the streets for a victim, cops said.

They considered another, younger man but settled on Stuhlman, because he seemed like an easier target with his little dog.

The married father struggled briefly with the boys before Tyfine allegedly opened fire. They ran as Stuhlman crumpled.

Cops found the man still clutching the dog leash and a flashlight, NBC 10 reported. His faithful pet lay trembling next to his lifeless body.

So two teens turned amoral predators choose [what they considered to be] the easiest victim for the crime. I wonder if they would have had any second thoughts about attacking a random stranger if Philadelphia’s attempts to limit lawful gun ownershipeven in defiance of state preemption laws, hadn’t been in place, and a significant percentage of dog walkers – say 10 percent – were armed in their own defense.

Teenage murderers (courtesy

Probably not. Which makes it all the more important for Americans to arm themselves against unprovoked attack. My suburban Austin neighborhood is squeaky clean, cut-off from a main road, replete within itself. But I don’t walk my dogs without packing heat. Why would I? I only wish Mr. Stuhlman had been “that paranoid.”

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    • Holder would likely blame the victim. These boys were just about to turn their lives around…..then the white man interfered……

    • And amid all of Starbuck’s tawdry, embarrassing “race discussions” you won’t hear a single word said about why black culture produces bestial, vicious, predators like these 14 and 15 year old kids.

      • It’s not exclusive to black culture. Any kid growing up without effective parenting has the potential to turn out like this. The destructive effects of LBJ’s “great society” legislation have decimated the concept of family in the inner city.

      • We know the reasons. So are they the same reasons white culture spawns vicious youths. You can’t think that prisons only have blacks in them? Add to that an unequal share of serial killers and mass murderers?

        What do you hear from white felons? Another version of entitlement. As a chaplain I speak from experience. What’s their excuse? Slavery? Man is keeping me down? Every ill you paint poor blacks with exists for poor whites. What do they have in common?

        They are poor. They make bad choices. Poor parenting. Unwed mothers. Learning disabilities undiagnosed. Poor nutrition. Leaving school. Poor work ethic. Poor examples by adults in the community.

        If you really care let us get to work. If not, stop promoting one race as superior to another. That’s an old technique. The hard part is devising a fix for people who may not choose it. Black or White.

      • You’ll hear deafening silence, punctuated by the blather of the occasional apologist about family breakdowns and how whites break bad, too. Pish posh.

        Nobody challenges that every race is represented in prison. The issues are rate of representation and cultural factors driving it.

        The percentage white families headed by a mother alone has held steady around 19-21% for the last 25 years. Less data is available for Asian families, but the percentage has drifted downward from the mid-teens to barely double digits since 2000.

        Hispanics? Varies from 28-30% over the last 25 years.

        Blacks? Well, between the booze industry putting a liquor store on every corner in the ‘hood, the CIA dumping crack cocaine in the ghettos in the 80s, the legacy of slavery from many generations ago, and whatever else everyone has pummeled them with lately, the Great Whitey Conspiracy has fated for decades some 60% of black kids to grow up in a single parent household; overwhelmingly headed by a mother.

        The vicious black urban culture abhors legitimate achievement and glorifies death and avarice on a scale commensurate with ISIS. These are the inevitable and foreseeable results. Hashtag that, Starbucks!

    • It’s sad to say but if the “white” victim had been armed and shot one or both of these “black” young men, there would be marches and Holder would become involved.

      • Exactly. “White man scared of two black children opens fire, killing them.”
        Then people would say: “If the scared old man hadn’t been armed, he would have just ran home and no one would have died.”

        And then Spike Lee would tweet his address.

    • “It won’t happen to me” syndrome is probably a big part of it. That coupled with a healthy dose of “But I live in a GOOD neighborhood” is a dangerous combo.

        • Absolutely, in terms of crime. The Rittenhouse Square neighborhood has been relatively safe and very prosperous since…forever. The “Special Police District,” essentially an effort to prevent the further decline of the central business/residential areas running east/west succeeded in limiting crime, i.e. shootings and stabbings.

          There are many pleasant neighborhoods. The problem is that there is no way to keep predators from heading into those neighborhoods, like so many jackals.

        • It’s not too surprising who these kids chose to attack. The next “easy target” middle-aged guy walking a little dog might just be armed. I live is a similar kind of neighborhood. Not too long ago, walking late a night, I was briefly followed by a car full of vatos, gang-guys whose intentions were obvious. Fortunately, I was too close to a well lit, well traveled, intersection for them to act. Lesson learned. If you live in a city, this can happen virtually anywhere, especially if you are alone late at night. Now that I pay more attention, my upscale inner-city neighborhood gets decidedly weird late a night.

    • Shannon would say if everyone listened to her, these hooligans wouldn’t have had guns. Then the victim would only have been dead of stab wounds.

