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Some readers claim “It Should Have Been a Defensive Gun Use” is morally equivalent to anti-gunners’ agitprop. The reverse of “waving the bloody shirt” (i.e., using firearms-related suicide and homicide to promote gun control). I don’t think so. Exploiting a horrific attack to try to deny peaceable Americans their Constitutionally protected right to armed self-defense is profoundly amoral. Highlighting an incident where innocent life might have been protected by force of arms reinforces the life-and-death importance of their natural or God-given right to self-defense. Which brings us to this particular affront to human dignity [via] . . .

A group of men raped two women in separate but similar encounters in Detroit’s west side as their male companions were stripped of their clothing and personal belongings, before being forced to watch, local reports said.

One of the latest assaults involved six men who cornered a 21-year-old woman and 22-year-old man late Thursday and ordered them into a secluded alley by gunpoint.

The pair had been walking together when they encountered the suspects at about 10 p.m. in the 13000 block of West McNichols Road, according to authorities.

“The male victim was forced to watch the female victim get sexually assaulted. Their clothing was taken,” Detroit Police Deputy Chief Charles Fitzgerald told the Detroit News on Friday. The suspects fled on foot leaving the victims partially naked.

This is the third reported – note reported – incident of this type in the Motor City:

The second assault occurred at about 1 a.m. Friday, and was perpetrated by four men along McNichols Road with one suspect believed to be connected to the first rape. The victims were a 19-year-old woman and 21-year-old man.

Police sketchings of three suspects have been released by Detroit investigators.

Both sexual assaults are believed to be similar to a prior encounter on July 11 that left a woman raped and a man robbed.

I don’t know about you, but if I had a firearm in this situation I would use it. If I didn’t have a gun, I’d spend the rest of my life wishing I did.

Anyone who argues that it’s a good thing that the couples attacked by these brutal thugs weren’t armed – that the solution to this kind of crime is to “make it harder for bad people to get guns” or that “the bad guys would only use the victim’s gun against them”- is delusional. And lacks normal human empathy.

I repeat: there is no moral equivalence between agitating for gun control and working to defend and extend Americans’ gun rights. None whatsoever. This should have been a defensive gun use. Period.

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  1. And meanwhile at CNN, presented like a news article, is everyone’s favorite stay at home cookie baking millionaire mom, Shannon Watts, waving her bloody “loophole” shirt over the Chattanooga shooting.

    I agree. Apples and oranges. One points out how the responsible exercise of a right to armed self defense may have made a difference. And the other exploits a tragedy to further an agenda that would have had no effect on the tragedy.

    • The Detroit crime rate is dropping. Partially due to the police chief telling people to buy and carry their own guns.

    • There’s a fine line between arson and altruism. In Detroit, the line got stolen and set on fire a long time ago.

      If you are west of Telegraph and south of 8 Mile, and cannot see at least two cops, you are probably in a stupid place.

      • West of Telegraph? You mean the ghettos of Livonia, Dearborn Heights, and Garden City?

      • Let’s see … 6 rapists, 12 testicles, 10 shots … nope. Placement isn’t enough … unless you can somehow manage to line up two of the rapists and take out multiple testicles with one shot.

      • Except that in most instances it is illegal to shoot at a fleeing felon (or rapist) and it is highly likely that after the first shot your only available targets would be assholes and elbows – the backsides of the fleeing perps.

        • Whether or not they would flee is irrelevant. I want enough lead candy to hand out for EVERYONE can get at least 2nds, and perhaps 3rds should they decide to stick around. Will I need to use that many, smart money says no, but if you need ’em and don’t have ’em, you sing a very different tune.

  2. I am really surprised that there hasn’t been a vigilante group formed to deep six these guys.

    • Chances are that in the community where this occured, this sort of crime is not particularly deviant to the locals as it is to people outside of it.