      • Or a subdural hematoma caused by repeated blows to the head, or a skull fractured on a cement curb, or…well, it doesn’t matter, they aren’t really dead unless they are shot, right?

      • “… Then the victim would only have been dead of stab wounds….”

        Thanks, just spit my coffee on my keyboard with that one.

      • “Lack of bullet holes during a homicide indicates you were murdered in a more civilized society.” ~ MDA, CSGV, Everytown, etc


    • Pa. Gov. Tom Wolf has ( suspended ) the death penalty , pending further study.Yes, Really.
      His pick for State Police head , Marcus Brown from Md. is grabber / banner against self defense. Call the Pennsylvania Senate @ 717-787-7305 and support Senators calling for Browns removal from consideration. The punks should FRY.

  1. How in the world did these kids get a gun? After all, this is a gun free zone, right ? And there are also laws against underage people buying guns. Wow, it appears that all these laws did not help this law abiding citizen at all. All they did was make sure that he was unarmed so these thugs could try to rob him and then kill him. One more example of how the laws only affect the good guys. In this case, they ended up killing a good guy, it appears. When will our lawmakers figure this out ? Very sad that his family will now be without him because he chose to obey the ridiculous gun free zone law. I think the city should be sued for leaving him defenseless. And what if it had gone the other way? If he had been packing and shot them instead? He would likely be thrown in jail and charged with illegal possession of a firearm. Then riots, I suppose, because one or more of these “innocent” kids might have ended up dead. Hope this opens some eyes in this city but somehow I doubt that it will.

      • Absolutely right.

        If the victim, Stuhlman, had been “bearing arms” either lawfully, or outside CCW requirements for self preservation, and shot one or both of these two predators, the media would have instantly projected that because white Stuhlman had a gun he must have reacted out of racial fear and the poor youths never had a chance to live out their otherwise innocent lives.

        Just look at the two little teens…and imagine the innocent baby photos the grieving families would have come up with for public dissemination by the headline grabbing MSM once the race baiter opportunists got involved.

        Anything to sell copy and give the race baiters more notoriety. A marriage blessed by the devil himself.

        • Absolutely. This would’ve been plastered over every news agency in the country.
          You can hear the editors going “whew!” when they saw the white guy died, that means they don’t have to run it more than once.

  2. They need to be thrown off a very high and extremely steep cliff so they can feel pain before they hit bottom. If they survive, repeat.

  3. “This is a senseless tragedy. However, we applaud the victim’s moral superiority in choosing to die rather than succumb to America’s gun culture.”

    Go ahead, Bloomberg et al. Tell his 13-year-old daughter. I’m sure she and her mom will agree.

    • I would be worried that they might hurt my dog, no matter how big he is. If you shoot to protect your dog, that’s considered illegal use of lethal force … or so I was told in my CCW class.

        • So I’m out walking my German Shepherd and someone starts beating her with a baseball bat. I’m supposed to assume this fellow means me no harm? Most *reasonable people* would make no such assumption.

          I’ll continue to carry, thank you, your expertise notwithstanding.

        • Well, somebody might be shooting at your dog from 300 yards away. Yanking out your .308 and blowing the assailant into the weeds would not be prudent, unless you are close enough to your dog as to be unsure who is the target.

          Baseball bat concept? Get between the bat and your dog. If the bat comes up again, it’s game on.

        • Larry is correct. Dogs are property. That’s why a dog’s owner is 100% liable in a dog attack.

      • Fortunately, it is not so considered in Texas, at least not necessarily. I might also point out that you almost certainly have the right to attempt to intervene in a non-lethal fashion (if you live somewhere where you do not, then I can only say I’m sorry for you), and if that attempt to intervene draws a threatening response–well, then you have been threatened, act accordingly.

      • What a useless blanket statement. Local laws vary. Whatever your instructor taught you might not apply everywhere.

      • Intentionally beating a dog to death is a violent felony in my state, and shooting the perp in the process of committing that felony is a good shoot.

        And what is more, didn’t you hear the SOB say to you “and you’re next!”?

    • In addition to CC gun in one pocket, spray can of Mace or pepper spray with safety off in the other. If gun free zone, I will stow the gun, but spray stays. Laws on mace/pepper spray varies. Where I live, you can even open carry Mace/Pepper spray can on a belt, and often do that if walking a hiking trail, pretty much advertizes ‘not an easy target”
      I’m amazed at how many gun & non gun owners do not have non-lethal items on them.

      • I don’t carry both on me, but I do keep a Pepper Blaster in my car, and swap it with the handgun when I have to go somewhere I can’t take the latter.