    • ILP,
      I’m with you! These guys need to be put down permanently! I’d like to see them rounded up. tied up, and then give the female victims some knives to go to work on them. Any of them still alive should be shot by the girls boyfriends, or husbands.

  3. It is disturbing that this kind of scum walks the same streets as us. I wouldn’t loose a wink of sleep if I knew these scum bags were room temperature but if they have to share a cell with 350lb Bubba for the rest of their life I will content with that. But lets be honest even if they are caught they will only do a few years with good behavior.

    • A few years with “Bubba” would probably take care of these guys quite nicely.
      Bend over and touch your toes, and I’ll show you where the wild goose goes!

  4. Here come all the keyboard commandos to proclaim they would have come to the rescue. Right.

    Two articles ago, most of them were applying personal rules of engagement that justified their inaction, and just happened also to burnish their P.C. bona fides when the victim was a confederate flag bearer, while allowing a handful of thugs bash a lone man.

    • There’s a significant difference between a guy getting beat up with police inbound and a woman getting gang-raped.

    • and here comes jonny cakes, espousing his superiority from the safety of his echo chamber. are you at the grocery store on your shmatfone?

    • I suspect that a man and a woman somewhere are collaborating at this very moment to do exactly what Bronson did in the Deathwish movie franchise.

  5. Amen!!!!!! I don’t care what the cowardly democrats have to say, they would’ve got some 10mm rounds put in they’re ass if I had anything to say about it!!!!!! Times are to hard to have some spineless little shits take a woman’s dignity let alone a man’s hard earned money……..

    • Not to mention the man’s dignity, force to watch helplessly. On the other hand, ANY of those guys (victims) who do not tool up and train up immediately and carry their weapons deserve whatever else shit life decides to throw at them, as do any women who choose to accompany them.

      • Saying that they deserve to be raped because they didn’t have a gun is as stupid as saying they should get raped for dressing too provocatively.

  6. Who ever did that sketch of the suspect is RACIST! Everyone knows you can’t sketch suspects that are black anymore. During the news you just call them suspects, perpetrators, criminals, etc. leaving out descriptor words. Thats how we know they are black in the new politically correct america. It’s actually kinda funny. Next time you are watching the news (Fox not included) watch how they give typically omit any sketch, description of color, etc when it’s a black suspect versus the treasure trove of sketches, race, etc when they are anything but black.

  7. Some readers claim “It Should Have Been a Defensive Gun Use” is morally equivalent to anti-gunners’ agitprop. The reverse of “waving the bloody shirt” (i.e., using firearms-related suicide and homicide to promote gun control).

    This is easy. Those readers are wrong. I don’t recall reading such a post here that contained only appeals to emotion.

    Never mind that the end goal for each tactic has an impact in its morality.

    There is a distinct difference in pointing out situating where someone should have been allowed a fighting chance and holding an incident up in such a way as to try and get listeners to shut off their rational thought. There is no comparison in my eyes.

  8. It’s a government produced reparations program meant to pit groups against each other to produce the conditions necessary to justify martial law.

  9. There’s no reasonable way that a typical man and woman could fend off an attack from six men, even if the magic pixies from the gun-control utopia had disarmed the six criminals. The best possible way to stop that sort of thing, short of unreasonable solutions like a personal police escort for every American, would be for the couple to be armed (preferably both of them) with semi-automatic handguns with full capacity magazines, filled with hollow point ammunition. Or even better still (but somewhat unreasonable in our society): armed with SMGs or SBRs with 30-round magazines.

    • You are entirely missing the point of armed citizens.

      Just as in posted Gun Free Zones, urban areas where criminals believe there is a low percentage of armed victims are ripe for this sort of activity. The point of armed citizens is to plant the seed of doubt in the minds of the criminal(s) and cause them to consider other locations or vocations.

      It is not about one or two armed persons fighting off a gang of six armed attackers, it is ALL about each of those six attackers wondering if they are the one who will get shot if they attempt to commit the crime. It’s the uncertainty that deters the crime, not the quantity of ammo the victim is carrying, necessarily.