  4. I’m thinking … if it had been me, and I was legally ‘packing heat’ and used it to shoot in self-defense, either wounding or killing the attackers, my family would still lose me. I wouldn’t be dead, but I’d be locked-up for a long time before I was totally vindicated of wrong-doing (which possibly might not happen) because that’s the atmosphere created by the anti’s.

    • We’ll see, as there was a DGU in Philly just reported where a concealed carrier perforated a POS that opened fire in a barbershop. The cops say they guess he saved some lives.

    • Even if you are right about that outcome, ask your family if they would rather visit you in prison or go see your headstone. I bet I know which I would choose.

    • Preparing to be judged by 12 as a consequence of a defensive shooting should be an accepted part of being a gun carrying law abiding citizen. Prepare your family for the rocky road, do some homework beforehand on a good lawyer, keep your mouth shut and have the courage to let the process work. Being cuffed/stuffed and possibly even charged after a defensive shoot is a hell of a lot better than being dead.

        • I dunno, calling out Holder and Obama for their own race-baiting (using the power and exposure of their respective offices to paint doper thug Trayvon as the innocent victim of an obviously racially-motivated murderer) is not necessarily itself race-baiting.

        • @Another –

          You honestly think that “Just a couple of innocent little Trayvons” is constructive and not at all incediary?

          Don’t get me wrong, I’m not holding a pro-Trayvon sign over here, but I think we need to police our own when we are in danger of looking like the uneducated, racist morons the antis try to paint us as.

        • Uhh…. no. Obama looks like a tunnel visioned bipartisan mouthpiece with most of the stuff he says. I do not want to look like that. I choose to use my brain and not say things that are just empty slogans or created specifically to rabble rouse.


      • So what’s your solution Einstein? Round up all the darkies and put them in jail at a young age? As a preemptive measure?

        • Well, stop giving them excuses for their own individual decision to rob and murder for one.

        • Again, one step toward a solution might be for the top law enforcement officers of the nation to restrain themselves from stirring the racial pot in order to score some political points. You have a problem with that?

        • Well God, it seems to me that all of this is your doing. Why don’t you own up to your own creation and come down here and fix this stuff. Oh, you gave us free will and our actions caused all this? Then STFU and walk away. You knew this would happen and did not do anything to stop it. No one respects an absentee parent.

        • Bloomberg says we should take away their guns! And surely you don’t think HE could be racist!?

  5. That guy coulda been me. I’m 59, I walk my wife’s Chihuahua just about every night when I get home from work (which is usually late in the evening). Except I have a handgun in my pocket when I do, and the flashlight in my hand is a 4-cell Maglite.

    • Let me also note, the little beasts consciously chose the “easier target”–even tho they were armed. They were looking to beat someone down–and I fully expect the mere display of any firearm of any caliber would have sent them scurrying away.

      • “… I fully expect the mere display of any firearm of any caliber would have sent them scurrying away.”

        Unfortunately, all that would have done is sent them scurrying away to attack and kill some other innocent person at some other time and place — like his 13 year old daughter who would have been a rape target as well.

        • Possibly–but possibly it would have sent them scurrying away to consider how close they came to being perforated and just calling it a day. At any rate, I don’t think I would be firing at any thuglings who were running away from me, certainly not in Philly.

        • Robert, 14 year olds don’t have that kind of sense of their own mortality. (I used to be one, I know.) They’ll rationalize that since they didn’t die, they’re OK for another go.

        • Well, again, I dunno, Sian. I was 14 once too, I recall having a couple of real man-I-coulda-been-killed moments involving horses and trees. Didn’t stop me forever from riding horses or climbing trees, but they sure cooled me down at the moment. Anyway, like I said, if I produced a gun and the thuglings immediately took to their heels, I don’t believe I would go chasing and/or firing after them, not in Philly.

    • That MagLite is a decent defensive weapon in and of itself. The light will at least disrupt an attacker’s vision — and possibly even cause temporary blindness — not to mention the melee possibilities. Plus it makes a pretty great weapon for “running interference” for the two to three seconds it takes to draw from concealment and put rounds on target.

      • Exactly. I had a 6-cell, but I let my son use and he managed to lose it. It was a bit unwieldy, tho, the 4-cell is plenty heavy and a lot handier.

        • Not to bag on your son, but how do you lose a 6 cell MagLite? That’s like a flashlight that doubles as a walking stick.

          “Oops, musta slipped out of my pocket, sorry Dad!”

        • I dunno, I really don’t. I let him borrow it so he could look under the hood of his truck, which was sitting in my driveway, and it never made it back into the house. I thought he must have put it in his own truck before he left, asked him about it the next time he visited, we searched his truck and mine to no avail. Maybe he left it under the hood and drove off, and it dropped out somewhere along the way.

        • You guys be nice. My nephew borrowed a 30 foot ladder, which he “lost”. A 2 foot Maglite would not be a challenge.

  6. Now you know why they want too disarm the white guys makes it easier too be attacked
    plus no blow back, kill the honkey!

  7. Bring back public hangings and string all three up in the middle of a town square. And do this for any violent murdering teenage punk, black, white, green, purple, whatever. Liberals have made it impossible to discipline kids so maybe stringing up those who murder in the middle of a public square will finally resonate some sense of fear into these little hellions, because morality sure as hell doesn’t exist in this society anymore.

    • Speedy and public hanging in the neighborhood where the perpetrators live, not where the crime was committed unless it was in the home territory.

    • People are always crying about how the death penalty has no effect anymore, and they’re right. Because its done in some back room somewhere and isn’t talked about. If it was done as it was originally intended, to send a message, then it would work just fine. Worked out for George Washington himself hanging criminal members of the continental army, he didn’t want to, but he had to, to enforce discipline within the ranks. Hanging people in public sends a real clear message. Act like an a-hole at your peril.

  8. And Yet – if he had been armed and shot one of his attackers, it would have been a Trayvon Martin all over again.

    NEWS REPORT: Man guns down helpless 14 year old teen in cold blood with concealed carry license. Stand your ground laws and guns in the spot light.

    Are we going to focus on the fact that we have teenage murderers with zero morals instilled in their life by their parents and role models?? Alas no. We need more gun control and who came up with that stand your ground law??

    • Hey man, I’m sure those kids had it tough growing up, so we should feel bad for them, not the privileged white guy. It’s not their fault they turned to crime to support themselves, they just had to do it to survive, you see. And it was the white man who put the guns in the black neighborhoods, so we should blame the racist NRA for this tragedy. So you see, these poor little children had no control over what happened, they were the real victims here. At least this is the sort of “reasoning” I expect to hear from Obama, Holder, the race hustlers, leftist media, etc.

      Oh, wait, I forgot. Nobody cares about black on white crime. Because nobody wants to talk about the real reasons behind their actions or their upbringing. Because as soon as you do, you’re either a racist or an Uncle Tom. And yes, even if the guy shot them in self-defense, the media and opportunist politicians/prosecutors would be all over this guy.

    • Addressing drifting moral compass and degrading culture is hard. Making a law is easy(er). Hence, “MOAR GUN CONTROL!”

    • These racial comments on this article are disgusting. There is no equivalence between this and the TM case. These kids were armed and actively mugging him. I’ve no doubt if this had been a DGU it would have received bad press but he’d have been exonerated, just like all the other high profile cases. Obama’s “my son” comment indicated that TM was in a situation he could easily see his hypothetical son having been in. You’re either imbeciles or race baiting. Either way, you’re trash.

      • How is this situation fundamentally different from the Trayvon Martin incident? This was no “mugging”. They stole nothing from him but his life. They purposed to assault him, just as Trayvon Martin purposed to assault George Zimmerman. The only difference is that in this case, the attackers were armed and the victim died, whereas Trayvon Martin attacked an armed victim, and the attacker died.

        But don’t let facts get in the way of your rant.

      • Obama’s “my son” comment indicated that TM was in a situation he could easily see his hypothetical son having been in.

        Exactly. His “son” attacking someone else.

  9. Why isn’t this all over the news, oh yeah because it was a black kid shooting an OFWG, meanwhile “black lives matter” and “hands up, don’t shoot” and #racetogether!!!

  10. Is it just me or have these incidents increased sine 2008? If you attempt to defend yourself against these scum you are automatically a racist with the DOJ ruining your life.

    Is it the Grand Theft video games or the entitlement mentality? Where are parental responsibility these days. Philadelphia the city that does not believe in the constitutional rights. All of the founding fathers have been spinning in the grave for years, time for them to rise up.
    Also time for the citizens of. Philly to demand they have the same right to carry as the rest of the state.

    • Liberals have made discipline illegal and these punks will only get like 3 years tops for murder. It’s time to start stringing people up again in the town square.

      • Absolutely. They will not be charged as adults, will be released in 3 years max, and no one will ever even ask where the ()*% they got that gun, much less prosecute them for possessing it.

        • Shooter is being charged as an adult with murder. So is the other older kid. The young one is being charged with robbery and probably as a minor.

        • Danny, you’re gonna have to show me the sentence, and then show me they’re still in jail five (5) years from now. Otherwise, I’m not going to believe it.

    • There was a time when black culture didn’t produce people like this in any greater numbers than white culture. Since the 1960’s the black population in the US has seen its critical social institutions destroyed by government intervention. The decision to go kill someone isn’t “caused” by watching video games. The cause of black violence comes from a dysfunctional black culture which was intentionally destroyed by the efforts of government. .