      And as I noted earlier above, they are likely bullies relying on their numerical superiority to intimidate the victims into compliance. At the first sign of armed resistance they are most likely to do good imitations of Olympic long distance track and field events.

      No person who knows they are allergic to bee stings will ever reach into an active hive to steal a little honey. Just sayin’.

      • I’m not missing anything. But you apparently are completely missing the point of my post: in a gun-control utopia, or even in a partial utopia, with a ban on evil things like “high capacity” magazines and “assault weapons”, there would be no way to fend off this attack. The only way they would stand a chance is with real firearms freedom.

  10. Something similar happened to Fran Drescher (the Nanny) in 1985. Her home invasion rapists made her husband watch.

    One of the sick bastards was on parole at the time, but I’m sure he would have gone straight and been a productive citizen if only his gun rights had been restored.

    The Detroit rape gang must die.

  11. Good grief, some folks are absolutely sick. Some days I poorly compromise and carry the pea-shooter (my wife’s name for our LCP). Stories like this make me wanna strap on the G20 and a couple extra mags.

  12. Sad and horrible but it’s Detroit. No-one should be walking unarmed there after dark. Or probably in broad daylight as well.

  13. Cue a bunch of people talking smack about Detroit without ever having even set foot in Michigan…

    • Is there or is there not a curfew 3 days before/during halloween?(6pm to 6am for minors if I’m not mistaken) What’s it called again? Devils night?

  14. The wife likes to occasionally go downtown and have dinner with her girlfriends, and every time I protest it becomes a battle. I’m constantly reminded of my love for the suburbs, and I’m anxiously looking forward to moving out of Wayne county all together.

    I recently linked her this story, and the battle is now over. No more downtown for her, me, or even us together.

    Eventually these animals will pick the wrong man.

  15. You know whut? I would wager a lot of folks know who these scum are-someones brother,nephew,son or uncle. I have relatives in Flint which may even be worse than Motown. Neither are safe at any hour of the day…yes carry and shoot to kill.

  16. Ugh, disgusting. I work in the treatment world and the damage this will do to those two young women is awful. Their lives are forever ruined, and every single relationship they have is now going to be drastically altered…friends, family, loved ones, random person on the street, etc. The PTSD from something like that is heartbreaking to see. I hope these horrible people get what is coming to them.

  17. Deputy Chief Charles Fitzgerald said.
    “Use your sixth sense, If something doesn’t feel right, run to a nearby store or something.”

    I’ll untangle that statement for everyone……..Use your brain, if you see a bunch of blacks, run to a nearby store or take the safety off and get ready to defend yourself.

  18. 6 attackers? two well placed rounds would do it. the other 4 (still breathing) fine upstanding gentlemen who were provoked by the womans choice of dress would have needed new underwear. not a word about the victim having to live with the fact she was raped for the rest of her life

  19. These are my least favorite posts on this site, and they are the equivalent of the morons on the other side waving a red shirt. Often times it seems incredibly unlikely that a gun would have helped in many of these posts. Self-defense training would have been ideal though in many of these circumstances where people are ambushed at close range well before they would have had the time to draw their firearm and use it.

  20. Crazy m-effin animals. Growed up with no daddy, got absolutely no respects for humans who walk this earth. What does the future look like for these thugs and rapists?

    By the way, I am sure the thugs have guns….better be good…..

  21. I’m not a fan of waving bloody shirts.

    Pointing out one consequence, quietly, factually, is maybe pointing to a bloody shirt that didn’t have to be there. One point of civilians with the tools to protect themselves is that they can … protect themselves. So, each event tells the story: bad actors exist, the cops weren’t there to magically prevent every single bad thing, and the good guy, who became a victim, couldn’t do some things on their own behalf because we won’t let them.

    That’s a hell of a dilemma. I’m OK with letting the people who insist on creating that situation, live with it.

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