      • To clarify: It is a dysfunctional black under-class, a creature of decades of government intervention, that produces a disproportionate amount of violent behavior. The cultural gulf between upwardly mobile, educated, blacks and the black underclass is as great as it is for whites.

      • I agree. I attended public schools when they were integrated for the first time, circa 7th and 8th grade, and the incoming black students were close to exactly like me, other than being scared to death. Being a biker, I occasionally partied with some very tan gentlemen (most bikers in VA were black at the time), sometimes including boys and girls close to my age, and all of us got along fine, nobody wished to kill anyone. Something has definitely changed, and my money is with you, government interference by doing literally everything wrong. We encouraged joblessness, illegitimate children, dropping out of school, and discouraged anything whatsoever which included an iota of responsibility. Now we are reaping what we sowed.

  11. “Stuhlman was just walking his dog in the otherwise quiet Philly suburb of Overbrook, where movie star Will Smith attended the local high school.”

    Overbrook is not a suburb, but a neighborhood within the City of Philadelphia. Seventy-five years ago it was a very nice neighborhood…. Will Smith did not grow up in Overbrook, but in the adjacent neighborhood of Wynnefield, though he did go to Overbrook High.

    I live about four miles from where this crime took place. It is on my direct route when I drive to the Univ. of Pennsylvania or the city courts, so I do not take the direct route.

    Philadelphia cops long made it a risky hassle for people with an LCF (CCW) to carry in the city, though that problem seems to be improving. A few politicians in the city have openly stated that they think carry permits are rascist, because so many of their residents cannot qualify for one. Bizarre.

    My township is beautiful and safe, but in PA only Philadelphia and Pittsburgh have larger police forces, and many residents who will not admit to it do own guns here. Shooting at burglars seems statistically the best way to reduce the burglary rate, and to drive burglars back to their own neighborhoods miles away. While correlation does not prove causation, it often provides a hint. Who knew that burglars and muggers don’t like to be shot?

    • “A few politicians in the city have openly stated that they think carry permits are rascist, because so many of their residents cannot qualify for one. Bizarre.”

      And when they say these things, they justify black resentment and give tacit permission to thugs who attack middle-class Stuhlman. After all they can easily see that just by being white and in that place, he deserved it..

    • Burglars? From what you describe, that is what .22s were invented for. Shoot’em in an arm or leg, then let ’em go. They’re not likely to tell the truth about that bullet hole.

  12. If he had shot the kids, he would have been crucified by the media and the race baiters for shooting these babies.

  13. Of course, you won’t ever hear the race pimping minstrels, Al Charlatan and Messy Jackson et. al., condemning this violence.

    Oh no, they would likely otherwise condone and encourage it.

    • There is no money to be made, extorted, shaken down, etc etc from this so of course the race pimps will be silent. Plus it’s just some white dood so, y’know he had it coming. Right? /s

  14. Robert-

    “The killing went down like this . . .”

    Not to parse words, but words have meanings; there is a significant difference between the (base) definitions of KILL and MURDER.

    Perhaps this was stated with the intent of presumption of innocence?

    To me, the use of “killing” in the statement very much cheapens the victim’s life and feigns to absolve the youths of their responsibilities and accountabilities for their actions.

  15. Thug culture again – seriously. How much did these little wanna be thugs think they would get from this robbery? I don’t even usually carry my wallet when I go out and walk like that let alone stuff it full of cash. What does it say of a culture, of their upbringing that they though so little of commiting an armed felony for so little gain? I mean seriously, at the most they might get $50 or something? Risk vs. reward does not even calculate anymore. But kill one of them in a defensive gun shoot and it’s black lives matter, hands up don’t shoot all over again. My prediction, not one member of the community will come out and condem these kids or try to counter the thug culture that invades their thinking. In fact, we’ll get the opposite, pleas for leniency due to their age.

    • Oh, this wasn’t about money. If they wanted money, they could have walked this nice gentleman over to an atm, and “asked” for his PIN. No, this was because basketball wasn’t as fun as murder. They did this because it was amusing, or at least, whoever was the leader of the three, I’m guessing the oldest, had a deep-seated, psychological NEED, to kill somebody. This isn’t thug culture. This is the behavior of feral beasts, and psychotic sapients.

  16. So an unarmed white man shot dead by two armed black teens. Where are the protests, the riots, All Sharp to????

  17. The odious truth is that if Mr. Stuhlman had been armed and had been able to defend his life when attacked by this pack of racist thug predators, if one or more of attackers died or were seriously wounded, the victim would have immediately been treated as the culprit, the race hustlers would have descended on Philly for the press conferences and protest marches, and the new media would have portrayed the racist thug predators as little boys attacked by an evil white man with a gun in a hate crime.

    • And, if you look at those pictures, the kid on the left appears to be a simpleton, as well, unless he is on some pretty serious drugs. Either way, he is clearly innocent because of his hue.

  18. Here is a follow-up article from the Philly newspaper:

    The victim was walking a labradoodle, maybe not a pit but certainly not small, which does not square with the first article about a “little dog”. And young Master Tyfine already had a record at age 14, according to the police, although they did not say for what crime. Another article quoted the little monster’s father as saying that he was an habitual truant, and another relative said that he had been “off his medications.” (Another young psychopath known to the mental health authorities like Adam Lanza.) Police also said that the group of miscreants, all in hoodies, acted like they had already done strong-arm robberies.

    Enough said. My dog is part pit and quite unfriendly to strangers, but no match for 3 hoodlums. This article makes me question carrying the pocket .380 with only 6 — time to reconsider and carry the home protection piece with 17 147 grain hollow points.

    • Paul, I know a guy (online) who used to carry a .357 magnum religiously. One night he had his own self-defense encounter with several men. Fortunately for him it turned out okay, but that night caused him to rethink his “six shots is enough” strategy and he traded in his carry revolver for a high-capacity semiautomatic and two spare magazines. He was so shaken up about the “what-if” possibilities that he determined to never be in that same position again.

      I wrote about it here:

      I don’t understand people who carry a tiny .380, especially as a primary. Might it be enough? Yes, but do you want to risk your life on it?

      • It’s the same issue as why I will not be buying a Glock 42 or 43. A .380 LCP/TCP/or similar weighs nothing and disappears into a pocket (in a pocket holster.) 6 XTP hollow points as recommended in the ballistic reviews on this site and a spare mag with 6 in the other pocket. Sometimes 6+1 if I feel the need. At the distance we are discussing in this attack, I am quite confident that the XTP’s would have all been in the hearts or heads of the punks. Any larger and heavier and it goes up to double stack with as many rounds as possible, and I will need an IWB or OWB holster, with the attendant printing and cover garment issues. It s a sad statement of the times that the 6-shooter, which was good enough for personal protection for well over 100 years, may not be enough today.

      • >> I don’t understand people who carry a tiny .380, especially as a primary. Might it be enough? Yes, but do you want to risk your life on it?

        Two mags might still not be enough, so you should carry three. Or maybe four. And actually there might be a scenario where you’ll have to shoot through doors, so scratch that and make it a 5.56 SBR. I mean, do you want to risk your life on it?

        There are many bad things that can happen to you in life, and they all have probabilities attached to them. Being assaulted on the street is one such. Being assaulted by so many people that you’ll need more than N rounds to deal with them is another. The latter gets progressively lower for higher values of N. Everyone has to draw the line somewhere, and given that carrying a smaller gun / fewer rounds has its advantages (mainly convenience; I can easily pocket carry a 340PD, not so much for a subcompact 9mm), it’s always a trade-off. So people make their choices accordingly.

        • Being assaulted on the street is one such. Being assaulted by so many people that you’ll need more than N rounds to deal with them is another.

          Having a mag failure is a possibility. Being assaulted by two or three people is a real possibility. Seriously, how much extra effort does it take to wear a magazine pouch on your belt? But you’re right, everyone draws the line someplace. Some people don’t even bother to carry a BUG. It’s up to you.

        • I don’t even wear a gun on my belt (I pocket carry). Yes, it’s actually a fair bit of effort, especially if I want to stay it concealed. It limits the choice of clothing, among other things.

          And I solved the mag failure problems (and FTF/FTE, and a bunch of other stuff) by carrying a revolver 🙂

          Being assaulted by two or three people doesn’t necessarily require more than six rounds, either. As I recall from crime stats, over 90% of all DGUs don’t actually involve any shots fired at all (i.e. just unholstering the gun makes the attackers flee). Similarly in multiple attacker case, shooting one usually makes the others flee. It’s the rational thing for them to do, in fact, because they can’t be legally shot in self-defense when they’re fleeing.

          Obviously, it doesn’t always happen that way. Sometimes the attackers are dumb. Sometimes they’re drunk or high on something that makes them irrationally aggressive. Sometimes they’re just sociopaths. So obviously there’s some non-zero chance of getting in a situation where 6 rounds won’t cut it. But I deemed it low enough that the disadvantages of arrangements necessary to handle it (among other things, revolver won’t cut it then – there’s no way in hell it can be reloaded fast enough in a real DGU even from a speedloader) outweigh the advantages.

    • ” . . .time to reconsider and carry the home protection piece with 17 147 grain hollow points. . .”


  19. For me as a libertarian this brings to mind a conundrum in my mind. It appears that there are way too many people, who are incapable of raising children properly, creating and neglecting children. I don’t like to tell other people what they can and can’t do but is seems to me that some people should be dissuaded from having children. How to accomplish that effectively and ethically is the question for me. Sorry to go off topic.

    • Legalize abortion? Not to sound like a ghoul, but the national crime rate started dropping about 18 years after Roe v Wade.

    • It is not a hard question to answer. My money, my rules. You are free to have as many (illegitimate) children as you want. Until you want me to pay for them. The moment you apply for AFDC, Food Stamps, welfare of any type, including Medicaid for the little animals, in a rational country you would be required to abide by my rules. These begin with mandatory birth control, drug testing, and attendance at GED or job training classes with passing grades of C or better. Failure at any of the above ends the benefit for two years. If the benefit is reinstated two years later, you remain penalized for the excess child(ren) you bred during the period. And you are absolutely free to turn down the conditions voluntarily — just don’t apply for the benefit in the first place. How to end “welfare as we know it.”

      • Finally a plan.

        You all know that this will affect far more whites than blacks?

        If that’s okay let’s get it to our Congressmen.

        • Beg to differ. How to end welfare as we know it: before you draw your first check from ANY welfare program, you will be given the free government benefit of a sterilization, as in, the permanent variety. More than half of the poor babies will change their minds, find they can support themselves without handouts. And people will instantly cease planning babies to milk the system.

          If that is not effective, then begin the attempts to control other people’s lives described above. I think that will be unnecessary.

        • White, black, anything else, equally good. The package of sponges at the dollar store comes with all colors represented. I was in a nice mood today. If I had been in a less nice mood, I would have suggested LarryinTX plan. Tomorrow I send my tax info in to the accountant, so soon I will probably be in a less nice mood.

        • There’s no reason parasites should be able to dictate the terms of the charity that keeps them alive. Plus, it’s social suicide to incentivize reproduction by society’s failures.

    • >> I don’t like to tell other people what they can and can’t do

      You forget that there’s more than two sides here: the other people don’t just include the parents, but also the child in question. A child is not a property – they cannot do with one as they see fit. Someone has to protect the interests of the kid when they conflict with the desires of the parents. I would dare say that the right to not grow up a sociopath is pretty fundamental.

  20. Wtf kind of parenting results in kids who “got bored with basketball” to jump all the way to murder as next on their hobbies list?! This is sickening.

    • I suspect that if one looks into these kid’s parents and parenting one would find one kind of parenting that results in monsters. To me it appears that most monsters are a product of environment more than birth defect.

  21. Despicable act of violence that should never have happened. Thats why a sidearm is with me at all times. Even the children that everyone is so panic-stricken to protect could be a potential threat. That’s a sad commentary about the truth of society. There was no chance for police to intervene to save him. There was no officer in his pocket to jump out and stop the teens. Carry daily.

  22. White guy gets killed by black kids: nothing to see here…move along. No starbucks discussion no DOJ (40 FBI agents) investigation.

    • To be fair, what would any of that prove? We already know the source and the intensity of these boys’ racial intolerance (Obama/Holder et al, and “violent”), their level of community involvement, their overall intelligence, how many parents are at home, where they will be in 10, 20, 40, 50 years and who will be paying their bills, and who they will blame for their current predicament (anyone but themselves). Why have an investigation, if there is no chance of blaming the white guy?

  23. I’m sure if there was a Mcd’s in the neighborhood paying the new higher minimum wage, these young scholars probably would have been racking in so much cash from making french fries at McD’s they wouldn’t have any desire to be out robbing people. right?

  24. The enemy should be clearly identified. We have three psychopaths who are beyond redemption. They should be put on trial and if convicted sent to the death chamber. If not the death penalty than a maximum security psych facility where they will spend the rest of their days being fed copious amounts of drugs until they are slobbering, brain dead zombies.

  25. “Both teens were known to officers from previous crimes. A third teen, a 14-year-old, was charged with robbery, but was only a witness to the murder, police said.”

    And now there is a daughter without a father, no doubt the same situation these “at risk youth” face which allows them out doing whatever they please at all hours of the night.

    The fathers of these 3 three young men should be held accountable, if not for their crimes, at least for the boys wasting lives and tax dollars “for kicks”. The boys themselves have convicted the murderer through their own testimony, so “Tyfine” needs to get dead, and not 20 years from now. He’ll be dead from gang activity before then if we don’t rein that in now. The other 2 need to be slaves of the state until they work for the nation voluntarily, no race reference intended.

  26. There is just no winning the race argument.

    Black kids shoot innocent man and it’s backpage news. Black kids get released at 18 years old to continue stealing, raping, and killing.

    White man shoots black kids and he will never get another job. There will be protests in the street, a hugely expensive legal battle and threats on the mans life and his family’s lives.

    WTF was that about ‘Race Together’ Stabucks? Why aren’t you passing out handwritten cups in the Inner City instead of your key demographic at your Urban white-collar drive thrus?

    Effin ridiculous.

  27. Stories like this make me ashamed to be part of the human race. I just don’t understand what could have possibly happened in these kids short life that lead them to this. And I can say that I would feel even worse at seeing the three of them lying dead at my feet after protecting myself. And probably even worse when I was accused of being a racist killer because I’m white. WTF is happening in this world?

  28. I’m sure they were wholesome “good” boys…

    Of course the anti’s will find a way to spin this around and push for more gun laws because how else would these “innocent” boys get a hold of a gun if it wasn’t for the lack of gun laws

    • Young thugs stole the gun , or bought it on the street stolen. FRY THEM. Then pass Constitutional Carry bill # 230 by Rick Saccone Pa. Rep. – Put thugs on notice.( Re- electable politicians too )

  29. Do adult crime-get adult time. Or execution. Hey my neighborhood is OK in the daytime but I damn well don’t walk around at night.

  30. I’m semi-confused, and not due to the fine Cedar Creek Brewery Dankosaurus IPA I’m half way into. In this article, Philly is essentially antigun, but in Nick’s article directly above it, a CCW/CHL holder bravely stopped a shooting. So is Philly antigun or…?

    • My impression is, this article is the rule, Nick’s is the exception. Also worth noting that Pa is a fairly gun-friendly state, Philly wants to be different.

  31. According to Justice Kennedy this represents “the evolving standards of decency that mark the progress of a maturing society.”

  32. How did they show pictures of the perps being they are under age???? Not allowed here in Alabama. Why? who knows? But don’t worry too much about these underpriviladged youths soon they will be rehabilitated and put back on the straight and narrow never to harm another human being………..oh that was a dream.

  33. I pray for this poor man and for the family who suffers his loss. However I’m sure that this outrage won’t get ANY attention from the media or the condemnation of Sharpton, Jackson , Holder or the the President . Talk about double standards! All the more reason all people in our country should have the right to carry the gun of their choice because this is a clear example of what happens when only criminals have guns! BTW Tyfine is amongst the most stupid names ever, Dumbass would have been more appropriate !

  34. From accounts Stulhman appears to have been a nice guy, someone we would have probably met and enjoyed talking to on the street. Hell, he could have been one of us. While for his sake and that of his family I wish he’d been able to defend himself, like everyone else here I know what would have followed had he shot and/or killed these three kids. Had Stulhman killed one of more of his assailants, after the politization of the Trayvon Martin case and Ferguson, the police and prosecutors would almost certainly tried to charge him with a crime. They would have done this even though they knew full well he was an innocent man defending himself against robbery. They would have impoverished him and ruined his life for purely political reasons. At the very least he would have been subjected to a lengthy, highly expensive, legal process, during which the “community” would have behaved pretty much the same way they did toward George Zimmerman. We should remember that, regardless of very convincing evidence of self defense, the “community” still wanted (and still want’s) George Zimmerman’s blood. My disgust and anger over this man’s tragic death compete with each other. I fear that this is what we’ve come to.

  35. If a black kid tries to rob you. Shot him or her if you have gun. Period. Your life is not worth as much to big city progressive socialist politicians. It does not matter if you are a white or black victim. Or any color. You shot the bad guy. The leaders of these big cities are as racist as any city leader in the old south. As a black gun owner I see any black politician working to disarm me as a race traitor. They are just as evil as the white disarmament crowd. Gun control in America has always been about race control. I’m glad the NRA has fought for the gun rights of black people living in public housing projects in Richmond VA in the early 1990 s and most recently in Rhode Island.
    And for the record George Zimmerman and officer Wilson did the right thing shooting the bad guys.

  36. Just looked at this little turd’s picture again. I betcha that gun was loaded when he got it, and had no safety, probably a Glock derivative. Just looking at his mug shot, he appears too stupid to even aim.

  37. Used to live in Philly. Had a CCW which was easy to get. This guy’s big mistake was indeed not carrying. Unfortunately, Philly is a terribly violent place.

  38. I had it tough growing up myself. I’m white. My childhood was so bad it could be a movie script. Sometimes I think about perhaps becoming rich from writing my story and selling the film rights but I’m too embarrassed about the experience and have since dedicated my life to forgetting it.

    I respect other people, I work hard, and I follow the rules. Through sheer will I have not succumbed to my upbringing.

    These youths have no excuse. None.

  39. “They considered another, younger man but settled on Stuhlman, because he seemed like an easier target with his little dog”

    Nuff said. Don’t buy an overgrown rat, guys. Dogs are utility animals first, companions second.


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